I awoke with a tapping from my window. I raised my head, still in and out of sleeping. I willed myself up and hoped to not fall back onto the pillow, a sure fire way of going right back to sleep. I got up from my warm bed and looked out the window. My best friend, Riku was sitting on his window ledge on the opposite wall. He made a hand gesture for me to open the window. I opened the window and with one big jump, Riku was inside my room. Riku's room wasn't too far from my own, in fact our apartment buildings are just a few feet apart. Leaving a narrow alley that only cats can pass through.

"Are you just going to go in your pajamas? I don't think Kairi would like mickey mouse bottoms."

I blushed and gave him a punch to the arm and he laughed. Kairi was the new girl at school I had a crush on and someone who always leaved me tongue-tied.

"I'll let you get dressed, besides I can smell the breakfast your mom is cooking and I'm going to eat your plate."


Riku closed the door behind him. I ruffled my hair, making it messier then before. As I got dressed, I thought about ways of approaching Kairi.

'Hey Kairi, nice day, right? Um,.......they put up new posters in the cafeteria. They say the usual good advice like eat your vegetables or beware of the burritos, they cause your intestines to implode. Heh, the last one was a exaggeration. I was joking. OK,dumb joke.'

"Hey Sora, we're going to be late! Hurry up!"

I pulled my jacket zipper up and went down the stairs. Riku had a piece of toast with jelly in his mouth. I looked around and didn't spot Roxas, my brother. He must have gone with Axel already.

"Wait a sec."

I went into the kitchen and looked over the counter top for a blue bag I placed here the night before.

"Sora, is this what you're looking for?"

Riku held up the blue bag I was looking for. The bag was opened and inside were the cookies I baked to give to Kairi.

"Riku! Don't! Stop eating them!"

He tossed the bag and I caught it. It felt like some of the cookies were eaten, but still enough to give to Kairi. I glared at Riku and he swallowed the cookie he has been chewing on.

"If it makes you feel better, it tasted really good."

He turns his back from me and walks out my apartment door. I tied the bag closed with a rubber band and waved goodbye to my mom. He waits for me by the elevator and we get on. The elevator playing light FM and a slow song came on. I looked down pensively at my bag.

'Riku said it was good, but will Kairi like them? They're lemon cookies and I don't even know if she'll like those kinds of cookies.'

I felt a hand on the top of my head and had my hair tousled. I look up at Riku and he gives me a reassuring smile.

"No worries. She'll like them. I really don't think she's the type to insult you."

"Easy for you to say, all the girls at school would give an arm to date you. While some of the normal guys have to work for it."

"True. Oh so true,....but I have no interest in the girls at school."

"What? Already accomplished dating the whole school's populace of girls?"

He was quiet after that and we got out of the elevator.I take a long look at my friend. Riku had silver hair and it was not a result of some hair dye. His eyes were an icy shade of blue and he was taller and more built then me. All in all I have to work hard to be be appealing to Kairi. We walked outside my apartment building and headed toward school. I can see from a distance the Roxas and Axel.

I cringe when I see Axel's hand slide down my borther's back side. It wasn't that I had a problem with my brother being gay or have any issues with Axel, but I never felt comfortable with watching public displays of affection.

'I just wish they would leave it in the bedroom. .....hopefully, not Roxas's room. I wouldn't be able to sleep.'

I waved to Zexion and his boyfriend , Demyx, who are holding hands. The blue haired teen was trying to hide the red forming on his cheeks, but Demyx kisses his cheek, making him go even redder. I smile to Zexion and he looks down at the ground and mumbles a hello for Riku and myself. All four of us walked to school and I felt my heart skip into my throat and stay there, making it hard to swallow. Kairi wasn't too far from me and she was right next to Selphie, talking happily.

Her brown hair shined in the sun, her blue eyes sparkled, and her sweet smile was radiant. I felt eyes on me and I turn to see Riku, Zexion, and Demyx give each other knowing smiles. Riku gestured his head at Kairi, telling me with his eyes that I should go up to her. My hands trembled around the blue bag and I walked forward. Each step I took, the farther away she seemed. Until she turns around, her eyes looking into mine and I realise that I'm standing right in front of her.


My mouth was open and no words came out. She looked at me, confused, and then a giggling broke the silence. It came from Selphie and she looked at Kairi. They both exchanged looks that only girls could possibly comprehend. I held up the blue bag and she got this sad look on her eyes.

"Thank you, but.....I can't accept it. I-I-I know that you have a crush on me, but I...just don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry."

She turned away and Selphie followed her. The wind blew and although it was still a warm Autumn day, the wind felt like a cold reminder of a dark winter.

I felt the coolness of the wooden desk on my forehead. My whole body was in a paralyzed state and I somehow made it to school. Kairi's voice echoing in my head, repeatedly.

"Hey," I lifted my head and saw Riku. He was holding the blue bag full of cookies. I felt a painful throb in my heart.

"Throw them away. I don't even want to see them."

He sits on the desk right next to mine and opens the bag. He starts to eat the cookies. I watch from the corners of my eyes as he licked the crumbs off the corners of his mouth. I snapped up and snatched the bag away. Riku just stares at me nonchalantly.

"Why are you eating them?!"

"Because you made them. You worked hard to make these cookies, I could tell from the bags under your eyes. Kairi is a bitch for not-"


I banged my hand on the table, ignoring the stinging pain I felt. Riku looked up at me, surprised. I picked up my back pack and left Riku there, he called my name. I ran out of the school and headed home. I wanted to cry, but tried to hold it in till I got home and can be able to cry my broken heart in peace. I stopped all the sudden. I turned to look at a shop I've never seen before on the other side of the road. There was no sign on the shop. Red curtains in the shop window sheilded the inside of what the shop held inside.

'I don't know why, but I'm being drawn to it.'

My feet move forward and my hand grasp the metal handle. I open and a door chimes, but when I look up I don't see a bell or wind chimes. I look around teh store and find that it had shelves of books and old ones by the looks of it. aLong that there were shelves that had bottles of variosu liquids and questionable items. One jar had some purple liquid and....what looks like a newt. I want to turn back, but I hear footsteps approach from a a red curtain. A young girl with blond hair and all white clothing pushed back the curtain. She looked surprised to see me and then smiled.

"Hello! My name is Namine Hearts, how may I help you?"

"Uh....I'm just looking."

"Well, I was just....browsing."

"OK! Call me if you want to find a manuscript or a potion."

She turned her back, ready to go.

"WAIT! Wait....what did you say you sold here?"

"We sell potions, manuscripts for summonings, and spell books." she said cheerfully, as if they sold normal stuff like bread or milk.

"Uh....I think I should go. I came into a really wrong store. Good-"


She clutched my sleeve and had a serious look on.

"You felt it right? A feeling of being drawn into this place?"

I felt my stomach tighten. I nod my head. She smiles and lets go of my sleeve.

"Welcome to the Heart's Magic Shop. This shop has been in my family for generations and we are all witches and wizards. Good witches and wizards. For centuries, we have been serving mortals and their needs. This shop has an enchatnment, if a desperate spirit passes it, then that being will feel drawn here, enter the shop, and we help it. Today you have been drawn and I, Namine Hearts, will help you."

She gives me a cheerful smile and I stare at her. She doesn't seem to be lying.


"Thank you, Na-Namine. But I don't need any potions or books or spells or any of that stuff!"

I turn to leave and when my hand grasped the door handle,

"But something must be bothering you. We have spells for everything! Potions to heal sickness, give you a boost in intellegence, love potions and-"

"What did you say? Love potions? You have those?!"

She smiled again and went to a shelf. She looked over the rows and rows of bottles. She lifted a bottle in the shape of a heart (really how did she miss that?!)containg a clear liquid looking like water.

"This is a love potion and can make someone love you. But(!) you just can't give it to someone like this!" she points at the bottle in her hand.

"Why not?"

"Because this thing has a flaw. If the drinker drinks it it'll love everything it sees. A person and then the next person it sees, friends, family, the dog next door! No, what you need to do is put a piece of your hair in the liquid. On the night of a full moon, you have to repeat the chant to the moon ten times. The next morning the liquid would turn to a color that represents your spirit and being and it'll be safe to drink."

She handed the bottle in my hands. I was surprised to feel that the bottle was warm, like the heart it represented.

'I'll admit that this is wrong. But...I wanted Kairi to really like me, like how I feel for her.'

"How would I get her to drink it?"

"I don't now, that's your problem. Really, this liquid has no taste so you can put it in anything. Coffee, soda, water, or put it in food."

I thought about probably making a batch of cookies and put them in. But only after to see if this thing works.

"How much?"


I watched as a piece of my hair fell on top of the window sill. I grabbed as much as I could and uncorked the bottle. I placed the hairs inside the bottle and watched it sink. It was 10:00 and I could see the from the bathroom window, the only window that had a visible view of the bright moon in the sky. I opened the folded paper Namine gave me.

"I tell the orb,

my heart's wish to come true.

to hold the heart

of my love's true."

I repeated the enchantment ten times and then stared at the bottle. Namine said that the affects would appear in the morning. So I took the bottle from my room and left it by my desk near the window. I started to drift into sleep. I thought about Kairi and thoughts of us together lullied me to a pleasent sleep.

I woke up and saw Riku sitting on my window ledge. He held up the heart shaped bottle, now with a blue liquid inside.

"What's this? Another gift for Kairi? Is it juice?"

He pulls the cork open and I snap out of bed.


But it was too late, he already took a swig of the potion. I took it out of his hand and corked it. The bottle half empty. I turn to Riku,

"Riku, you-!"

I gasped. Riku's face was a bright pink and he stared at me. A glint in his eyes I've never seen before.

"Sora," he pulls my arm and pulls my body towards his, "I-I want to tell you," he wraps his arm around my hips, "I love you. For the longest time."

He grabs my jaw and forces his lips onto mine. My heart stopped and all the blood rushed to my head.

'NO! This wasn't supposed to happen! Riku is in love with me!'


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