Dark Hair, Brown Eyes.

-This is a songfic (song written for me, by a friend) from John Rowland's POV of Gabrielle.-

He looked over at the mustard colored house as he stood on the corner in front of Mrs Huber's home. He couldn't help but think of her. Gabrielle. Perfection rang through his mind whenever he thought of his mini Mexican lover. Her perfect figure. Her hair. That dark hair...

Dark hair, brown eyes,

I love it when...when she smiles.

He stood, twirling the rose he was about to give to her. She'd already seen it but he wanted to give it to her properly not after some quickie in his room at his house. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her. He loved her. He thought about telling her and he saw that face, her eyes lit up and finally her lips curved up into that amazing smile.

She can brighten up my life,

Cause she's the one that I like.

Even though John Rowland was only sixteen, he wasn't young minded. He knew that when he was with Gabrielle things happened to him. Not just on a physical level but to his mind and emotions too. He just loved the feelings he got when with her.

Someone please tell me why,

When she's around I wanna fly.

Nobody was too young for love. Babies know love for their parents when they're born, maybe they don't feel it, but it's there and they have it. Just like John had for Gabrielle Solis, the woman he'd been spending his days with, cutting class to be with.

She's like the stars in the sky,

Dark hair, brown eyes.

It all had started when her husband Carlos had hired him, just to tend their yard out front. What he hadn't known was that when Carlos flew off on his business trips, he was leaving behind a very lonely wife in the house with a very horny teenager and a waistband on his jeans that could be dropped in seconds. John, the minute he'd seen Mrs Solis, he'd known something had to happen with her.

Girl when I begin to tell you,

All the things that's on my mind,

I know that someday I will find you,

Cause you've got nowhere left to hide.

And this was his moment. His chance to tell her everything with that flawless rose.

Great moves, great time,

I really like her style.

It really goes well with her smile,

And she'll be mine in a while.

The time spent together with Gaby, John had been able to mature. She had changed him, he wasn't some kid anymore, a kid who played soccer and left his gym socks behind under her bed. No, John had matured into a young man with a knowledge of love, and relationships and hurt. With justice and emotion, he went forwards to persue his love.

And i wish I could make my mind up,

And bring out what is deep inside of me.

Cause I can't run from this forever,

I can't do it if I tried.

But seeing Carlos' car home, he quickly decided against it. John looked over the house once again and tied onto the stem of the rose, a ribbon. He smiled and walked to the side of the lane on which the Solis house was situated. Looking up he saw her. Gabrielle. She saw him too as he placed down the rose with no flaws and he backed away, watching her.

Dark hair with her brown eyes,

I love it when, when she smiles.

She can brighten up my life,

Cause she's the one that I like...

He hair blowing in the wind, she smiled to him. And he was the one that she liked too.