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"Percy, where are we going?" I wondered as he pulled me through the woods of camp. I had turned eighteen two weeks ago and was finally free. We still came to camp to teach different fighting techniques to the new campers and learn more from Chiron.

"If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise; now, hurry up." He yanked me a little faster as we kept going.

Finally, we skidded to a stop on a beach. We were outside of camp borders for sure. There was beach house that looked like it hadn't been visited in six or seven years. But, I did recognize it. Percy had told me about everything he did as a kid and this house was where his mom had met Poseidon. The god had come up on shore and the two fell in love. Of course, he had to leave immediately. Well, you know the story.

Anyways, Percy pulled on my arm again and led me toward the house. We tumbled up the steps from the beach and straight for the house. At the front door he gave me a kiss and then opened the door. The inside was spotless. It looked like he had rounded up the cleaning harpies from camp and sent them to this house.

They couches were positioned perfectly to face the large TV. There were pictures on the wall of Sally and Paul, and Sally and Percy, and also Sally and Poseidon. All the men that had been in her life except for that one mortal dude who was never important enough to remember. I only met him once or twice.

A dinning room had candles on the table and a nice table cloth. The candles were not lit and there were only two chairs. The kitchen was spotless as well and I could smell something that made my nose tickle with excitement. I could smell the roast in the oven and I could see the pots on the stove that smelled like they had some vegetables and mashed potatoes.

He led me up the stairs. There were three doors on the top door. One was a guest bedroom most likely; another was probably a bathroom, and the last was, and I'm just guessing, the master bedroom. The master bedroom was the one he took me in. There was a king sized bed sitting in the center of one wall while a wardrobe sat across from it pressed against the wall. The bed side table had candles on them. The candles were already lit.

I walked over to the bed sitting on the edge to face Percy. He walked over to the bedside as well and took a seat. Every since my mom had sent Apollo after us we had calmed down a bit with the kissing. We didn't want anyone to loose there heads… yet.

Percy slid off the side of the bed and onto a knee. I gasped as realized what he was doing.

"Annabeth Chase," he said taking my hand in his. "will you marry me?" He pulled a leather bound box out from his back pocket displaying it in front of me. "If you say yes I can open the box."

"What if I only say yes for the ring though?" I teased.

"Come on Annie, for once in my life I am trying to be serious."

"Fine, fine, of course I say I do Seaweed Brain!" He hopped up off his knee hugging me around my neck. "Now, open the box knuckle head." I said pushing him away.

"Ok" He reached for my neck and I smacked his hand away. "I have to get the key Wise Girl." He said grabbing my hand as I smacked him and kissing the top. He pinned my arm to my side and reach a little ways down the front of my shirt pulling out the necklace he had given me last summer. The little silver key glinted in the candle light. I had always admired the craftsman ship and still found it quite beautiful.

He slipped the key into the lock and clicked it to the side. The top of the box flipped back and revealed a ring. Oh, but this wasn't just any ring. This ring was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. The band of the ring reached up and out holding a stone at the top. The stone was a blue sapphire perfectly cut. The back of it was smooth over but not covered so it would slide easily onto the finger.

He slipped it form the hold of the box and onto my left hand. I admired it in the candle light as he took a seat beside me kissing my neck. I didn't really notice as he rested his head on my shoulder looking at the ring on my finger himself.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" He wondered reaching up for my hand and intertwining out finger and pulling my hand down to my side. "Just like you, but you are prettier."

"You are so cheesy." I gawked turning his way. "But, I guess I still love you." I kissed him secretly spying my left ring finger as I brought my hand to the side of his face.

Thunder began to boom, but it didn't sound thunder of anger. It sounded more like someone was laughing. Suddenly, there was Poseidon standing in the room watching us. We split apart putting our hands together again.

"Dad" Percy said not really minding what his father had seen.

"Percy and my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law how are you two today?" He wondered standing his ground in front of the door. His body language told us that we weren't leaving until he spoke to us.

"We're good" I sighed leaning into Percy.

"Well, Hermes should be here in 3… 2… 1…" There he was Hermes checking messages on his phone standing in front of the wardrobe. It looked like he had just come out of Narnia in fact. His screen was lighting up and blinking constantly. New message, after new message was coming in rapidly.

George will you please stop! One snake complained.

"Both of you need to stop we have to go get Perseus Jackson." He finally looked up realizing he was in a candle lit room with Poseidon, Percy, and I. He looked slightly red sweating a bit.

"Welcome Hermes" Percy and Poseidon greeted together.

"Um, yea, Perseus Jackson, I have message directed for you." Hermes said putting his cell phone into his pocket.

"Bring it on" Percy challenged.

"Athena, along with Zeus, has summoned you up to Olympus."

"On what counts?" He wondered

"She said she would tell you when you get there. Oh, and she said if you don't come then you'll lose your head faster then what she plans."

"That's reassuring." I muttered sinking back a bit.

"We'll be up there A-S-A-P." Percy assured both Poseidon and Hermes. They both vanished.

"Come on Percy ASAP." I tried to pull him to his feet, but he stopped me. He pushed me back onto the bed. He kissed my lips making silly putty out of my brain.

"A" he kissed me lightly. "S" he kissed me again. "A" Kiss. "P" Kiss. "D" Kiss.

"A-S-A-P-D?" I wondered trying to scramble away from him playfully.

"As Soon As Percy's Done" He said pulling my back into his arms.

"Sounds good" I said melting under his touch. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. Not until we are at the honeymoon at least.

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