Chapter 1. - The Awakening

Whisper mountain, Pandora's most colossal broad figure. Sits surrounded by rich lush rain forest that is softly blanketed at its surrounding base by a touch of a mysterious glowing blue mist that sits quietly in southern part of Pandora. Even a mountain with such a glorious scale and beautiful bio-luminescent scenery, wondrous legends, epic myths, can sometimes have a deep dark slumbering ancient evil secret, waiting to be Awakened. At its enormous blunt peak, which soars high into Pandora's sky, passing through the godly clouds as if it was reaching for the stars has an uncharted area yet to be touched, as it seems. This area although at such monumental heights, there is a waterfall so magnificent and beautiful that it would make the Garden of Eden jealous. Locked within its natural beauty, its as if father time has forgotten it and has spared its existence to display its beauty to the yet unseen eye.

The pounding thunder from the tropical storm is so loud it echoes through the basins like a catastrophic nuclear bomb. On the side of Pandora, a thorn in its side, the thunder so loud it rumbles and shifts some of the boulders and rocks around, and unearthing some type of cave which has been a prison for something ancient, a slumbering evil. Water from the heavy rain enters the opening and quickly makes it way to this unknown slumbering evil and interrupts an ancient hibernation slowly. The inside of this cave is much like the Pandoran forest, bio-luminescent blueish worms crawling on the ceiling. Deeper inside there is a small water spring home to some albino fish, much resembling trout only these have no eyes. The new opening to the cave lets in some rain which slowly trickles down what looks like a mound of rocks and dirt.

With more and more hits from the powerful thunder, the rubble at the cave entrance keeps shifting and make the opening wider letting in more light and more water. It is now clear from the glow from the outside that the mound of dirt and rubble is actually something in hibernation. Evidence of wings and claws at its base, some evil looking humanoid figure lying dormant for an unknown amount of time which has been perfectly preserved by hibernation. The flashing of the lightning quickly makes its mark on the dark silhouette of evil and from within the darkness you slowly see 2 red evil lizard-like eyes slowly open up and gaze upon this new light from the now open prison.

As more and more thunder hits, and as lightning keep flashing its glory, more sets of red beaming eyes slowly and eerily open up. And finally like a grand finale, a set of reddish yellow much bigger and more monstrous in nature eyes open up. And with a strike of lightning the flash gives a horrifying glimpse of what has been Awakened. With his eyes widely open and as he begins to move his limbs around, seeing whats left of his brethren slowly awakening it looks around shocked to see what has become of his domain, his home of which he once ruled so valiantly. He slowly stands but sternly lumbers to the entrance of the cave, take a deep breathe and lets out a ancient roar so frightening that even the thunder itself stops and Whisper mountain goes into a deep and eerie dead silence.

Following the magnificent roar it becomes evident, now out in the open making him visible and stretching out its wings to regain his his full range of motion and strength. The godly being is a lean, dark partially covered in black feathers with humanoid type face with the wings that resemble that of a dragon. Its most unique asset is his blaring glowing reddish-yellow eyes with a black center. Its almost like this creature was born straight out of hell and was sent here by the devil himself. Behind him in the cave three more but smaller in size slowly walk out and stand next to what seems to be the leader of their kind, and kneel as if he was some kind of deity/god. He slowly turns to them and points at them and says to them in some deep chilling voice:

Liderazgo Nyeoia: - "Ayoeng txen ulte lonu ftu tsat kllpxìltu." (We have been awakened and have been freed from this prison.)

With his fist clinching and pointing out towards the cave he orders the three kneeling before him to awaken the rest of their kind and says :

Liderazgo Nyeoia: - "Txen ayfo niwotx ulte snga fpi oent munge atxkxe!" ( Wake them all, it is time for us to reclaim our land!)

The minions still sluggish from the long hibernation weakly walk back into the cave to wake up the rest of their kind who are still under some dirt and rock in a deep hibernation. It will take some time before they have regained their strength to begin flying again. The leader walks towards the edge of the cliff that overlooks all of Pandora, gazes at all the green lush forest for a moment. Then takes a deep breath, puts one foot on a rock in front of him, clinches his fists-like talons and then lets out a thunderous roar that echos across throughout the mountains below and puts everything into a deep eerie silence.

Meanwhile back at the Tree of Souls, the ceremonial bliss of which Jake did pass his conscious from his human body, to the Avatar body. Hes Awakening, the permanent transfer of his conscious with no machines, no technology to help him control the once remotely driven Avatar. He is the heart and soul of the Avatar which he is rightfully bound to, though his soul had to go through the passing and choice of their great mother Eywa. The people disconnect their queues and stand up to celebrate with joy as they see their new found leader and new inspiration to the Omaticaya.

Among them watching and waiting for Jake to be Awakened are the two humans that were chosen to stay Norm and Max, who both stand proud wearing their warriors headpiece and the hunters necklace. They are both signs which indicate that hes proven worthy to be among the people and are accepted as part of the both really prays that he does pass through the Eye of Eywa and into the Avatar because they are unsure how his life would be with the Omaticaya without Jake as the connection.

As Jake fully comes to, his eyes are welcomed by the warm tender sight of Neytiri who waited patiently and joyfully for her life-bound-mate to be Awakened. Through so much death and despair, the loss of their home, and so much pain that the Omaticaya have endured, the awakening of Jake brings them much joy and happiness. Through so much doubt, and even hate that Jake had to endure to prove his dedication to them, hes finally where he wants to be, at one with them.

Even through all the dreams of flying free, the feeling of being born again, and a sense of a false reality through a dream. The reality that was once a nightmare, is nothing more than a memory. The dream that was only a reality though a machine, is now reality and part of his real life. And after sitting up and looking at his former body lying there lifeless without the exomask, its clear he wasn't meant to be in that, but to be born again as the true warrior he was born to be. He looks at his hands, then looks down at his toes and gives them a wiggle to check, and lets out a really big smile to everyone.

As he stands up, Neytiri gives him a hand, puts her hand on his shoulder and says with a resilient smile of affection:

Neytiri: - "I see you."

Jake now looking at her square in the eyes and can clearly see the purity of love in her eyes as the glow around her emits of happiness, puts his hand on her shoulder and joyfully says:

Jake: - "I see you."

They sit there and caress each other for a moment while the crowd cheers for his passing and awakening. Mo'At walks over to him looks at him for a second slowly smiling and says:

Mo'At: - "We do not have a leader, Eytukan and Tsu'Tey have passed on to Eywa. Would you like to lead the Omaticaya Jake?"

It is clear that the Omaticaya already feel that Jake is their leader, after all he is Toruk Macto the legendary leader. And with their former leader Eytukan being dead, and the next to be leader Tsu'Tey who is also dead, pretty much leaves only one plausible choice. Jake looks at Neytiri, then looks around at all the people looking at him cheering, he turns around and looks at Mo'At and says:

Jake: - "I will gladly take that honor and lead the Omaticaya people."

With much dignity and honor Mo'At grabs the royal leaders headpiece that Eytukan once wore and places it over his head, puts her left hand on Jakes chest and says with a emotional voice of joy, and also at the loss of Eytukan:

Mo'At: - "Jake, Ngenga set Omaticaya Olo'Eyktan." (Jake, you are now Leader of the Blue Flute Clan.)

Jake stands honorably and firm with the new headpiece in front of the all the Omaticaya. He nods and smiles at Mo'At who now turns her attention over to Neytiri who is standing right beside him.

Quickly thinking to herself that she could no longer wants to be the Omaticayas Tsahik because her judgment of Eywa would be forever clouded with the death of Eytukan. She quickly decides to give her status as the tribes spiritual leader to her daughter as it would be easier for the clan leader and spiritual leader to be a mated pair. She walks over gracefully to Neytiri, stands right in front her, and notices Neytiri looking at her in shock as to what she was doing, she says to her daughter:

Mo'At: - " I can no longer be Tsahik, my readings and judgments of Eywa will be clouded with the loss of Eytukan. You will be new Tsahik."

Neytiri at a loss for words quickly looks at Jake all in a shock, then looks back at her mother that says in a loud meaningful voice:

Mo'At: - "Neytiri, Ngenga set Omaticaya Tsahik." (Neytiri, you are now Matriarch/Shaman.)

Mo'At walks away, leaving Jake and Neytiri at the top, walks down to where the rest of the people are standing and says proudly:

Mo'At: - "Mefo lu meuia Eyktans Omaticaya." (They are the new leaders of the Blue Flute Clan.)

The people begin to cheer as they see their new leaders, Jake and Neytiri standing together hand in hand alone at the forefront of their people. As the cheering and many congratulations carry on, Neytiri takes off her bow looks up at Jake and holds out her fathers unique bow, and as she presents it to Jake she says in a broken tearful voice:

Neytiri: - "I want you to have this, it was my fathers and he used it to protect our people. Now its yours to protect our people Jake."

Honorably taking the bow, Jake takes the well built unique bow holds it up in the glow of the night of the Tree of Souls and watches how the bow as it emits a blue-green glow in the light of the tree. He glares at it for a second and admires the beauty, the sheer elegance of the craft work and effort that was put into the bow and puts it around his body just as Eytukan did. He looks at Neytiri and says respectfully:

Jake: - "I will protect our people."

Norm and Max, the only 2 humans granted access to the ceremony at the Tree of Souls were standing along the people watching. Both cheerful of their friend and his accomplished spiritual feat clap and cheer as they are presented as the tribes leaders. Mo'At who was standing next to them as Neytiri gave Jake her fathers bow, pushes them to go congratulate their friend. She says with a big smile:

Mo'At: - "Go to them, it is ok."

Norm and Max cheerfully walks up to them and they bow their heads to them and they say:

Norm + Max: - "It is an honor Jake and Neytiri."

They both take a step towards and look down at Norm and Max and Jake puts his left hand on Norms right shoulder and Neytiri places her right hand on Max's left shoulder and they say with a smile:

Jake and Neytiri: - "We see you Norm and Max."

Neytiri feels extremely proud that these two sky people were chosen for their heroic deeds in helping her people. She kneels down to see them almost eye to eye and says:

Neytiri: - "Thank you for helping our people. We accept you two as part of the Omaticaya now."

They stand there feeling very noble and happy they helped out the people, and specially their friend Jake who is standing honorably behind Neytiri. She stands back up and stands next to Jake, and Norm who cant wait to ask Jake what it was like going through the Eye of Eywa, says:

Norm: - "What was it like going through the Tree of Souls? Can you remember what you saw?"

Looking down at Norm from his now permanently 10 foot tall Avatar body, Jake says to Norm with some detailed excitement knowing he really wants to know how it was passing through Eywa:

Jake: - "While I was in the passing through the Eye, or at least I think that's what I remember, I heard Grace talking to me. She's alive in there with the Great Mother."

Looking up at the bright tube like limbs of the Tree of Souls with curious eyes and feeling very honorable, he says:

Jake: - "It was like going through the tunnel of bright lights from the sync machine to our Avatars Norm, only 100x more. It was different though, I cant really describe what I felt and saw, but the thing I do remember is what I heard from Grace, she said to me to protect the people."

Now looking down at her mated partner/lover for life Neytiri, putting both hands on each cheek and says:

Jake: - "And I will protect our people."

With everyone mellowing down Jake looks around knows that the people are in need of a new home, since RDA completely destroyed their last one. Now as the leader of the Omaticaya, he feels like he must do what is necessary, and wonders what Eytukan would do with this situation. His best guess is to either ask Neytiri or Mo-At on what to do next but before he could begin to ask he can see Mo'At approaching and he patiently waits to see what she has to say.

Mo'At approaches them to discuss certain things that need immediate attention. Since their previous home was destroyed, they need to seek out a new one. Also understands that her daughter lost her ikran in battle, she looks at Neytiri and says:

Mo'At: - "I know you lost Seze (name of her previous ikran "Blue Leaf) in battle with sky people, as Tsahik you must get another one. It must not wait. Take Jake and go to Tskxe Emza'u (Pass of Rock), you are ready for it. I will lead our people to the new tree called Nawm'Kelku to the east by river O'luak. By the time you get back, we shall have arrived at the tree. Make your way now."

Neytiri like a little daughter simply nods at what her mother says and with a sense of slight fear knowing where she has to go. She grabs Jakes hand and begin to walk with Mo'At, Norm and Max to where the dire horses are. They boy apply their bonds to the dire horses and hop on. Jake senses a little uneasiness in Neytiri and says:

Jake: - "Where are we going? Whats at this Pass of Rock?"

She looks over to him as she tightens the saddle of her horse tightly in a confident manner and says:

Neytiri: - "It's where I must go to get my new ikran, those at the Pass of Rock are bigger, and stronger than the other ikrans, much tougher to apply the bond."

Sounding quite confident, Jake reassures her swiftly and says:

Jake: - "Oh I'm not worried, you got this."

Moments before they are about to leave, Jake looks at Max then pans over to Norm, then looks at Mo'At who is still looking at him and before Jake could say anything Mo'At says:

Mo'At: - "Do not worry of your friends JakeSully, I will watch over them. They are part of Omaticaya now. Go now."

She gives Jakes dire horse a huge whack on the ass and it goes running off incredibly fast almost knocking off Jake giving Neytiri a little laugh as they ride out of the area of the Tree of Souls and down a path into some thick forest.