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Colby sat staring at the screen in the conference room, a thousand thoughts running through his mind. He heard the door open and looked up to see David entering. This time he didn't bother with a greeting; his thoughts were too focused on this case, the poor people who had been killed and not gotten justice.

"Looking into the hit and run," David said casually.

"Yeah, the Kauffman's, the couple that died, they have no living relatives," Colby told him.

"Nobody to push the case once it went cold."

Colby nodded. "Yeah."

What could it hurt to try one more time? He might as well tell David what he was thinking, and hope that somehow it might get through. He took a breath, "You know David, when I was out on that freighter, I kept thinking if I die out here, a lot of questions go unanswered. My story never gets told. I'd just really like to find these people an answer."

There was a moment after he said it in which Colby felt the tiniest sliver of hope that he had at last reached his best friend, until David said, "What about Frank Fisher? Maybe that grill came off a car he used to own."

Colby sighed in defeat and turned to face David. He was tired of trying to communicate, sick of beating his head against the wall and getting nowhere. "Yeah only he's got an alibi."

Colby could play the professional courtesy game. If this was how David wanted it, this was how it was going to be.

"Long day?" Megan asked, coming to sit in Colby's chair.

Colby looked up from where he was sitting on his desk. "Yeah."

Megan saw the hurt in his eyes. "What's wrong?"

Colby straightened up and sighed. "Do you think I should take the D.C. job?"

Megan answered in classic Megan style. "What do you want?"

"I want my life back. I want to be able to go to the break room and not have it clear out the moment I walk through the door. I want to give a report without feeling like somebody's double checking my work. I want to be a part of the team again."

Megan nodded. "Well, then I guess the question is, are you willing to keep working for what you want, or do you want to start over?"

Colby sighed. "So, you think I should stay?"

"I think you have to decide what you want."

Megan stood and gave his shoulder a squeeze, then went back to her own desk, leaving Colby miserably pondering his future.

Colby returned from CalSci the next morning and started looking for links between the cold case and the Fisher case, like Charlie had told him to. Around lunch time he saw David heading for the break room and quickly got up to go follow him. After considering for a long time, in fact all night, what Megan had said to him, he'd decided to give it another chance. Until somebody flat out told him he wasn't wanted, he was going to keep trying. He had too many memories here to just give it all up.

He pushed through the break room door and saw David fixing a cup of coffee. "Hey man, I was just about to go grab some lunch. You want anything? My treat," he added.

David glanced at him. "Nah, I'm not hungry."

Something inside Colby snapped. "What the hell is your problem David?"

David stopped on his way out the door. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't give me that bull crap!" Colby cried. "You have been ignoring me since the day I got back. If you hate me, just say it! That at least I could take. Just stop with the silence and the crappy excuses!"

"And what do you want me to say?" David rounded on him. "It's fine Colby, don't worry about it Colby, I understand Colby?"

"I don't care what you say, just say something!" Colby yelled.

David shook his head and looked away. Colby threw up his hands in frustration. "You want to take a swing at me? Would that make you feel better? Go ahead, I can take it."

"Don't be ridiculous," David said in disgust.

"Well what do you want me to do? Say I'm sorry? I've done that David, a thousand times, and nobody around here seems to give a crap."

"Do you get it?" David asked him. "You can't just come back in here after what you did and expect everything to go right back the way it was. You betrayed everyone, Colby. I told you things I've never told anybody else, and for all I know you went home and wrote them in a report that every single person in the NSA has read. So I'm sorry if I can't just let you right back into the club."

Colby looked at him helplessly. "I didn't want to do it, David. This was never the plan. You don't know how many times I almost told you. How miserable it was for me, having to betray my partner and the guy that saved my life at the same time."

David rubbed a hand across his face. "How do I even know the stuff you told me is true? For all I know your name's not even Colby."

"You do know me David. I'm still the same guy that likes to go fishing, drink beer, and watch Mythbusters. I grew up in Idaho, I have three sisters, my dad died when I was fifteen. All that stuff is true, David, all the important things I've told you are true. My being a spy doesn't change that."

David sighed. "Colby, man, I want to believe you. You have no idea-" he paused and took a deep breath. "I just, I can't make any promises. I'm sorry."

With that he left the room. Seconds later Megan came in. "You okay?" she asked.

Colby ran a hand through his hair. "How much did you hear?"

"Enough," Megan said, pouring herself a cup of coffee. "So, you're going to be sticking around for a while?"

Colby looked at her confused. "I just had a fight with David in the break room. Why do you think I'm staying?"

Megan smiled and took a sip of her coffee. "Because I know you."

Colby took a deep breath and dialed his phone. It rang twice before someone picked up. "Yes I'd like to speak to Ian Lockland. This is Colby Granger, FBI out of Los Angeles."

The secretary put him on hold and Colby waited nervously. He'd thought about what had happened in the break room. He'd thought about what Megan had said. He'd thought about the reasons he'd wanted to stay alive while he was on that freighter. All of it had made him realize one thing. "Hi yes, Agent Lockland? This is Colby Granger. Yes I was calling in response to your offer to come out to D.C."

The case wrapped up in a way no one had expected. It never ceased to amaze Colby how so often the perp ended up being the person you least suspected. Colby was doing some paperwork when he saw Don go into the break room and decided it was time to finish the conversation he'd started two nights before. Nervously he pushed the door open. "Hey Don."

Don looked up. "Hey buddy. Want some coffee?"

Colby thought drinking coffee might make him vomit with the nerves he was experiencing. "Yeah, that'd be great, thanks," he said in spite of himself.

He leaned against the counter and took a breath. "Just wanted to let you know that I, turned down the D.C. job."

He tensed, waiting for Don's reaction.

"Oh yeah? That's what you want, huh?" Don asked.

"I mean, what I want is to stay here and work with you guys; people I know, but I know that decision's not entirely up to me so…"

Colby's heart was pounding. If Don turned him down, he would feel like an idiot, and have no job. Don met his eyes and studied him for a moment. "All right," he handed Colby the cup of coffee. "I'll check into it."

Don left and Colby's face broke into an unchecked grin. He was staying here, with people who wanted him. The sense of relief that brought was like nothing Colby had ever felt. It took several minutes for him to remember that he still had work to do, and if Don was going to keep him around he should probably do it.

He finally left the break room still flying high and then was shocked when he spotted David bending over his desk. His former partner looked up and they locked eyes. David quickly looked away and walked off. Colby wrinkled his forehead in confusion and walked slowly back to his desk. That was when he saw it. His woolly bugger. He reached out and touched it. David must have gone to a lot of trouble to get this back. Colby smiled and couldn't stop the incredulous chuckle that escaped him. Now he knew what he suspected Megan had known all along. He was going to be all right.

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