Title: Gundam Wing: The Sailor Scouts

Author: Tawny Dragon

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Pairing: 2+5, 3+4, 9+S and future 1+6

Rating: PG +13

Warnings: Course Language, Cross Dressing..

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1.1 Gundam Wing: The Sailor Scouts

1.1.1 Chapter 1: The Awakening of Sailor Moon

2 'WHY did I join the Preventers?' Heero thought to himself as he left Preventers Headquarters. It was a chilly Friday afternoon and Heero was not in a pleasant mood. To start his wondrous day off – Lady Une had screamed at him for not handing his paper work on time. Secondly – the minute after he had escaped the first ear-bashing, he had yelled at by Wufei for not telling him about the extra paper work Lady Une had given him the week before.

3 Luckily, Duo rescued Heero from his crazed lover before it had gotten serious.

4 But, the worst, by far had been when he had crashed head on into Prince Peacecraft himself. He and Zechs were not friends at the best of times. But – Since they had both received a tongue lashing from Lady Une – they were both very angry and quite willing to take it out on their rival…

*Flash Back*

"Fucking Une. I didn't mean to forget! It does happen, when you get laden with a huge killer mission! Stupid 'Bun Lady'," hissed Heero out-loud as he stalked down the hallway of Preventers Headquarters. In his moment of anger, he failed to notice a certain blonde someone ALSO stalking in his direction.

"Who the hell does she think she is? If she wants to be that bitchy, she can run her own missions! I've flown a Gundam for god's sake! And all she's flown is a measly Mobile Suit!" Zechs muttered, as he stalked towards Heero, their verbal attack being aimed at the same someone.

"And then she tells me –ACK!" yelped Heero as he and Zechs smacked into each other, paper work flying in every direction. "Yuy! You bastard! Watch where you're heading!" exclaimed Zechs, brandishing his ballpoint pen at him.

"I'm the bastard? YOU'RE the one who is whining at the top of your voice!" exclaimed Heero, bopping Zechs over the head with the calculator he was carrying.

"I'm not the one who is calling our superior childish names like 'The Bun Lady!"

"You couldn't be that creative."

"Fuck you, Yuy."

"No thanks – I prefer brunettes."

"Get your head out of the gutter, Yuy."

"I've been trying – But its kind of hard because your head is so big, Marquise."





By the end of their verbal spar, all the paper work was safety back in their owners' arms. Zechs growled at him. "I'm watching you, Yuy," Zechs told him coldly, turning his back to walk away. "Well, old man – You'll need glasses first," Heero told him, walking into his office and slamming the door.

*End Flashback*

Heero snorted. No, today had definitely NOT been a wonderful day. He was looking forward to going home, having a nice long bath, and going to bed. 'At least I don't have to see Prince Peacecraft and Lady Bun for two WHOLE days,' Heero thought with a snort.


A sudden wail brought him out of his stupor. "What the? It came from over there!" Heero exclaimed, dashing in the direction of the cry. He quickly found himself at an old rickety bridge, which was over a rushing stream.


There was the cry again. Heero looked and looked – but there was no sign of where the cry came from.


The third time the cry sounded, Heero had the piece of mind to look down into the stream; only to see a black cat clutching onto a rock. "Oh!" Heero exclaimed, dashing off the bridge, and down to the waters edge. He leaned over and fished the poor cat out, "You poor thing! How did you fall in there?" The cat looked up at him and uttered a pitiful meow, before collapsing into his arms. Heero looked at the bedraggled cat that was now in his arms. "How the HELL did I get into this mess?" he muttered before walking back to his apartment – cat and all.


"Why I chose to live on the top floor I'll never know," Heero told the unconscious cat as he walked into his apartment. It was big and spacious – but very plain. Heero wasn't one for anything fancy. He may have lightened up and had become a people person since the end of the Mariemeia incident – But he was still Heero. Quatre and Trowa were together – Living in one of Quatre's many estates. Wufei had also realized that what he felt for Duo was love – not a strong urge too strange him. Heero sighed loudly as he placed the black cat gently onto his couch. "What the? That cat has a bandage on it's forehead!" exclaimed Heero, moving to remove the ugly bandage. "Merow!" the black cat's eyes snapped open. "Ah!" yelped Heero, falling backwards onto the wooden floor. "Merow?" the cat asked, looking over the edge of the couch.

"Yeah – I'm fine. Now let me remove that bandage!" Heero growled, reaching up to take the bandage. The cat froze as Heero removed it. "A crescent moon?" Heero asked, looking at the golden moon in place on the cat's forehead. The cat looked at him for a moment.

"Oh! Thank you very much for saving me! I can't believe I found you!" the cat told him.


"YOU CAN TALK?" Heero exclaimed pulling out his gun and aiming at the black cat. "Of course! My name is Luna," the black cat, now known as Luna, told him. "How did you learn to talk?" Heero asked incredulously, replacing his gun on the desk. "Don't worry about that now! I have to tell you something very important. You are Sailor Moon, sworn to protect the princess of the Moon! Here! Take this pendant," Luna ordered him, handing him a beautiful golden pendant, imprinted with an upside down crescent moon. Heero complied silently, taking the offered pendant. Luna clapped her paws together, "Finally! The Guardian of the Moon will arise!" Heero shrugged. What this funny-talking cat said was meaningless to him. "Repeat after me. Moon Prism Power!" exclaimed Luna, eyes shining bright.



"Oh! Just look at yourself!" exclaimed Luna, practically glowing. Heero suddenly felt a slight draft. He looked down and nearly went into shock. He was wearing a skirt! A SHORT dark blue skirt! And knee high red boots, with a crescent moon on the point. "WHAT THE?" he yelled, turning to face the mirror. "AHH!" he screamed. He was wearing a white leotard, with a bright red bow centering around the beautiful golden pendant, with a skirt and boots. He was also wearing elbow length white gloves, with red trimming.

There was a red choker on his throat, with a crescent moon in the center. And to top it all off, he had crescent moon earrings and a golden tiara holding a red stone! He turned around, only to see a huge red bow.

"See! You are Sailor Moon! Oh – What is your name?" Luna cried questioned happily. "Er – Is that a good thing? Anyway – My name is Heero Yuy," Heero told her, still in shock.

"Well Heero.. Or, should I say Sailor Moon – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Luna yelled racing over to Heero. Heero glared at her. He had been tugging on his skirt. "I don't like the draft!" he exclaimed. "Well, you'll have to get used to it! Come on, Sailor Moon!" exclaimed Luna, jumping out the window onto the rooftop. "Where the HELLL are we going?" yelled Heero following her.

"I have over sensitive hearing. Somebody is crying out for help!" yelled back Luna, as they raced over the rooftops.


"HELP ME! WUFEI, HEERO, QUATRE, TROWA, ZECHS, UNE, DEATHSCYTHE.. ANYBODY!" yelled Duo as he dashed down the dark street. "No. I am Carioie, under the general Jadeite! I WANT YOUR ENERGY!" screamed the purple monster that was chasing after him. Carioie had purple snakes for hair, each one hissing at Duo. She wore a light green dress with long purple tentacles for legs; her arms also waving at each step she took.

*Tawny Dragon's Note: Think Celia, from Monsters Inc.! ^_^ No offence to her – I love that monster!

"NO WAY! I LIKE being filled with energy! And so does WUFEI!" Duo yelled back at her as he ran further down the alley.


"I know that voice! That's Duo!" exclaimed Heero skidding to a stop at the last building. "Well then, you better help him then!" Luna snapped, landing elegantly next to him. "But how?" Heero snapped back. "You will know! Now – GO HELP YOUR FRIEND!" Luna hissed, as he jumped off the building.


"Well. This is the end. I can't run any more," Duo hissed, falling to his knees, "What a lousy way to end.."

Carioie grinned evilly baring her fangs, "It is a brave way to end." Duo groaned, as she flipped him over.

"But not the right way to end!" a voice yelled out of the darkness. "What? Who's there?" snarled the monster, stepping back from Duo.

"I am Sailor Moon! I right wrongs, champion justice and triumph over evil! On behalf of the moon – I'll punish you!" Heero replied, the words coming from his lips as though he had rehearsed them.

"You sound like my lover, Wufei!" Duo said with a weak laugh, backing slowly away from Carioie. Carioie raised an eyebrow, "Sailor Moon? Never heard of you! Must be a push over." In the next instant, she had leaped at Heero who just missed her.

"Shit!" he cursed, rolling of to the side. "See? You ARE a pushover!" the monster said gleefully, rushing at him again. "Fuck it!" Heero cursed again, just missing her.

There was a sudden whooshing noise – and a blood red rose grazed the side of Carioie's face. "Who the?" she wailed, clutching her bleeding face.

"You can do it Sailor Moon! You have the power – Now use it!" a voice said commanded from behind the bunch. Heero, Duo, Carioie and Luna (from the roof) turned around to see who the new intruder was.

It was a tall man, in a black tuxedo, cape and top hat. He had long, platinum blonde hair that fell in a braid down his back, making him look stangely angelic. But the weirdest part of all was that he wore a white mask.

"Who ARE you?" Heero questioned, staring at the breath taking appearance.

The man smiled softly.

"I am Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Moon – You HAVE the power.. All you have to do is remember it!" he commanded. Heero blinked, "What do you mean – OH! I remember!"

Tuxedo Mask grinned broadly, "Now use it!"

Carioie snorted. "What is he going to do? Flip his skirt at me?" she snickered.

"No. I'm going to kill you. MOON TIARA……. MAGIC!" Heero yelled, throwing his tiara.

Carioie's eyes got bigger and bigger. "NOO!" she screamed as she vanished.

Heero grinned broadly, "I did it! No – Of course I did it!" He turned around to look at Tuxedo Mask – Only to see he had disappeared. "Where the hell did he go?" he questioned.

"No idea, man. Look – Thanks heaps, but I really have to run! Bye!" Duo exclaimed in a rush, dashing off down the street. Heero looked after him. He still couldn't believe what had just happened. "Well done Sailor Moon!" Luna said, jumping down from the rooftop.

"Thanks Luna. Is this going to be common occurrence?" asked Heero. Luna beamed at him.

"Yep! Right until you defeat the Nega-Verse!"



"… And then guys, Sailor Moon goes, 'Moon Tiara Magic!' and the monster gets wiped!" Duo told all the people who were gathered in his office. "Shocking stuff!" Sally exclaimed, raising an eyebrow and looking over at her lover, Noin. "Yeah – I bet Wufei was really worried about you," Trowa said dryly. Wufei growled at him. Heero sighed.

It really was amusing to hear it from Duo's point of view – He had been lucky Duo hadn't recognized him. "So Yuy.. Did anything remotely interesting happen to you over the weekend?" Zechs asked lightly, obviously sick of hearing about 'Sailor Moon', 'Tuxedo Mask' and the monster. Heero smirked.

"No – Nothing worth mentioning." TO BE CONTNUED… (Hopefully!)

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