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"What if we run?" I asked.

"Then I'll have to kill all of you." He said pulling out a gun.

Ikuto's POV

We all stood frozen to our spots.

"Now just come with me quietly and we can deal with you when we get back to Japan." Said Mike as he pointed his gun towards us. "Or you can all decide to die."

I looked at the others and they looked back at me. We were all thinking the same thing. I put my hands behind my back and held up the number three. They all noticed but kept their eyes on me. I then counted down with my fingers. I was on one and holding it when I spoke.

"I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to decline both your offers." and then we all shot off running at our top speeds.

I could hear the gun shots . I couldn't see any of the others for I was in first. I could hear Amu close by who was only keeping up because she had chara changed with ran. I could also hear Kukai and Yaya, but what worried me was Rima and Nagihiko.

I knew Rima was a slow runner and that Nagihiko would try to keep pace with her no matter what. They would be the easiest targets. The bullets continued to fly and I noticed the residents in the area look out their windows.

I looked behind me and noticed a crowd starting to form near Mike. Just as we were rounding upon a corner I heard a gasp and a scream. I turned my head just in time to see Nagihiko fall to the ground, a bullet in his chest. I heard Rima scream and run back towards him. She held his hand as the rest of us stopped running. I noticed some police come and start to fight against Mike as he fought back.

Then I saw him point his gun back over here.

"Rima! Move!" I screamed, but it was too late.

The bullet hit her side and I saw her slump over onto Nagihiko. I heard Amu sob and I quickly pulled her. I looked back over towards the crowd and saw a flash of midnight blue hair as an ambulance appeared. couldn't be...

Nagihiko's POV (the same scene)

"I'm sorry but I'm going to decline both your offers." Is what Ikuto said. I knew that was our cue, so I started off running as fast as I could.

But it was there that I remembered that Rima couldn't run that fast. I slowed down to a pace at around Rima's.

"Come on, Rima, you have to run faster!" I yelled, as i heard the shots start to bounce off the pavement.

"I...can...'t..." She huffed as she tried to pick up her speed.

I knew I had to do something but I couldn't think of what. I decided the best way was to protect her by being slower than her and right behind her. I slowed down slight and then felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I looked down to see blood welling up under my shirt. I fell face first and fell into darkness as I heard Rima call my name. I had felt like this somewhere before and then remembered. The dream on the plane! It was just like this one. I tried to hear what Rima was saying and I did catch two words.

" you."

I was in a little bit of shock I heard the gun shot and felt Rima slump over. I tried to pull myself out of the darkness and opened my eyes. I crawled forward and kissed Rima as I once again fell into the never ending darkness.

Rima's POV

"Nagihiko!" I screamed as I saw him fall forwards.

I ran to him, tears streaming down my face. I knelt down to him and stuck my hand in his.

"No, Nagihiko." I sobbed, "Please don't leave me. I need you more than anyone else in the world."

I was sobbing even harder now.

"Nagihiko, I love you. Please don't leave me. Otherwise let me die too."

I felt a sudden sense of deja-vu. I had felt this somewhere before. And then it hit me, The dream on the plane! It was exactly like it and i knew how it ended. I looked up towards the sky as I a raindrop land on my face. The earth was crying. I felt a sharp pain in my side and the pain shook my body as I feel into never ending darkness.

Ikuto's POV

The poeple in the ambulance ran towards the fallen and picked them up. I kept my eyes on the blue hair and then saw the face. It was him.


He look towards me and his eyes said something. My arms were still around Amu, so I started to move her forward. She was still sobbing.

"Come on Amu. They're going to be OK. Lets ride with them to the hospital, alright?"

She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and nodded her head. I kept my arms around her and brought her forwards towards the ambulance. As we passed by Mike, I heard him arguing with the police man.

"You can't do this, I'm a part of the Japanese secret police!" Yelled Mike.

"Yeah and that would make shooting at a bunch of defenceless kids alright in Japan but not here. This is England, you can't get away with that kind of stuff." The Officer said pushing him into the car. He caught me out of the corner of his eye and winked.

We had gotten to the ambulance now and I helped Amu up into as well as myself. I saw my father come around and get in as well and sat across from us. Amu's eyes widened and her mouth gaped.

"Y-your...Your Aruto! Your Ikuto's father!"

He nodded towards her and smiled "That's right. I'm also a part of Pandora. But I think you guys already know that."

We nodded at him.

"I'm sorry Ikuto." he said. "I meant for you to know sooner. I tried to send you a letter but because of the secret Japanese police, I couldn't. In fact, I was barely able to get out of there alive."

Amu and I nodded in agreement remembering the extreme hassle we had to go through to get to England.

"But...why didn't you show yourself before?" I asked.

"Because of that Mike guy. We felt he was suspicious but we weren't sure so we stayed away. We were going to leave you guys clues but then there was the gunning incident and well, you know the rest."

"But, wait, how did you know we met Mike?" Asked Amu.

"Isn't it obvious? We have people from Pandora everywhere. The man driving this ambulance is part of Pandora. The police officer is part of Pandora as well."

Well, now the wink makes more sense. We all sat in an awkward silence for a little bit before Amu spoke up.

"Since your part of Pandora, can you guys get people out of the Abyss?"

Aruto looked a bit surprised. "Actually yes, but you haven't needed to use it yet. Do you guys happen to know about the Bloodstained Black Rabbit, also known as Alice and her contractor, Oz Vessaliuse?"

Amu and I both looked at each other, also shocked.

"Yes we do!" I said, starting to get excited, "In fact we know exactly where they are! Can you get them out?"

Aruto almost jumped out of his seat.

"You guys know their exact coordinates? We've been trying to free them for years now!"

"Yeah, we have a mirror that allows us to communicate with them!" Said Amu, also excited.

"Really? Can we communicate with them now?" Asked Aruto.

"No, we can-" I started to say but than Amu interrupted me.

"Actually, we can. I brought it with me just in case." She said, pulling the satchel bag she brought with her and getting the mirror. She pressed the button on the back where the cow bells rang. Aruto moved next to me so he could see. The mirror then changed from showing Amu, Aruto's and my face to Alice's face.

"You guys ran- who's that weirdo that looks like Ikuto?" She asked.

In the back ground you could see Sharon hitting Oz and Break with a giant fan. I sweat dropped.

"That's my father, Aruto." I said "And he 's part of Pandora."

Alice's eyes widened. "Pandora?"

Oz, Break, Sharon, and Gil came running over. "Something about Pandora?" Asked Oz.

"Yeah, Ikuto just told me that his father, who is standing right next to him, is part of Pandora!"

"What? Can you guys get us out? I don't think I can stand another minute in here!" Said Gil.

"Shut up Seaweed head!" Yelled Alice.

"Have you guys been trying to find us?" Asked Oz.

Aruto nodded and smiled, "And now with this we can get you out!"

"Yes! Thank you! I knew Pandora would come!" yelled Oz pumping his head into the air.

"So how fast do you think we can get out?~" Asked Break.

"Ina few weeks when Rima and Nagihiko are healthy again."

"What happened?" Asked Sharon.

Amu's face suddenly crumpled in pain as she looked back over at her two friends that were laying on gurneys.

"They got shot." I said in a low voice.

"Are they gonna be OK? They can't die until they meet me!" Said Alice "You hear that Nagihiko and Rima? You are not aloud to die until I meet and use you guys as my man servants!"

Amu giggled slightly. "We're gonna have to go, the next time we call will be for your coordinates to get you guys out." I said waving to them.

They all waved back as I shut the mirror off. I sighed as I turned back to Aruto.

"What'll happen when Rima and Nagihiko feel better?" I asked.

"You'll be coming with me to Pandora's base."