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He sighed and stretched out at his wooden desk, rubbing his tired eyes while his sigh turned into a yawn. Glancing at his silver wrist watch, he noticed it was well past midnight. Max stood, listening to his bones crack from the sudden movement, well, the first real movement in the last few hours.

He silently walked around the desk, shut the light off and made his way to check up on the children before heading to bed. Maggie's room was first.

She was tucked way in her bed, dreaming about her boyfriend Michael most likely. He shook his head and frowned, his little girl was growing up to fast, she was only twenty, to young to date. He kissed her forehead and headed to Brighton's domain.

The teen's room was dark, the only light coming off from his charging cell phone by the wall. Brighton had managed to kick all his blankets off, just like he use to do when he was a toddler. With a slight ruffle of his son's blonde head, he went to Gracie's sanctuary.

Her side lamp was on; a book lay on her as she snored softly. Max carefully pulled the book from her grip and placed it on the side table. Switching the lamp off, he kissed her forehead like he did Maggie and was about to walk out of the room when her sleepy voice called out to him.

"Daddy?" He turned slowly.

"Yes, my darling?"

"I'm happy you married Mom." She fell back asleep fast after referring to her stepmother as her Mom as all the children did.

"So am I darling." He quickly walked out and appeared at his room, the one he now shared with his second wife. He tiptoed in and changed out of his three piece suit and into a pair of pajama bottoms.

Max slipped into the right side of the bed, still wondering how she got the left every time. He sighed again and looked at the woman lying in bed next to him.

Her out of control hair splashed over her pillow and on to his, it cascaded down her now normal pale skin, which as been a sickly color for the past couple days do to the flu that has been plaguing her. He let his hand slide over her forehead, checking for signs of a fever. It was warm, a little high, but coming back down.

She had shifted and rolled onto her back, tired eyes looked at him. Both unfocused and hazy, her brown eyes seemed to sparkle when she found him.

Fran Fine, or Fran Sheffield, started out as just the nanny, another poor woman paid to help raise his children while he worked. She has wormed her way into their hearts with her quirky personality, unique style and nasal voice. Max softly kissed her check and she rolled into his, finding warmth in his body.

"I love you Fran." He felt her smile into his skin.

"Love ya too Max."

The End

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