Yugi Motto is chosen it be implanted with a special breed of demon known as a dinshi. But what happens when he is not implanted with a dinshi but a kinshi. A soul stealer.


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Soul Eater

The Start

Hi, my name is Yugi Motto. I am sixteen years old and I am smaller than most sixteen year olds. I am 4'5". I have purple eyes and some unusual hair. My hair is spiked with magenta outlines. I have blond bangs that frame my face.

I go to a special school where we are taught how to fight demons by fighting with demons. Sounds weird, huh? Don't worry, I'll explain.

Ok. To the public my school is called Varun Thamon's School of Misunderstood Gifts. The public believes that we are taught how to use the more uncommon gifts in real life.

One student here can't read a single word in any language what so ever. But he's not stupid in any sense. He can take apart and put together any piece of equipment no matter if he has never seen one before. His name is Leon. He is only six-years-old. And the not reading thing isn't because of his age. Trust me.

One girl, Luara, I believe, was sent here by her parents because they think she is insane. She has been here for twelve years. She's twenty-two. She has this ability to know if something about to happen before it happens. She might not know until seconds, minutes, or even days before it happens, but she knows.

Some students have more destructive, or useful, depending on how you look at it, abilities than others.

Many students here were sent because they believe that their child is insane, but they don't want to go through the humiliation of having a child in a mental institution.

Like I said that is what the public thinks. This school is really to train students how to hunt the evil demons that haunt this world. Normal humans would be killed in an instant. Many people who would be perfect at this school are sent to mental institutions everyday.

We are taught to fight with our dinshi partner. A dinshi is a breed of demon that must be implanted into a human host until it is mature enough to survive outside of its host. After the dinshi is born, it tends to hate its former host. Most dinshi would kill their partner without a second thought. They hate serving humans, but they have no choice. If they were to kill their partner, they would die as well.

We fight with our dinshi partner against another breed of demon called kinshi. Another name for a kinshi is a 'soul eater'. They must be implanted in a human host as just like dinshi, but there is one main difference. Where a dinshi cannot kill their host, a kinshi can. We are taught that kinshi are evil monsters that feast on the life force of humans greedily. We are told that kinshi forcibly implant their young into the human host to keep their population thriving.

Ok, by now your probably wondering why I'm here, at some school where we are taught to fight and kill kinshi demons. I am here only by luck. The truth is that the founder of the school, Varun, found me on the streets one day at took me to his home, the school. He says that I was all wrapped up in a violet silk sheet in an alley. He told me that he started to take me to the police, but he saw something in my eyes that made him think that I would be a great student here.

I don't really know what he is talking about but I am very grateful he found me that day. I don't have many friends here, but I do have family. Varun is like a father to me. He is seventy-five years old. His niece, Ishizu Ishtar, I call her Isis, is like a sister to me. She is twenty-eight years old. They are the only friends I have.

The main reason I don't have any friends is mainly because I have no extra abilities. None. I'm not upset or anything by that. I just wish that people would not make fun of me about it. Most of the bullies are the ones with the more violent abilities.

A boy named Ushio Tetsu has enhanced strength. He can nearly break anything with brute force. And I do mean brute. He picks on me a lot using his strength, but since he can't hurt me to bad without getting expelled, I leave with only bruises.

You're probably wondering why I haven't told anybody about it. Well, one time I did. I told Varun about how Ushio was beating me up, and he got in a lot of trouble. But the next time he got me alone, he hurt me much worse than ever. He told me that if I ever told on him again, he would hurt me much worse.

"You mother-fucking snitch! You son-of-a-bitch! How dare you snitch on me!" Ushio yelled as he continued to hurt me.

He had already broken several of my ribs and was now busy stomping on my legs, breaking them as well.

I screamed in agony, but it was no use. Another student here, Ryuichi Fuha, who always follows Ushio around, is using his power to prevent my screams from leaving the room.

Ushio goes to snapping my wrist. I heard the sickening snap many seconds before I feel the pain. I scream again as the pain starts to kick in.

Ushio starts laughing as he throws me away from him. "That should show you who you're dealing with. If you ever snitch on me again, I will do much, much worse. DO you understand?"

I only laid there, my breathing hollow and deep from the pain.

"I said do you hear me you son-of-a-bitch?" He yelled as he stormed over to me and pulled my face to his by yanking on my hair.

I cried out again in pain. "Yes," I whispered, unable to speak any louder.

"Yes what?"

"Yes . . . " I swallowed. "Yes . . . master."

"Very good," he said as he dropped me again. He turned to leave out the door Ryuichi had been guarding. "We're leaving."

Ryuichi looks at me and smirked at me. Then he walked out after Ushio, closing the door behind him.

Why was I the one always treated like this? What have I ever done to them? Why are people always hurting me?

I'm tired of being hurt. I'm tired of being hurt all the time. I want to get away from it all. I want to leave and never come back. Just to escape from all this.

I can see the darkness, that I'm assuming is death, creep into my vision. It is blinding me. But I welcome it. With the darkness comes peace. Eternal peace.

I feel weird. It feels as though I'm . . . nowhere. This feeling as though being . . . not alone. It feels wired.

As my feelings come back. I notice that there is something cold on my chest. I reach to take it off but my arms won't move. I try to move my legs but they won't move either.

What's going on? Why can't I move?

The cold. It's not just on my back but on the entire back side of my body. It's as if I'm . . . laying on something? That's it! I'm laying on something cold. But what's going on?

" . . . alright . . . "

" . . . he . . . time . . . "

Voices? Voices! My hearing's coming back! I don't recognize the voices, but they seem familiar. Judging by the sound, there is only two. One was easily recognized as an old man. The other was a woman.

" . . . should . . . proceed . . . operation . . . wakes . . . "

" . . . wait . . . until . . . conscience . . . "

" . . . can't . . . conscience . . . is . . . painful . . . torture . . . "

" . . . Yugi . . . can . . . hear . . .please . . . "

" . . . start . . . implantation . . . "

A small amount of pain stung my stomack. I tried to ignore it and turn my attention to the voices. The voices seemed to be getting clearer if I tried to focus on them.

"Yugi . . . can . . . you . . . hear . . . "

"Wake . . . up. Please . . . Yugi."

"Wake up."

"Can you . . . hear me?"

Isis? That's Isis's voice! And . . . Varun's! What is going on?

The sting in my stomach started to hurt again then was gone. The cold on my back left but was soon on my front. I must have been moved onto my stomach.

"Yugi? Are you . . . ok?"

"Yugi? Sweety?"

My hands started to respond and twitched. I tired to move my hand again. It moved a little. I feel really tired for some reason. I try to open my mouth to ask what happened, but someone put their hand over my mouth.

"Shh, Yugi. It's alright. Sleep you need it."

Isis sounds very sad. That's strange. I'll be sure to ask about it later, after a nap. Sleep sounds so good right now.

"That's right Yugi. Go to sleep."

Thanks Varun. I am so sleepy.

I open my eyes to see nothing. What? Where am I? I turn in every direction to look at my surroundings. It nothing but black. Endless black. What's going on?

Then I remembered what happened with Ushio.

"Am I dead?" I ask no one.

A soft screech sounds behind me, answering me.

I swiftly turn around to see who spoke. Who, or what, was behind me made my eyes widen.

It is a little boy. He looks about five-years-old. He has spiked hair like mine. The only difference is that he had blond bangs shooting up through the black hair. He has sharp crimson eyes, and he is only wearing a pair of shorts. His skin is extremely pale. His hands are hanging at his sides.

But what had caused my eyes to widen was the six foot long, black tail softly swinging side-to-side behind him. He's staring at me with no emotion on his face.

"Who are you?" I finally built the courage to ask.

He let out another little screech and tilted his head.

I started to take a step back but stopped. The moment I backed up, hurt was immediately evident on his face. His tail stopped swaying behind him and hung low to the ground. Sadness and fear hung in the air around us.

If he was going to hurt me he would have already done so. So I started to walk toward him.

The boy's expression immediately lightened. A small smile formed on his lips.

I walked a little closer. It seems like he wants me to touch him.

I finally got a few feet away from him and held out my hand to him with my palms forward and my fingers spread.

He stared at me doubtfully. But he looked full of hope.

"It's ok." He looked up at me, to confirm his wishes. "It's alright."

An actual smile grew on his face and he reached out to me too. He placed his hand on mine, palm to palm, and I treaded our fingers together.

His skin was really soft and warm. It felt normal to touch him.

He looked up at me with a face full of joy. His tail swung back and forth behind him.

"Hi. My name is Yu—" The boy's expression was suddenly so scared that it stopped me up short.

He suddenly let out a frightened screech as I fell forward and everything turned dark.

The last thing I registered was his tiny hand reaching out for me.

This feels nice. Nice and warm in bed. I've never slept so peacefully in my entire life. I want to stay here forever. Huh, I don't remember my bed ever being so soft.

Wait a minute.

This can't be my bed. There's no way that my bed could be so comfortable. And there's something wrapped around my torso. Why would . . . ?

My body isn't slow anymore as I raise my head up to look at my surroundings. I'm definitely in someone's bedroom, but I don't know whose.

There's a table to my right next to the bed. A cabinet is to the right of me. I look to the left and there is a wall-length mirror standing next to the wall across from me. What I saw made my eyes widen.

My stomach was protruding by three or four inches. The only thing I could think of that would cause this is if . . . if . . .

I was implanted with a dinshi.

I hear the door start creaking as someone enters. I turn toward the door to see Varun come in with Isis right behind him.

"Yugi? You're awake?" Isis sounds like she is very surprised that I am awake. Not that I blame her. It should be several weeks before I woke up.

"Yugi? Do you know what's happened?" Varun always is calm. He isn't stupid. He already knows that I know what has happened.

"I'm a host." It wasn't a question. I know what happened. I don't need it confirmed.

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