Chapter Thirty-Two


I groaned and opened my gritty eyes. Only to squeeze them tightly shut again. Oh my god. Why was I naked and sticky? Why am I practically humping Edward's leg? What exactly did I do last night? It all came flooding back.


Alice barged into the door, causing me to yelp and jump from Edward's lap. He frowned at her. "You can't just barge into people's dorms, Alice."

"Then you should have kept your door locked. But anyways, you are not getting out of it this time." She turned her glare to me. "I know it was Edward's idea, but I can't believe that you went along with it. I thought we were friends." I bit my lip. Feeling terrible, I tried to figure out what to say, but Edward stopped me.

"Save the guilt trip for someone who buys it, Alice. What do you want?" The pitiful look fell off her face.

"We're all going out tonight, and that's final. No excuses or tricks or getting out of it." She stood in front of us with her hands on her hips. When Edward started to shake his head, she turned her eyes to me. "Bella, please. I just want to spend time with my friend and brother." She cut through my defenses like a hot knife through butter.

I sighed and turned to Edward. "No, Bella. You don't have to do this."

I nodded, and he grit his teeth. "We did bail on them, Edward."

Alice piped up from beside us, "You did." He glared at her. I pulled his attention back to me.

"Come on. It will be..." I had to work at not grimacing, "fun."

"Yeah, right," he muttered.

"Please, Edward."

He sighed. "If you really want to." Was it the please, I wondered? I would have to figure that out later. Something that made Edward agree to things he didn't want to do. That might come in handy down the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked Alice.

"To this cool club that Jasper and I found. It's called La Push."

Suddenly nervous, I bit my lip. "Alice, I promise that we won't bail again. But can I talk to Edward for a minute?"

She looked at me suspiciously, before nodding and skipping out of the room. Edward looked at me, concerned. "What is it?"

"We're going to a club. Where there will inevitably be drinking and Alice will expect me to join in." I worried my teeth on my lip. We'd had this discussion before. It had ended with me promising Edward that I wasn't going to drink anymore. He evidently realized where I was going.

"It's not the same, Bella." He wrapped his arms around me. "Going out and having a few drinks with friends isn't the same as getting wasted every night at parties."

"I just..." I stopped, trying to gather my thoughts. "I don't want to become that anymore."

"You won't" he promised, holding me tighter. "I'll be here to help you. If I ever thought you were slipping back into it, I would tell you and do something about it."

"Promise?" I whispered.

"Promise," he replied back, kissing me gently.

There was a knock on the door before it opened again. "I dawdled as long as I could, but we need to start getting ready, Bella."

Edward glared at her. "Did you run?"Then he turned and smiled at me. "Good luck." He kissed me one more time before getting up and leaving me to Alice.

"No way, Alice." I looked at my front in the mirror before turning around. "You can see my bra." I looked closer. "And my panty line."

She came out of the bathroom. "That's why you don't wear a bra. And if you won't go panty-less, then wear a thong."

I gave her an are-you-kidding-me look. "I am not going without underwear."

She rolled her eyes, "It will be fine. Just take off the bra."

I fidgeted, waiting for her to go back into the other room. She rolled her eyes. "You don't have anything I haven't seen, Bella. I happen to have all the same parts as you, so it won't come as much of a shock."

Embarrassed, I yanked the bra off as quickly as I could and pulled the dress back up. Then I studied myself. "Why can't I wear something that allows me to be, I don't know, fully dressed?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "You look hot. Now go change your underwear."

I sulked to my dresser.

2 Hours Later

"No." Edward was firm.

"Edward, she's going." Alice glared at him. I stood in between them, my arms crossed over my chest; partly in annoyance and partly to shield my nipples from showing.

"Not wearing that. Damn it, Alice. You're not going wearing what you're wearing either."

Alice let out a noise of frustration. "We're big girls, Edward. We can take care of ourselves."

"No." Jasper was cracking up next to me. I shot him a glare and mouthed, do something.

What am I supposed to do? He mouthed back.

I shrugged helplessly.

Edward's arm was wrapped around my body, Alice's hand was gripping my elbow. When Alice tugged on my arm one more time, I'd had enough. "Okay! Stop it!"

Alice let go, but Edward pulled me so that I was facing him. "Edward. You are not my father."

His eyebrow raised. "I hope not, or else some of my thoughts are damn wrong."

I paused at that, a warm feeling spreading through my chest. He grinned at my obvious pause. "Regardless," I said, "I can wear what I want."

His face turned serious. "That would be great, if you actually wanted to wear this, instead of my sister forcing you to."

Alice sputtered and I sighed. "Think of it this way. We're with you and Jasper. Nothing can happen to us, you guys will take care of us."

He grit his teeth, looking at me. "You're completely determined to be seen in this dress, aren't you?"

I shrugged and smiled. "After everything it took to get into it, yeah. I might as well be seen in it."

He swore. "You are not leaving my side."

I smiled up at him. "I'm okay with that."

"Now that that is settled," Alice said as Edward glared at her, "Let's go!"

We made it to the club without much difficulty, besides the trouble I had getting into the car without flashing my thong. Edward was holding onto my hand tightly and glaring at every guy we passed who even glanced at me. I stopped when we reached the line and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Edward, promise me that you won't get jealous or mad at anyone."

He sighed and dropped his hands down to my waist. "Why would you think I would?"

I gave a small laugh. "Are you kidding? Come on, if looks could kill then all of the guys here would be dead."

He snorted. "They would deserve it. They keep staring at you. I want to rip their eyes out."

"Oh yeah," I teased. "You're the only one that gets to stare at me?"

He glowered at me. "I did not stare at you.
"You drooled," I accused laughing.

"I did not!" he exclaimed affronted. Then he paused, "well, not noticeably. Can you blame me? Look at you!"

I grinned. "Why, thank you."

"Remember that when I rip that guy's head off," he growled and pulled me closer to him; his eyes glared at the man until he turned away.

"Nuh-uh," I turned his face back to me. "No head ripping. Whatsoever."

He brushed hair off my face. "I'll try to restrain myself." He started to say something else, but Alice interrupted him, to tell us that we were allowed in.

Once in the club, there wasn't any way to hold a conversation. The music was beating so loud that I was afraid the vibrations would make the dress fall off. "Let's go get some drinks," Alice yelled, gesturing over to the bar.

With Edward holding onto my hand, we squeezed our way through the crowd and to the bar. Alice got the attention of the bartender and ordered for everyone, while I struggled to remain attached to Edward. I finally managed to squeeze up against him and he wrapped his arms around me, to keep me from being pulled away by the crowd.

"This is ridiculous," he said into my ear. "Let's go sit down somewhere." Continuing to hold onto me, he leaned over and said something to Alice, but it was drowned out by the noise in the club. She nodded and Edward turned around, leading me to the tables. Almost every table was packed, but someone stood up just as we were walking by one, so we claimed it. After sitting down, Edward turned to me and grabbed my hands, holding them between us. His thumb rubbed over the palm, and it felt delicious. Who knew your hand could be an erogenous zone? But then again, with Edward, my entire body felt like an erogenous zone.

He smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat. I laughed. "What?" he shouted, leaning forward.

I shook my head and just smiled at him. I felt like such a girly girl around him. Heart skipping beats and stomach aflutter. Soon I would be fanning my face and swooning. I sighed and closed my eyes. Some song by Rihanna was playing. Something about whips and chains. Seriously? When I was a kid, it was "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." But apparently that had changed to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me." What was wrong with society? It was cool to sing about sadism and masochism now? I shook my head and opened my eyes.

Edward was looking at me curiously. I was about to mention it to him, when Alice appeared with Jasper. I shrugged. "What is this?" I asked her.

She handed it to me. "Just drink it," she shouted over the music. "It's good."

I cautiously took a sip. It tasted...fruity. Shrugging, I drank some more. Edward glanced at me before tasting his. He made an odd face, shrugged, and downed the rest. I laughed and followed suit. Alice shoved another one at me, gesturing me to own it. Shrugging, I did.

A few drinks in, I pulled Edward onto the dance floor. He laughed and followed my tugging on his hand. The DJ put on a slow song, and I burrowed my way into his arms. He was warm and smelled delicious. Resting my cheek on his chest, I tightened my arms around his neck. "Mmm," I said into his ear, "I like this."

I felt his lips touch my head. "Me, too"

He was so sexy, I thought. I just wanted to bite him. I giggled and was going to share my thought with Edward, when someone shoved me.

I spun, rather unsteadily, around. A girl dressed even more revealingly than I was, stood behind me. "Oops," she said. "Sorry." She smiled falsely and fluttered her eyelashes at Edward. I scowled at her. "Dance with me?" she asked Edward, playing with the top of her dress, pulling it even father down. I continued to glare at her, Edward looked uncomfortable.

She didn't wait for him to answer, simply shoved me out of the way with her hip and wrapped herself around Edward. He stood, shocked, blinking at her. Then he looked at me, helplessly.

She. Did. Not. Just. Do. That. I stared a hole into her back, but she didn't even glance at me. Okay. I tried to cool myself down. She was just dancing with him. She saw what she wanted and went for it, I could get that. Edward was hot, all mine, but sexy as hell. I could let her have one dance before I... Her hands moved to Edward's ass.

Fuck. No. I yanked her away from him, almost stumbling as my head swam. "No touching." I said as clearly as I could.

She laughed, raking her gaze from my feet to head, giving me that "what are you going to do about it?" look, before reaching back to Edward. Edward was backing up, holding up his hands. I complied to her challenge. Reaching over, I grabbed a drink out of someone's hand. "Sorry, but I need this."

I looked at her. "I told you, don't touch." I threw the drink at her. She gasped, her mouth wide open, shocked. "Might want to closhe your mouth before flies buzzzz in there." I giggled. Edward burst out laughing. I smiled at her, but when I turned back to him, I swayed.

"You bitch!" She yelled, and I turned to face her again. I turned just in time to end up with a front covered in beer. .

Edward swore, and glared at the girl, who gave me a disgusted look before walking away. She'd thrown an entire mug at me. I lunged for her, but almost fell over

"Woahh," Edward said, grabbing me before I fell over. "I think you've had a little too much to drink, Bells."

"Nuh-uhhh." I said, poking him in the chest. Then I looked at my hands. I had three of them. Squinting, I said, "Maybe. But that bitch just..." He pressed a kiss against my lips.

"Shh." I frowned at him.

He snorted and wrapped his arms around me. "Let's head home, sweetheart." He pulled me out of the club, hailed a cab, and helped me into it.

"I'm all sticky," I commented, standing in the middle of my room.

"I hadn't noticed," Edward said wryly as he hunted through my dresser for something for me to wear. The sticky fabric started to itch, so I decided to take it off. Kicking it into the corner of the room, I sprawled across my bed with a groan. Edward turned around at the sound, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts in his hand. He gaped at me.

"What did you do with your clothes?" He sounded shocked and panicky. What was his problem? I, for one, felt much better without the smelly, sticky fabric on. I still had the thong on, but it didn't bother me much. Maybe that's what it is, I guessed. He'd carried me to the dorm, because the floor had started spinning, so some of the beer must have gotten on his clothes. That's what was wrong. Well, I could only think of one way to fix it.

I stood up, and walked towards him. He backed up, holding up his hands to fend me off. "What are you doing, Bella?" Ignoring his actions and question, I reached him and started tugging his shirt out of his pants. "What the hell?" he pushed my hands away. I frowned, and looked at him. Why was he being so difficult? He would feel much better after he got out of the uncomfortable clothes. I tugged at the buttons on his shirt, but got distracted by his chest.

I gasped in surprise as my hand encountered rock hard muscle. Humming my approval, I rubbed my hand on it. Edward grabbed my hands. "Stop it," he scolded. I scowled at him. He gently but firmly pushed me back onto the bed. Ooo, that was better. My boyfriend has good ideas, I realized. The bed was much more comfortable for this. I yanked him down on top of me.

He let out a surprised yell as I pulled him off balanced, and he fell onto the bed.

"Oomph," I let out as he landed mostly on top of me, but was quickly distracted by the delicious body I now had access to. I ran my hands along everything I could touch. But when I pressed up for a kiss, he yanked his face away.

"Mmmm, Edward." I arched towards him, searching for his lips that continued to elude me. Well, fine. If he wouldn't kiss me, then... I lowered my hand until oh MY. My drunken addled brain quit even minor functions as Edward let out a noise that resembled a dying animal and removed my hand from his crotch.

We stayed still for a moment; his hand gripping my wrist above my head, his body held over mine, and his eyes closed with a look of pleasured agony on his face. "Damn it, Bella." he groaned, before letting go of my wrist and pushing himself off the other side of the bed. I whimpered at the loss of heat. "Edwardddddd," I whined. "Pluuuh-eeese."

He swore, raking a hand over his face. I giggled. He glared at me, "What?"

"You're sexy. That girl was eye fucking you. But she knows that you're mine, now." A burst of laughter escaped him.

"Jesus." He looked down at me, and I wiggled, cold and naked on the covers. He swallowed and looked away. "You are never getting drunk again." He glanced back, before jerking his eyes away again. "You need some clothes."

"Nuh-uh. I like being mostly naked." I smiled and rubbed my body against the covers, feeling free. "I'm never wearing real clothes again!" I grinned broadly up at him, but he refused to look at me. My elation faded. Why wouldn't he look at me? Was he not attracted to me? Tears pooled in my eyes and I quickly tried to sniff them back.

"Bells? What's the matter? Why are you crying, baby?" He was beside me in an instant, but he pulled a blanket over me before sitting down. It made me cry harder.

"Whhyy won't you look at me?" I blubbered.

His hand gripped my chin and pulled my face towards his. His head swam in my line of sight. "I am looking at you, sweetie. See my eyes? They're looking right at you."

"At my face!" I accused.

He looked at me, baffled. "Am I not supposed to look at your face?"

"I am practically NAKED!" I shouted at him, hurt.

"Trust me," his voice sounded hoarse, "I am well aware how close to being naked you are, Bella."

I stared at him, with my mouth open. "Then WHY are you not LOOKING at ME?"

He let out a hopeless sound and scrubbed his hands over his face. "Let me get this straight. You want me to sleazily stare at your naked body when you are wasted? And if I don't, you're going to be hurt and continue to cry. "

I continued to stare at him. This was pretty simple, why couldn't he understand it? "Duh!"

"Isabella Marie Swan, listen to me very carefully. Every aspect of you is breath taking. But I will not take advantage of you when you are drunk. If you ever feel like doing this when you are stone cold sober, I promise that I will stare to your hearts content. But not when you aren't thinking clearly. I care about you too much for that." I started crying again. He choked out a helpless noise. "Bella, sweetie, you are killing me. You are beautiful, I am absolutely enthralled by you. I adore you. Surely the fact that I refuse to take advantage of you isn't that upsetting? Please stop crying. Sweetie," he begged, pressing kisses against my face.

"I'm not crying out of sadness. That was sooo beautiful, Edward." I sobbed into his shirt. "I adore you, too!"

He buried his face against my neck and burst into helpless laughter. "You are insane, Bells." He pressed a kiss to my forehead, and tucked the blanket around me. "Now get to sleep. We'll see how you feel in the morning."

"Waiiiiittt!" I yelled, flailing my arms in the air. He stopped and looked back at me expectantly. "Stay." I demanded and lifted the covers to let him in. He jerked them back down.

"God damn it, Isabella. Stop flashing me. You are driving me absolutely nuts!" He sounded very put out. I laughed and patted the bed beside me, on top of the covers this time. "Stay!"

He looked indecisive so I grabbed the covers, threateningly. "Damn it," he muttered, sitting on he bed with me. "Only my girlfriend could blackmail me into doing something by threatening to show me her naked body. I am such a pansy." I giggled and snuggled into his arms. The instant I closed my eyes, I fell promptly asleep.


"Oh my god." I whispered, horrified. I lifted my petrified eyes to the sleeping form of Edward, who I was wrapped around like a cat. "I am never drinking again," I vowed to myself.

"I'm glad we agree on something," he muttered, his eyes closed. I gulped.

Some people have said that they were going to slowly, but some have said that they don't want them to go any faster. So I hope this was a reasonable middle ground.