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So, for now, please enjoy the first chapter of Notes and Roses


It was a pretty long day for May.

May walked to the dock that overlooked the lake at Mt. Silver, feeling a need to just relax and reminisce about the events that had just occurred. She gently undid her shoe laces and took her socks off, letting her toes dip into the clear water beneath her. It was a little cold, but May dismissed that.

"Another failure," she said under her breath with a weak smile. As much as she didn't want to seem like the sore loser, she still balled her hands up into fists, and silently let all of her frustration out. It wasn't like her to ever get temperamental. Almost immediately, she felt a prick go through her skin.

"Shoot," she muttered under her breath to the stinging cut in her right palm; she'd forgotten the rose in her hand. Roses have thorns, May, she told herself with a faint smile. She examined her hand; it didn't look too bad. Sighing, she brought her attention back to the rose. She felt blood rush to her face, and she couldn't help but look down at the water in embarrassment. It's not like it's the first rose he's given me, she reminded herself. Well, sure, it wasn't the first rose; however, there was something new attached to it. May sighed to herself; on one hand, she desperately wanted to re-read the note that came with the rose, although she had already memorized it. She felt that if she didn't read it right at that moment, it would be like going without oxygen. On the other hand, she wouldn't dare move a muscle; she knew that reading it again was dumb since she could already recite it from memory.

"Why not?" she muttered under her breath as she reached for her bag. Digging under all of the junk that was sitting on top of the small sheet of paper, she managed to find the note. It was relatively short; all of two or three sentences. Still, May unfolded the note again and silently read it to herself.


I know what you're thinking. We've all seen it before, and we know you have it in you. So stick to that.

- Drew

At first, she only had a vague idea of what he was talking about. But know things were more clear; today, May was all too close to the ribbon cup. And, of course, Drew had yet to be eliminated, and he—aside from Solidad—was probably the one person that could stand in between May and the finals. "Anyone but Drew," she had pleaded under her breath. Of course, her luck had it that she would somehow have to defeat Drew in the final four if she wanted any hope in making it to the finals. And, of course, Drew absolutely destroyed her in that battle. The final two was just around the corner, and then that ribbon cup would be as good as hers. But apparently, even when she thought that she was as good, if not better, than Drew, she slipped away. After those long hours of training, she still couldn't find it in herself to match up to her rival.

May snapped herself back to reality, feeling footsteps coming from further down the dock. They were even and light, and there wasn't any hesitation in them at all. She smiled to herself; of course, she knew exactly who was behind her; there was only one person that could walk with that kind of confidence.

"You aren't one to give notes," May sighed, feeling Drew's presence, "It's usually just a rose."

"Well, desperate times call for desperate measures," Drew weakly said. He sat next to her on the dock, all but four inches away.

"I thought I was ahead; honestly, I should have been the one going to the final two," she said. She felt her inner rival spark; she knew she could thank Ash for that trait.

"Well, you found your own style here in Jhoto, just as you wished . . ." Drew started, "But it looks like style replaced skill," he finished smoothly, nonchalantly brushing a lock of hair out of his face.

May turned to him. His eyes were sparkling, and his skin seemed to glow in the sunset. Sure, she wanted to protest to what Drew had just stated; she wanted to be able to call him a liar and to tell him wrong. However, she saw his point, and had no reason to object.

"You're probably right," May said in defeat. Drew could hear the hint of sadness in her voice.

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Drew exclaimed. "So you lost this ribbon cup to your rival, big deal," Drew said, "But so did I. Solidad crushed me in the final two, and you were there to witness it."

May briefly smiled. "Solidad. Seems like she's the other person, isn't she? The other person that's always sort of…"

"A threat?" May turned to Drew and saw his smug expression; his eyes were alive and bright.

May laughed lightly. "Well, she's as nice as threats get."

"Just because she's nice doesn't mean she isn't tough though," Drew said with a grimace.

May nodded, agreeing with him. "You don't have two tell me again…two ribbon cups in a row," May murmured, shuddering at how well Solidad had stomped on her at the Kanto grand festival.

"Well, don't forget; she's also four years older than us . . . wait, how old are you?"

"I turned fourteen a week ago," May replied.

"Well, happy birthday then," Drew stated, giving May a warm smile. May blushed and turned away from Drew; it wasn't like him to be gentle. Then again, now that Drew saw May more as an equal rather than some wimpy coordinator, he'd been a bit nicer. She hadn't gotten too much of a chance to see him throughout her journey in Jhoto; their paths hadn't crossed that much. May smirked to herself; one person her path had managed to cross with a few times too many was Harley. Having her luck, he was at nearly every one of her contests. May turned and looked at Drew again, who was now looking across the horizon to the setting sun. There was a glimmer in his eyes.

He took a deep breath. "Have you heard from Ash recently?"

May smiled a little. "Just turned seventeen; he's still running on energy from the Sinnoh league."

Drew nodded. "Must be happy after being runner up."

"Yeah. Dawn did well in the Grand Festival too."


May rolled her eyes. "Ash's new traveling companion."

"Oh." Drew hadn't torn his eyes off the horizon; his eyes were a little distant now. His entire expression now seemed flat, as if something had just crushed him. He was obviously thinking, and although May wanted nothing more than to get in his head, she decided it would be better to just keep her mouth shut. She seemed to do a pretty good job of that around Drew anyway; she was always very careful with what she said around. May never knew why; she just felt the need to be cautious. You're just being dumb May, she reminded herself, rolling her eyes at her stupidity. Drew's you're…friend. Friend. It seemed like a weird way to describe Drew; she was so used to seeing him on the battlefield, that whenever they spoke to each other when they weren't competing, things were always…somewhat strange.

It had been easier in the past, but with time, things with Drew just became more and more complicated. May knew that was just ridiculous; there wasn't any complication at all. There never had been. For some reason though, that's how May felt it was with Drew; complicated. She couldn't figure out why though.

May shook her head. What are you thinking, May? She smirked. Drew was her friend and rival; he could be both. There wasn't a single complication. It's all in your head May, she told herself. She turned and looked at Drew, who was still deep in thought. It's all in your head, she told herself again.

Drew turned to May, his eyes now rock hard. "Do you miss traveling with Ash?"

May blushed a little; the question had caught her off guard. "Oh course I do. Well, sometimes…he was always very dynamic. I miss Brock's cooking too…but I also like traveling alone. It helps me get everything straight."

He raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

May shifted her weight. "I was influenced by Ash; that's why I decided to travel alone, so I could find my own style. Now that I'm by myself, I can actually think on my own rather than have Ash Ketchum change the way I think."

Drew laughed a little. "So you're trying to undo his damage?"

May blushed. "I never said that." Drew just shook his head.

"I'm just playing. I know what you mean; you're glad he helped you start, but you don't need his help anymore. You want to think on your own now."

May blinked, surprised at how much that summed everything up. "Yeah, you're right."

Drew laughed, and put his head down. May could have sworn he said "always am" under his breath.

May smiled and turned back to the horizon. When she wasn't trying to save herself in battle, she remembered how much she liked Drew; well, wasn't constantly criticizing her as well.

Drew suddenly stood up. He frowned as he saw the sun disappear behind the horizon. "I should probably get going," he said as he reached for his backpack, "Wouldn't want to miss my ship."

May heard herself groan. "Now where are you headed?"

Drew hoisted his back-pack up onto his back. "Back to Hoenn," he said smugly.

"Are you visiting family or something?" May asked curiously.

"I'm actually going to compete in the Hoenn Grand Festival."

"Again?" May asked, mildly surprised.

Drew shrugged. "I have to admit I miss Hoenn. It'll be nice to be home. Plus, the ribbon cup will be all mine," Drew added smugly, "Solidad is going back to Kanto."

May just stared at him, then looked back across the horizon. Drew's smile faded ad he read her expression, "You're going to stay here, aren't you?"

May sighed. "I have no idea. I was thinking of going to Sinnoh so I could see Ash, Dawn, and Brock. Or possibly Kanto; it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane. But Hoenn . . ." May trailed off shaking her head.

Drew smiled. "Well, I guess the next time I see you, you'll just have to show me one killer battle." Drew nodded his head, and turned around to walk down the dock. May let her eyes follow him. One he reached the edge of the dock, May felt an unexpected urge to run after him. She chuckled under her breath at that thought; running after Drew like some sort of fan girl. Really, May?

Still, she gave him a proper goodbye anyway.

"Bye Drew!" May called as she stood up, vigorously waving. And for the first time, Drew actually turned around to wave back at her. He was flushed bright red.

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