EPILOGUE: The Diary of Jane

Draco pushed his eggs around his plate as he stared out the window absently.

'That's not going to help anything Dracorn,' Charlie stated as he sat beside the distracted blonde, setting his own plate that was laden with a heaping pile of pancakes and sausages and a few token strawberries on the table.

'I can't help it,' the blonde replied with a sigh as he dropped his fork onto the plate.

'You did amazing,' Charlie stated with conviction as he placed an affectionate kiss to Draco's temple.

'With teachers like us how could you not,' a redheaded woman stated as she sat across from Draco. It was a Saturday morning, well it was before noon, and everyone was required to eat in the mess hall. Apparently it was great at building team unity, or something, Draco wasn't really sure he had spent that meeting doodling on Charlie's, then Laine's arm.

'Though I think one or two may have been slightly suspect in their methods,' the "blunette", as Charlie had dubbed it, was a few years older than Charlie, sat beside the not-a-Weasley redhead. His plate was piled with pancakes and sausages as well, though he had far more then Charlie had.

'Ugh! How can you eat those?' the not-a-Weasley asked in disgust. Draco didn't comment, he didn't like sausages either but that didn't mean he had to openly oppose the sausage.

'Slathered in maple syrup with a dollop of peanut butter,' Zeke, the blunette, replied with a grin as he stuffed an entire breakfast sausage into his mouth.

'You're unbelievable,' Crystal retorted as she slid down the bench, away from Zeke. A younger woman with purple hair sat in the vacated spot and the human garbage can.

'He reminds me of Ron,' Draco commented absently. There was a brief pause and then Charlie and Crystal started laughing.

'What?' Zeke and Janet asked, though he sounded a little bit more petulant, wanting to know what the joke was.

Draco let Charlie tell them about Ron and his eating habits.

The blonde let himself drift off again, finding a nice spot of wall to stare at blankly.

It had been four years since that disastrous year at Hogwarts.

It had been rough at the beginning, namely because someone had told everyone an edited version of what had happened at Hogwarts. They had left out the part about Draco being drugged out of his mind and being controlled by a manipulative old bastard.

Charlie had stood up for him and had informed all of them just what had happened with Harry, including a howler from the Saviour himself.

With that settled, Lance, the instigator who was jealous of the time Draco was spending with, Charlie had been fired and so had his sister who had convinced him to tell everyone.

Eventually things had calmed and several of the other employees had apologized and eventually become friends or teachers or mentors or, in Charlie's case, lover, but that was only recent, two months recent.

The reason for Draco's anxiousness this particular morning was the long awaited results of his NEWT's.

'Oi! Dracorn dung!' Zeke snapped his fingers in front of his face, causing Draco to flinch back and shake his head.

'Don't snap at me Wyrm waste,' Draco snapped as he swatted at Zeke's hand.

Suddenly a thick bundle of envelopes was thrust in front of his face. The mail was collect at the base of the mountain and brought up by Merle, the mailman because the dragons were fond of eating the owls. Several care packages had been lost before they figured it out.

'Thanks, Merle,' Draco accepted the bundle and began to sort through them.

Harry, Hermione, his father, Severus, the ministry. The ministry. Draco dropped the others onto the table and studied the official seal of the ministry of education.

'So you gonna stare at that or open it?' Zeke asked, as he used his pancake to sop up the maple and peanut butter mix on his plate.

Draco scowled at Zeke who ignored him but the blonde didn't open his mail. He had no idea why he was so nervous. They were right he had had some of the best teaching him and he had been determined to do the best he could on his tests.

'Oh for the love of...' Charlie didn't finish his sentence as he snatched It from Draco's hands and tore it open.

'Hey!' Draco cried out indignantly as he reached for the results in Charlie's hands. Draco missed the smug smile that Charlie and Zeke shared.

Draco gave a soft smile before giving a whoop of joy, causing those he was with to laugh in surprise.


Harry grinned at Lucius, who returned it with a slightly less exuberant smile, as Molly rattled off about first loves and soul mates. Lucius gave Harry's hand that was bound to his with a cherry red ribbon a gentle squeeze. Ron, who was beside Harry with Neville, coughed slightly and his mother reddened and continued on with the ceremony. Draco, who was now beside his father, smirked as Severus tried to hide his amusement.

Draco laughed and clapped as his father breathed, 'finally' just before pulling his young husband into his arms only to devour Harry's lips in a fierce but family friendly kiss.


From his spot at the bar, Draco watched the people that had become his friends and family.

Harry was studying under Remus, he still had a few years left because he had decided to take a few years to what he wanted to do and go wherever he wanted to, taking Lucius along with him.

All during his travels, he and Draco had exchanged letters, postcards and trinkets. Harry had with all his friends. With Draco it had started out as explanations and apologies but they had eventually given way to teasing and sarcasm. They had grown closer and Harry didn't blame Draco for what had happened in sixth year. Draco was amazed at Harry's ability to forgive.

Harry had filled Draco in on what his, Harry's, friends had been up to.

Draco had been surprised to find out that Hermione had just moved in with George. She was studying law and he was running an extremely successful joke shop in London. Draco still couldn't see them together, even when they made out, much like they were doing right now as they danced together. Fred was with Millicent and while she ran a babysitting service, he ran the original shop in Hogsmeade.

Ron was a traveller too, he was often off with Luna as they investigated odd animal sightings.

Seamus had taken over the Quibbler when Xeno retired because Luna hadn't wanted to take over the paper. When Ginny wasn't playing with the Harpies she was helping Seamus with the paper.

Neville was, unsurprisingly, Sprout's apprentice, and would be taking her post when she retired. For now though, they grew the most sought after botanical ingredients in England.

Draco silently thanked Harry for his capacity to forgive because he wasn't sure where he'd be if Harry hadn't been... well he didn't want to think about it. He was proud of where he was and what he was doing and of the people he knew.

After thanking Harry, he thanked Dumbledore. But he really didn't want to think about him right now, or at all.

Charlie choose that moment to look away from his intense conversation and gave Draco a beaming grin, Draco blushed and returned a pleased smile.


'Congratulations on your scores,' Harry had to shout to be heard over the music. Everyone was having a grand time, drinking, dancing, talking with long lost friends and otherwise having a good time.

'Thank you,' Draco replied as he accepted the hug from the affectionate young man, 'and it's about time you bonded,' he added, mock scolding Harry.

While technically Harry and Lucius had been married since that first night, not officially but in every other way that mattered, they had both wearing a rings that they found in their travels.

Harry blushed, 'we wanted to wait until you had taken your tests,' he admitted with a shrug as he accepted his drink from the bartender.

'Why?' the blonde asked, shocked and confused by the admission.

'It seemed the thing to do,' the brunet replied nonchalantly, as he leaned against the bar, sipping his drink. He suddenly downed all of his drink before grabbing Draco's hand.

'Come dance with me,' he grinned, pulling a bewildered Draco onto the dance floor to join Hermione, Luna, Ron and George.

Draco laughed as Harry flailed, all was well.


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