Edward Cullen is a bookworm; a complete and total sexy, nerd. He'd rather spend a day inside studying for exams, or composing on his piano than at a party in his dorms. So what will happen when Bella Swan a notorious party girl is his new roommate? Gossip makes them resent eachother before they even meet. How will two completely different people react to being forced to live together indefinitely? Sparks will fly, but of anger? Or of lust?

I've seen many as Edward the party guy and Bella as the sweet, innocent girl who cures him of his evil ways, but the the opposite, has it ever been done? Probably :] , but here's my attempt.

F.Y.I. to those who care; I'm still writing Twilight Meetings, but I just got this idea and had to write it down :] I wrote Chapters 1+2 one after another.