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The quietness of the house was eerie yet perfect. I could hear the click of the lighter in our bedroom and I wondered seriously what was going on. I had just gotten home from Olympus and I was tired. But, that sound excited me.

Over the past couple days I had noticed that there seemed to be a growing number of candles in our bedroom. Not that I minded. Percy had been slowly collecting them over the few weeks we had been married. I just wanted to know how they seemed to keep multiplying without me noticing him bringing them in.

I jiggled the handle to the bedroom door to find it locked. I sighed in annoyance but just as I finished the door creaked open. No one was inside but candles were lit everywhere. There were some on our headboard and more on the trunk at the foot of our bed. At first I think I was mad. This was irresponsible. The candles could burn our house down!

But, I could feel warm breath on the back of neck that made me melt. "Welcome home Baby," Percy whispered. His arms suddenly appeared around me as my ball cap fell to the ground. He kissed the base of my neck sweetly. Goose bumps rose on my arms where his touched mine.

"What's going on?" I asked not really caring as much as anticipating what was going to happen.

"I thought, since our honeymoon ended before it began I could give you a honeymoon." Percy whispered into my ear his lips brushing my skin.

"I'd like that." I breathed. His callused hands seemed like the softest thing to me as the traced up my arms. His hands rested lightly on my shoulders getting me to relax further. I hadn't yet seen his face since I'd gotten home and I was starting to get restless. I turned myself around and his hands fell from my shoulders to rest on my hips.

His deep sea green eyes were gorgeous though now they seemed to be churning with ecstasy. His black hair framed his face perfectly. Though it framed, it was beautifully messy. He had on an unbuttoned shirt with folded up sleeves so that they hugged his biceps. I could see his abs perfectly and felt the urge to trace the define shape. He was wearing kaki shorts with it. This was his typical outfit after walking down the beach for hours after working as the life guard at the local beach.

We've been living on the Montauk beach. He had bought the very house he had proposed to me. We have no visits from the gods anymore. We're over the age eighteen by a good amount now and the law states that they cannot have any action in our lives. It was limited during our childhood years, but now it was illegal to a point of punishment if the line is crossed. The only way we can see the gods or talk to them is if both parties request it. And, most of the time it is just too much work to try and do so. I see the gods more often though because I work in Olympus. I don't see too many gods up there either. It doesn't matter to me anymore.

Percy's hands snaked around to my back and pulled me up against his chest. I could barely feel the pound of his heart within his chest. Heat was radiating off his very skin making my heart pick up its pace. We hadn't really had much time for romance lately since both of us were beat tired when we together. Now, we didn't care.

His lips met my own and I could feel my brain slowly melting. I was putty in his hands unable to control myself. My fingers twined in his hair pulling him even closer. The feeling of his lips opening and closing on mine made my head spin even faster. I had felt this way since Mt. Saint Helens. The love that was shared had been the very thing that ripped me apart when I watched him explode from the mountain.

"Percy…" I breathed as he kissed down my neck. He hit the sensitive spot at the base of my neck and I involuntarily moaned. Percy's hands softly picked my legs up from under me and wrapped them around his waist. I locked my ankles behind him so that I was easier to hold up. Percy carried me across the room and laid me back on the bed.

He let his shirt fall down his arms and hit the floor so that he was shirtless. I tried to let myself hold some dignity, but it was nearly impossible. He quickly seemed to focus back in on me putting his hands on my hips. His hands were careful as they lead my shirt up my torso and over my head. He removed my shorts quickly so that I was left only in my laced bra and thong.

"I love you." Percy whispered before he began to kiss me again.

"I love you too…" I breathed.

That night was the best of my life. I gave myself over to Perseus Jackson, the love of my life. I expressed my love for the one person I cared for most. I gave up the one thing I had managed to hold onto for the majority of my teenage years. I married at a young age giving up the chance to join Artemis, but I do not regret it. For I am the happiest person on Earth.

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