Title: Gundam Wing: The Sailor Scouts

Author: Tawny Dragon

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Pairing: 2+5, 3+4, 9+S and future 1+6

Rating: PG +13

Warnings: Course, No STRONG Language, Cross Dressing…

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1.1 Gundam Wing: The Sailor Scouts

1.1.1 Chapter 4: Jupiter's Thunder Crash!

"A BALL?" exclaimed Luna, looking up from her delicious looking bowl of fish. "A ball," Heero told her again, starting to stroke her silky black head. Luna arched to the touch and then shrugged. "Are you sure? I mean you can't even dance! And what happens if a minion of the Nega-Verse strikes?" she snapped, turning around to face our 'Hero'.

Heero nodded vigorously. "Of course! I mean, if the Nega- freaks want to strike – What better place than at a ball? Anyway, I'd say Quatre and Wufei are already going," Heero said, crossing his arms and stalking out of the room.

"I hope you know what you're doing Sailor Moon."


"SAILOR SCOUTS – NO NEED FOR PANTS?" yelled Wufei, waving the front page of the newspaper in Heero's face. "I guess they don't like our skirts then?" Quatre asked, snatching the front page from the angry Scout of Mars. "I guess not," Heero said, leaning over to read the front page.


Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. Our 'Batman's' of the city. They fight our monsters, vanquish our demons and destroy evil.. But our are 'Batman's' girls or guys? Are they pansy's? Only they know! But we can have our suspicions..

To the Sailor Scouts, if you read this – Keep saving the city, but please.. Get a sex change PLEASE if you want to go around in SHORT skirts?





Heero blinked at the billboard in the entrance. "What?" he asked, not quite expecting an answer.

"What's what?" asked Zechs, who had come up behind him. Heero turned around to look at him, then turned back to the billboard.

"Partners," Heero told him. This time, it was Zechs who blinked.

"Yuy, you look like a deer in head lights. What's wrong?"


"You've said that."



"What IS it Marquise?"


"We need partners for the ball."

"You've got to be shitting me."

"No shit here, Sherlock."

"Oh. You got a partner?"

"No. You?"

"No. Want to go with me?"



"HOW could I Luna? I don't even like the guy! He's a royal pain in the ass!" exploded Heero to Luna at their home later that day.

"Well, it took a while for it to sink in didn't it? If you don't want to go with him, I will!" Luna told him, looking up at him from his lap.


"Well, I can dream can't I?" Luna told him. "Sick dreams," Heero told her, removing her from his lap.

"HEERO! Are you going to go with him?" Luna asked again, looking over at him with huge yellow eyes.

"Yeah. I mean, you have to admit, he's really hot!"

"You don't say!"


"I really don't like Tuxedos," muttered Heero to himself, as he leaned against the wall in the ballroom. It was decorated beautifully, with shining crystal chandeliers and enough food to feed ten Duos.

"Well, you could be Tuxedo Masks' brother!" exclaimed a cheerful voice.

"Quatre," Heero replied, turning to the side to face his friend. Quatre wore a gray tuxedo, with a bright smile plastered to his face. Heero, on the other hand, wore a black tuxedo with a frown plastered to HIS face.

"Where's Trowa?" Heero asked.

"Over there – With everyone else. Is Luna here?" Quatre questioned, starting to tug Heero away from the wall. Heero nodded. "She's hiding under the main food table," Heero replied, rolling his dark blue eyes.

"Nothing fishy about that."


"Nice to see you could make it Heero," Zechs told him smoothly. He was standing with Trowa, Wufei, Duo, Noin and Sally – All in their various attire.

"Hn. You look far to royal for this," replied Heero, raising his eyebrow at Zechs. He sported white tux, with golden edging. 'Too damn hot. Bastard,' Heero thought.

"Was that a praise from Heero Yuy? I think we're imagining things," Duo said, joining in the conversation. "Who asked you?" Heero shot back, blushing faintly.

Sally rolled her eyes. "Noin and I – are going to eat. Later," she said, tugging the blue hared woman behind her.

"Bye," Wufei replied, speaking up for the first time.

"Bysie, Bye Bye!!"

"DUO!" Wufei exclaimed, tugging the braid so Duo fell back into him. Duo looked up at him with huge, violet eyes, "Look 'Fei, if that's how you felt right now.."

"Duo," admonished Quatre. Trowa simply snorted.


Everyone one had wondered off in their own direction. Quatre and Trowa went to dance, Duo and Wufei went to join the crowd at the food table – Where as Heero and Zechs just stood there feeling uncomfortable.

"So," Heero started, looking at his feet. 'Oh look, there's a smudge.'

"Yeah," Zechs replied, staring up at the ceiling. 'Oh. Squashed fly on wall.'

"Um.. How's Relena?"


"Fine I take it."

"Oh yes – Have you seen your fan-site?"


"It's 'My Perfect Solider Loves Me.com. Quite a few hits actually. It's filled with incredibly GRAPHIC stories of you two.. Having fun."

"You're kidding."

"No – That's what Duo does."


And with that 'word' spoken, Heero Yuy – A.K.A Sailor Moon.. Blacked out.


"Heero! Wake up! Heero!"

"What the muck?" Heero muttered, opening his eyes – Only to see Quatre's worried face looking into his own.

"Are you okay? Sorry – It was only a joke!"

That was Zechs.

"Horrible joke. Now – HELP ME UP!" Heero exclaimed angrily.

Zechs complied by gently helping Heero up from the ground. Duo started to snicker, only to get whacked over the head by his Chinese lover.

"Be. Nice!"


Zoicite grinned from his dark corner, showing his perfect white teeth. "What an excellent way to get energy," he murmured. He looked up at the post that was supporting the ceiling of the ballroom.

'Time for it to go!' he thought gleefully, 'Kunzite will be so proud!'

He began to start drawing electrical energy through his palm. "

"Ready.. Aim.. FIRE! ZOI!"


Tawny's Note: I don't know what attacks Zoicite uses, and I DON'T CARE, but isn't an attack called 'Zoi'? Or something like that..



The post supporting the ceiling exploded, casing the roof to come crashing down.

"LOOK OUT!" Zechs yelled pushing Heero out of the way, only to be knocked out by a piece of falling wood. "Zechs!" Heero exclaimed, leaning over to check his pulse.

'He's still breathing,' Heero thought, relieved.

"Is he okay?" a voice from behind him asked. Heero turned around to see Quatre, Wufei and Trowa standing there. "Where's Duo?" he asked.

"The ceiling has come crashing down – separating the room into two. Duo's on the other side," Wufei replied.

A voice from behind them startled them all.

"Ah. Human energy. Puurr-fect," a tall, long-hared blonde man snickered.

"Who are you?" snapped Wufei, starting forward. Heero and Quatre moved to stand behind him. Trowa blinked. 'What's going on, guys?" he asked. He received no reply.

"My name is Zoicite – The third head general of the Nega-Verse. Are you the Sailor Scouts?" the tall blonde asked.

"Maybe. What's it too you?" snarled Heero. Trowa gasped, "Are you guys.. Quatre?"

"A lot. Especially the cute blonde," Zoicite replied, suddenly re-appearing in front of them and grabbing Quatre by the neck.


"QUATRE!" screamed Trowa. Suddenly, a glowing green sign appeared on his forehead.

Luna came running out from the rubble, and gave her 'Oh-my-god, I-found- another-Sailor-Scout' grin.

"TROWA! Take this! HURRY!" she yelled, passing him a green transformation pen. Trowa jumped back from her.

"AH!" Quatre yelled, as Zoicite tightened his grip.

"LUNA? YOU CAN TALK?" Trowa exclaimed, looking quickly at Quatre, but grabbed the pen. "That's not important. Heero, Wufei - you'll also have to transform. Trowa, repeat after me! Jupiter Power!" Luna exclaimed.





"Tawny Power!" ^_^ Whoops – Not my cue! ^_^


"Sailor Jupiter? Shit. I caused another one to come up," hissed Zoicite throwing Quatre several feet, who crumbled on ground impact. "Quatre! Are you okay?" Trowa asked, rushing over to his blonde lover. Quatre moaned, then opened his eyes. "Trowa? You're Sailor.. Jupiter?" he asked, surprised. Trowa looked down at himself then gave a shocked gasp.

He was wearing the Sailor Scout leotard, with a light pink bow, which held a plain green pendant, green lace-up boots and a green skirt. He also had a matching light pink bow at his back. Like the other scouts he wore white, elbow length gloves, except with green trimming. Around his neck was a green choker, and hidden on his forehead was a golden tiara, holding an emerald green stone.

"I'm a Sailor Scout?" he asked Quatre. "Apparently. Now help Quatre stand up to transform," ordered the newly transformed Sailor Moon. "Right," Trowa said, helping up his lover.

"Is this going to be long? I have a dinner-date with Kunzite," snapped Zoicite, curling his golden hair in his fingers. "Dinner date? You two are dating?" questioned Wufei.

"Yeah. This is our second anniversary," Zoicite told him, walking over to show him his golden ring. "Wow! Maybe I should get one for Duo," Wufei pondered out loud, looking at the 24-Karrat ring. "Yeah, definitely! It's a lovely gift," Zoicite told him.

"SAILOR MARS!" yelled Luna from the sideline.

Trowa rolled his eyes. "Ready to transform, love?" he questioned.



"LET'S ATTACK! MERCURY!" yelled Heero. "Right," Quatre said.


"SHIT!" Zoicite yelled, finding himself surrounded by mist, "THIS IS A WIMPY WAY TO FIGHT! Mars – I thought you believed in justice?"


"AAAHHHHH!" screamed Zoicite, sagging to the ground in pain. He looked through the fog, trying to see the outlines of the Scouts.

"You can't go around hurting Quatre like that and get away with it! JUPITER THUNDER.. CRASH!" a voice yelled though the mist, as a speeding ball of electricity flew through the air towards him.

"OW!" yelled Zoicite, as he crumbled again. Now – the outlines of the scouts could be clearly seen.

"Excellent Jupiter," Heero congratulated. Quatre and Wufei nodded in agreement.

"Thanks. Now don't you have a Frisbee to throw?' Trowa asked, with a devilish grin.



"You can't kill me! I have a lover!" begged Zoicite, backing away from Heero.

"Then you shouldn't mess with my lover. Get him Heero!" snarled Trowa.

"Hn. MOON TIARA.. MAGIC!" Heero yelled, throwing his tiara.

"NO! KUNZITE, I LOVE YOU!" Zoicite screamed as he vanished.


"All in a days work for Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter!" Luna smiled, dashing over from the sidelines. The four nodded.

"Jupiter – Did you realize you're the only Sailor Scout whose planet doesn't with an 'M'?" Wufei questioned.

"No. But, you see – I'm original!" Trowa said with a smirk. "No, a loner," Heero contracted.

"You can NOT talk!"

"Can too."

"Can not."

"Can too!"



TO BE CONTNUED… (Hopefully!)

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