Why do I keep writing ships that I'm not even interested in? XD


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was Annabelle. She lived in a castle with many loyal servants and a large group of Pokémon that all loved her as well. However, she does not appear in this story.

"Paul! I challenge you to a rematch!" Ash screeched across the field to his purple-haired rival. Paul didn't even turn around. That was just how Paul acted. The best comparison would probably be comparing his actions to a potato, despite the fact that potatoes lack the ability to talk, walk, breathe, or do anything at all, really. They are simply good at sitting there and pretending as if they did not hear you.

Indeed, Paul was like a potato.

Unfortunately, Paul could not be chopped in thin slices and fried, thus depleting any usefulness he might have had.

"Hey! Paul! Battle me!" Ash shouted again. Slowly, Paul turned around. He glared at his rival as though trying to bore a hole through the boy. Indeed, Paul had been known to use his nonexistent laser vision on more than one occasion. It never ended well.

"Why would I battle you? You're weak. I need to grow stronger. I need to battle powerful opponents, not you," Paul finally said. As if to demonstrate his point, he whipped out a Poké Ball and threw it on the ground. His Electabuzz materialized in front of him, glaring in perfect imitation of his trainer. They both looked like morons, I might add.

Ash, taking this as a challenge, whipped out a Poké Ball of his own. "Gible! I chose you!" The weird blue shark thing stared blankly ahead as if wondering what it was supposed to do. Ash, however, knew what was really on its mind and hastily covered his head with a fishbowl to prevent nomming.

"Drats!" Gible shouted.

"You aren't supposed to speak English!" Pikachu told it, popping out of a nearby plothole.

"Neither are you," Brock pointed out, emerging from the same plothole.

"Oh, right."

"No need to worry!" Dawn said for no particular reason.

Gible, meanwhile, was playing cards with Electabuzz.

"No, no! You're supposed to be fighting! Like this!" Ash shouted. He demonstrated to his Pokémon by enthusiastically punching Paul in the face. "Oh noes!" he gasped upon realizing what he had done.

Paul picked himself off the ground, his eyes crossed, and several of his teeth missing. He shook his head and promptly proceeded to look around in surprise as though he had never seen any of the people around him before.

"Are you okay?" Brock asked.

"No need to worry!" Dawn said again.

"Today is a wonderful day! ~" Paul screamed gleefully in a most unPaullike way. He then proceeded to glomp the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a tree.

Everyone O_O'd.

"Oh no!" Ash shrieked, "Paul has become nice!"

Indeed, Paul was now frolicking with a herd of Eevee.

"Should have punched him sooner," Brock muttered.

"No need to worry!" Dawn shouted.

"Yay!" Paul screamed happily. He and Dawn began to dance. "Don't worry! Be happy!" Paul started.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Dawn sang.

"Oh no! They're using the power of the plastic singing wall fish! We'll all be doomed if we stay!" Brock gasped. He, Ash, Gible, and Pikachu jumped back into the plothole.

Dawn and Paul traveled the world, putting on performances at prestigious theatres around the world.

No one could resist the hypnotic power of the plastic singing wall fish.