So High School



Part Five

Brooke had cook Mac and cheese with hot dogs. Sam actually thought it was a switch that the girl would cook for her. She was glad not to see take-out so they made small talk about there day and cheerleader practice everything.

"Why did everything change this summer?" Brooke asked and Sam sense that Brooke had no idea what she was. "I found out that I was really different." Sam said and Brooke responded, "I know what you mean, I mean my last girlfriend turned out to be a stark raving bitch, I mean she was the cheerleader of the other school. I wanted to hide but this summer realize that what's I've been doing with how I feel about women all my life…" Sam turned to hear the name and Brooke said it was Harmony." Sam choke a little and turned to Brooke. Brooke asked if she was okay and Sam said she was. Harmony was very dislike by her pact because of her alliance to the chases. As Brooke gave Sam water she then told her how Harmony was a werewolf. "I'm a wolf without the were in it." Sam said and Brooke was a little scared.

"What did she do to you?" Sam asked and Brooke responded by backing up then her hand slipped as the sliver-ware hit the floor. Sam looked at her and the fact that Brooke hasn't screamed get out meant something. Sam had another power and held her hand out. Brooke paused and Sam took her hand, Sam touch Brooke's palm then closed her eyes. She saw everything and then opened it. "Oh my God, sweetheart." Sam said and Brooke cried a little bit.

Nicole came over and after she threatened Sam a little. Brooke told Nicole what happened and Nicole was happy that another wolf could protect her if Harmony tried to come back. Brooke told Nicole that Sam has another power to know your past, present and future. Sam told Nicole she had Brooke's permission.

"Harmony is evil and if Cordeila had any idea…" Nicole said and Sam responded, "Do you know how close they are?" "Very close." Nicole said and Sam took that into account. Sam shook her head and Brooke asked what was going on. Sam then heard Brooke's thought…

"God, my luck but Sam seems a little bit calmer then Harmony was…" Brooke thought and Sam turned to her then said, "I'm calmer because you haven't thrown me out yet." Nicole realized Brooke didn't say that and read about this. "I'm going to go…" Nicole said and Brooke protested. "She's perfect for you, she could hear your thoughts. If you hurt her I will shoot you my mother has a good gun collection." Nicole said as she left and Sam responded, "If she meant sliver bullets then it's not going to help, it's a myth. It would killed Harmony."

Hours later, "So if we have another date…" Brooke said and Sam responded, "You really want another date…" "Yeah." Brooke said with a smile and added, "I want to take this slow." Sam agreed and told her that was best because of the intensity of her feelings right now. Sam then lean over and rest on Brooke. Brooke smiled and start to stroke Sam's hair… "It can't be in two nights…" Sam said and Brooke asked why, "I have to help someone shift for the first time." Sam said and added, "It's very stressful afterwards and I'm going to be on four legs for the whole night." "That's cool." Brooke said