So High School



Part One

Author's Note:

This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Popular crossover in a way. Cordelia is in the place of Marley the first head bitch that Tudor Nicole accept for the fact that Nicole pulls the strings in the background to make sure Cordelia never exposes Brooke as gay. This is a Brooke/Sam pairing.

First episode(Remake)

"So B, ready for sophomore year." Nicole said and Brooke responded, "Yes I'm ready for everyone whispering that I'm gay. "Hun, it's hard because you are gay and don't worry Cordy rather die than to ever out you." "Thanks Nic." Brooke said and Nicole shook her head. "So anyone you like this year." Nicole asked.

"So the popular crowd is missing a couple of people right now…" Sam said and Lily responded, "Especially your girlfriend." Sam gave Lily a look because she knew about Sam only preferring girls over guys. "Li come on!" Sam said and Lily was teasing. Carmen then talked about trying out for the cheerleader squad and Harrison shared an awkward silence when the subject of Sam's crush.

Nicole and Brooke walked in as Cordelia walked in. "Nicole where's the seating chair for the year? If anyone else but us think they could sit with us, it would be really hard to control the little people if they believed they are equals. " Cordelia said and Nicole responded, "I e-mail it to you hun." "I want it in my hand." Cordelia said and Nicole responded, "So hit that button that's called file and scroll down to print then hit OK." "I don't do work my daddy has people do that for him and Cordelia Chase doesn't do work." Cordy said and Nicole responded with glee, "Find I will do it after first period." Nicole pleased Cordelia for appearance only. Cordelia said a snoty comment about Brooke looking at her like she's attracted to her.