Lullabies for Little Bella


It was one of those miserably dragged out days that seem to never end. I was leaving for a weekend hunting trip with Emmett and Rosalie. We were to start our human façade in two weeks since we will once again be attending high school, so we needed to hunt as much as possible. I hated the beginning of a new school. The kids were always the most annoying then; always hitting on Rosalie and Alice, the girls always shamelessly flirting with Emmett, Jasper, and I. It would get better though. By a few months they would always pick up the hint and leave us to ourselves. That's how I liked it, to myself. Most of the hobbies I had to pass time were things I could do alone. I played piano, read many books, and closed my eyes while listening to musical geniuses such as: Ludovico Einaudi, Claude Debussy, Mozart, etc. This was one of those things I had to do, but could never seem to do alone…or peacefully. "Hey Rosie! When we're done hunting here, do you think we could go to Mexico? I've always wanted to try a Mexican! With all they spicy food they eat, they should be equivalent to a jalapeno for a human." Smack! Right on cue. Emmett says something inappropriate then Rosalie hits him upside the head. Not that it hurts him. He just mock pouts. Such an idiot. Maybe I'll have to make him eat soap again. That was an image I can never get out of my head. In her mind she was picturing Emmett throwing up bubbles. It was actually pretty hilarious. She was scowling at her husband, but I could see the humor in her eyes. I chuckled, and Rosalie rolled her eyes at me.

I ran across the field to the stream where a doe was drinking. I get down in a crouching position, ready to spring. Suddenly there was a gust of wind and I didn't get the deer scent I was expecting. It was human. Not just human, it was too faint. It was an…infant. Most surprisingly the baby was alone, there was no other scent accompanying hers. I walked forward towards the baby. I could hear quiet sniffles. If the baby had stopped crying than she could be injured, or sick, or… right then I was cut out of thoughts as I came face to face with the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. I leaned down and picked her up, cradling her to my chest to keep her warm. Her face was reddened from the cold weather and it was likely that she was ill. I started panicking. What if she was already too sick, and was going to die? Why was she out here alone? How did she get here? What were we supposed to do with her? I felt something on my neck and looked down into beautiful, deep, pools of chocolate brown. Her little hand rested in the crook of my neck and she smiled sadly at me, than started sneezing. My heart melted. She was sick, so I had to get her to Carlisle. I tucked her face into my chest, she was already ill she didn't need to get whiplash too, and ran as fast as I could muster to Emmett and Rosalie. They were staring into each other's eyes lovingly. They looked up surprised as the human scent swirled around them. Their foreheads puckered as the saw the baby girl in my arms. "We have to get to Carlisle. I found her out here alone. I think she's been out here for a while. Come on, we have to go now." They nodded seriously and took off behind me back to the house. Thank goodness we weren't very far.

I shoved the door out of my way and ignored everyone's questioning looks, taking off straight to Carlisle's study. "Carlisle, we have a…situation." It didn't feel right calling this angel a problem. She wasn't a problem, but she was a complication. His eyebrows knitted together. "Yes. It seems we do. What's going on Edward?" I looked down at the little girl who was snuggled up to my chest asleep. "We were just beginning to hunt in the woods just south of Port Angeles, when I came across her alone in the woods. I think she's been there for a while. She appears to be sick. Could you take a look at her?" He nodded, and reached for her. I reluctantly complied, handing her to Carlisle. As soon as she was out of my arms her eyes shot open, and she begun to cry. "It's okay. You're alright." She turned towards the sound of my voice and her arms shot out to me. Carlisle looked as bemused as I felt. Did she too feel as connected to me as I felt to her? Why was I getting so attached? It's not like she can stay here, that's impossible. She can't live in a house full of vampires. I smiled sadly at her and reached out to pick her up. "I got you", I said assuredly. She smiled and snuggled back into my chest. She was so adorable, that the thought of her leaving tore a hole in my heart. Carlisle smiled at her. He too thought she was adorable. Who wouldn't? He sighed and stood up to get some of his doctor supplies he kept at home. I rocked her back and forth gently, trying to comfort her. She started sneezing and coughing, making me worry. My eyes widened. I'm not Carlisle; I don't know what to do. Carlisle chuckled, and I turned to glare at him. He thinks this is funny?! She's sick! "Son, she probably has a cold. She'll be fine. No need to panic. Let me take a look at her." I looked her into her beautiful brown eyes. "He just wants to make you feel better. I won't let anything happen to you." She nodded, and then began to whimper as she started coughing again. I looked at Carlisle expectantly. He smiled at the baby, and took her into his arms. She whimpered at me but I let Carlisle examine her.

After he checked her heartbeat, took her blood pressure, looked down her throat, etcetera, he handed her back to me. She giggled and buried her head back into my chest. I chuckled and stroked her long mahogany hair. She has a cold. We'll have to give her medicine for her cough, and if she starts to show any signs of fever. She should be fine in a few days. One last thing…what are we going to do with her? I sighed. I've been trying to avoid this question. "I don't know Carlisle. Maybe we could check for missing child reports." Carlisle nodded. "First, I'll call some friends at the police station and see if anyone has heard anything." With that Carlisle left the room. I held her closer to me, and chuckled as her hands excitedly came up to my face. She played with my nose and lips with her tiny fingers. She giggled as she pulled on my lip then let go causing a popping sound. I chuckled and ruffled her hair. She was too adorable for her own good. We both turned to the door as we heard a high pitched squeal. Alice came prancing through the door, and ran up to the baby. She leaned back into me, shyly. Alice giggled. Pictures were flooding through her head of an older version of this angel. She was playing with Emmett, watching me play piano with a beautiful smile graced on her lips, scowling as Alice dragged her into the mall, smiling up at Rosalie as Rosalie held her, helping Esme with her dinner, and laughing at some private joke with Carlisle and Jasper. I looked up questioningly at her. This beautiful girl was a lot older…and she was with us. "Alice you know that's impossible. She's human." Alice shrugged as she smirked at me. "What are you smirking about?" She was blocking her mind, translating "Barbie Girl" into Hebrew, than German. I shook my head at her. She knows I hate when they do that. She danced back out of the room as Carlisle came in, his face grim. "What's up Carlisle?" He looked up into my eyes. "The police station said her father was Police Chief Charlie Swan, and her mother was Renee Swan. They were found yesterday about half a mile away from where you found Bella. They were drained from all their blood, Edward. The police station has no idea how, but I think we know what happened, unfortunately. I guess they didn't see Isabella. Her name is Isabella by the way. Isabella Swan. They said if we don't want to keep her here, as in adopt her, then they're going to put her in an orphanage. That's definitely not a good growing up environment for a child." But then again neither is a house full of vampires. I nodded. "What do suggest we do Carlisle?" He sighed. "I suggest we have a family meeting, and discuss adopting her." I grimaced, but nodded and headed down to the living room – waiting for the others to come. I sat down on the couch, and cradled her into a comfortable position. She grabbed my hand and started nibbling on my finger. I laughed. She put my hand down and stared up at me with a smile on her face. One look into her doe-like eyes, and I knew I could never hunt another doe. Ever. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Maybe keeping her wouldn't be such a terrible thing.