Sorry about not updating more commonly. That is bad of me and I do apologize (Mochi no Yume, thanks for sticking it out with me). Here it is: THE SEXY!

Love and Dark Magic

A small creak awakened Justin from his sleep.

He steeled himself for the danger, thinking that someone had broken in. He slowly turned his eyes to the direction of the door, knowing the hinges needed to be lubricated. Justin decided to deceive the intruder by making the criminal think he was asleep. He smiled softly when he saw Max trying to come into his room. His little brother was doing his damnedest not to wake Justin up.

Justin decided to play along. He rolled over and closed his eyes, waiting for Max to give away his plan. The youngest Russo could not keep a secret, even one of his own. He'd start talking out loud to himself and Justin would find out what he was up to.

As if on cue, Justin heard Max's voice whispering into the darkness, "Sorry, Justin. You brought this on yourself."

Justin thought that Max had some kind of prank for him in his sleep. He slid his hand from under the blue down comforter and reached for his wand, but was made to hold after he heard Max again.

"I can't go another day without it. I need it."

'What is he talking about?' Justin thought, while letting his hand go limp. Justin decided he would wait to mete out punishment until Max fully explained.

Max tiptoed lightly to the side of his older brother's bed. He nearly moaned at the sight of his brother's nude flesh: the hard muscles of his abs, arms, and pecs that made Max ache with need; that soft hair that practically screamed for Max to run his fingers through; that beautiful face, which was angelic in it's unconscious state, that needed to use those lovely lips to kiss and suck every inch of Max's skin. Max shook his head.

"Dammit, Justin. You make things so difficult. Why have you been ignoring me?"

Justin almost wrinkled his brow in confusion. He hadn't been avoiding Max, had he? He looked back over the past two weeks since the incident that involved them and Zeke, and realized that he had not spoken more than a few words at a time to Max. He shifted, wondering what it was Max wanted.

"I need it. I need you. Kissing me, biting me, licking, sucking. Fucking me," Max uttered in a barely audible whisper. Justin didn't know how to take this information. Unfortunately, he should've opened his eyes. That way he would've been prepared for Max raising his wand and muttering a spell that tied Justin to his bedposts. Again.

"What the hell?!" Justin exclaimed. "Max, why am I tied up again?" He didn't care if his family heard. He was kind of getting annoyed with this whole tie Justin down theme.

His response was a hard slap to the face.

Justin snapped his head back to look at Max. What had gotten into him?

"I'm sick of waiting for you to tell me what you want. And I'm not listening to anything," Max said quickly when Justin tried to speak. "All I want to hear is what your body has to say."Max climbed onto the bed and straddled his brother's hips.

Again, Justin tried to speak, but Max's lips cut him off. Max crushed his lips to Justin's and began to move against him.

Justin struggled in his bonds. 'This is wrong! This is normal!' He kept repeating this mantra until he realized something. He was moving his lips against Max's, and quite moaning loudly.

Justin was astounded. 'How could be doing this?!'

'Don't fight it….'

Justin gasped, which caused Max to deepen the kiss, pressing all of his clothed body against the half-naked, muscled older boy. He slowly ran his hands all over Justin's torso with excruciating precision to slowness, reveling in each and every hard ridge of the genius' body. This had the effect of knocking the wind from Justin and made him feel the pleasure of the kiss and of this passionate boy's seductive touch.

'See…There is no need to fight it…'

'Who are you?' Justin questioned to the inner recesses of his mind.

'You. That part of you that you deny. That part that revels in the darkness of your power…'

'This isn't right…'Justin began to retort.

'SILENCE! Did you care about right when you dreamed of seeing his face caught in passion from your fucking him with reckless abandon? Or when you touched yourself until you came thinking about his naked body? Stop thinking! Just let his touches be the only thing that fills your mind…' The voice faded away.

Justin didn't know what to do. And that made some part of him happy. He was always supposed to be responsible, always supposed to be in control. He wanted to do something reckless, something without thinking about the consequences.

The voice was right. He wanted Max! He wanted him bad! And, nothing was going to stop him!

Justin threw himself into the kiss, causing Max to lose control. The boy clutched Justin's face, breathing raggedly, and shoved his tongue into the older boy's mouth. Justin groaned with pleasure at the intrusion, welcoming the curly haired boy in before pushing him out. He raised his head slightly to nibble on Max's lower lip and pulled it out before releasing it, loving the younger boy's moan of pleasure.

"Justin," Max began.

"Shut up! Keep kissing!" Justin commanded.

The boy didn't need to be told twice. He plunged in and tasted the sweetness that was the eldest Russo. The longer haired boy could taste, smell, and feel the need that dripped from the 18-year-old. It mixed right in with the taste of sugar on his tongue, the smell of pure male that enticed Max so, and the straining the boy felt from his captive.

Justin pulled away and uttered breathlessly, "Clothes. There are too many. Off. Now!"

Max pulled away, grabbed his wand, and magicked the pants off his older brother. Then, the youngest Russo gave Justin the "I'm-going-to-do-something-naughty" face.

"Watch carefully," the little brother whispered into the muscled teen's ear, lightly blowing air against it, causing his victim to groan with need.

Max stood up and did the one thing that could drive the bound Russo mad: he started stripping. Sensually and pain-achingly slowly. He twisted and turned, giving Justin a sexually-charged dance while he first removed his white t-shirt. Next, he sat gently on the horny teen's pelvis and grinded his ass into Justin's engorged penis, enticing moan after moan from the bottom boy. He slowly bent back and, ever so carefully, slid the elastic waistbands of his pajama pants and underwear down his hips, giving Justin an eyeful of his hard 7-inch dick and rounded ass. He kicked off this clothing and sat on the hard pecs of his brother.

Justin didn't need a verbal invitation. He started to suck his little brother's penis without shame or resistance. Max couldn't control himself: he bent over Justin and fucked his face. The older boy lathered his cock in saliva, letting his tongue run along the underside of Max's shaft. Max picked up speed and, with a shout, shot his load join Justin's throat.

"Oh…God…Justin," Max tried to start.

"Turn around," Justin whispered darkly. "Let me taste that sweet ass of yours."

Max Russo was shocked, but complied. He turned and pushed his ass into Justin's face. He was rewarded with a hot tongue circling around his entrance, moistening him, and entering his most hidden of places, fucking him. All the curly-haired boy could do was moan Justin's name and try unsuccessfully to suck the large cock in front of him. The pleasure was too much and Max just gave in and backed up further, to let Justin really go to work.

Justin stopped and stated simply to Max, in a voice that left no room for argument, "Ass. Cock. You get the picture."

Max grinned happily as he acquiesced. He got up and turned to face his brother. He almost sat on him, but stopped to say, "Thank you."

"No. No thanks. Just fucking. Sit on my dick, dammit."

Max took a deep breath and took his brother all the way in. They exclaimed together: Justin couldn't believe the tightness and Max could barely handle the size. Eventually, Justin started to rock his hips, ripping screams of joy from the boy on top. Max began to participate as well, slightly lifting when Justin pulled away and meeting his thrust with one of his own. Max looked at his lover and said softly,

"Don't hold back. No one is here. Just let go and feel."

Something inside of Justin snapped with those words. The ropes disappeared and Justin gripped the startled boy possessively.

"Whoa!" Max cried out, as Justin rolled him onto his back. Justin sat up and gripped him by the hips.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Fuck me," was the timid reply.


"Fuck me," Max said with a stronger voice.

"I can't hear you. I guess I should pull out," Justin replied, which he did until he heard the response "FUCK ME SENSELESS. FUCK ME LIKE THE BITCH I AM!" He grinned evilly.

"Whose bitch are you?" Justin pounded into Max's entrance.

"Yours," came a soft reply.

"WHOSE?!"Another pound.


"Good bitch," and Justin began to pound into Max without any remorse. Max gripped his revived penis and began to pump in time with Justin's fast tempo. Moans and shouts were exclaimed by the two. Justin gripped the smaller boy's hips painfully while Max used his other hand to pinch and pull Justin's right nipple. With shouts of ecstasy, they came together: Max splattered his seed all over his torso while Justin filled his brother's hole with his.

Justin collapsed onto Max and uttered, "You are mine now. No other man may touch without my permission."

Bayonetta awakened Justin from his slumber, pushing his shoulder roughly until he looked at her with conscious eyes.

"We've arrived in London, my friend."

Justin looked around and saw the passengers of the plane starting to get luggage and got up, too.

'And that much closer to Max,' Justin thought as he started to walk off the plane.