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Intro & Early Years

The Sandime looked at the baby in his arms. The child had no family now. No one but a select few liked it. He sighed, tired of his responsibility. When would it be enough? Then the new born opened its eyes. They were a startling cerulean blue. It giggled at him. He let a sad smile through.

"Hello, Naruto."

He checked the infant. A girl. An even larger problem. He truly wished Tsunade was here. He looked at her eyes again.

"We must protect you little one."

He saw Jiraiya coming towards him. The toad sage was obviously sad. Behind him came the Yondime's last student. The young man seemed shocked when he saw the lifeless body of his teacher behind the Third. Naruto gurgled and moved her feet weakly. Jiraiya watched her.

"He succeeded?"

Sarutobi nodded.

"His last wish was for this child to be a hero. We must place protection however. I will care for her until she is old enough to protect herself."

Kakashi ignored them, instead choosing to glare at the baby. It was now sleepily blinking at him. The blue eyes set him off. He made a chidori and rushed at it, his mind not quite understanding the situation or the words. He never reached the child.

Fast Forward- 3 years

Naruto toddled carefully around Ojii-sama's office. He was doing paperwork. She still didn't understand why. The shadow people were mostly ignoring her. One was just watching her. After practicing her walking she sat down near the shadow she thought was watching her. It seemed nice. Then she decided it was time to sleep.

Without another though, she lay down at the nice shadow's feet and slept. It quietly watched her before continuing its duties.

Next Day

Ojii-sama had finally let her go outside! He had put a genjutsu on her that made her look like a boy though. Otherwise, he said really horrible things could happen. She had been around the village like this before. For some reason more and more people glared at her. Today all of them were glaring.

She quickly went to Ichiraku Ramen. The people here never glared, and Ojii-sama had given her some money. While she ordered, a couple seats down a young family was also ordering. While she waited for her food, she watched them. Why didn't she have a Mommy or a Daddy? Then she got her ramen and shook her head.


Fast Forward- 2 years

Ojii-sama had told Naruto that he had some really important things to do. Now she was running through the streets. The mob behind her was chasing her. She had only bumped into the pink haired lady. It was getting dark. If she could last until dark, then the nice shadows would come and help her. Then she turned into a nearby alley and froze at the dead end. The mob soon reached her. Before any hits landed though, a shadow jumped down and grabbed her. She hugged it tightly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

She was shaking. Soon they were in Ojii-sama's office. The shadow gently set her down and she bowed to it.

"Thank you Shadow-san"

It nodded at her then looked at Ojii-sama. He seemed surprised. She ran over and hugged him, still shaking. She was so tired now. Their voices were getting farther and farther away. When they disappeared altogether, she looked around. It looked like she was in a giant sewer. She moved forward cautiously.

"Shadow-san! Ojii-sama!"

Her voice echoed. She shivered. Then she bolted. As she ran, she noticed that this tunnel was getting bigger. Finally, she heard someone snoring. Then she saw the big cage. It was pitch black inside. There was a tiny piece of paper high up on the bars. She tilted her head. Who was in there?


The snores continued. She moved closer.


The snores stuttered to a stop. Then a large red eye appeared inside the cage.

"Why do you disturb me?"

She watched it.

"Eye-san, where am I?"

A chuckle echoed through the sewer. Then a large fox appeared. She shivered, a little scared.

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

She frowned.

"What's that?"

The fox chuckled again.

"A demon, kit."

She carefully looked at him.

"Why are you here?"

"I was sealed in you."

Her head tilted with confusion.

"That makes no sense, Kyuubi-san."

He growled.

"OF COURSE is makes no SENSE! I am an all powerful Demon Lord! How could I have been outsmarted by a HUMAN!"

Naruto squeaked, tears forming in her eyes. The fox stopped and stared. Then it started to panic. Naruto let out the first wail. He cowered.

"Don't cry! Please don't cry. I'm sorry. Uh."

A tail came out and wrapped around her. She paused. After a moment she began to calm down. The fox smelt nice. After a few minutes the tail retreated. She looked up, sniffling.

"Do you know why I don't have a Mommy or a Daddy?"

The fox froze. She kept watching her sniffles almost gone. Then he sighed.

"Your father died. So did your mother, I assume."

Naruto frowned once again. Then she shrugged. For a moment she stood there. The fox spoke to her.

"You can always create a family out of the people you meet."

She looked at him.

"Then you could be my daddy?"

He blinked.


"Cause you're strong? And if you're a demon then you probably have great stories!"

Kyuubi chuckled.

"Maybe kit. You'll do well."

Then the cage disappeared. For a second, Naruto was smothered in darkness. Then she heard the larks that lived in the tree just outside her room. She opened her eyes and grinned. She finally had a Daddy!

Fast Forward- 2 years

Naruto happily woke up. Today was Itachi nii-san's birthday and she wanted to make it special. With her Daddy's help, she henged into a little girl with brown hair and no whiskers. Giggling with excitement, she left her room and quickly made her way to the weapons store. Ojii-sama had helped her get enough money to get Itachi nii-san's present for this year. She got to the counter and looked around. Where was the store person?

"Hello, little girl. How can I help you?"

She looked at the man, excited.

"Today is my nii-san's birthday. I want to get him a sword!"

The man chuckled.

"Alright. What does he do?"

"He's and ANBU Captain! Nii-san is really busy and told me not to get him anything not useful."

She frowned for a second.

"But I'm going to get him a cool sword. It'll be pretty AND useful. Pretty useful!"

The man chuckled again.

"I think I have just the thing."

He disappeared behind the counter and Naruto looked around. There was a nice set of practice kunai nearby. She watched it sadly. Itachi's present would probably use all of her money, so she would have to wait for another year to get it. She didn't even notice the man come back as she touched one of them. Then she put it back and looked at the counter. Her eyes widened.

"Sugoi! Nii-san will love it!

She watched in wonder as he unsheathed the blade. Naruto gasped as it sparkled in the sun.

"This sword is crafted by me, so it should do well for your nii-san.''

Naruto nodded spastically and pulled out her money pouch. It was almost bursting. She carefully set it on the counter and stared at the sword. She never saw the gentle smile the man gave her before he spoke again.

''It appears you have some extra money. Would you like to get something for yourself?"

She gasped.

"Do I have enough for those practice kunai?''

He nodded and she squealed.

"Yes! I thought I was going to have to wait for another year! Thank you!"

She was soon watching as he wrapped her nii-san's sword and her new practice kunai. Before she left, she hugged the man. Then she bowed and ran out of the store.

Later that day she was talking to Itachi. She was constantly grinning when she told him she had his present. When she gave the sword to him he hugged her.

"Thank you, imouto."

She grinned.

"AND, the person told me that I had extra and I was able to get that nice kunai set."

Itachi smiled slightly.

"Good for you. Now, I need to go. Thank you."

That was the last time she saw her Nii-san.

Fast Forward- 2 months

"Anko nee-san! Where's Itachi nii-san?"

It was her birthday. She hadn't seen her nii-san for several months. Naruto was kind of sad but she didn't show it. Anko kneeled in front of her.

He had to go away."

Naruto pouted. Then she shrugged. At least she had Anko nee-san. Anko was even helping her learn how to be a ninja! Ojii-sama helped her too. Eventually she would see Itachi nii-san again.

Deep in Naruto's mind, Kyuubi chuckled at how Naruto pouted. His kit was doing perfectly fine.