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"Ungh, oh GOD….YES, EDWARD!" she moans. She's so fucking beautiful riding me like she's a fucking cowgirl. YeeHaw baby, YeeHaw!!! I sit up, grab her around the waist and take one of her pert nipples in my mouth. I start sucking, licking and nibbling on it while my hand is giving attention to the other breast. Wouldn't want anyone to feel left out.

"Oh Bella, you're so tight baby. I don't know how much longer I'm gonna last." and she starts clenching around me, screaming my name so loud I'm sure everyone in the next county heard her. She puts her head on my shoulder and places hot open mouthed kisses there. The clenching and kisses are my undoing and I spill inside her. "Belllllllllaaaaaa…..fuuuuucckkkkk" The most intense orgasm I have ever had, and that's saying something.

Fuck, not another one. I swear I need to stop this infatuation with Bella Swan. She works for my dad and therefore she is hands off, but damn I just want to be hands on as well as other parts. I quickly get up and take a shower to get ready for work. I strip my sheet, because they obviously need to be cleaned after my dream, AGAIN. I swear to God that I haven't had wet dreams this much since I was a horny teenager. I'm 25 years old, you would think that this type of thing wouldn't happen anymore.

I arrive at work at Cullen & Sons exactly at 7:30 and headed off to my office. I work with my dad, and brothers Emmett and Jasper in advertising. We are one of the biggest and most well respected firms in Seattle. I notice that my assistant, Jessica, is already here, but not at her desk. She's probably flirting with our resident douche bag in accounting, Mike Newton. That jackass comes in early every fucking day. You may wonder why I hate Mike so much, seeing as he takes Jessica's advances away from me, but the guy seriously eye fucks my girl every chance he gets. Bella, oh how I wish she were my girl, but that's never going to happen while she's working here, my father just wouldn't hear of it.

I start getting my desk organized to begin my day when there is a knock on my door. "Come in." I reply somewhat distracted and in walks Jessica with my coffee and my schedule on hand.

"Morning Mr. Cullen, how are things going for you this morning?" she says somewhat flirtatiously.

"Morning Jessica. Just fine thanks, you?"

"Things are good, really good actually." She replies, obviously looking for me to be interested so she can elaborate, but I've come to learn that the more I engage in this friendly discussion the more she thinks there is to our relationship, which is strictly professional I can assure you.

"Glad to hear it. So Jessica, what's my day look like today?" I ask her as she takes a seat in one of the chairs across from me. Jessica starts telling me about my day ahead relatively quickly since I have a meeting in a few minutes. Once she's done she walks out of my office and back to her desk. I have to get going to quickly gather everything I need and head out to the conference room. I am in charge of a few new projects, the one for today's meeting will give us a ton of good press if we get it right. It's with Black Automotive and they are huge in world of car parts. They are expanding rather quickly and are looking for a great ad campaign to bring in more business. Their CEO is who I have a meeting with, Jacob Black, he's young for a CEO, but very charismatic and funny as hell. I am pretty sure we have this account in the bag. I walk in the conference room and everyone is here and ready to go. "Jacob, it's so nice to see you again. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us today. I think you'll like what we have prepared for you." I make my way over to him and he stands up to shake my hand while saying, "Edward, nice to see you too man. It's been a while. I'm sure I'll love whatever you guys have come up with. You're always on top of your game."

After 2 hours the meeting is finally over signed contracts in hand. Jacob loved our campaign and is itching to get started.

I make my way over to my dad's office to give him the good news when I see Bella. She looks fucking incredible. Her dress isn't overtly sexy by any means, but Bella can look amazing in a burlap sack, of this I am sure. She's wearing a black dress with half sleeves, the neckline sits right under her collarbone (ugh, that collarbone, I really just want to suck on it), the length stops right above the knee and there is a skinny belt to accentuate her tiny waist. "Hello Bella, is my dad in?" I say trying not to ogle her.

"Oh, hey Edward. He's available at the moment, but he's only got about 5 minutes before his next meeting. Go on in."

"Thanks Bella." I say as I'm walking into my dad's office.

As soon as I walk in my dad is looking at me expectantly. He knew I had the meeting with Jacob and was waiting to hear how it went. "Well, how did it go?"

"What, no good afternoon Edward? Maybe mom should have included you on our lessons on proper etiquette." I said with a smirk.

He got a smile on his face and then said, "Can it! I have better manners then you and your brothers combined and you know it." I just laughed at him and told him how the meeting went. True to Bella's word he did only have 5 minutes and I was soon on my way out the door. I stopped by Bella's desk and she was on the phone talking about going to some club. She looked up at me and I gave her a small wave and a smile on my way back to my office. The rest of my day was spent working on some other accounts until I was interrupted by Emmett's booming voice coming into my office.

"Hey there bro. Heard you landed the Black account, congrats. I say we go out and celebrate tonight. Whaddya say?" he asks excitedly. Ah yes Emmett, always up for a party. I swear the man will use any excuse to go party. Once when we were in high school he convinced us to throw a party when our parents were out of time because he quote, "Got Chelsea Deigo to smile at him" granted the girl was hot and didn't give any high school boy the time of day, but seriously, a girl smiles at him and he throws a party to celebrate. It actually ended up working out for him though because Chelsea showed up and they got together and went out for 2 years after that. Lucky bastard.

"Um, I don't know Em, I'm pretty beat. I just want to go home, take a shower and veg in front of the TV with a beer." I told him. The truth was I didn't really feel like going out and getting eye fucked and groped by drunken girls tonight. With my dreams of Bella getting more and more erotic I sort of feel like I would be cheating on her. I know, I'm a pussy and I'm not even getting any.

"Dude, that's fucking lame. Come on. I'll get Jazz to drive and you can get some beers at the club. It'll be fun. We'll go to this new place that just opened up on Yesler. It's supposed to be awesome. If you get too tired we'll call you a cab and you can head home, alright you pansy ass?" Truth be told I could probably use a night out with my brothers, but I'm not giving in to him that easily.

"Em, seriously I have beer at home and just want to sit on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory tonight. Leonard and Penny are supposed to finally get together tonight. " At this point he's looking at me like I've grown 2 heads and I am trying hard as I can to not crack up at him.

"Eddie, WHAT THE HELL!!! You want to watch some stupid show about a bunch of geeks instead of going out with us and dancing with some hot chick that could take your skin boat to tuna town."

"Emmett, that's disgusting. I don't know how you manage to get women with lines like that." He just stood there giving me a look that says You're fucking going, I'm not backing down. "Fine I'll go with you. What time are we going?" I have to laugh because who knows where he picks this shit up. I'm pretty sure he's got some webpage bookmarked to look up euphemisms for sex.

"Yeah, awesome. Okay, we'll pick you up at 9. Be ready to go." He turned and walked out the door muttering something under his breath that I couldn't quite catch, no doubt about my desire to watch Big Bang Theory. That show is hilarious though, I'm going to have to DVR it when I get home.

I finally get home at 7:00 and order some Thai for delivery before hopping in the shower. My mind immediately wanders to Bella. I kind of wish I hung around her desk a little longer to find out more information on this club she was going to, but what if she was making plans to go on a date with some guy? Fuck, that would be just my luck. Now I am hoping we aren't going to the same place because I really don't need to see the object of my infatuation rubbing all over some other guy.

My dinner finally arrives and I sit down on the couch and watch a little TV and have a beer before Jasper and Emmett get here. With the thoughts of Bella possibly going out on a date I need something to calm my nerves so I drain my first beer and grab another one. By the time Jasper and Emmett arrive I've already downed 3 beers and I'm feeling pretty good. All thoughts of Bella on a date are gone and I'm ready to have a good time.

We get to the club at 9:30 and of course Emmett being Emmett we get right in without waiting in the line that's stretched around the building. We head up to the bar, grab our drinks and find a table where we can watch what's going on.

"So Edward, Emmett tells me you landed the Black account today?" Jasper asks while I am taking a sip of my drink. I just nod in confirmation. "That's really awesome man, it should be great for the company with all the publicity it's going to bring in, not to mention the praise for you."

"Yeah, thanks. Jacob's really a good guy, I think this will be a really great campaign. I just need to assemble a team to get started right away. He wants to see some ideas in 2 weeks. It's going to mean a lot more hours at the office for me until then, but I am confident we can pull it off."

"Hey if you need someone on your team I'd be happy to help you out. Oh you know who else would be good, dad's assistant. She has some really good ideas. I've talked to her a few times and she's really smart. I know dad's been wanting to get her on a campaign for a while, this one might be perfect for her." Says Jasper with a big smile on his face. Figures he'd bring up Bella. He's the only one that knows about my feelings for her, which he has told me countless times to act on, our father be damned. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him" he says. Yeah, right! He acts like I just want to fuck her, but in reality I think Bella and I could be really great together.

"Yeah Jazz, I would love for you to be on the team and maybe I'll talk to dad about his assistant tomorrow to get his take on the idea. I'm not sure how well he'll do without her for 2 weeks though." I'm glaring at him at this point for even bringing it up.

Emmett gets up to go grab us some more beers leaving Jasper and I alone to talk some more. He hates talking about work when we're out, something about putting him in the wrong mindset. He wants to focus on the ladies. He comes back a few minutes later with a big shit eating grin on his face.

"What's the look for Em? You look like you just got to third base with a Victoria's Secret model." I ask as he puts down our beers.

"Pretty close actually. I met a girl at the bar and damn she's hot. She's here with her two girlfriends. They went to go dance, she said something about getting in her sexy time with her girls. I'm going to go find her, come on." We take a pull from our beers and get up to follow Emmett to the "sexy time" girls. We're making our way through the throng of people and Emmett stops pointing the girls out to us. There is a blond, with hair down to the small of her back, blue eyes, in a bright pink skin tight dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, her shoes are black with a huge strap and a buckle around the ankle. There is also a shorter girl, very petite, she can't be more than 5 feet tall and weigh more than 100 pounds. She's got spiked black hair and a black dress with a deep v neck that goes down almost to her belly button. There is a beaded band under the breast and it goes to mid-thigh. I looked over at Jasper and he was just staring at her and I think I may have seen a little drool escape. The last girl had her back to us, but she had long brown hair that went to the middle of her back in loose curls. She was wearing a purple strapless dress that hit her mid thigh with these dark grey heels with buckles all the way up to her ankle.

The blonde and black haired girl were grinding on each other to the beat while the other one danced around them. A small group of guys made their way over to them but the girls just shooed them away, apparently not in the mood to dance with them. The song changed to a slower song and suddenly the girl with the brown hair turned around and I just about lost my balance. It was Bella and she was gorgeous. Her dress just accentuated her curves and made her all that more appealing to me. She noticed me and started to make her way over.

"Edward, hey. What are you doing here?" she asked with a big smile on her face. Was she happy to see me?

"Well I came with Emmett and Jasper to celebrate landing the Black account. What are you doing here?" she was about to answer when someone pushed her and she lost her balance falling right into my arms. I grabbed her by the waist to steady her. I couldn't help but notice how good she smelled. Like strawberries and some flower that I couldn't place. I took a step back to make sure she was okay and she had the most beautiful blush on her face.

"Sorry about that, I am probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet." She said shyly.

"Bella, someone pushed you, that wasn't being clumsy, but if you're as clumsy as you say you are maybe I should make sure to be around more so I can catch you." Shit, did that really just come out of mouth? The alcohol must be impairing my judgment already. Luckily for me she didn't seem put off by what I said, in fact she just got a huge smile on her face.

"Maybe that wouldn't be…" she was abruptly cut off by one of her friends coming to find her.

"Bella, oh my god, are you okay? I saw what happened. Rose went to go find the idiot who pushed you and give him a good tongue lashing. Who's this tall, dark and handsome piece of man?" the spiky haired girl asked at about a mile a minute.

"Yes Alice I am fine. Rose doesn't need to be doing that, it was just an accident. Alice, this is Edward Cullen, we work together. Edward, this is one of my best friends Alice Brandon." Alice was looking between me and Bella with wide eyes trying to figure something out, what I wasn't sure.

She finally offered me a handshake and said, "Edward, nice to meet you finally. I've heard A LOT about you and let me just say that none of it does you justice." I looked at Bella with a confused expression I am sure and again she was blushing, but glaring daggers at Alice.

"Nice to meet you as well Alice." I replied.

"So Edward, are you flying solo tonight, surely a handsome guy such as yourself has a girlfriend."

"Um, actually, no I'm here with my brothers." I look over my shoulder to my brothers and Emmett is dancing, or grinding on the dance floor, with their blond friend, and Jasper is standing directly behind me with his mouth agape just staring at Alice. I gesture towards my brothers, "The big guy dancing with your friend is Emmett and this tool behind me is Jasper."

At the mention of his name Jasper comes out of his daze to shake Alice's hand and then they were both gone so that I'm standing there alone with Bella. "So, do you want to dance Bella?" I ask as I offer her my hand.

"Well, I was actually on my way over to the bar to grab a drink when I saw you, I'm very thirsty." She said suggestively. Is it me or is she flirting with me a little? I decide that a drink sounds good and head over to the bar with her. She orders a lemon drop martini, I order another beer and of course being the gentleman that my mother raised me as I paid for both of our drinks. Bella thanks me for the drink as well as telling me that she was going to pay for them both before I so stealth-like handed the bartender my credit card. I just chuckled at her and began to think of all the things I would buy for her if she were mine.

As the evening wore on we just sat and talked, mostly about work and I mentioned Jaspers idea of her working on the Black account. She got so excited by the prospect that she insisted that I call Carlisle immediately, but I managed to somehow convince her to wait to talk to him until we got in the office seeing as it was already well past 1 in the morning. Jasper and Alice finally made their way back to our table, holding hands and looking like they had been making out all night long. A few minutes later Emmett and Rosalie appeared hand in hand as well, looking only slightly more put together then Alice and Jasper. We said our goodbyes to the girls shortly after, my brothers each exchanging numbers with the girls.

"Edward, let me see your phone for a sec." said Bella, while her friends were saying their goodbyes to my brothers. I was a little confused as to why she wanted my phone, but handed it over anyway. I doubt there is anything that she would ask for that I wouldn't willingly hand over to her and that includes me beloved Aston Martin. Bella typed something into my phone and gave it right back to me. Before I even had a chance to look at it she put her hand on my shoulder and reached up on her tip toes to whisper, "Use it wisely" in my ear, the placed a small peck on my cheek. The look of shock on my face had to have been apparent to everyone around, but I couldn't help it, the girl that I have been infatuated with for the past 3 months just kissed my cheek and has been flirting with me all night. Once I was broken out of my shocked state by a slap on the shoulder by Jasper the girls had already left.

"So, Edward, did you have a good night?" asked Jasper with a knowing smirk.

"Why, yes, yes I did, how about you Jazz?" He just nodded at me and we were on our way back home. On the ride home none of us talked, it seems we were all thinking about what had happened tonight. I knew one thing for sure, I was going to have to change my sheets again in the morning.