Let's have some fun this beat is sick,

I wanna take a ride on your Disco Stick.

Ever since she'd became involved with Karl, Bree could only think of him. His body. The feel of his hands on her body. The feel of him inside her. His breath on her neck. His kisses on her jaw.

I wanna kiss you,

But if I do then I might miss you, babe.

She knew that it couldn't possibly last, not with Karl. What they had was an affair but yet, she clung to the hope that it would last. It had to last.

It's complicated and stupid,

Got my ass squeezed by sex Cupid.

Guess he wants to play, wants to play,

A love game, a love game!

Both of them knew it was indeed stupid that they had fallen in love and Karl had asked her to marry him, but yet with the other there, they knew that they pushed each other, making the other want more, they were playing the art of seduction to a science.

Hold me and love me,

Just wanna touch you for a minute.

Maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit it.

However the two had that spark. A certain chemistry together. Neither wanted to quit it at all. They were two lonely souls, both who craved for love and now who had found one another.

I'm on a mission,

And it involves some heavy touchin', yeah!

Now Karl was a man of his word. He said he'd change, he had done. He told Bre he wanted to marry her, he'd proposed. He said he loved Bree, he did, he proved it to her everytime they made love.

You've indicated your interest,

I'm educated in sex, yes.

And now I want it bad, want it bad.

A love game, a love game.

Both had told one another of their objectives, first of all, it had just been about the sex, for Karl, and for Bree it was about him springing her from her captive marriage to Orson Hodge. Now however, the two just wanted each other, it was all they cared about.

Let's play a love game, play a love game.

Do you want love or you want fame?

Are you in the game?

Dans le love game!

Bree at times only cared about her business, but as soon as she and Karl had gotten involved sexually with each other, Bree had palmed away her business when she could get away with it, and so she was able to partake in her torrid affair with Karl Mayer.

I can see you starin' there from across the block

With a smile on you mouth and a hand on your huh!

Whenever the two looked at each other, their sparks flew. Their bodies always reacted, like chemicals. Smiling to each other as they both saw the affects the other had over their bodies.

The story of love it always starts the same,

With a boy and a girl, and a huh and a game!

And looking back now, they saw how crazy for one another they'd been. Even when Bree's first husband had been alive. Flirting always led to more with Karl. And he had finally gotten his way with the redhead, he was winning this game in love more and more everyday he was with her.

Dans le love game!

Still, they were in it together. In the love game. The game of love.