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"So how do I look?" Terra asked.

"Like a blonde, beautiful…pineapple!" Beast Boy answered energetically.


"You look great, you look great" Beast Boy said realizing his error.

"That's what I thought you said" Terra replied as she turned back to her mirror.

"Nice save" Speedy snickered.

"Anyone seen Robin?" Argent asked as she walked into the room.

"He left early to make sure everything would go smoothly" Beast Boy said.

"Which suit looks better to you?" Cyborg asked walking into the room.

"You're still not ready?" Kid Flash said in almost amazement at his friend's stupidity. "We're supposed to be there in fifteen minuets".

"Hey, I couldn't find my old suit so I ordered one off of EBAY which has yet to get here, so I borrowed one from Robin's closet which is kind of small but I thought looked really good until I found my old suit" suddenly the doorbell rang "and there would be my new suit now" Cyborg said as he ran towards the door.

"Why not just go as Victor Stone?" Beast Boy suggested.

"Hey this ball is for super heroes and when people come they expect to see super heroes, so I'm goin as just plain old me…in a suit" Cyborg explained as he filled out the form and collected his new tuxedo.

"Speaking of old" Kid Flash said zipping up next to Aqualad "Where did you swipe this thing from?"

"Hey this suit is all the rage in Atlantis" Aqualad said defensively. Kid Flash looked at him in mock disbelief then blinked and continued to stare for about five seconds.

"Rrriiiggghhhttt" he smirked sarcastically. Just then Speedy punched him in the arm and pointed; Kid Flash followed his gaze then slapped Aqualad on the shoulder and motioned to the door where Raven had just walked in. The girls giggled as they watched the guy's mouths hanging open. (I've never been good at describing costumes so just use your imagination).

"Come on y'all we need to get goi…whoa!" he said in amazement upon seeing Raven.

"Alright, Alright you're all speechless now lets go!" Wonder Girl said pushing the guys out the door.

"Where did I put the keys to the T-car?" Cyborg wondered searching his pockets.

"Here they are!" Beast Boy said taking them out his tuxedo pocket.

"BB" Cyborg said slowly looking Beast Boy straight in the eyes with a death glare "Why do you have the T-cars keys?"


"Can we just get going" Wonder Girl sighed as she pushed all the titans who couldn't fly into the car.

"Something's not right here" Mr. Mxyzptlk said rubbing his chin.

"The fact Teen Titans Season 6 was cancelled back in 2006?" Larry asked.

"That was wrong on so many levels" Bat Mite said with narrow eyes.

"Gentlemen, let us have a moment of silence in respect for the show that really should have gotten renewed but didn't due to a "business decision"" Mr. Mxyzptlk sighed taking off his hat. The three imps remained silent for about three seconds. "Alright that's enough"

"Mr. Mxyzptlk is correct, something is amiss here" Bat Mite said.

"What do you mean?" Larry asked.

"Batman let us off the hook way to easily" Bat Mite pondered. "He just asked us a few questions and left, that wasn't very Batman-ish"

"Well what do you want him to do? Smash us up against the wall and say "I'm Batman" like Christian Bale?"

"Well it would have been cool" Bat Mite responded. Mr. Mxyzptlk gave Bat Mite his "you're an idiot look" then turned back to look at all the titans who couldn't fly that had crammed themselves into the T-Car.

"Now I know how sardines feel" Beast Boy groaned with his face plastered against the window.

"BB, I swear the if you get saliva on my windows I will…" Cyborg stopped short and sniffed the air "Okay! Who farted?!"

"Sorry" Hot Spot said from the back "I had Taco Bell for lunch today and…"

"Taco Bell!" The Harold yelled "Why the!#$%& would you eat something from Taco Bell! You know that stuff gives you gas!"

"I like burritos!" Hot Spot defended himself.

"But they sure don't like you" Speedy coughed.

Robin sighed inwardly as he was greeted by another city council member. He remembered the old days back in Gotham when he had been forced to go along with Bruce to all the public events and Wayne Tech major announcements. It brought back one major feeling…boredom! He sighed again, this would be so much more exciting if he actually had a date. He felt a wave of relief as the T-car drove up and the Titans practically scrambled to get out.

"What took you so long?" he asked.

"I thought guest we're going to start arriving at nine and it's nine fifteen" Cyborg asked looking at his watch.

"Sorry man I'm just…"


"How'd you guess" Robin sighed as they guys walked in.

"Just relax" Bumblebee said to Raven as the girls arrived.

"Just go up and talk to him, you'll be fine" Kole reassured her.

"Yeah, you've got to be optimistic about this" Terra smiled. "Or in your case pessimistically optimistic about this"

"He's just standing over there in the corner doing nothing" Wonder Girl said as she pushed Raven in that direction. Raven sighed and walked towards him. As soon as he saw her Robin, a person usually known for keeping his cool under pressure, thanked God he had the security of his mask otherwise he would have been blushing furiously, she looked gorgeous. The two looked at each other, opened there mouths to say something, then quickly made an excuse that they had to go somewhere else.

"Why? I was so close and then I just completely chickened out" Raven thought as she mentally kicked herself again. "Okay, I'm going to go back and this time I'm going to talk to him."

"Why didn't I just talk to her? Come on Robin, you've fought psychopaths, extraterrestrials and criminal empires, this should not be difficult for you, just do it!" The two turned back to each other tried to speak found they couldn't so they just stood next to each other for the most awkward ten minuets of there lives. Finally, Robin decided to speak up.

"Raven I…"

"Greetings all you goody goodies, suck ups and losers! It's your friendly uncle J here!" The Joker cut him off as he appeared at the top of the stairs "Now if you all cooperate everyone here will be home by midnight…oh who am I kidding? I'm going to kill you all! HAHAHA!"

"You do realize you decided to rob a public gathering with about thirty heroes right?" Speedy smirked as he fitted an arrow into his bow.

"Yes carrot top I'm aware that you think you've got me outnumbered which is why I prepared a little surprise" Joker laughed as he pressed a button on a detonator. Suddenly, a massive explosion rocked the ballroom. Raven raised a protective shield around her and Robin to shield them from the blast but when they looked around they saw the only the most resilient Titans had avoided being knocked unconscious.

"Titans Go!" he shouted as the Titans uncannily changed back into there original uniforms. The Joker let out another bone chilling laugh as his henchmen appeared beside him.

"Let them have it boys!" he yelled as they leapt at the titans. Since most of the Titans that were still standing were people like Red Star or Cyborg the first wave of goons were easily pummeled into the wall. Robin growled as took one of Joker's minions by the neck and threw him over his shoulder into a group of three other thugs. He looked back up at the madman, "how did he get out?" he asked himself "Oh yeah, he was the Joker, he always got out."

Deciding that she wasn't going to let anymore of her friends get hurt, Starfire shook off the two goons that had tried to punch her and flew up towards the Joker who was currently shouting at his minions. "Oh come on! They're making you all look stupid! Which admittedly is not hard to do, but that's now why I put you there!"

"You shall stop hurting my friends now!" she shouted.

"And I suppose you're going to make me?" Joker grinned and Starfire gave a furious yell as she landed and prepared to punch him. Suddenly Joker immediately dropped to the ground and sobbed, Starfire stopped her hand in mid air and looked at him inquisitively. "I never wanted anyone hurt, it's just that all my life I've been around people who just don't get the punch line, you see my father left our family when I was six and since then all I've really wanted to do was bring a little joy to people's lives"

"Tell me she's not going to fall for this" Bat Mite groaned.

"I'm sorry" Starfire said placing a hand on his shoulder.

"She did!" All three imps said together.

"I can't watch" Larry shouted covering his eyes with his hands "Okay, maybe just a little" Joker immediately placed his hand on hers giving Starfire a huge electric shock that would have killed a human.

"That was too easy, played you like a violin then cut your strings" the Joker smiled as Starfire dropped to the floor unconscious.

"You'll be playing the Jailhouse Rock soon enough, when you're back behind bars in Arkham Asylum" Robin said as he and Raven leapt in front of Starfire. Raven gave him a weird look. "It's a Gotham thing" he said as he turned to face Joker.

"Well I see the kids are here, but where's the den mother?" Joker looked around. "Ah well, I'm sure he'll be here soon enough" Joker smiled pressing another button on his remote. A panel on the floor where he was standing opened up and Joker fell through and slid down laughing.

"Come on" Robin said as he jumped down after Joker. Raven quickly followed and the two slid down after Joker whose laughter still rang through the tunnel. The two fell out into a dark storage room. "Stay alert, he could be anywhere" he growled.

"On the contrary boys blunder" Joker said "I'm right here" he said appearing only twenty feet away. Raven immediately rushed towards him and as she did an explosion beneath her feet threw her back. Robin immediately ran to her side and the Joker laughed again at the anger that appeared on his face.

"Now you've done it" Robin growled.

"You know what I like about you kids? You never give up? It's hilarious!" Joker smiled.

"Then you're going to find me hysterical" a dark voice said behind him. Joker turned around and received a punch to the face by Batman. "I can handle him, you take care of your girlfriend"

"Right…wait Bats she's not my…" Robin sighed as he looked back down at Raven.

"Know that you're here Batsy the games can really…" Joker started.

"I've found your bombs earlier, the police are disconnecting them right now, I also found the generator you were going to overload and shut it down, as for you plan to lure me in down here and release laughing gas, I've repaired the extraction system that your sabotaged."

"Party Pooper"

"Okay, I could never say this if you were awake" Robin sighed "but Raven, you're the greatest girl I've ever met, your calm, beautiful, comfortable to be with. I don't know how to explain it but I'm in love with you too, I just don't have the nerve to tell you and when you told me how you felt…geez I'm such an idiot" he said berating himself.

"Actually you're pretty sweet" Raven's voice said.

"Did you just here everything I said?" Robin groaned.

"Pretty much" she said giving a small smirk as Robin helped her up ashamed.

"I don't suppose that you'd be my date?" he asked as he felt himself blush.

"I was kind of hoping you'd ask" she smiled as the two closed there eyes and felt there lips coming closer. SLAM! Batman smashed Joker onto the floor with such force that the ground.

"Aw now isn't that sweet, say now we can forget this ever happened and go out for Pizza! Ow, Ow OW QUIT IT!" Joker yelled as Batman pulled his arm further behind his back. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY BATMAN!"

"Well now the Joker's on his way back to Arkham, nobody was seriously injured much less killed, I'd say it's been a pretty good day" Robin smiled as he watched Joker being loaded into the police van.

"It's not over yet y'all" Cyborg smiled standing between Raven and Robin with a smile on his face.

"What do you…" Raven began but before she could finish her sentence Starfire pushed her towards Robin and Beast Boy pushed Robin towards Raven. Raven felt her cheeks grow warm at being in Robin's arms and Robin looked embarrassed but the two smiled at each other and kissed. The other Titans smiled and both Robin and Raven felt that they'd never been happier. In which case meant that somewhere stuff was blowing up.

"You do know what this means" Mr. Mxyzptlk said as the imps continued to watch.

"What?" Larry asked.

"It took us three imps, a group of titans, Batman and a homicidal maniac just to bring these two together."

"Well its been worth it" Bat Mite sighed "You know we should probably get back to the Fifth Dimension my girl friend is waiting for me"

"You've got a girlfriend?" the other two asked.


"What's her name" Mr. Mxyzptlk asked eagerly.


"Kltpzyxm?" The other two asked, suddenly Mr. Mxyzptlk realized what he had just done and disappeared with a poof and a note floated down from the sky, "See you in 90 days."

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