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Love and Black Magic

12 Hours Earlier

"JUSTIN! DON'T STOP!!" This yell was punctuated by a moan that anyone could've easily interpreted. A moan that was as old as humans themselves.

Max Russo was in a state of absolute bliss. How lucky he was! He had this man (yes, a man) who was so willing to please, so eager to give pleasure because he said that "His pleasure was in the giving." God, what did he do to deserve this angel? No, this sex god? The only hitch in their relationship was that the man he was in love with, this man so willing to do for him was his older brother, Justin.

It shouldn't matter! He loved Justin more than most couples who everyone approves of! Why shouldn't we get to…

"DAMMIT! WHY DOES YOUR MOUTH FEEL SO GOOD?" Max shouted. Justin sucked Max's cock like a gay porn star: he licked up and down the shaft so sensually slow with the tip of his tongue, teasing Max into a state of sexual madness. Then, he planted wet, sloppy kisses all over his cock and on his balls. He sucked one ball into his mouth, and then paid the same attention to the other. While he did this, he would lightly graze his nails up Max's body slowly, getting Max real sensitive to touch. Justin reached Max's nipples and began to play with them: first, he would roll them lightly in between his fingertips, dragging a moan from his lips. Then, he'd pinch as hard as he could, making Max scream from the pain and pleasure.

Max would be on the verge of crying from need, and that's when Justin would start to really make him crazy. He put his lips around the tip of Max's cock and lightly sucked. He'd release, go up for a kiss that could make Max cum from the intensity then go down a little further, but just a little. After 15 minutes, he had only the head of Max's cock in his mouth, and Max was really crying now. So Justin decided to stop and teasing: he deep-throated all 7 inches in one go. Max cried out in ecstasy: the teasing had made every inch of skin hyper-sensitive, thus making him a puddle of desire and need for release. Justin bobbed his head up and down slowly, wetting Max's cock so nicely, which in turn made Max grab Justin's hair and buck into his mouth. Then, he picked up pace, reaching a magical speed that had Max crying out over and over for his older brother, making thrust faster and faster to try to match pace with Justin. However, just before Max could cum, Justin stopped.

Max was furious!


"Aren't you a little testy?" Justin replied smoothly. Before Max could let him have it, Justin leaned over him and locked his lips in a kiss to passionate to describe. Their tongues wrestled around, but Max had barely any energy from the extreme torture/pleasure his loving older brother put him through.

When breathing became a necessary function again, Justin, panting from the kiss, asked, "Do you remember what today is?"

"I can't remember my own name, you asshole."

"Well, you are what you eat." Justin giggled at the grin that plastered itself on his younger brother's cute face. Max knew what was to come: Max. "But today is the one year anniversary since you and Zeke fucked me gay. Remember?"

Max smiled. He remembered helping Zeke have sex with Justin and he remembered joining in. He especially remembered when they double teamed Justin and really had him screaming like a bitch. Zeke, however, fell in love with Dean, Alex's ex-boyfriend, but Dean and Zeke both knew about Justin and him. They even joined in a couple of times.

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well," Justin said, as he sat up, "I just want to thank you so thoroughly for helping me find myself. And the sexiest little boy toy in existence." Justin grabbed Max's hips and hauled them toward his face. Now, Max's legs rested on Justin's shoulders while his head was in Justin's lap.

"Happy Anniversary, baby bro," Justin said, right before he plunged his tongue right into Max's waiting hole. The scream of passion that ensued would've been enough to wake the neighbors, if Justin hadn't sound-proofed the room. Max couldn't form coherent words or sentences when his brother did this to him and he grew sweaty with fulfilled lust: he craved rimming and Justin was only too happy to give. Justin was always so uptight and in control, the only way to go wild and unleash the beast within himself was to make Max go crazy. The sight of his little brother writhing in pure bliss, calling his name like he was the only one who mattered in the world was the trigger he needed to go over the edge and become the beast that Max wanted, the beast that would take him to the moon and back.

Now the beast was free, and it was eating out Max like a starving at a buffet and Max was screaming at the top of his lungs. This was what the beast needed: to hear the cries of his prey right before the kill. Max was crying out beautifully and he was close to his climax, even though Justin hadn't touched his stiff, leaking cock. He looked up at Justin and saw the darkness, that special shadow that signaled that Justin had officially lost himself. This side both excited and scared Max: the pleasure this dark version of Justin gave him was way too good, like the devil had come and was fucking his brains out. But he couldn't deny this Justin (not that he wanted to, he loved it!) because he was afraid that this Justin would take it and enjoy raping him (though, Max probably would say yes after awhile: this devil wanted to hear his name called in rapture, not pain).

"J…Jus…J…JUSTIN!!" Max came powerfully all over his torso and face. The beast saw this sight, dropped Max, and went to lick his brother's cum from his face and body. Max was still sensitive, and his brother was licking all over his body! He didn't have time to go soft, he was hard and aroused all over again.

"Justin, please," Max pleaded. The beast was crazed and was kissing, sucking, and biting all over his body. Max was still too sensitive and his brother was making him feel so good it was nearly painful. So Max grabbed his face and made Justin look him in the eyes.

"Justin, I need to be fucked. I need to feel your dick moving inside of him. I need you to stop, forget the lube, and slam your dick inside of me and break me like the bitch I am."

This was what the dark Justin needed to hear. He forced Max's legs apart, with Max's consent and approval, lined himself up with Max's entrance, and slammed his 10-inch dick right into his little brother. Max cried out his delight and begged Justin not to go easy on him. That was what Justin had in mind. He didn't start slow, trying to create an erotic rhythm. He fucked Max: he gripped his cute younger brother's hips, drew all the way out, and slammed back in. He had inhuman speed, going back and forth, back and forth, without pause or hesitation. And Max couldn't get enough.

Justin leaned over Max, lazily licked his ear while keeping his pace, and whispered,

"What's my name?"

Max couldn't reply. He was in way too much bliss to form an intelligible word.

Because of the lack of reply, Justin picked up pace and twisted one of Max's nipples, drawing out a scream of pure joy and lust.

"What's my name?" he demanded a little louder.


He went even faster, despite the impossibility of the feat, grabbed Max's stiff cock that was leaking generous amounts of pre-cum, and started pumping with one hand while he grabbed tufts of Max's hair and brutally pulled.

"WHAT IS MY NAME?" Justin yelled.

Max couldn't hold on anymore and came with a shout of "JUSTIN!" Feeing Max's muscles contract around his dick, Justin came as well, spilling his seed inside of his brother. As they rode out their orgasms, they kissed (the kind of kiss that reaches to your soul).

As they came down from their high, right before drifting off to sleep, Max said to Justin, "I love you." Justin, unfortunately, did not have the energy to speak. Also, Max immediately slipped into unconsciousness, so Max would not have heard Justin's confession of love.

"It can wait 'til the morning," he thought and also went into the dark, peaceful oblivion that is sleep.

Present Morning

"This can't be happening," Justin replied in horror. He had just awoken to an empty bed! He and Max were sharing his bed since his parents were on a cruise in the Mediterranean celebrating their second honeymoon and Alex and Harper were in another state for a fashion show. They were going to be alone all weekend!

What really caused his horror and panic was the bloodstains downstairs. Whatever took Max did not get the jump on him. It was his and someone else's blood on the floor, a detection spell saw that. The detection spell also alerted him that a sound-proof spell had been used, so as to keep him in the dark.

"I can't believe this," he said, nearly on the verge of hysteria. His brother, his lover, his soul mate had been brutally kidnapped. "I gotta call Mom and Dad."

You better believe; that won't help you, dear, a strange voice said. It sounded as if the owner was their, but not there at all.

"Who are you?! You come for me next?"

Some kind of magic circle appeared and out stepped a woman in a skin-tight black outfit, with two guns in her hands and two more attached to the back of her boots. She was sexy, but definitely dangerous.

"An enemy of your enemy. They kidnapped my best friend and I want her back."

Justin felt an ominous chill, signaling that if he went with her, he was in serious trouble. But for Max, he would do anything.

"What's your name? Mine is Justin."

"They call me Bayonetta."