Amu's POV


I turned around. My four chara's were panting trying to keep up. Ran was the one who spoke up.

"What!" I snapped.

"We were just wondering where you were going?"

"No where. Now go away."

They weren't stupid enough to believe that. I knew they wouldn't be. But they couldn't come. I had to keep a secret. And keeping a secret from your chara's is hard. Trust me.

But I didn't have to keep it a secret from just them. From almost everyone in Seiyo. No one could know about it. What is it I have to keep hidden from almost everyone, you ask?

Well why don't we go to a flashback.

Hinamori Amu flashback mode

"Ah! Hinamori! Didn't expect to see you here."

Kukia was running towards me.

"More the other way around. I'm the one who goes to the middle school right now. Not you." I laughed.

"Well, I guess your right about that." He shrugged.

"Well, what are doing here? You go to Seiyo High School now don't you?"

"Well…Yes. But actually I was hoping to find Ikuto here."

"Ikuto?" I blushed at the mention of his name.

Ikuto had left two years ago to look for his father. After a while he had met a man who knew a person who knew Aruto personally. Ikuto had given a message to the man to give to Aruto, begging for him to come back to Seiyo. Only two months ago had he actually gotten a reply back from Aruto saying that he had 'unfinished business' in England. So now basically Ikuto hangs around doing his perverted things like he always does. But once he's out of your site he's hard to find again.

"Ya. Ikuto. I need to tell him something." Said Kukia looking around. Suspiciously I might add.

"Ya. About what exactly." I questioned.

"Ummmm. Just something."

"I'm not that stupid Kukia. I know your hiding something."

"Hmm. Ikuto will probably kill me for this but…"

Kukia glanced around once more and then pushed me into a near by empty class room.

"Have you ever heard of the Baskervilles?" He said quietly after closing the door.

"No." I said confused.

"Oh. Well…Have you heard of the Tragedy of Sablier?"

"No, but I have heard of Sablier. It was a famous city in England, right? We're learning about it in history."

"Damn. Then this will be hard to explain. Years ago Sablier was swallowed up by the abyss. Or so they say. All they really know is that something terrible happened there. So they call it the Tragedy of Sablier."

"Hmmm. That is why Sablier doesn't exist anymore. Right?"


"So…what does this have to do with anything?"

"I'm getting to that part! At the time there were four dukes. The Night Ray, the Rainsworth, the Barmas, and the Baskervilles. But that was before the Tragedy of Sablier. After the tragedy the Baskervilles were removed and replaced with the Vessalius household, which was once a small house of nobles."

"So what does-"

"I'M GETTING TO THAT PART. Ikuto and I were doing some research on it and found some things important. We had found an old, lost document on it. And the document was from an old association called Pandora that was in England. We researched the association and all records of it were gone. It was as if it never existed."

"Well, did you try filching from the main records?"

"Yes. We tried everything. Everything concerning this association is gone. The only thing left from it was what we found. And Ikuto found it in some old files his dad use to have."

"Wait. They were Aruto's?"


"Well? Isn't it obvious?"


"Aruto has 'unfinished business' in England, right?"

"Well, yah but-Wait! How do you know that?"

I blushed. I hadn't actually been told that. I had actually gotten Utau to tell me that. Using bribery I might add.

"I… know people." I said.

"It was Utau wasn't it."


"Well, leaving that aside. What were you getting at before?"

"Aruto has 'unfinished business' in England. Right?" I repeated.

"You think Aruto's 'unfinished business' has to do with all of this?"

"Well, don't you think it's kind of suspicious? Aruto has 'unfinished business' in England where the Tragedy happened. And he has a folder on this association that has to do with the Tragedy."

"Hmmm. You may be right. I have to find Ikuto."

"Um…can I help you guys with this?"

Kukia just stared.

"Sure. I just hope Ikuto doesn't kill me for this." Kukia said as he opened the door.

"Oh, and by the way." he said "Any updates and we'll text you."

"Arigato Kukia." I said.

But that update came way too soon. By five 'o clock that same day I got a text from Kukia. The text said to meet them at the entrance of the old abandoned warehouse down Ikuto's street.

And that's how I got here. Trying to hide this mystery from my chara's.

"Please Amu. You can tell us anything." Said dia with that look she knew I couldn't resist.

It was hard to do but, some how, I managed.

"Go play with Ami or something." I retorted.

There was silence behind me. My chara's looked at me strangely.

"Who are you and what have you done with Amu?" said Miki.

"What are you talking about Miki." I said. "I'm still me."

"Well actually I saw this movie the other night and it was about ghosts that possess a persons mind and body. And I think that maybe that has happened to Amu." The other chara's were nodding their heads in agreement.

"What? But I am-"

"We can't know for sure as we are now so how bout I go and get the ghost detecting gear while Ran, Suu, and Dia interrogate you. Ghosts don't know what there hosts know.

"But I am-"

"We can't know for sure until Miki comes back. So what is Amu's favorite color?" Suu fired off.

Ikuto's POV

Where is she! She should be here by now!

"Kukia! Where is she!" I demanded. If it was Amu I would want to know for sure.

"Um…Which one are you talking about?" Said Kukia sacredly.

"THERE ARE MORE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

The thing I hated more than people abusing kittens was involving others who don't know what their getting themselves into.

"Gomen Ikuto. Did I forget to tell you?"


"Gomen. Yaya's big mouth rubbed off on me."

"Who'd you tell now." I asked impatiently.

"Um…Rima, Nagihiko, and…"

"And…Come on I don't have all day."


"YOU DID WHAT NOW!" I was furious.

"I told Yaya." Squeaked Kukia.

"Oh shit. Why the blocked did you do that."

"She actually already knew. Sama."


"She had been spying on me using a tiny camera."

"I hope she hasn't blabbed it out to the world yet. I'll be surprised if she hasn't yet. LIKE YOU!"

"I'll bet five dollars she hasn't."

"You're on. In some ways I hope I lose. You practically told everyone in Seiyo."

"Actually I only told four people. Sama."

"Why do you keep calling me Sama!"

"Gomen Ikuto. I just feel obliged to."

I sighed. "You don't have to Kukia."


"And stop saying gomen. It's getting on my nerves."

"Ok gom- I mean gom- I mean Sama. Oh oops go- ARG!"

I laughed. It was funny to see Kukia flustered with words. It kept my mind off of the scary ideas I had gotten.

"YAYA IS HERE!" yelled a voice.

I looked around and saw Yaya coming from the direction of my house.

"Keep your damn voice down." I hushed.

"Where'd you learn that language Ikuto." Said Yaya a bit quieter.

"No where. Now, have you seen Amu?"

"No, why?"

"She should be here by now. Her house is the closest. And she was the first person we updated."


"Oh by the way Yaya." spoke up Kukia "Have you told anybody about the files?"

"Nope. Yaya has kept her mouth shut."

"Pay up" Said Kukia.

"Fine." I grumbled. I pulled out five bucks.

"What?" Questioned Yaya.

"We bet on you." I grumbled.

She laughed.

Then all off a sudden I heard an 'ouch' and the words 'stupid cross dresser'.

I turned the other direction to see Rima, pouting and huffing, and Nagihiko, hopping up and down with one foot in the air. I guessed that Rima had kicked him. But what I didn't guess was that they would be walking together.

Curiosity got the best of me.

"Why you guys walking together?" I asked.

"The stupid cros- I mean the stupid purple head just decided to bother me." Rima pouted.

"Actually my road crosses hers this way so I had no choice." Said Nagihiko.

Rima kicked him in the ankle again. I sweat dropped.

"Have either of you two seen Amu?" I asked.

"Amu's coming?" sparkled Rima.

I sweat dropped again. "Yes."

"Well neither of us have seen her." Said Nagihiko.

"Damn." I cursed.

"Stop using bad words! Yaya's still a child!" Yelled Yaya.

"Oh shut up."

Yaya just pouted.

"I'm going to go look for her." I announced.

Where the hell is she, I thought to myself as I walked down my street.

Amu's POV

Stupid Chara's. They're making me late.

"I promise you I am Amu." I said for the last time. Hopefully.

"Well, the show said that ghosts sometimes think that their there hosts themselves but aren't really." Said Dia.

"Dia you watched the show, too?" Asked Ran.

"Yah. But why didn't you guys?"

"Because we thought it was too scary." Said Suu.

Oh please dear god let me go, I prayed.

And then, as if hearing my wish, Yoru came out off no where and started hugging Ran, Suu, and Dia. Did I mention it was one of those sandwich hugs where you hug everyone there all at the same time.

I turned around to see Ikuto standing waving his hand as if to say come on. I ran over to him and then he said "come on before they knock him out of the way."

"Alright" I said

"Are you alright?" He asked as we were running.

"Ya. I'm fine." I sighed.

"What were they thinking?"

"They thought I was possessed by a ghost."

He laughed.

"They saw that movie the other night, didn't they."


"Your Chara's are so gullible. You could tell them that you grew a second head and they'd believe you." He laughed.

I couldn't help laughing with him. He was right.

Nagihiko's POV

I don't know what was wrong with me tonight. It was if some one else's mind had taken over me. Of course not like that movie I saw last night. But I did think a thought that I usually don't think. Why don't we go to a flash back shall we?

Fujisaki Nagihiko flashback mode

I had just walked out of my house thinking certain thoughts. Like who else was helping out with the mystery of Pandora. I knew Ikuto was the one who started it and Kukia was the one who was like the sidekick. But I wanted to know who else. I had heard that Amu was helping but I didn't know for sure.

But just then Rhythm snapped me out of my thoughts with his voice.

"Nagi! Watch out your going to walk strait into a Blonde haired chick!"

I ran strait into the girl little knowing who it was.

"Gomen." I said.

"You better be you stupid cross dresser" spit the girl.

Recognizing the voice I looked up to see no other than the demon herself. Rima.

"Gomen, De- I mean Rima. I wasn't watching where I was going." I said apologizing.

"You better be you stupid cross dresser. You made all my papers fly away. Now I'll have to rewrite that stupid paper we have do on Tuesday." She spat at me. Her words like knives.

"I'll rewrite it for you Rima." I said feeling guilty.

I looked up at her red, flustered face and the phrase if looks could kill ran through my head.

"Where we're you headed anyways?" I asked.

"None of your business." She retorted. It sound a little suspicious to me.

"Oh really?"

"Hmm…Where were you headed?"

"Nowhere." I said quickly. Too quickly.

"Are you headed to a warehouse?"

How the hell did she know?!


"HA! I knew it! You guys are so dense." She laughed.

And it was almost as if that laughter changed my whole point in living and life. She's actually kind of cute, I thought. WAIT! Hold on one minute Nagihiko Fujisaki! You don't actually like her! Yes I do! No! Yes! NO! YES! NO! YES! Fine you win. You do like her. But just this time do you win.

"Helloooo! Is anyone home?" Said Rima waving her hand in front of my face.

"Huh?" I blinked.

"Tsk. Boys are so dense."

"Huh." I repeated frowning to myself.

"Are you going to black out again or are you going to get up?"

"Oh! Right. The meeting."

"So you got the text too."

"You also know about the association and the tragedy of Sablier?"

"Duh. What you think I was going to actually turn in my paper today? Tsk. How dense can you be stupid cross dresser."

"Gomen." I said as I got up and brushed myself off. Then she left and started down the path I was fallowing. I wished I could hear what she was thinking. I started fallowing her. After a little while she started to speed up. I sped up also. Then she went a little faster. So did I. This went on until both of us were running. Finally she turned around and kicked me strait in the ankle. I jumped and yelled "OW"

"Stupid cross dresser." She mumbled.

Then she turned the corner and so did I.

And there we saw the others.

So now we're back to the present. But I think I wasn't thinking right when I fell. Maybe I'm going crazy. All of a sudden I felt like we needed some noise. There was an awkward silence all around us and I felt like I was just about to scream and go crazy if this silence went on.

"Some one please say something." I begged

Everyone exhaled. It seems I wasn't the only one holding my breath.

"What are you all riled up about?" Rima demanded.

All I could do was stare. It's as if she all of a sudden she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Well I'd like an answer? God, men are so dense." Said Rima.

"HEY!" yelled Kukia "we're not dense! Right Yaya?"

"Sorry Kukia, but Yaya has to agree with Rima on this one." Admitted Yaya.

"HEY!" Kukia was mad.

This was going to be a long night.

Amu's POV

We had finally stopped running. I actually felt a little giddy. The promise Ikuto had made three years ago was starting to work. I actually think that it made it easier that I hated Tadase more than ever. I guess you would want to know why I hated Tadase. It happened a little while after Ikuto had left. As you all know I was dating Tadase. What I didn't know was that Tadase was a player. After two weeks he went up and secretly asked Rima out. Of coarse Rima said no and told me right away being the good friend she is. And now I hate his guts entirely.

"Amu are you alright?" Ikuto asked, concerned.

I just realized that I was staring of into space. I turned to look at Ikuto ,heart beating fast, and said "Yah. I'm fine just…thinking."

"Hmmm…I thought you had gone into shock."

"No, no. Just…thinking."

"Hmmm. Amu." He sighed closing his eyes. "I can't believe that because you're shaking all over."

Oh. So that was why everything was shaking. I had thought that an earthquake was going on but we couldn't feel it yet. I guess I really was going into shock. Or maybe it was just the thought of Tadase appearing out of nowhere and shooting Ikuto. I don't know why but all of a sudden the thought had run across my mind and it was making me shake all over. It was scaring the heck out of me.

"Amu maybe you should sit down." Said Ikuto.

Yep. I was going into shock just from my own imagination. My imagination is scary.

Rima's POV

"Boys are dense! Just admit it!" I yelled.

"Where the hell did you get that idea!" Kukia yelled back.

Kukia and I were having an argument. Nagihiko and Yaya weren't really contributing but at least they were on sides.

"I GOT IT FROM ALL OF YOU BOYS!" I practically screamed. I knew my tears were soon going to betray me. I could feel it. Men are a touchy subject for me.

"FINE THEN GIVE ME SOME EXAMPLES!" He yelled back at me.







"AMU! AFTER HAVING HER HEART COMPLETELY DESTROYED OBVIOUSLY NOW LIKES IKUTO! AND IT'S COMPLETELY OBVIOUS YOU LIKE YAYA!" I screamed already crying. Then I ran away crying, whipping the tears off with my sleeve. Boys are so dense they can't even tell when somebody likes.

Like with me.

Ikuto's POV

I had heard everything they had said. Rima really proved her point there. I looked over at Amu. At one minute she was sitting up right breathing hard

And in the next she had fainted and slumped on her side.

"Amu?" I asked. Why the hell would I just say that.

"AMU!" I yelled.

NO! Please Amu wake up!

Amu's POV

I had felt faint. I knew some one was yelling. I couldn't understand who or what they were saying. My head was spinning too much. Everything was confusing. Then everything went black.

Amu's dream

"Hello? Is any one out there?" I yelled.

The floor was completely covered in water. And the place looked like a broken toy box. I felt like I could run forever.

"Hello? Is any one out there?" I yelled.

It was no use. No one was in here. But just as I gave up some one spoke.

"Did you guys here that?" said an unfamiliar, demanding, female voice.

"I didn't here anything Alice. Maybe you're just hearing things. This is the abyss after all" Said a small childish, male voice. "Oh and break you and Sharon should hurry up. What if Pandora is still looking for us?"


"Yah! Then how bout you carry milady~!" Said a rather strange voice.

I was guessing that was break and that milady was Sharon as the boy said.

"Hello can you people hear me?" I asked.

"Oz I swear I just heard the voice again it sounds like its coming from right around this bend." Said the girl named Alice.

"None of us hear anything." Said the child who happens to be oz.

"No please I don't know how I got here. Please help me." I begged.

Just then out of nowhere came a short girl with mud brown hair that was so long it hit the ground. She wore a strange outfit. One I've never seen. It was a red long sleeved cloak with diamond patterns with a giant bow tie in the middle. Underneath the cloak she had a white button down and tiny ,and I mean tiny, shorts. On her feet were huge, white, boots with laces.

The girl stared.

And I stared back.

"Alice what's the matter?" Said a boy who had also just turned the corner.

He had bright blonde hair. He was also wearing something strange. He had a white long sleeved button down with a black vest and a red tie. He also had on green plaid shorts and brown boots.

"Alice why are you just standing there" he asked as he walked right through me. I was completely shocked and so was the girl Alice.

"What the hell is going on here?!" I asked scared out of my freaking mind.

"I don't know. How come I can only see and hear you?" She asked me.

"I have no fricken clue. I don't even know how I'm even here."

"Alice. Who are you talking to?" asked the boy named oz.

"Hold on one second." Said the girl to me. "Man Servant! Get your but over hear and apologize to the pink haired stranger you just walked through!"

"What are you talking about? Nobody is there?" said oz

"How bout you scream really loud maybe then they will hear you." Said Alice to me.

"Alright" I said. Then I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Now did you hear that man servant?" said Alice.

"You mean that faint scream that sounds like it came from right in front of you? Yes I heard that." Said oz.

"Now do you believe me?"

"Yes master." Droned oz. it sounded like he had lived with this for most of his life.

"Man servant this person isn't a ghost. It's a person who is sleeping."

"You mean this is just a dream?" I asked.

"Yes. What was your last memory?"

"I was going to the meeting and then- WAIT A MINUTE! Earlier you guys had mentioned Pandora!"

"Wait you know Pandora?!" said oz.

"That Baka can finally see and hear me?" I asked Alice.

"They all can after one good scream." She said.

"There are others?"

"Yah. There's the clown, big sister Sharon, and seaweed head."

"I really doubt that's their real names."

"Well if you want to know their real names its Break, Sharon, and Gil. But I like their other names better."

"Did Alice actually just call me by my real name instead of seaweed head." Said an unfamiliar voice.

That person turns the corner and I see a strange man and another man carrying a girl on his back. The man who spoke was a man with black long hair. He wore a black jacket and had a white button down. His pants were black and he wore white gloves. He also had one of those old white puffy things that acts like a tie. He also had on black shoes. I guessed him to be Gil or seaweed head. The man caring the girl I guessed to be Break. He also had a long jacket but instead it was white. He had a blue button down and also had one of those fluffy things but it was blue. He had white hair and blue ,rolled up at the bottom, pants and white boots. But was the strangest about him was that he had a blue puppet on his shoulder. The girl I guessed to be Sharon. Sharon was wearing one of those old time purple dresses. She also had orangish hair.

"Well you did forget one person Alice~." Huffed Break.

"And who might that be Break?" asked Alice.

"EMILY~!!!!" He cheered and huffed at the same time.

Then to my amazement the puppet lifted its arm and bowed while saying "I am Emily the best puppet in the world."

I stared.

"Well who are you?" said the puppet.

I screamed and ran around in a circle.


Then I started running around and screaming again. Finally I stopped and sat down. I noticed them sweat dropping.

"Sorry it's just so strange for me. I needed to get that out of my system." I said.

"So……Who are you?" Asked Oz.

"I'm Amu Hinamori. But all my friends call me Amu."

"What time do you come from?" Huffed Break.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Well the abyss slows down time for the people in it. Not like you. You're in it as spirit. But when we entered the year was 1902."

I stared. Man they've been in hear a long time.

"Well what year is it?" asked Gil.

"How long have you been wandering the abyss?"

"About three weeks. Why?" Said Oz.

"The year is 2013." I said.

They all gapped at me.

"Well…………Umm…you asked us if we mentioned Pandora, right?" Said Oz unsurely.


"Well, do you know Pandora?"

"Not exactly. You see we have been researching Pandora and found out it's a lost association. But we think it could be in secret because one of the guy's I am working with, his father is going to England. And the file we had found that was on Pandora just happened to be in his father's files and the file said that it originated in England. So as soon school is over we are planning to go to England and investigate it."

"Hey if you find Pandora can you tell them to try and get us out?" asked Alice.

"Sure even if we can't find Pandora we'll try anyways." I reassured.

They smiled.

"I just have one problem." I said.

"What's that?" asked Sharon.

"My friends defiantly won't believe me if I tell them I met some people from the past that were lost in the abyss and we need to get them out. In our time that makes you seem crazy and they put you in weird mental hospitals."

"Oh that will be easy. Hear take this." Said Alice as she handed me a mirror.

"A mirror?" I asked.

"Yes. But it isn't just any mirror. It's a mirror that is indestructible and allows people to talk between long distances. That includes the abyss."

"Like a cell phone?"

"I guess. I don't really know what a cell phone is."

"Oh right. So where's its twin?"

"Right here." Said Alice as she pulled out another mirror.

"How do you use it?"

"Look on the back. There is a button. If you press that button a bell sounds and then the pathway is opened."

"Great! I also have another question."

"And it is."

"How am I holding this while you guys can walk right through me?"

"I don't know maybe physics how should we know."

Then everything was gone.

I sat up and in my hand was the mirror.

Yaya's POV

While all that was happening we had our own problems on our hands.

"Ummmm…" It felt awkward talking to Kukia after what Rima had just screamed to the whole world." Yaya is going to talk to Rima." I said

Then I ran of in the direction Rima ran.


Kept playing through my head over and over. For once I wished I wasn't a child anymore.

Then out of nowhere I heard gentle sobs. I decided to go with stealthy instead of load and noisy like I usually am.

Rima was hidden between a trash can and a bench. She was in ball form which was completely expected. I moved the trash can and saw her there just sobbing. Not even a glance up.

"Gomen Yaya. I didn't mean to blurt things out like that. But you really can't be stealthy Yaya." Sobbed Rima.

Aw. I thought I could.

"It's ok Rima. It's probably because Rima has never loved before." I said

She looked at me funny and then started sobbing even more. Did I say something wrong?

"Yaya,… I actually do like some one."

I couldn't believe it.

Amu's POV

"Amu?" Said a voice I would recognize anywhere.

"Huh. It was so strange." I mumbled to myself.

"What's strange?" asked Ikuto.

"The people in the abyss. I can't even tell if it was a dream or if it was reality. But, wait! I can tell!" I said as remembered the mirror Alice gave me. I felt something in my right hand. It was hard but there was some thing else in my left hand. It was soft and warm. When I looked down at my hands I noticed a mirror in my right and another hand in my left. Ikuto was holding my hand. I blushed a crimson color. As soon as he noticed that I had noticed he had slipped it out without me even realizing.

I picked up the mirror and turned it around. There was the button.

"Hey that mirror appeared in your hand as soon as you woke up."

"Alice gave it to me." I smiled as I remembered the five. Well technically six.


"You'll soon meet them but they can help us with Pandora."

"You told them about Pandora!?"

"No. They were in it originally. When it was first made."


"Yep. But lets get to the others first before they start to worry."

"Yah." He smiled but it looked forced.

I wondered what the problem was.

Nagihiko's POV

I had no clue what to do.

Rima was off sobbing somewhere. Yaya was trying to cheer her up. Kukia was running around, breaking down, and worrying on what will happen if Ikuto were to find almost everybody gone. And to top it all off Ikuto was off getting Amu from god knows what.

All I could do was stand around like a gaping fish at what had just happened.

It was as if every move of hers dazzled me. What we are doing right now is proving Rima's point correct.

I knew I had to do something. I decided to go help Yaya since it seemed like the best thing to do.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Rima's POV

Yaya was staring at me as if I had just spoke in Pig Latin.

"Helloooo. Anybody home?" I said.

"Huh." That seemed to snap her out of her thoughts.

"Oh, right. Rima I doubt what you just said is true." She said

I couldn't help but laugh. Because what I had just said was if anybody was home.

"Oh wait a minute. Oops. I meant when you said you like some one."

I glared at her.

"Are saying something like I can't like some one?" I asked evilly.

"What?!" said a voice.

I knew that voice any where. Nagihiko. Ugh he always comes at the wrong times. Little did any one know that he was the one I liked. There was a reason why I was always so mean to him.

He came skidding to a stop right in front of us.

"Rima likes some one?"

"Nagi what are you doing here. Its not like you're a girl or a cross dresser or anything like that." Whined Yaya.

I just had to laugh. She had seen strait through him with out even knowing it herself. I could have sworn he sweat dropped.

"Yah go away its not like you're a cross dresser or anything." I laughed, playing along.

He seemed far away as if he was imagining something.

"Helloooo. Anybody home?" I said. He didn't do a thing. I sighed as I got up and walked over to him and kicked him where the sun don't shine.

He fell over. He didn't make a single move. Man this fantasy of his must be good. Then I kicked him down the road. He didn't move a muscle. The only thing you could be seeing was him breathing. This sort of pissed me of because he hasn't moved in forever. I walked over to him and kicked him with all my strength sending him flying down the road. And yet he still hadn't moved yet. Ok he was pissing me off. I walked over to him and screamed " GET THE HELL UP YOU DAMNED PURPLE HEAD."

Yaya started yelling "No Yaya's still a child Yaya can't hear such words."

But he still hadn't moved and now I was up to any options. Then Yaya came up to me and said "Yaya has a suggestion. How bout you tell him you love him?"

"What the hell Yaya! Are you begging for your death bed!"

Man she really can see anything.

"NO no no no no! Yaya doesn't want to die she is too young."

"Then how bout a helpful suggestion?"

"How bout ignore him and leave him where he is."

"What?! You want him to die!?"

"What!? No. Yaya doesn't want Nagi to die. But why does Rima care?"

Oh shit. Damn you Yaya.

"Because if he were to die like this we would be the ones at fault."

"Oh. But what Yaya don't understand is how he could die if we left him here?"

"He could get run over by a car."

"Oh Rima's right."

"So come on and help me make him move."

"How bout you ask him to take you on a date and that you'll love him for the rest of your life and one day you'll want to marry him?"

Jezz Yaya. You can see this yet you don't know it.

"WHAT THE blocked!!!!!!!!!!! WHY THE HELL WOULD I blocked WANT TO DO THAT YOU blocked!!!!!!!!!!!! Blocked YOU, YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!"



"Wait Yaya I didn't mean to… ugh its no use. Now I have to move you, you stupid cross dresser."

You stupid cross dresser who won't get out of my mind.

"Man why did it have to be you why couldn't it be some else. Oh well I'm going to have to move you now. With my foot." I laughed evilly.

Nagihiko's POV

Damn it. This wasn't such a good idea. I've been kicked in almost every area. Not to mention it feels like I've broken every single bone in my body. Damn Rima is cruel. Why do I have to like a demon. Ugh. But what she just said confused me. 'Man why did it have to be you why couldn't it be some else.'

Well I think it's about time I wake up before my mother prepares my funeral.

I sit up just as her foot flies past my torso making her slip. But knowing next would be the head crack, so I rush to make it crack on my body instead of the road. And I happen to be just in time.

After wards she sits up to see what kept her head from cracking on the road. Her eyes widen to see that it was me. I look up to see her terribly mad. But I could tell it was mainly there to hide something and I knew what that was. It was there to hide her blush.

"NAGIHIKO FUJISAKI!!" She basically screamed at the top of her lungs. Ok she was mad. "YOU BETTER GET YOUR blocked blocked OUT OF THIS ROAD AND HIDE BEFORE I TEAR YOUR blocked BODY TO SHREDS!"

Ok I've got to go before I die.

Yaya's POV

Aww man now I have to go clean my ears again. And I was just about to help her.

Amu's POV

We were almost there when we herd terrifying shrieks. And you could make out every word. 'NAGIHIKO FUJISAKI!! YOU BETTER GET YOUR blocked blocked OUT OF THIS ROAD AND HIDE BEFORE I TEAR YOUR blocked BODY TO SHREDS!' And with that you could tell that it was Rima. You could also tell that Nagihiko had done something terrible that made her this upset. Ikuto chuckled. I looked up with questioning eyes.

" I find it funny that neither of them can realize that the other likes them."

"Rima likes Nagihiko?"

"Ya. She hides it well though. And when she has one of those little slip ups that show it, she always finds a rhyme or reason for it."

"So that is why I don't notice it." I mumbled.

He laughed.

"Well they should be right around the corner." He said

We turned the corner to see Kukia going crazy.

"Got to make sure. Got to hide it." Kukia was mumbling to himself in an emo corner rocking back and forth. Then he looks up and starts screaming. Then everything happened in a rush. Kukia was screaming like a chimpanzee. Yaya comes out of the abandoned warehouse while cleaning out her ears. "What the heck is going on here?" she asked me. I just shrugged. Then you see Nagihiko run down the road. And then, like a red bull, came Rima flustering red. And man did she look pissed. It was as if she was one giant bull and Nagihiko was acting like it was. But he had good reason to. And then with amazing volume Ikuto yelled "QUIET!" And he said it with such authority you would think he was a drill sergeant. Then everything stopped. Kukia stood in salute, Nagihiko was on Kukia's right hiding from Rima, Rima was on Kukia's left glaring menacingly at Nagihiko, And Yaya was on Rima's other side also at salute.

"Geez Kukia, I said you didn't have to do that. You can stand regularly.

"Yes sam- I mean gom- I mean g- ARG!" He stomped his foot.

Ikuto chuckled a bit.

"Now you had something to show us?" asked Ikuto

Everybody's eyes turned to me. It made me a bit nervous. I all of a sudden felt queasy.

"Ummmm…Ya…Ummmm. Yay you see I had a dream that was real and it was about people in the abyss. They need our help. We can talk to them through this." I held up the mirror. "They also know of Pandora. They knew Pandora because they had lived during the time of the founders." I finished.

"Hey lets talk to them now?" suggested Yaya.

"Sure." I said "Just everybody has to gather ok?"

Everyone nodded their heads. Soon everyone was crowding around the mirror.

I pressed the button and a cow's bell was heard. Then the scene in the mirror changed. Instead of six faces it was Alice's.

"Ah Amu nice to see you again. Can you hold on for just a second please."

Alice turned around and Kukia said "Well she seems nice enough."

"Just wait." I said




Then we heard a no, a scream, and a roar.

"She sort of reminds me of Rima." Said Nagihiko

Rima just glared.

Then the mirror on the other side was picked up by Break. But he wasn't carrying Sharon anymore.

"Sorry for that but I have one question."

"Yeah." I said

"Do any of you have any sweets or cake~?"

"I'd bet Yaya would, would you?"

"Of course. Yaya always has sweets." Said Yaya.

"A sweet lover~?" Break asked.


"We could get along very well little miss~."


"I've got to go see you later~." Said Break as he tossed it to Oz.

"Are you guys ready for a chase? Hope you are." Said Oz.

Oz flip throws it to Gil. But during the throw we see Alice's red flustered face and it indeed reminded us Rima. We couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey what's so funny?" asked Gil.

"Alice when ,she's mad, looks like Rima when she's mad." I clarified.

"Well ya in human I would guess. Who's Rima?"

We pointed to her and man was she mad now.

Gil laughed.

"Well yah in human form."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."


"Hear, this is what I mean." He said as he turned the mirror and we saw what he was talking about.

Running towards the mirror was a huge black rabbit wearing Alice's clothes and holding a scythe.

We gaped.

"Emily catch!" yelled Gil as he threw the mirror Frisbee style.

"Oh no." I moaned.

"What?" Asked Ikuto.

"Emily is the one who is catching the mirror."

"What? Is Emily mean?"

"No. She's just seems impossible. Don't know how she can catch the mirror."

Then Emily completely filed the mirror.

"EMILY IS A PUPPET!" Everyone yelled in shock except for me.

"Yah I'm a puppet that sits on break's shoulder. Didn't you know that?"

"NO!" everyone said again except for me. I sweat dropped.

Then there was a roar of exclaim, break yelling at Emily to run, and a loud crash.

"THE MIRROR IS MINE!" Yelled Alice.

Then, as she held up the mirror for all to see, we finally saw a glimpse of the scenery. Break was kneeling on the ground caressing Emily in his hands. Oz was strapping himself back into a one of those old horse carriages that were used in the old days. It was for two horses so I guessed the other strap was for Gil. And the reason I guessed that was because he was running over to it hurrying to get himself strapped in. Sharon was in the back drink tea which was strange to me at least. Then the mirror was turned back to Alice and she wasn't a rabbit anymore.

"Sorry for that interruption." She smiled.

Everyone just gaped except for me. I sweat dropped.

"Now, Amu, who are your friends? How bout you guys tell me your names and one thing that describes you."

Rima went first.

"I'm Rima and I get angry easily." Said Rima.

"Nice to meet you." Alice smiled sweetly.

Next was Nagihiko.

"I'm Nagihiko and some people find me annoying." He said while looking at Rima.

"Hmmm. Another Emily I see."

"I'm no puppet!"

"Yah, yah. What ever. Next."

Yaya was brave enough to go next.

"I'm Yaya and one word to describe me is sweets!"

"Oh nice to meet you. At least you're not his gender."

Then it was Kukia.

"I'm Kukia! And I'm athletic!"

"Can I just call you seaweed head because you seem like another one to me."

"No you can't!"

"I will anyways."



Last it was Ikuto.

"I'm Ikuto. I like cats."

"Hmm you seem nice enough."

"He's a pervert." I whispered.

"Ooh another Oz I see." Alice said. "Ok its Rima, Emily, Break, Seaweed Head, And Oz." Alice summed up.

"Hey!" Everyone except for Rima and me said.

"Fine. Its Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya, Kukia, and Ikuto. But I'm calling Kukia seaweed head."

"Hey! Why?" Yelled Kukia.

"Cause you remind me of Gil who is seaweed head. So I'm calling you seaweed head."


"Hey, I was just wondering how you guys got in there anyways?" Asked Ikuto.

"It was all because of that traitor, Vincent. You see Oz was my Contractor once."

"What?" We all asked.

"How bout I explain this?" asked Oz.

"Fine." Sighed Alice. She handed him the mirror.

He looked at her with big eyes as she walked away. Us girls could tell that Oz liked Alice.

"Alice is a chain." Said Oz.

"A what?" We all asked.

"A chain is a being born in the abyss. Alice is one that can change her form. A Contractor is a human who makes a contract with a chain. I was an Illegal Contractor when I made my contract with Alice. An Illegal contractor has a clock on their right shoulder and it moves every once and a while. When the clocks hand has gone all the way around the person is brought down into the deepest parts of the abyss."

"So you brought this on yourself." Said Rima.

"No. The people are dragged down slowly so there is enough time to pull them out. When our time had finally come Gil had grabbed my hand and I was keeping my grip on Alice's. Even Sharon and Break were helping us. But then there was Vincent. He was trying to keep the mystery of The Tragedy of Sablier from being known. And if we had stayed we would have been found out for sure. But some how he was involved and he knew it. Just as we were about to be pulled out Vincent had pushed us all in. And that's how we got in here."

"That's mean. Why would Vincent do something like that. Yaya never would." Said Yaya.

"Well, I think it's time we said our good byes for today."

"Alright. I just have one question." I said

"That would be?"

"How do you turn this off?"

Oz laughed.

"They same way you turn it on." He laughed.

"Bye!" We all said.

"Bye!" Said Oz.

"And me too!" Yelled Alice.

She had got it in right before we turned it off. We all sighed and relaxed.

"Well that was… interesting." Said Nagihiko.

"She called me seaweed head!" complained Kukia.

"Break likes sweets~" sang Yaya.

"I think there nice." I said

"They can really help us." Said Ikuto

Then we all turned to Rima waiting to see her reaction, but instead we immediately backed away. Rima was standing there with an evil aurora around her.

"Umm…Rima?" I asked.

Her head turned slightly in my direction.

"Talk." She demanded.

"Umm…why are you so mad?"

She looked at me and I could swear I saw a little blue flame in her eyes.

"Oh its not you ,Amu."

"Then who?"

She turned to Nagihiko and I swear the fire in her eyes became more prominent.

"He compared me to a chain." And the more calm she was the more deadly she sounded.

"You better run now, Nagihiko, and prepare your funeral."

Rima was terrifyingly mad.

Rima's POV

I was pissed. First he almost gives me a concussion and now he compares me to that. I mean it's not like she's not nice and all. I mean she really is nice but I don't like being compared to people. Especially people that have better features than I do. Why, oh, why do I like him? Please dear god, tell me why.

Nagihiko ran away as fast as his long legs could take him.

"Why don't you guys go calm him down?" said Amu.

"Yah I think your right. Come on Kukia." Said Ikuto.

It seemed like Amu and Ikuto were communicating in some way.

"Aw why do I have to come?" Complained Kukia.

"See that just proves my point about guys and their friends." I stated.

Kukia looked at me then at Ikuto.

"On second thought, I'm coming." He said

As soon as they were gone, Amu turned to Yaya.

"Hey Yaya!" Said Amu. I think she had a plan in mind.

"Yah~!" Sang Yaya.

"I heard the bakery on that one corner was giving out free cakes for 24 hours today."

Ok she defiantly had a plan.

"Woohoo~!!!" Sang Yaya as she ran down the street to the bakery.

What was Amu brewing up?!

"Rima." She sighed.

I looked towards her with questioning eyes.

"Something's going on with you. If you want to tell me anything you can. Just so you know."

It's almost as if she knew I liked Nagihiko.

"No nothing I can think of right now." I lied

"Fine then I'm going to go ahead and say this."

Oh no please no.

"I know you like Nagihi-" I tackled her.

"What the hell was that for!" She yelled.

"Shh." I hushed.


"Don't ever say that out loud." I said picking myself up.

"Say what?"

"That I like… a certain person."

"Oh, good."


"That you're not denying it. That you confirm my suspicions."

I huffed.

"Hey! I admit that I like Ikuto. It's ok to admit to people that you like people. What you need to do is go off to some random house in the middle of no where and scream ' I like him and I admit it'. Ok?"

I looked up at her. She was like the big sister I never had.


"Now let's go get the others and bring everyone home before it becomes too late."

I smiled. Maybe I won't be so lonely this time.

Stranger's POV

"Mr. President we found another group. Their planning to leave for England by Friday."

"That's when Seiyo Middle school gets out of school, correct?"

"Yes, Sama."

"Find them. Set up flyers. We need to find these children before they get away. We can't let them escape like Aruto did."

"Yes, Sama. We'll get this time."