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My head is pounding, what the hell happened? Why can't I move my arms and legs? I tried opening my eyes having to blink a few times before anything came into focus.

"Ah, lover boy, you're up. It's about damn time." A voice I didn't recognize said.

"Wh-where am I? Where's Bella?" Looking around I saw nothing I recognized, a slight panic started to flow through me. Who is this guy, then I remembered, he and that crazy bitch Tanya tore into my parent's house and taken Bella and I. I didn't know what they wanted with us, but when it came to Tanya I wasn't about to rule anything out.

"Well my cousin Tanya decided that she wanted you for her very own and told me to bring you here. As for your little girlfriend, well, let's just say that she's not being treated as well as you are pretty boy."

I growled and tried to get out of my restraints. "WHERE IS SHE YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH?"

"Now, now, there's no use trying to get free, I have the only key to those cuffs and the more you struggle the more it'll hurt. There's no way you're getting out of that unless Tanya or I uncuff you. Take it easy."

"I want to see Bella. NOW!" I yelled, the man was unfazed by my outburst.

Just then Tanya walked into the room looking calm and I wondered what the hell she was up to. "Hi baby! I'm so glad you're awake. We're going to have the greatest day tomorrow. I have so much planned already, I can't wait for you to see everything I've done for us baby." She reminded me of an over excited puppy, if she talked any faster or her voice any more shrill you'd never be able to make out what she was saying.

"What the hell is wrong with you Tanya? Let us go!"

"Not yet sweetie. I need you rested for our big day and I know you'll just work yourself up and not get any sleep at all. Don't worry; I've taken care of everything."

Not able to contain my anger any longer I started yelling a variety of insults at her and her so called cousin. "What the fuck are you talking about you psycho?"

Tanya turned to her cousin and said, "Isn't he cute?"

"I don't think I would call him cute, no. Why on earth do you want to marry this douche Tanya? You could do so much better."

"Daniel! Shut up. I love him and he loves me and we're getting married, I told you. Now you can either get on board or get the hell out! Which is it going to be?"

"I'm here aren't I? I just think you could do better than him." His words seemed to placate her, but their argument just made me more and more uncomfortable. Was she actually planning on us getting married? This was bad, very bad. I needed to get Bella and I out of here.

"I'd hate to interrupt this touching moment between you two, but people are going to be looking for us, Bella's father is the Chief of Police, I seriously doubt he's going to let his little girl be kidnapped and just leave her."

"WHAT!" Daniel yelled the noise bounced off the small enclosed space, only making it seem louder. "Tanya, you didn't tell me the girl's father was on the force. Shit, I'm never going to keep my job after this! This is so not going to end well." Daniel began pacing, pulling at his short hair all while grumbling to himself.

"SHUT UP you moron. There is no way anyone, even daddy dearest, is going to find us and even if they do manage to find our location Eddie and I here will already be married and on our way to our fabulous honeymoon and Bella will already be buried out back, with the dog. And you can keep your precious detective job. You should know better than anyone that our location is well hidden." Tanya laughed maniacally and it just made me angrier. I struggled with the cuffs binding my wrists together trying to free myself so I could get to Bella, but it was no use, these were obviously police issued handcuffs, something you can't wiggle out of no matter how hard you tried. What I needed was to get one of them alone so that I could manipulate them to let me go. "Now, do you think you can handle babysitting duty? I have a few more things to take care of before tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine. Go." Daniel said reluctantly. This is just what I needed, Tanya gone. This guy didn't seem too keen on the idea of holding the Police Chief's daughter hostage. I'm sincerely hoping I can use that to my advantage.

"Great. I'll be back in a while lover, miss me." She blew me a kiss, I cringed, and she walked out the door. I waited until I heard the car drive off before I said anything. Daniel was playing with his phone, not paying any attention to me, but I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't happy about something; I could only hope it was our current situation that had him distraught.

"You know, you could let Bella and I go and just take off. We wouldn't implicate you in any of this. I can tell you don't want to do this Daniel."

"SHUT UP ASSHOLE!" He screamed in response.

"Look man, I get it. Cops don't make that much and I'm sure Tanya offered you money to help her with this scheme, but is a few bucks really worth going to prison. Bella's father will find us and when he does things aren't going to be pretty for you." Daniel growled in frustration, pulling at his already sparse hair with both hands. He was muttering to himself about something again, but I' couldn't make out what he was saying. His pacing back forth was driving me crazy after a few minutes, but I kept my irritation to myself. Best not to antagonize the armed man. After what seemed like forever he stopped and sat down in the chair he had previously been occupying, leaning over with his head in his hands. He seemed to be trying to control his breathing; I waited, quietly, patiently.

He finally sat up, looking right at me.

"My little girl is sick; Tanya offered me money and access to the best doctors in the country if I helped her. I can't let her die, I just can't." The strangled cry that ripped from him just about ripped my heart out. So that's why he was doing this, now I could understand a little better. When Bella and I finally had kids I know I would do everything in my power to save them if they were sick so I couldn't blame him, but there are better ways to go about things, he was obviously desperate though and I wondered how long his daughter had been sick.

"Shit." I whispered, I actually did feel bad for the guy, he was just trying to help his daughter and Tanya manipulated him to get what she wanted. "Do you know who I am Daniel?" He shook his head, so I continued. "My last name is Cullen; my family owns one of the biggest advertising firms in Washington. If you let us go I can guarantee you the money and doctors you need to save your daughter. You don't need to do this." He didn't say anything, but I hoped he was thinking about my offer. "She's planning on killing Bella and my money's on her making you do it. You can't come back from murder Daniel."

"YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW THAT?" Suddenly he was off his chair, pacing around the room again, I was really tiring of the fucking pacing. "You think I want to be doing this Edward? I don't. I'm risking everything, EVERYTHING, to save Miranda."

"You don't have to though, just let us go and I give you my word you will get the money you need for your daughter."

He stopped pacing and looked right into my eyes, if he was looking for any signs of dishonesty on my part, he wasn't going to find any. I had a feeling that Daniel was a good man that just got caught in a bad situation. He must have figured out that I was in fact being honest with him because he let out a breath and with a slight nod of his head he agreed.

"Okay, but we have to hurry." He rushed to my side with the keys to the handcuffs ready.

The next few moments went by quickly. Daniel uncuffed me and instructed me to follow him, which I did, to the back room where they were holding Bella. When I entered the room I was filled with rage. There was my Bella tied to a chair and gagged, she had a blindfold over her eyes and a fat, bloodied lip. I could see a bruise forming on her right cheekbone. She tensed as she heard up come in. "Bella, oh baby, what have they done to you?" I sobbed, getting on my knees in front of her. I took her face in my hands inspecting her injuries.

"Edward, come on, we don't have a lot of time. You can check her out in the car." Daniel yelled as he frantically undid the cuffs and untied the gag. I ripped the blindfold off her and unbound her feet from the chair. I picked my beautiful girl up bridal style and ran out the door. "This way. Hurry." I followed him to the black suburban parked just a few feet away. We were almost there when a red Miata pulled up and screeched to a halt. It was no surprise to any of us when Tanya jumped out of the driver's seat.

"Daniel! What the hell is going on?" She screamed. I swear the sound of her voice could make glass shatter. Her hand disappeared into her purse then pulled out a gun, aiming right at Bella and I.

"Tanya, this isn't right. I can't let you do this to these people."

"What about Miranda Daniel?" She asked, hissing his daughter's name at him. "If you don't do this you won't get the money you need to save her." Tanya laughed to herself like what she said was the funniest thing she ever heard.

"I'll find another way. I can't let you kill Bella and kidnap Edward; it's against everything I stand for. I should have never agreed to help you. You need help Tanya."

"NO! YOU WILL NOT BACK OUT ON ME! YOU PRRRROOOOMMISSSED!" Holy shit, I could see the vein bulging out of her forehead, she was pissed and there was no telling what she'd do next. I needed to get us out of here and fast. The car was so close, three more steps and we'd be safely inside, and the door was already open. While Tanya's attention was on Daniel I tried to subtly move towards the car, apparently I wasn't as stealthy as I thought because Tanya's attention turned to me with my movements. "Where do you think you're going Edward?" Tanya hissed. Bella tensed up hiding her face in my chest.

"I just wanted to put Bella down, that's all."

"Drop her!"

"Tanya, she's hurt, he can't just drop her on the ground." Daniel yelled.

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF SHE'S HURT, SHE'S GOING TO BE DEAD SOON ANYWAY! DROP HER! NOW!" But I didn't, Bella's grip on me loosened and I let her down gently, she was a little wobbly, but she managed to stay upright, still holding onto my arm, but Tanya wasn't having any of that. She stomped towards us, and yeah I mean stomped liked a petulant child, and grabbed Bella's arm, hard, pulling her away from me. Bella screamed out in pain, I didn't like where this was heading, I needed to think of something quick. "I should have killed you when I had the chance." Tanya seethed. Just then the gun she was holding was pointed directly at Bella's head, she cocked the gun, ready to fire. I was in shock at what she was about to do, unable to move no matter how hard I tried to get my body to react and save the love of my life from certain death, thankfully there was someone else here who was thinking rationally. Daniel rushed towards his cousin, gun aimed right at her screaming for her to put the gun down, the crazy bitch just looked at him and cackled like the psycho she is. Then everything happened at once two shots were fired and Tanya was on the ground, Bella was screaming and I was moving faster than I thought I ever could, my body finally rushing into action. Daniel was at Tanya's side but I couldn't tell what he was doing. He obviously shot her, but did he kill her? I didn't know and in that moment all I cared about was getting Bella to safety.

I wrapped Bella in my arms as she cried whispering comforting words in her ear. When I looked over at Tanya I could tell that she was dead, Daniel had shot her to save Bella.

"I'm sorry Daniel." I said to him because what else can you say to the man who just saved your reason for being by killing his cousin?

"Yeah. Thanks Edward. I'm uh, going to call this in, get the police here." I nodded at him. I would see to it that he didn't get implicated in any of this, he is a good man, just went down the wrong path trying to do what was best for his family and technically he didn't hurt either myself or Bella, Tanya did that. Once I had Bella in the car I looked her over, I was no doctor, obviously, but I searched her face and body for any clear signs on damage. "The cops and paramedics will be here shortly. How are you Bella?"

"I'm okay, my shoulder hurts. Thank you…for saving us. I'm sorry you had to shoot your family to do it though." Bella said. I had quickly filled her in on what Daniel had said and why he was helping Tanya and Bella being the forgiving and beautiful person that she is immediately agreed that he wouldn't be implicated in this mess. She felt horrible for him and his family.

"You're welcome; it's what I should have done in the first place. I should have never gotten into this with Tanya, everyone in our family knows she's bat shit crazy, but I was just so desperate to save my little girl." Daniel collapsed on the ground, his emotions clearly getting the better of him.

We could hear the sirens off in the distance so the police and paramedics would be here in minute. I needed to tell Daniel not to worry.

"Daniel." He looked up at me with his eyes rimmed red. "I just want you to know that I meant what I said back there. Bella and I are in no way going to implicate you in this mess. You saved us, plain and simple and when we get back I will make sure you get access to the best doctor's money can buy for your daughter." He nodded his head, tears now trickling down his face.

A phone rang in the car and I wondered who's it was, I didn't know where mine was. "Uh, that's probably your phone Edward. Tanya stashed it in the car when we drove up here." Daniel told me, just as the cops pulled up with the ambulance hot on their tails. I went into the car to find the phone and sure enough it was mine, the caller ID said "Dad" so I picked it up.

I made the conversation short since the police had arrived and were eager to talk to us, as well as the medics being insistent on looking me over even though I didn't have a scratch on me. Dad informed me that everyone was fine, nobody was hurt too badly when Tanya and Daniel came into the house. Emmett had a headache from being pistol whipped by Tanya and knocked out, Alice had a scratch on her face from Tanya's nails when she slapped her and my mother had a sprained wrist.

Half an hour later we were being put into the ambulance to take Bella to the hospital. The police had asked their questions and were now in the process of taking evidence from the house we were being kept in. Bella and I kept our word to Daniel, but he told the truth about what he did, said he couldn't lie to his fellow officers in an investigation, it was against his nature, so he was hauled away in the back of a cop car. The investigators did tell us that he would more than likely get a lightened sentence because of how he got us out of there and took down the one behind it all, but he was still going to do a little time for the kidnapping.

When we arrived at the hospital my entire family was there waiting for us, Bella was getting a couple of cuts sutured as well as a cat scan. The EMT's were concerned about her being knocked out and wanted to make sure there was nothing to worry about. She also was going to need to get her arm in a brace; it seems that Tanya's manhandling of her by the car dislocated her shoulder. Fucking bitch, if she weren't already dead I'd go back there and kill her myself. They wouldn't let me back with Bella so I sat in the waiting room with my family.

"How is she Edward?" My mom asked. She looked good, other than the brace on her right wrist, but I could tell by the look on her face she was more worried about Bella's welfare than her own pain.

"She'll be alright I think. They're just running some tests to make sure they don't miss something. Tanya dislocated her shoulder so she'll be in a brace for a little while." I sighed at the thought of Tanya hurting Bella.

"Is Bella going to be okay not doing anything for the move? I know how hands on she is." Emmett waggled his eyebrows at his innuendo. Everyone snickered, except my mother who hit Emmett on the back of the head with her good hand. "Ow ma, what was that for?" She just gave him a look, you know the one. It's the "Are you serious right now, you know what that was for" look, otherwise known as the "mom look." Emmett actually backed down, smart man.

"We'll make sure everything gets unpacked and put away where she wants it, won't we girls?" My mom offered and both Alice and Rose nodded their heads in agreement. Bella was a bit OCD when it came to where she wanted things so I was glad that the girls offered to help, I didn't want Bella yelling at me because I put something in the wrong place. That would be no way to start off our lives in our new house. The furniture was being delivered in the next couple of days so all we had was boxes and a few pieces that Bella insisted we keep from both our places.

"Thanks guys. That means a lot, to both of us."

We talked a bit about what happened at the house after Bella and I were taken while we waited. I had no idea that Tanya could take down my hulk of a brother, being as small as she was, but I guess when she comes at him from behind while he's fighting off someone else that'll take him by surprise and make it easier for her. My father had gone as fast as he could into the kitchen while the two attackers were distracted with Emmett and Jas to call 911. The cops were there two minutes after Daniel and Tanya had dragged us out of the house at gunpoint, just missing us. The police questioned my family for a good forty five minutes trying to figure out our whereabouts. No-one saw the car we were taken in so they didn't have plates to trace. With that and the fact that they didn't know who Daniel was it was going to take a while to figure out where we went. Apparently the police were waiting on a call asking for a ransom, a call that they soon learned would never come since Tanya wasn't looking for money.

We were gone for two days and the police were clueless. Bella's father was called as soon as the police had finished talking to my family and was heavily involved in the investigation. Currently he was at the station talking to Daniel. He had been assured that Bella was just fine and on her way to the hospital before he went to the station. I expected him to be here soon and I was nervous. Not exactly the best way to meet your girlfriend's father for the first time. He walked through the door of the waiting room just as the thought crossed my mind and I gulped.

"Charlie" My mother asked kindly, standing up from her chair to greet him. I followed suit as my mother embraced Bella's father. By the look of shock on his face I could tell that my mother's embrace took him by surprise. From what I gathered from Bella Charlie wasn't much on the outward affection.

"Uh… Hi." My mother backed away from the hesitant sound in voice, but held onto his hand.

He looked behind my mother at me standing there waiting to introduce myself. "You must be Edward." I walked forward shaking his offered hand.

"Yes sir. I'm Edward Cullen. Nice to finally meet you, although I do wish it were under better circumstances."

He just grunted at me in response. I didn't get the feeling that Chief Swan liked me very much. Great.

"So, where's Bella?" He asked after a few minutes of just giving me the evil eye.

"She's getting a CT scan; she should be done in a few minutes. I know she's anxious to see you." I hoped in giving him the information he wanted he'd let up a little on me, but he just gave me a curt nod and sat down to wait. So much for that theory I guess.

We all sat in the waiting room, everyone having separate and hushed conversations, for another twenty minutes before the doctor came in. "Isabella Swan?"

"Yes." Both the Chief and I said, both also bolting upright out of our chairs, I of course got the death glare from the Chief, I still couldn't figure out why.

"I'm her father. How is my daughter? Can I see her now?" I remained quiet behind him as the doctor led him to a more private location. The doctor gave me an odd look but Charlie told him it was fine to speak in front of me.

"Sir, your daughter will be out in a moment, everything looks good. She just has a dislocated shoulder, which is in a sling; she needs to be careful for the next couple of weeks so it can properly heal. Other than that and a few bruises Bella is just fine."

"Oh thank God." Charlie said in relief.

As if on cue Bella walked into the waiting room, her arm in a sling and bruises littering her beautiful face. Without thought of anyone else I ran to her, enveloping her in my arms, but careful not to hurt her. "Bella" her name came out as a sigh, I was just so relieved that she was okay and I could take her home.

"Edward." She sighed as well, holding onto me as hard as she could, which was actually pretty hard considering one of her arms was in a sling. "Baby, take me home." I nodded, too overcome with emotion to speak.

"Bella, I would like for you to take it easy with that arm for the next couple of weeks, it's going to be very sore so I've prescribed you some low dose pain medication. Go to your regular doctor in two weeks to have it checked and hopefully, if you don't use that arm you'll be able to take the sling off at that time."

"Thank you Doctor." Bella turned her attention to me, looking quite upset. I wasn't sure if it was due to the events of the past couple days or if it was because of what the doctor had said. I knew she had planned on doing quite a bit with the move and now she wasn't going to be able to do that. "Edward, we're going to have to postpone the move, I can't do anything until my shoulder is healed." With her head nuzzled into my chest she let out a little sob, it wasn't much, no-one else in the room probably even noticed. I rubbed her back, soothing her as best I could without drawing attention to ourselves.

"It'll be okay Bella. Shhh baby, don't cry." She looked up at me, her eyes rimmed red and wet, a single tear going down her cheek. "My mom, Alice and Rose have offered to unpack for you, under your direct supervision of course and we have the rest of our family and friends to help us move in. It'll be fine. I know you wanted to be involved and you will, you'll just be telling us all what to do. I know how much you love to boss people around." I gave her my best smirk, the one she called "The Panty Dropper" and she smiled, exactly what I was going for.

"Okay, I guess I can do that. I really don't want to postpone the move. I want to start my life with you in our house as soon as possible." She smiled again, it soothed my aching heart to see her smile, and then she kissed my jaw.

"Bells, sweetheart, I'm so glad you're alright." At the sound of her father's voice Bella ran to him, hugging him just as fiercely as she hugged me. "You're mother is worried about you. You should give her a call when you get home."

"You called mom?"

"Had to Bells. You were missing, kidnapped by some crazy lunatic what was I supposed to do? Can you imagine the shit storm I would have been in had she found out on her own?"

"She wouldn't have found out dad. There was no need to worry her."

My father spoke up then, timidly, something I have rarely seen in my life, unless my mom was mad at him for whatever reason. "Actually Bella, the kidnapping made the national news, so she would have found out anyway." Bella groaned with this news.

"See Bells, I had to save my own ass from the wrath of your mother. You know how she gets." Charlie was now the one rubbing her back. I didn't know much about Bella's mom except that she was flighty and lived in Jacksonville with her new husband. Bella had said she was a bit high strung and was one to over react. Not that your daughter getting kidnapped was a small thing, hell if my kid had been kidnapped I would have been freaking the fuck out.

"Alright, I'll call her as soon as we're home. I promise. Thanks dad." She conceded.

"Sure thing Bells. Now that I know you're okay I need to get back to the station to wrap things up. That guy they brought in is being very cooperative, seems like Tanya was planning this for a while. Sick, sick woman. I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you Bella. I love you baby girl. Be safe. I'll be by this weekend to help out with the move, but you take care of that shoulder in the meantime." He hugged her again, kissing the top of her head this time before stepping away.

"I will daddy. I love you too." When he walked over to me I was sure I was going to get punched in the face, I mean wouldn't you if someone was giving you the death glare for the past hour? Instead he shook my hand.

"Take care of her son. If you hurt her I will come after you." For the second time today I gulped, I had no doubt that that his threat was not to be taken lightly.

"Yes sir. I will protect her with my life." With a nod he hugged my mother, Alice and Rose goodbye and shook hands with my father, Emmett and Jasper, then left.

"Let's get you out of here Bella."

My father offered to take us back to the condo and we gladly accepted since we had no car to get back. Our car was at their place, but we decided to pick it up later, Bella and I were beat and just wanted to lie down and relax. A shower might be nice too.

Once inside the condo Bella called her mom while I went into the bathroom to run a bath for us. I added some flowery scented bubbles that Bella had, it smelled just like her and it made me smile. When I came out fifteen minutes later Bella was wrapping up her call with her mom, I could tell by the look on her face that she was exasperated. "Okay, love you too mom. Bye. Ugh! She makes me crazy." I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind, resting my chin on her good shoulder and kissed her exposed neck. "Mm, that feels good."

"I ran you a bubble bath." I whispered in her ear.

"You're so good to me. How did I get so lucky?" Bella turned in my arms, wrapping her arm around my neck as she looked deeply into my eyes. I saw nothing but love there. I had been a little worried that she wouldn't want to be with me after everything that happened with Tanya, like maybe she thought being involved with me was too much drama. "Hey, what's wrong?" I didn't realize it but I guess my eyebrows had pinched together as I thought about her leaving me. Bella's thumb caressed the space that was scrunched up, making me relax, her touch was so soothing, always had been. "Talk to me, what's going on in that beautiful head of yours?"

With a huff of frustration at myself for worrying her I told her what I was thinking. "I was just worried that after all the dust settled that you'd think I wasn't worth all this drama and you'd leave me." I hung my head, not wanting to look at her. She was quiet for a moment and my anxiety level grew with each passing minute.

"Edward, please look at me." I did as she asked, looking into her beautiful brown eyes, I was expecting to see…well not what I was seeing, love was all that showed through her gorgeous eyes. "There it is." She smiled at me; I couldn't help but smile back at her. "I'm not going anywhere. I'd go through a thousand Tanya's if it meant being with you. You Edward Anthony Cullen are the most important person in my world. I don't think I would survive it if I lost you."

"I know the feeling. I honestly thought Tanya was going to…God I can't even say it." Bella and I held each other until I realized that her bath was probably getting cold. "Come one, there are bubbles in there with your name on it."

"With OUR names on them. Join me." And how could I ever deny her?

We both stripped each other of our clothing, but not in a sexual way, just reverently making sure we were both okay. I stepped in first, then held my hand out to her to help her into the tub with me. She lowered herself slowly into the warm soapy water. I washed her hair then her body being careful not to hurt her shoulder. I paid some extra attention to her breasts, gotta make sure those babies are clean; you know what I'm saying? After a thorough cleaning of her breasts I took the washcloth south, but somehow the washcloth fell from my hand, no idea how that happened, so I used my hands to clean her most sensitive area. She was moaning and writhing under my touch and soon she was screaming out my name as she climaxed.

We stayed in the tub until the water ran cold, taking our time to drying each other off with the fluffy towels then went into our room where we laid down under the covers, not bothering with clothing. Bella fell asleep quickly curled around me, our legs intertwined and her head on my chest. Her slow rhythmic breathing had me dozing off in no time.

The next day I woke before Bella and although I had to take a piss I didn't want to move. We hadn't moved at all during the night so I just stared at my beautiful girl with a smile on my face. The only thought in my head was when I could marry this woman who meant everything to me. The past couple of days had been some of the worst of my entire life, the thought of losing Bella almost set off a panic attack, but I stomped it down. She was fine, resting comfortably in my arms; I'd make sure that nothing ever hurt her again as long as we both lived. I wanted to make our commitment permanent as soon as humanly possible. A plan formed in my head as Bella continued to sleep. I would have the next couple of days off from work because of the move, we had already taken this week off, so I could make the preparations for my plan during that time, we were all ready for the move and there wasn't much left to do. I would just ask my mother to come over to stay with Bella while I went out.

Bella started to stir so I focused my attention back on my girl.

"Morning." She said as she stretched giving me quite a nice view of her breasts.

"Morning beautiful." I kissed her nose, she kissed mine in return. Waking up with her was one of my favorite things.

"What time is it?" Her hand moved along my chest, playing with the sparse hair scattered there.

Her hand felt so incredible I groaned, she was waking me up in the best way possible. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. "Ung baby." Her hand had moved to my now hard cock and she was stroking me, her thumb sweeping across the tip. "Bell…aa…holy….you…'….oh God yes….mmmm" I felt her body shake as she giggled at me for not being able to keep my train of thought, but really who could blame a guy with what she was doing to me. She pulled my nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling, driving me crazy with desire. "Fuck". My moaning was getting louder with each pass of her hand and as her kisses traveled over my abs down to where I wanted her mouth the most, the sounds I was making only grew louder and longer. Her mouth felt amazing, no amazing didn't even begin to cover it, there were no words for what this felt like. I hissed when her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and groaned even more when I felt the back of her throat once she had me all the way in.

Bella continued to pump me with her hand as her mouth moved up and down my length; I was oh so close already. I needed something to hold onto so one hand grabbed the sheet beneath me, my other hand going to her hair to assist her movements, though she really didn't need it, she was doing a damn good job all on her own. "Bella, you're so good baby. I'm so close." She moaned in response then sped up her movements, sucking a little harder; using her teeth ever so lightly that it caused a shiver to go up my spine. When her tongue swept around my tip and she plunged back down, moaning the whole way down that's when I exploded in her hot little mouth. Bella made sure to clean off every last drop before she popped me out of her mouth. I couldn't move or speak, my orgasm was intense, I think she might have sucked out my ability to think or speak, hell even my ability to move, not that I'm complaining.

"What did I do to deserve that?" I asked once my breathing had calmed a bit.

"You just continue to be the sweet, loving man that I fell in love with. Plus I owed you one from last night."

"You don't ever owe me anything Bella. I like to do things for you…and to you." The blissful feeling didn't last long once I remembered her injured shoulder, how did she manage to do that without hurting herself, or was she hurting and did it anyway because she felt like she owed me. "Uh Bella…how's your shoulder feeling?"

"It hurts a little but not as bad as it did yesterday. Don't worry I was careful not to hurt myself." Her stomach growled rather loudly right then making her giggle. "I guess I need food. Why don't you take a shower and I'll make breakfast."

"Absolutely not! We'll both get dressed then I'll take you to that little diner down the street for breakfast. I don't want you trying to cook with a hurt shoulder." Yeah, that was so not happening.

"You're crazy, but fine. Give me 10 minutes." She got up, walking across the room, naked to the dresser where she retrieved her panties and bra. She grabbed some clothes from the closet before shutting herself in the bathroom. I of course stayed where I was watching her every move, she had a spectacular ass.

While she got herself ready I threw on some clothes myself then went to the guest bathroom to pee, since I hadn't done it when I woke up.

We spent most of the rest of the day packing up a few things that we wouldn't be needing in the next couple of days. We had three more days until the move and there really wasn't that much to do since most of our personal belongings from our apartments were now in storage. All we had here was clothes and the things we used every day since the condo was furnished with everything one could possibly need for the clients who had to stay in the area for an extended amount of time.

I wasn't supposed to be working, but I had to make sure everything was being taken care of so I did end up working for a couple of hours after we got back from breakfast. We had some big clients that we needed to impress and I was the lead on a few of those accounts. Just because we had things going on in our personal lives didn't mean that time stood still until we came back to work. Bella was also working a bit since I wouldn't let her do much around the condo, she had been promoted, after all and even though Emmett told her that she should be resting she was adamant about doing something productive. She did do some online shopping for things that we would need around the house when Emmett finally put his foot down after her working for three hours.

The following day was hectic; Bella went back to working a little, promising Emmett she'd only work for two hours tops for the day. I should be a little offended that she listened to Emmett over me when it came to work, but he was her boss so how offended could I possibly be? We ordered lunch in since we were both busy, but decided we needed to get out for dinner. My mom and dad invited us over for dinner at their place and we readily accepted. I needed to get my car anyway and my mom had some things that she wanted to show Bella for the house. The painters were coming tomorrow to finish things up around the house before we moved in over the weekend. We also had some of our new furniture being delivered tomorrow in the rooms that were already painted.

Dinner was thankfully a lot tamer than the last time we were over. Bella was a little jumpy anytime she heard something which I expected to some degree. Maybe coming over here wasn't such a good idea after all.

"I'm fine, just a little jumpy. Don't worry so much." She kissed my cheek, no doubt noticing the worry on my face every time she jumped, then went back to talking to my mother. I wasn't convinced that she was "fine" but there was no point in arguing with her here. I would talk to her when we were back in the car.

After dinner I helped my mom clean up, she had insisted that Bella relax on the couch and talk to my dad, for which I was grateful since I wanted to talk to my mom alone for a few minutes.

"What on your mind son?" My mother asked. I had been dutifully drying the pan that she handed me, lost in my own thoughts. I guess it was obvious that I wanted to talk to her about something, then again my mom always was the best at reading my moods.

I filled her in on my plans and I had a hard time keeping her from squealing.

"Do you think it's too soon after everything that's happened?" I asked, genuinely concerned that maybe this wasn't the right time for this. Maybe I should wait until things are more settled, but then I'd have to think of another way to do this.

"Don't be silly Edward. If you feel like it's the right time then it'll be perfect. Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?" This caused me to snort because Bella had said the same thing during dinner.

"Maybe." I smirked and continued to dry the pots and pans. My mom filled me in on how things were going with Dad, his physical therapist had told him that he was doing much better and would be able to return to work in the next week. I'm sure my dad was happy about this, not that he stopped working just because he was stuck at home, if anything he was worse to work for when he was at home than he was at the office. I made a mental note to talk to Jas and Em about throwing a welcome back party for him at the office.

When the dishes were all done my mom stole Bella into her work room to show her some fabric samples or some shit, I didn't really pay attention. What, don't give me that look, I'm a man, I don't care about fabric samples or color combinations, all I care about is that my girl is happy in her new home, our new home.

Dad was on the sofa watching the game, drinking his scotch as usual. I poured myself a glass before joining him. "How's Bella holding up? She seemed a little jittery tonight."

It's just like him to notice little things like this so I wasn't surprised by his question. "She's alright. I think being back here so soon after what happened with Tanya has her on edge." He gave me a sad smile and nodded. "She says she's fine though, I don't think it was such a good idea to come here so soon after…" I trailed off, not needing to finish that sentence.

"She'll be alright son, but you're probably right, we shouldn't have asked you two over so soon after...we just wanted to make sure you both were okay. Bella's family to us, always has been." We watched TV for a little while longer while the women did whatever it was they were doing. Occasionally we'd hear a laugh or a squeal or just really loud chatter, it sounded like Bella was doing alright and that brought a smile to my face.

"Mom says your PT cleared you to go back to work, that must make you happy, huh pops?" I figured I'd get a better idea of when he'd be back so we could arrange the party.

"Yes and I can't wait to get back in there. Let me tell you Edward, as much as I love your mother, being with her every day ALL day gets…how should I put this…exhausting." I laughed out loud, he would be set to retire soon and then there'd be nothing but he and mom, I wondered how he'd handle that, I asked him as much, he sighed. "I don't know. I might have to put a little more time into my golf game. She's just go, go, go all the damn time. I swear as soon as she was better and I was cleared for more activity the woman became insatiable. She wanted it all the damn time Edward." I groaned and covered my ears so I couldn't hear anymore. The last thing I needed was details about my parents sex life, it was just disturbing. "Are you listing to me son?"

"Not if I can help it, no."

"It's perfectly natural son, just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm dead."

"DAD…Please! I don't want to hear about you and mom getting it on. It's just WRONG!" I shivered just at the thought of it.

"What's WRONG?"

"Our son seems to think that you and I having sex is just WRONG!" My mother just laughed, as did Bella. "I'm sorry dear, I don't mean to laugh at you but how do you think you and your brothers came to be on this earth?" I couldn't get the scowl off my face, I knew what she was saying, but shit did I really need to hear all the dirty details from my old man? "Oh wipe that scowl of your face. You're too pretty to have that ugly look on your face."

"What the hell mom?" She knew I hated being called pretty. I looked at Bella and she was fighting off the laughter as was my dad, then they all just broke and started laughing their asses off. I got off the couch with a huff and grabbed Bella, throwing her over my shoulder caveman style. We were getting out of here, right now. "Say goodnight Bella."

"Goodnight Esme, Carlisle. Thanks for a lovely dinner." Bella started lightly tapping my ass, asking me to stop but I just kept walking to the front door.

"Edward, stop honey. I'm sorry I called you pretty. If you please wait I have something I would like to talk to you about before you go." The pointed look she gave me told me that she wanted to talk about her coming over this week to keep Bella company, so I relented and put my girlfriend on her feet then followed my mom to the den to talk in private. "Would it be alright it I came over tomorrow afternoon or is that too soon for you?"

"No, tomorrow is great, but why the rush?"

"Your father is driving me insane I need to get away for a bit." I burst out laughing; my mom just looked at me with confusion written all over her face, but there was no way I was going to rat my dad out, he was my boss and could make my life hell at work, not that I think he would, but us men have to stick together.

We left a few minutes later, both of us happy to be headed home.

"What were you and your mom talking about?" The innocent curiosity in her voice reassured me that she had no idea what I was up to.

"Nothing important baby." She gave me a dubious look so I tried changing the subject. "You seemed better after you and my mom went off to do whatever it was you were doing."

Her laughter filled the car, but I had no idea what was so funny. "Did you listen to a word we said when we came back in the living room?" I tried to look ashamed, but she just laughed at me. It was a good sound; one I had missed the last couple of days. "Men."

The rest of the ride home she told me about the different bedding options she and my mom went over, like I said before as long as she was happy, so was I. I didn't want to get into trouble for not listening again so I tried to pay attention to every word, asking questions at things I didn't understand. She seemed happy and I was glad that the kidnapping didn't affect her too badly, but I had to wonder how long this was going to last.

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