A/N: Please note, my story does not follow the Greek TV story line at all. I'm writing this as if Casey and Cappie have never dated and Evan always got the girl first and Evan and Cappie have always been friends despite being different fraternities. There may be some mention of things that happened on the show, but this will be completely fictional.

I was listening to Gavin DeGraw's "In Love With a Girl" video and watched several YouTube fanfic video's featuring this song and Casey & Cappie and it inspired me to write this fanfic. Enjoy and please review!

In Love With a Girl

Chapter One

Cappie stood to the side of the room and watched her come in. He watched as his best friend, Evan Chambers, led Casey Cartwright by the hand into the dark room. As Evan turned on the lights, people all around stood up and shouted "Surprise!" Casey put her hands up to her face in shock and smiled as she realized she was surrounded by all her closest friends and family. Cappie had to give it to Evan; he sure knew how to throw a party. Evan and Casey lived in a gorgeous house in one of the suburbs outside of Chicago. Evan had decorated their large living room (well, he hired decorators was more like it) with balloons all over the place. A buffet of food had been set along one side of the wall and he'd gone all out – there were chicken and beef kabobs, min-burgers, bowls of salad, chips and guacamole, mini-tacos, and meatballs. There was even a dessert table with cupcakes and a chocolate fountain. Evan told him he wanted to make Casey's 25th birthday as special as possible.

He watched as Casey went around the room hugging their friends. Evan had arranged for a lot of their friends to fly in from all parts of the country. A lot of their friends had been a part of the Greek system at Cypress-Rhodes University. Casey was a Zeta Beta Zeta, so a few ZBZ sisters were in attendance like Ashleigh Howard, Rebecca Logan, and Frannie Morgan. Evan was an Omega Chi Delta and it looked like he only invited Calvin Owens. Cappie was a Kappa Tau Gamma and he noticed there were several of them in attendance. Casey's younger brother Rusty was there with his girlfriend Jordan Reed, another ZBZ. Two of his closest friends from KT were also at the party, Beaver and Wade Matthews.

Even with their friends here, Cappie couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He remembered seeing Casey Cartwright for the first time. It was during freshmen year at a KT party. He and Evan had decided to rush together as KTs, but Evan's father had interfered and convinced his son to join the more prosperous fraternity Omega Chi. Even though they were in rival fraternities, he and Evan had tried not to let it affect their friendship. When Cappie had seen Casey standing by herself at the party, he couldn't help but think she was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever seen. He remembered making his way over to her and they had a brief conversation. When she told him her name was Casey Cartwright, he remembered making a joke about the sexy alliteration. When he asked her if she wanted a drink, she told him another guy was getting it for her. And what a surprise it turned out to be when that guy was Evan. After that initial meeting, Casey and Evan started dating. Casey and Evan broke up during their sophomore year but managed to start dating again three years ago.

When Casey was single he had wanted to ask her out so many times, but he kept telling himself that Casey was Evan's ex and he didn't want to ruin their friendship by moving in on her. So, he stood aside as he witnessed her dating several other guys. Cappie knew he was no saint, he had dated lots of girls in college (well, it was more like he slept with many girls) but he had never gotten serious with any of them. The only person that probably knew his true feelings about Casey was Rebecca Logan, whom he briefly dated during junior year. Rebecca had figured it out when she kept noticing the way he looked at Casey on campus or at parties. Rebecca finally confronted him about Casey and he told her the truth. She had encouraged him to go after her, but he couldn't.

He was sure to this day Rebecca had kept his secret. None of his buddies knew about his feelings for Casey. Seven years later and he couldn't get past it. To him, she was his dream girl. After hanging out with her and listening to the stories that Evan told, he knew she was one of the coolest girls out there. His heart was broken when he realized Evan met Casey first during freshmen year. Then three years ago Evan told him that he bumped into Casey in downtown Chicago and they were meeting up for drinks. After that night, he and Casey were together again. His heart was broken a second time.

Cappie's thoughts were interrupted as Casey stood in front of him. "Hey Cappie," she greeted him.

"Happy Birthday, Case," Cappie told her, leaning down and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "The big 2-5! How does it feel?"

Casey grinned. "A little weird, I can't believe I've been alive a quarter of a century."

"I remember when I turned 25 a couple of months ago; it was weird for me, too. I felt like I'm 25 and what have I accomplished?" Cappie told her.

"You're a successful lawyer," Casey said. "You've got a lot going for you."

"Thanks Case," Cappie said, his face getting red. "So, this is a great party, isn't it?"

"Wonderful," Casey gushed. "I can't believe Evan did all of this. And he got everyone to fly in. It's truly wonderful."

"You're a lucky girl, Case," Cappie told her.

"I know!" Casey agreed. "Anyway, I better go say hi to the parents." Casey walked away and in the direction of her and Evan's parents.

Cappie watched Casey talking animatedly to them, obviously telling them a funny story because they were all laughing. Casey looked extremely beautiful tonight. She was wearing a sapphire blue wrap dress that showed off her figure. Her blonde hair laid in soft curls past her shoulders.

"I see you still haven't gotten over her," a voice interrupted his thoughts.

Cappie turned to his right and smiled at Rebecca. "Hey Rebecca," he said.

"Cap, you do realize she's happy with Evan," Rebecca said.

"I know," Cappie said with a nod.

Rebecca gave him a concerned look. "Then why do you keep doing this to yourself? You look like a sad puppy. It's almost heartbreaking."

"I know, but I can't help it. I just wish –" Cappie said.

"That you would've asked her out." Rebecca finished for him.

Cappie nodded. "I know it's my fault. And I will get over it, eventually."

"Well, I hope so. You're a great guy Cap and you shouldn't pine over someone if they were never yours to begin with."

"Always wise as I remembered, Rebecca," Cappie told her.

"Of course," Rebecca said grinning at him. "I'm going to talk to Ashleigh." As Rebecca left his side, Cappie sighed. He knew Rebecca was right. It wasn't like Casey was ever his girlfriend, but there was something about her that he'd always liked. Three years ago when Evan and Casey had gotten back together, Cappie made excuses so that he wouldn't have to go out with them so much. It didn't help that the three of them lived in Chicago. Evan or Casey was always calling him to come hang out and he'd always say he was busy. The truth was it killed him to see Casey on the arms of another guy, even if he happened to be a good guy like Evan. Some guys had all the luck in the world, he thought bitterly.

He noticed Evan walking towards him with two glasses of red wine and he gave his friend a smile. "Great party, Chambers," Cappie said, taking one of the glasses.

"I just wanted everything to be perfect for Casey. I wanted all our closest friends here and our parents." Evan replied.

"You certainly outdid yourself." Cappie said.

"I have one more surprise." Evan said excitedly.

"What?" Cappie asked. "Is someone going to jump out of the cake?" Cappie asked teasingly.

"Nah," Evan said, unable to contain his smile. "Walk with me," he nudged Cappie's arm and they made their way to the kitchen. Evan sat his glass of wine on the counter. He made sure they were completely alone and closed the kitchen door. He turned to Cappie and pulled a small velvet box out from underneath his blazer. He opened the box up for Cappie to see. It was a beautiful 1.5 carat princess cut diamond ring set on a platinum band. "I'm going to ask Casey to marry me."

Cappie was shocked as he heard Evan's words. When he realized Evan was giving him a concerned look, Cappie forced himself to smile. "Oh man, that's awesome. Wow, just awesome." He put his hand out for him to shake.

"Thanks man," Evan replied. "I've wanted to tell someone all day. Of course our parents know. I had to ask Mr. C for her hand in marriage. They're all thrilled. I can't wait to ask her."

"When are you going to do it?" Cappie asked.

Evan smirked. "Right about now." He turned to head back towards the party. Cappie couldn't move and stood in his place. Evan turned to him, "You coming?"

"Just give me a few seconds," Cappie said.

"Sure, man," Evan told him. "Besides, I'm not asking her until I see my best man out there."

"Best man?" Cappie asked.

"Yeah, if Casey says yes, I want you to be my best man." Evan said. "What do you say?"

"It'd be an honor," Cappie told him quietly. As Evan left the kitchen, Cappie looked away and closed his eyes. He knew Evan wanted his support out there, but how was he supposed to watch his friend propose to the girl of his dreams? Begrudgingly Cappie made his way back to the party and got ready to have his heart broken for a third time.