A/N: As it was requested that I write down one of my gen!flip dreams, I figured I would comply while you're waiting so patiently for your Spamano omake. Basically the names are just their feminized male names. And if you're curious about who is a girl (blame all feminizations on my subconscious)… Romano, Italy, Prussia (…who makes me jealous…why is he so pretty as a girl? *sniff*), America, and Canada.

And It's Supposed to be the Day of Love

She'd spent all day getting ready. Not to impress him or anything. After all, he was the sort of guy who would never notice what she was wearing. No, the only reason she'd taken this much time getting ready was because she was going to look better than her sister. She'd been planning it for months. Her chance to finally show up her little sister. She'd ordered the dress straight from Venice, going through her uncle's semi-shady connections to make sure that it got to her on time and in perfect condition. She'd gone to get her hair, nails, and makeup professionally done. She'd even gone on a diet and spent at least an hour at the gym everyday for the past few months in order to make sure that she was in perfect condition.

And all to make sure that, for once in her life, she would be better than Feliciana.

It had nothing to do with him, as there was no way she'd go to this much trouble to impress an idiot like him.

She stood in front of the mirror, checking for the umpteenth time to make sure that everything was in order. Her hair was still in its perfect little ringlets, various strands threaded with tiny beads that sparkled when the light caught them. Her makeup was perfect, drawing attention to her eyes and lips without looking like she was trying to draw attention to them. Her dress was beautiful, complementing her figure perfectly, a dark green colour that was the exact shade of his eyes—not that she'd thought of that at the time! Of course not. She just happened to like the colour… Plus, she'd even managed, while getting ready; to finagle her bra in order to show some of the cleavage that she often found lacking. Particularly when compared to her sister…

She smirked slightly and nodded, glancing toward the clock on the wall. Her stomach immediately lurched nervously. How the hell was it that late? She only had five minutes until Antonio was supposed to show up.

Not that she was nervous. Especially not about him. He probably wouldn't even notice all of the work she'd put into this. Not that she'd done it for him, but still…

As far as he was concerned, she could show up in sweatpants and a hoodie, with her hair up in a ponytail, without any makeup, and he'd still tell her that she looked absolutely gorgeous. Idiot. As if any girl really looked good like that.

Anyway, the only reason she'd even agreed to go to the dance with him was because…

1) This was the perfect opportunity to show once and for all that she could be better than her sister at something. After being beat by her in everything from art, to sports, to breast size, to cooking, to popularity, to getting a boyfriend (stupid potato bastard pervert)… She was finally going to beat her in looks if it killed her.

2) If she went alone, she just knew that she'd have to deal with people talking behind her back for the entire thing. 'Did you see Lovina?' 'Yeah, surprised she even came since she's all alone.' 'Well, it's no surprise is it? What guy would want to go out with her?' Not that she cared what people thought about her. They were all just jealous. She could get any guy she wanted if she so desired. She just thought most of them were complete idiots who weren't worth her time.

3) She'd finally gotten so sick of Antonio's constant pestering, which consisted of everything from love notes in her locker, to random proclamations of love in the hallway, to carrying her books between classes (which she'd actually agreed to, since they were rather heavy), to offering her his jacket at the pep rally (which she'd blatantly refused and told him to give it to one of his fucking fan girls), that she'd just given in and accepted. Particularly after that one day…

She'd been in the middle of changing for gym class at the time, her jeans already off, her gym shirt only half on. Not the best time for someone to come up and start to talk to you. Particularly when said person happened to be Gillian Beilschmidt. AKA: The older sister of the potato bastard pervert who was dating Feliciana, AKA: One of Antonio's best friends, AKA: The girl in school who probably figured in about ninety percent of the school's male population's wet dreams, but was way too out of reach for anyone to dare asking her out. For a few reasons…

Firstly, she seemed to be rather oblivious to the fact that she was quite possibly the most gorgeous girl in the school; in fact, it occasionally seemed as if she had completely forgotten that she was, in fact, a girl. She hung out mostly with the guys and could hold her own in all of their activities. Video gaming, sports, telling dirty jokes… For that reason, most of the guys felt rather intimidated by her. Or would ask her out and she would just interpret it as a hanging out session. Those few guys that did decide to ask her out as a girlfriend instead faced another problem.

Namely, Antonio and Francis, who seemed to consider it their personal job to screen all guys that attempted to get close to their best friend. Nobody yet had managed to get past them.

So, when Gill suddenly walked up to her while in the middle of changing, Lovina felt understandably nervous. Particularly, as she happened to be coming towards her while only wearing a matching set of bra and panties—which Lovina noticed out of reflex happened to be pink with a print of yellow chicks.

"Hey, Lovi?"

Lovina hurriedly finished pulling her shirt on and tugged it down as far as she could to cover her bare legs. "Lovina," she corrected automatically. She didn't mind Feliciana calling her Lovi and she'd long ago given up on correcting Antonio, but she'd be damned if anybody else decided to call her by some cutesy nickname.

Gill shrugged as if she didn't much care what she called her and continued, "So, are you going to the Valentine's Dance with anyone?"

Lovina crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the older girl irritably. She could sense people watching her…or watching Gill. She could see from her angle that one of the other girls was definitely watching Gill, although judging by the way she kept glancing away with a beet-red flush on her face, she was probably attempting to keep herself from doing so… She couldn't remember the girl's name. Not that Ally girl. She was going after the British kid. Her sister, right? Twin sister from Canada who never talked in class…

She suddenly realized she'd let her mind wander and turned her attention back to the albino girl standing in front of her. "What does that matter to you?"

Gill sighed and ran her hand through her long, silvery-coloured hair, glancing back toward her locker as if regretting coming over. "Antonio really wants you to go with him. I mean, really wants you to go with him. In case you haven't noticed that he's been hitting on you for the past two years. And Francis and I are probably going to murder him if we have to hear him go on about your—" Here she slipped into a falsetto "long brown hair and honey-coloured eyes and how when you blush, you look just like 'un tomatito'." She slipped back into her normal voice and set her hands on her hips, glaring down at the smaller girl with her semi-eerie red eyes. "Come on. Give the guy a break. Or at least give us a break from hearing him going on about you for hours on end."

Lovina had been saved from answering then by the gym teacher coming in and yelling at them to hurry up and finish changing. However, when she'd left class and found Antonio standing in his usual spot, waiting to walk her to lunch, she'd shoved her books into his arms and exclaimed, "Fine! I'll go with you to the stupid dance, damn it! Just leave me alone!"

And that was why she'd agreed to go with him. She had absolutely no romantic interest in him whatsoever. Just because he was attractive and desired by pretty much every girl in school did not mean that she would be susceptible as well.

She was suddenly startled from her internal thoughts when she heard a very familiar voice from behind her. "Wow, Lovi, you look amazing."

She spun around, more than prepared to yell at him—of course it would be Antonio, who else?—for walking into her room without knocking. What if she'd been changing still? But then she stopped, the words dying in her throat.

Because he looked…Amazing…

Even she had to admit that Antonio was incredibly attractive. She heard it enough, after all, from other girls. Mostly ones who liked to complain—pretending that they hadn't noticed her presence—about how he could have any girl, so why would he want somebody as plain and bad-tempered as her?

He was Spanish, which was enough for a lot of the girls. They'd gush about his accent and how they'd take Spanish as a foreign language just so they had an excuse to ask him to tutor them so they could hear him speaking in his own language. She'd taken German just to spite them and so she'd be able to understand that potato bastard when he tried to sweet-talk her sister. Plus she'd learned a bunch of curse words that she enjoyed using on him, as well.

Antonio had short, dark hair that eternally held the wind-blown look that girls would swoon over. He was tanned and muscular from working outside all of the time. His parents owned a farm that he helped them take care of and he also rented himself out as manual labour to his neighbors' farms. His eyes were that beautiful green colour that just happened to be her favourite colour…

So even she'd admit that he was incredibly good-looking. But she'd never seen him like this. He was wearing a suit, which surprised her a little, as she'd half expected him to come in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But what had really caught her attention was the fact that he hadn't completely finished buttoning the shirt and had left the jacket completely undone, leaving his throat and the top of his chest bare.

God, he was fit.

And she was not staring!

"Um…" What he'd said finally managed to break through her thoughts and she flushed slightly, unconsciously crossing her arms over her chest and pushing up slightly at her bra. "We should get going, bastard."

He grinned brightly, suddenly pulling a rose into view and offering it to her. "I figured that you wouldn't want anything big, so here. A single rose for the most beautiful girl on earth."

She flushed even brighter and nervously cleared her throat. "Quit being all sappy-romantic on me. I only agreed to go with you so you'd quit bothering me."

His grin only widened and he shrugged slightly. "Either way." He moved closer and slipped the rose into her hand, grabbing the other one and tugging her gently toward the door. "We should get going or we'll be late."

Late for—? Oh yeah, the dance. Idiot had almost made her forget.

She followed him outside to where his car was parked. Or, where someone's car was parked. Definitely not his old, rust heap of a car that was constantly on the verge of collapsing. She'd ridden in that car with him once before—when she'd missed the bus and had no other way to get home since her uncle wasn't answering his cell phone and Feliciana was M.I.A. (with the potato bastard, she later found out). She'd told him after the ride that she was never going in that death trap again, as she'd been terrified for her life the entire time.

"Whose car did you steal?" she questioned, hesitating outside of the passenger's door. This car looked so brand new that she almost didn't want to touch it in case he actually had stolen it. Considering the fact that he was best friends with Gill and Francis, she almost wouldn't be surprised.

"I borrowed this from Francis. He borrowed his parents' limo for tonight to impress what's-her-name."

Ah, yes, Mr. 'I get a new car sent to me every other week from my parents since they feel guilty about never being home'. Not that Francis seemed to mind. He seemed to absolutely love having a mansion entirely to himself and whatever girl or boy he was dating that week.

"Figures." She slipped inside. If this was Francis's car, then she couldn't care less if she damaged it. "Why don't you just ask him for one of his old cars to replace yours instead of working yourself into an early grave? I'm sure he would be more than happy to give you one."

Antonio slipped into the driver's seat and flashed her a slightly-strained smile. "And where would the fun be in that?"

She stared at him for a moment and then snorted, leaning forward to fiddle with the radio, turning up the volume to almost eardrum-killing levels. Idiot… Guys and their pride…

The car ride to the school was void of conversation, mostly due to the fact that it would be impossible to hold a conversation with the volume at its current level.

She sighed when they arrived. The parking lot was almost full, which meant that they'd have to park a million miles away. And in heels… Ugh…

Lovina flashed a quick, disapproving glare at Antonio. Which he didn't even have the decency to notice, as he was finally buttoning his shirt and jacket, even slipping a tie from the glove compartment and attempting to tie it. Failing rather spectacularly too.

After a few seconds of watching him, she finally groaned and leaned over, grabbing the fabric and tugging him towards her. "Let me do it, idiot. Otherwise we'll be here all night."

He stared at her for a moment, his eyes widened in slight surprise. Then he hurriedly nodded, clearing his throat and averting his eyes. "I—I don't wear ties very often."

It felt silk, which surprised her a bit. Although, probably Antonio had borrowed it from Francis too. And probably the suit as well.

He'd worked really hard to make himself look nice tonight… for her?

She flushed again, as she pulled the knot tight and then looked up into his eyes, which were focused intently on her.

Those ridiculously pretty green eyes.

She could feel one of his hands slide to her back and push her just the tiniest fraction of an inch closer, moving forward in the same motion, his eyes intent on hers as if asking her if this was all right.

She… didn't want to move away… Actually, she started to move closer too, her eyes fixed on his…

Before they were suddenly startled by the screeching of tires and a loud, jarring car horn.

"What the fuck are you doing, you stupid frog?! I almost ran you over! Wait a second…Why the fuck did I stop?"

"Mon ami!" And then Francis was at Antonio's door, dragging a girl behind him who was wearing a dress that could only be really considered an outfit if you stretched the definition of 'outfit' a bit… "Antoine! I was wondering when you'd be getting here! Antoine, this is mon cher …" He hesitated for a moment, probably racking through his files of girls for her name.

"Olivia," she offered, after a moment.

Francis continued as if he hadn't just forgotten his date's name. "Oui, oui. Olivia, this is mon ami Antoine. And his petit tomate" He winked at her at the nickname "Lovina."

She flashed him a look that hopefully radiated her intense hate for him right now. He'd just interrupted…actually, she wasn't sure what he'd just interrupted… Whatever it was, part of her mind was incredibly angry with him right now. Unfortunately, however, he didn't burst into flame like that part of her hoped. Instead, he just grinned back and grabbed Antonio's arm, pulling him closer so he could whisper something into his ear, which suddenly caused a blush to stain his cheeks…

"Sí," Antonio remarked after a few seconds, slipping his hand into his pants pocket for a moment. Francis grinned and tugged the girl after him, waving back at them and blowing an air kiss to the British student who was still attempting to find a parking spot.

They remained silent for a moment, Lovina flushing at the thought of what she'd almost done. She hadn't…she wasn't interested in Antonio…so why in the world had she almost…

She'd almost kissed him. Or let him kiss her, which was almost the same thing.

Thankfully, he suddenly distracted her by turning in his seat and flashing her his usual grin. "Well, you ready to go in, Lovi, or do you want to wait out here all night?"

She immediately pushed the door open, almost hitting the truck beside them. "Let's go, idiot."

A/N: I would like to point out that this was supposed to be a one-shot, but since it's already 3,000+ words and I haven't even gotten to the dance yet, I think I'll divide it up into a few chapters. Since I'm not planning on posting the next story in the matchmaking series until I get to London, anyway and I'm done with Leunung besides the omake which should hopefully be up tomorrow, I guess this can be my between Leunung and it story… (Instead of you know, actually doing what I should be doing and packing…)

And yep, that is basically what my subconscious comes up with while I'm sleeping. Obviously with a lot of additions, as all I can remember from the actual dreams are little snippets. Like Lovi getting ready and Gill coming up to her in the locker room. Stuff like that.

And just FYI, Gill is pronounced like Jill. Short for Gillian, which was the name of one of my friends from high school. I thought it was kinda a cool name for girl Prussia ;)