This isn't good.

Ryoga was an unpleasant surprise that I wouldn't have minded indulging in (and being more thorough) about during some other time, but not when I already have business to attend. Now this crazy redhead chick falls from the sky, nearly flattening me in the process, and declares me under arrest.

I can see a good deal down the street, King Oni's rather massive and elaborate float coming down the street from the east, and entering the shadow of the massive flying saucer that's nearly covering all of the downtown Tombiki area.

Problem number three; I'm going to have to stall until everything is in position. Nabiki isn't going to be any help in this one, even if she was paying attention. Checking my watch, it's five till three; I have thirty-five minutes before I have to catch my favorite show on TV...

"Okay, you two, let's make this quick." Ranma-chan replied, taking out her Saotome Honor sword.

Ryoga took a stance, while the redhead woman with a wire frame bustier hunched over and prepared for comfrontation. Ranma turned to the woman wearing a wire bustier over what seemed more like a bathing suit than a battle outfit.

"Hey, if you're really from outter space, what gives you the juridiction to take me in here on Earth?"

"The Galaxy Federation is authorized by all sentient planets visited to operate and intervine during extreme cases," Maris recited, pointing a finger.

"Well, if it's okay and all..." Ranma started, before blurring towards her. The woman barely had time to gasp at the speed displayed, while Ryoga also blurred to intercept the pigtailed woman.

Ranma pointed the tip of her blade into the abdomen of the woman, intending to run her through and take the devil she didn't know out of the fight early. Ranma didn't expect her blade to buckle, then break in half upon impact.

The pigtailed woman paused in shock at the destroyed Saotome honorblade, giving Ryoga a chance to attack himself. Ranma-chan was sent head overheels sideways from the heavy and brutal blow from her blindside, sending her off the roof and into an alley down below.

Before pursuit, Ryoga turned a very concerned look to the other woman that Ranma had attacked, "I'm fine, just stop her before she gets away!" Maris commanded, running to the edge of the roof and leaping down. Ryoga looked astonished that the woman never even seemed to feel the attack, and followed

Ranma bounced off the wall she was heading for, leaving an indenture in it, and riccochet into the alley among the trash. Ryoga certainly hadn't lost his strength, not by a long shot. The pigtailed girl checked her watch, and estimated about two minutes before she could press the button on the self-destruct device. She pulled the device out and began to slip into the Umisenken, just as the other redhead landed in the alley looking for her.

Unfortunatly, Ryoga landed also, and found Ranma-chan immidiately. Once again catching Ranma off-guard, The bandanna-clad man performed a crescent kick that knocked the remote self destruct device from her hand.

"HOW?!" Was all Ranma could get out, before she was uppercut high into the air by Maris, crashing into a wall about twenty feet in the air. Ranma started to peel herself off, right when she saw Ryoga in front of her, with his leg raised to kick her through the building, and possibly several others beyond that.

Ranma-chan parried the kick with one of her own, and then pushed off the wall at an angle to the ground. "HIRYUU SHOTEN HA!"

Ryoga's modified version rebounded off the wall of the building that his opponent was against, and head for the retreating target. Ranma's fall was given extra force, causing her to land wrong, and crash into the building on the other side of the alley head first.

Before Ranma could even get her bearings straight, she felt herself lifted into the air to face an angry looking redhead. The pigtailed girl kept her head, as she reached behind her.

"AAH!!!" Maris failed to drop Ranma, as she hoped, even while fighting the effects of the pepper spray straight into the eyes. Ranma had to slip out of her shirt in order to escape, and landed on her sprained ankle, causing her to faulter.

"RANMAAAAA THIS IS THE FINAL BLOW!" Ryoga shouted, while charging straight at his intended victim. Ranma-chan pulled out a hand-sized backage, and threw it against the wall. It exploded into a black cloud that Ryoga was forced to charge in, while Ranma skipped backwards in a zig-zag on her good leg to gain some vantage distance.

A gust blew forth, clearing the black powder smokescreen, revealing Ryoga still charging forth with his right fist raised. Ranma-chan barely managed to parry it, and grimaced just from the redirected energy. Ryoga was much, MUCH stronger than before, he was probably as fast as Ranma was now in girl form even, and he was using Amazon techniques. Any direct confrontation with him was just a death wish.

Ranma-chan spun away from the second punch Ryoga attempted to deliver, and threw her elbow backwards into his gut. As Ryoga doubled over slightly, the pigtailed girl skipped foward as if she had slipped, and kicked up her good leg while tucking her bad leg's knee to her chest. Ranma delivered a bicycle toe kick to Ryoga's stomach, forcing him to bend down more, as she landed on her back. Ranma-chan then planted her right hand on the ground, going into a one handed-hand stand and thrusting her left foot into Ryoga's jaw, launching him several yards away.

Ranma kicked herself back to standing, and saw the detonator a few yards away from her. She dove at the device, only to find a truck fall in front of her, cutting off her path. Ranma now knew the other woman was not only impervious, but super strong to boot.

Before Ranma could contemplate, her head snapped back, as she was slammed into from behind by Ryoga. Ranma rolled away from from the lost man, and delivered a swiping kick to him while laying on her side. Ryoga was sent back towards the other woman, who was waiting to take away the slack if Ryoga was felled away.

Ranma almost sighed in relief that the woman wasn't super fast, and pulled out several throwing daggers which she launched at her dual opponents. Maris quickly brought her arms up to her face to block the projectiles, while Ryoga picked them out of the air almost at his leasure, and then returned them back to sender along with twice as many bandannas.

Ranma dodged the first few that reached her, and grabbed one of the bandannas out of the air and smacked any that came close to her down. The volley was only a distraction, as Ryoga was once again close enough for hand to hand combat. The young man drove his knee into the topless woman's sternum, launching her backwards against the overturned truck, and through it.

"NO!" Maris cried out, "NOW SHE CAN GET THAT DEVICE SHE WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT!" Ryoga didn't understand what the other woman was shouting about, but ran to meet Ranma again, anyhow.

Ranma almost cried out in joy when she saw the self destruct device. She picked it up, and pressed the button.

"[You are out of range]," A digitized femenine voice stated from the control, "[Please move within an Earth mile of the vessel for proper detonation. Thank you]."

"WHAT?" Ranma looked at the space saucer, and estimated that it was at least three-forths of a mile in the air.

"BAKUSAI TENKETSU!!!!!" Ranma looked up to see the ground under the truck explode, and the truch launch into the air on an arc to land on her. The redhead skittered out of the way before getting flattened, and started to limp-run closer. She wasn't able to get far, as Ryoga was suddenly in front of her, delivering a powerful thrust kick to her mid section.

Maris caught the girl flying towards her by the shoulders, "Give up, you can't win."

"GIVE UP?" Ryoga shouted, while charging, "RANMA DIES TODAY!!!!"

"WAIT! WE JUST CAN'T KILL..." Maris started, right as Ranma-chan dislocated her shoulders, and flipped herself over Maris, while her arms rotated at an unhealthy fashion. Ryoga wasn't able to stop the punch, as it slammed into his ally. Maris's eyes went wide, she *felt* that! The intergalactic police officer let go of Ranma-chan's shoulders, and doubled over in pain. "HEY! WATCH THE BUSTIER, YOU JERK!"

"So, you CAN be hurt!" Ranma exclaimed, rotating her shoulders back into proper alignment; they felt painful and weak, but they were still functional.

Ranma ran to the direction of the ship, and leapt onto the rooftops. Not too much further behind her, two would be subduers kept their chase. The pigtailed woman bounded from one roof, and turned in the air, "MOUKU TAKABISHA!"

Ryoga was just about to brace his foot for a leap, when Ranma's attack slammed into the front of the building. Without a stable foundation, Ryoga was sent tumbling into the crumbling debris. Maris was a good distance from where the building started to falter, and leapt from her position in a tremendous bound that carried her all the way over to Ranma-chan,; tackling her in the air.

Both women went crashing through a couple of buildings, before skidding on the ground. The redhead at the bottom got the worse of it, having took the brunt of the impact, leaving the pigtailed girl's head swimming.

Maris stood up and smirked, and was about to speak, before noticing her strength regulating bustier was severed from the airborne tackle. With a screech, she curled up into kneeling, concerned about moving.


Ranma's eyes almost popped out of her head, as Ryoga's aura suddenly expanded, and the air suddenly warped in the area, causing a visual disurbance, just before everything went white...

In the distance, several people turned to the sight of a seemingly white explosion.

"Darling-cha, what was that?"

Ataru shrugged, and continued to manuever his hand between his wife's legs.

"Hmm, What an impressive light show!" King Oni exclaimed, waving a victory fan with the emblem of his race on it

"Should that be closer to us-cha?" Lum enquired, while idly pumping gigawatts of electricity into her husband for his improper public behavior.

Ryoga landed, among the charred rubble, and smirked in victory, "Heh, Ironic that the same technique you failed to save Akane from, be the one that destroys you, Ranma."

Ranma came from behind the wall he had dove behind, "Yeah, pretty ironic."

"WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE!" both Ryoga and Maris exclaimed; Maris herself at full strength found the energy expelled almost overwhelming. As it was, it left her feeling pretty weak from being at close range

"It's amazing what a sturdy wall can do for you!" Ranma exclaimed, while pulling out the remote self-destruct device. She looked up to the space ship that was hovering directly overhead of her, "Now, back to business." The pigtailed woman pressed the button. And then pressed it again. And again.

"[Your signal has been jammed. Please refer to owners manual for assistance, thank you.]"

Maris grinned smugly at the shock on the other woman's face, "I overheard you earlier, and had my partner contact the Oni vessel and warn them."

"You... you mean...?" Ranma felt a cold settle over her.

Ryoga's expression also turned smug, "Game's over, Ranma, you lost!"

The topless woman fell to her knees, "But.... but..."

"Now, just stand still and die, Ranma," Ryoga charged up for a final retributing attack to finish the murderer off.

"But..." Ranma babbled, before her eyes focused again, "but I also planted a shitload of TNT!" The pigtailed woman pulled out a second remote detonation device.

Ryoga paused in his energy building with a puzzled expression, while Maris's eyes grew wide. "TNT? Where?" Ryoga asked, curiously. Ranma-chan smiled brightly, and pointed upwards above them. She then pressed her thumb on the detonator she now held...

And pressed her finger to it again...

And again...

Ryoga let out a laugh of triumph, while Maris visibly relaxed. The float that held Ranma's primary targets was now well out from under the space ship's shadow. It was over, Ranma had lost.

"Juuuuuuust kidding!" Ranma-chan chirped, and then pressed the button, actually making it go in this time...

Everyone in the parade looked up at the sounds of explosions. Everyone had thought them just to be fireworks, and didn't really pay it any mind.

Until they noticed, far too late, that the space ship was descending.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!" Maris screamed out. Even if she was near invunerable, she had been already considerably weakened. She didn't think she could survive such a large vessel landing on her at the moment. She stood up and started to run, only to end up putting her foot into the ground, tripping her

"RANMA! IF WE DIE! I'LL MAKE IT MY LAST ACT TO ENSURE YOUR REIGN OF TERROR ENDS HERE!!!!" Ryoga launched himself at Ranma with the intent of a suicide strike.

Ranma gambled, and dashed into Ryoga. She breathed out deeply, and spun tightly. Ryoga's attack was parried to the outside, leaving the redhead in his defences. Ranma-chan hooked her leg behind Ryoga's, and put her shoulder into his chest, causing both of them to tumble over. Ranma pulled out what was left of the Saotome Honor Sword in a reverse grip, and used it to run Ryoga through the chest and pin him to the ground.

Ranma didn't even look back at Ryoga struggling to pull himself back up, and ignored Maris's pleas for help. Ranma ignored the pain of her ankle as she ran faster and harder than she had in the longest time. Above her, the taller buildings crumbled under the descending flying saucer, while just beyond the buldings behind her, there were many screams of terror.

The Redhead concentrated on dodging the falling rubble, just almost from under the space ship. When it was little less than thirty feet in the air, Ranma had cleared it.

With a heartful leap, Ranma dove, just as the force of the final explosion, the one that leveled Tombiki completely, sent her flying .

Ranma woke up with her head fogged up. She barely was concious, as she pulled herself to her feet, and turned around and observed the wreckege. She did it. She completed her final mission. She smiled to herself, just as a bullet clipped her in her good leg, and in her right side.

"Wha?" Ranma-chan breathed out, and turned over to find Nabiki standing over her, with a smirk and a gun in her hand.

"Good job Ranma, mission is almost complete!"

"Almost?" Ranma repeated, "What do you mean?"

"You know? Back when you told me I was a shallow character?" Nabiki continued conversationally, ignoring the redhead's question.

"What about it?"

Nabiki's face formed a frown, "That hurt my feelings. But anyway, I decided at the time to take your advice, and now I developed into a backstabbing, vengeful, and patient, and raged filled personality. You should be proud at the way I kept it festering within."

"Uh, was I just not good enough in the sack?" Ranma-chan asked, trying to wrap her muddled brain around the situation.

"Actually, I'm going to miss that," Nabiki said with a somber and wistful tone, before shaking her head, "Anyway, to answer your first question, the mission isn't complete until *every* weirdo is gone."

"Wha? Where?" Nabiki gestured with her gun, and tilted her head to the side.

"Now, you managed to escape getting crushed, but I doubt even you can escape a bullet with two bad legs at point blank while you're so weak." Ranma had to admit, that was true.

Nabiki's eyes narrowed, and she pulled the trigger.

::BAM BAM!!!::

**The End**