Ranma gritted his teeth as sweat beaded his face, this was beyond a doubt, the worst challenge he had ever had to face. Ryoga, heh, a pushover. Happosai, next in line, please. Tarou, a light workout. Herb was a heavy contender, that was cool. Saffron was nothing to take in stride. The Old Ghoul knew a thing or two that if she got serious, Ranma could possibly fall short of the challenge.

But this; a Super-strong absolutely perverted flying beast demon boasting insane levels of chi and an extreme God Complex with extensive knowledge of Amazon techniques...

"FUCKING GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!" Ranma yelled, backing away fearfully from the Demon that challenged him.

"MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!" The creature laughed while waving it's rowboat oar that it used as a deadly weapon menacingly, "I, the demon of the week, shall crush you into a jelly that I do not feel like being exceptionally descriptive with, but take note that it will not be a pleasant jelly that you would use on toast!"

"Uh, you know I'll win anyhow in the end, finding some weakness to exploit that will give me a meager chance, allowing me that one in a million opportunity to come out on top, once again proving that Ranma Saotome can't be kept down. So, can you, like, just go away?" Ranma asked nervously.

"I'm afraid for dramatic and story filling purposes, we shall have to engage in a climatic battle that will awe anyone who reads an accounting of this match until they come to a chapter when you have to face an even more powerful being." The Demon said logically, after all it's just sound storytelling.

Ranma whined, "You mean they get stronger?" The demon nodded resigningly, it had to pity the kid somewhat.

The battle was indeed intense, Ranma was immediately the underdog, and found it rather difficult to gain any sort of advantage. All the pigtailed martial artist's rivals and friends looked on with grim faces, all of them knowing that Ranma would come out on top, but all had a unified thought running within them.

"Better you than me, Ranma."

Ranma whimpered at the forty-second Buick-sized chi attack that he was forced to dodge, while evading the miniature Hiryuu Shoten Haas that were littering the battlefield. It wasn't fair; he could only manage one at a time..

"THIS BATTLE HAS DRAWN OUT TO COVER TWO CHAPTERS, IT IS NOW TIME FOR ME TO UNLEASH MY MOST POWERFUL, FINAL TECHNIQUE!!!" The Demon named Shieng Tengoukinokaminokyouseizenryoku, which loosely translated to 'You're royally screwed."

"Your...most...powerful...final...technique?" Ranma whispered, and then began to giggle maniacally. Knowing that this was the time for Ranma to show his true power and overcome, almost everyone took a step back, and then another step, and then another. Finally they said 'screw this' and ran for the hills. Everyone, except for one had left to watch things from a safe distance of another country, all except Akane Tendou. She had faith that Ranma would win, that she would be protected too by her fiancée. Everyone said Nabiki had more than her fair share the brains of the family; Akane had given up her portion too freely. She would have to cripple the pigtailed boy for taking so long and laughing like a frigg'n idiot in the middle of a dramatic climax, though.


Ranma dug himself up out of the rubble, glad that his suddenly inspired new technique that managed to save him from certain death (which actually happened to be a freak distortion in reality where he was folded into space into another dimension ruled by apes where he liberated what was left of the meager human race, and then returned back to his dimension with his memory wiped). And turned to see Akane's cloths clinging to a charred skeleton.

"NO! AKANE!!!!!" Ranma rushed up to the charred pile of bones, and attempted to pick them up, but found they were too hot. He waited a half hour for them to cool down before cradling his dead fiancée's bones to him, "No, Akane, I couldn't have lost you again. I wish you were alive, if I could only tell you," Ranma's tears kept falling, "I really, really was going to tell you that I loved you, to your face, eventually... really." Ranma sobbed in heart-wrenched agony.

"Uh, that's nice, Ranma, but..."

Ranma waved the voice off, how rude for them to spoil such a dramatic moment, "Now I'll never have the chance, I've lost you, for real this time..."

"Ranma... I'm right here," Akane called out from the wall she had dove behind before the final attack, apparently she had faith in Ranma, but her instinct for self-preservation would not leave her the hell alone. She had decided that she could have faith in Ranma from behind something sturdy.

The demon, we'll call him S.T. for short, walked up to Ranma to console him, "If it's any consolation, I feel your pain."

"HEY, YOU JERK! I'M RIGHT HERE!!!" Akane screamed out, "Honestly, it was just Sayuri who had happened to walk by at a vital moment, she was borrowing some clothes," Akane sighed, "Poor Sayuri."

Ranma's eyes burned with Hell forged fury, "You... feel my pain?"

"Well, I *am* an empathic demon. I kinda get off on it," S.T. replied casually.

"DAMN YOU!" Ranma yelled, he felt he had to verbally lash out; it was just too much to bear.

"That was uncalled for," S.T. admonished, and then fell dead from the massive slash that went through his chest.

"Really, Ranma, you're overreacting," Akane rolled her eyes at her fiancée's melodrama.

"I'm... overreacting?" Ranma's eyes burned with Hell forged fury. "DAMN YOU!" Ranma turned around and yelled, he felt he had to verbally lash out; it was just too much to bear. He blinked his eyes as he stared at Akane's lifeless but surprised eyes that were still in the head that was detached from her body.

"AKANE!!!! NO!!!!!" Ranma screamed out, and ran up to cradle is fiancée's body and head, clumsily trying to hold the head in place with her body. He then blinked, and turned to look at the skeleton, and then back at the body he was holding, and then back at the skeleton. After an instance of contemplation, he shrugged.

"No, Akane, I couldn't have lost you again, for the second time today, I mean. I wish you were alive, if I could only tell you," Ranma's tears kept falling, "I really, really was going to tell you that I loved you, to your face, eventually... really." Ranma sobbed in heart-wrenched agony.

Cologne was the first to approach Ranma, "Son-in-Law, I understand your grief, and I'm sorry. But it's best to move on.

"Move... on?" Ranma repeated, disbelieving of what the old Ghoul had said.

"Well, no time like the present, and I'm pretty sure Shampoo will be more than happy to accommodate you."

Ranma's eyes burned with Hell forged fury. Cologne had to gasp when Ranma vanished from in front of her using the Umisenken, the last thoughts on her mind, "Hmm, good technique, excellent form, though he needs to work on the ghosting effect a bit more."

"Ranma, you just killed Cologne!" Mousse gasped in horror.

"Well, duh," Ranma replied with a half lidded stare.

"Akane was right, you are being melodramatic," Ryoga huffed. He wanted to get the part where he attempts to take apart his rival in a furious battle in order to avenge Akane.

"Being... melodramatic?" Ranma repeated, eyes burning with Hell forged fury...