Yugi Motto is chosen it be implanted with a special breed of demon known as a dinshi. But what happens when he is not implanted with a dinshi but a kinshi. A soul stealer.


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Soul Eater


The kiss burned through me like liquid fire; hotter than anything I had ever felt before.

God! I have never felt like this before. Yugi's soul was so much brighter, so, so much brighter, than it had appeared. The energy that bled through her lips and into mine felt as though it was going to burn off my lips.

I moaned. Good lord, I sure as hell moaned. My muscles, finally getting the energy they needed, began to expand. Every muscle in my body began to grow as they burned the energy Yugi was giving me.

I couldn't get enough. Desperately, I grabbed onto her upper arms and pressed against her lips even harder, feeling the heat grow more intense. Before I knew it, she was pressed into the bed below me and the shirt I had on was getting too tight.

Quickly I sat up, breaking our lips apart. Instantly, the fire stopped and I missed the fierce heat, but it wouldn't be gone for long.

Grasping the annoying cloth, I ripped the shirt from my chest, tearing it off me and throwing the shreds to the side.

My knees on either side of Yugi's waist, I was naked on top of her.

I wasn't even thinking, not really, when I pressed my lips to Yami's.

All I knew was that one second I was worried, worried about Yami's health. Then, I was worried about mine.

The second I kissed Yami, it felt as though needles were piercing my lips. I could feel as though something was moving through my lips. It felt so strange that it scared me. It took me a while to realize that this is what it felt like when a kinshi fed off you.

And then I couldn't complain. The pain in lips faded away to a smooth feeling, as though water was just flowing through my lips and I heard Yami moan. For a split second, I felt pride that Yami was enjoying this as well as I was. Then, Yami's hands gripped my arms and he pressed me down in the bed.

Yami moved over me, his knees ending up on either side of my waist, his hands splayed out on either side of my head as he held himself over me.

He kissed me harder, wonderfully harder, and I could no longer hold back. My hands reached under his shirt and I was shocked at what I felt.

I could literally feel his muscles grow. His pecs grew more prominent, a line forming over his sternum that my fingers followed. His abs . . . wow. His abs became hard and firm beneath my hands as a six pack formed.

Suddenly, my hands weren't touching Yami anymore, and I most certainly hadn't took them away, so my eyes flashed open to see Yami sitting on his knees on top of me and grasping the shirt he wore. The muscles I had been feeling were easily visible through the shirt as it had grown too tight on him.

I could have sworn he was trying to torture me as he ripped the shirt, the only piece of clothes he wore, off his body and threw it off the bed. Yes, he most certainly was trying to torture me. Those muscles that I had been touching before all exposed in front of him in the form of this handsome . . .

Yami dove back down as he pressed our lips back together and he moaned again. His hands gripped my hair on the back of my head, gently enough that it felt good and not painful, to pull me closer to him.

"Yami," I sighed in the few seconds I had to catch my breath before Yami pulled my lips back to him again.

This continued for a while. I don't know how many minutes, because I knew it wasn't hours and I even more knew it wasn't seconds. In one of those short moments for me to catch my breath, I open my eyes to look at Yami.

He was huge! And not in a perverted way! His body had kept growing, his height increasing with proportion to his muscle mass. He appeared to have grown another foot taller. As if he needed more height on me!

His lips pressed to mine again, but I was preoccupied. How much energy did Yami need? When he forced his growth he was muscular, he wasn't this muscular! Besides, I do know that many people die from kinshis taking too much energy. Will Yami stop if he starts to take too much?

I pulled back, very reluctantly. "Yami—" I started to say but Yami pulled me right back to him, cutting me off. I pulled back again, but he just pulled me back. I groaned against his lips, trying to show my displeasure, but he must have thought I was upset because of another reason, because he let go of my hair with his right arm and wrapped it behind my back to pull me even closer.

This time, I tried to push him off me. I pressed my hands against his chest and pushed with all my might. Unfortunately, Yami was a kinshi, a kinshi who was now at full strength. Me pushing Yami would be like me pushing an elephant for all the good it did. He didn't even register the pressure.

I hated to do this, but the next thing I thought of was biting his lip. Well, Yami was kinshi and they heal fast. So . . .

I bit down hard on Yami's bottom lip and he quickly pulled back with a hiss, his hand flashing up to his mouth.

"Yami," I said trying to look firm, but, knowing me, it would probably end up looking like a pout, "stop, all right. Stop, please."

"Stop," Yami said, but it sounded more like an echo, like he was a child repeating an unknown word.

Then, a knock sounded on the door and I jumped, scared.

Of course I was scared! Just imagine what it would look like with Yami on top of me like that? It looked like something else entirely!

"Yugi?" Good Lord! Why did it have to be Varun? "Yugi, sweetie, are you awake?"

"Yeah!" I called out as I looked up at Yami. He was glaring at the door, his lips pulled back, revealing his fangs. Thankfully, he didn't growl. "Yami!" I hissed at him quietly.

His lips fell back over his teeth as he looked back at me. "Y-Yes." He stuttered as he gulped.

"Get under the covers so that you're not . . . naked."

He blinked for a moment, looking almost like he had no idea what I was talking about. Then, he sighed and sat next to me, bringing the covers up to his waist.

"Yugi?" Varun asked again, sounding worried. "Can I come in?"

"I don't know," I said in a tone he would recognize. "Are your legs broken?" He often made me correct my sentences to stop me saying "Can I . . . " and instead say "May I . . . "

Varun laughed, "Smart butt," and opened the door. He didn't look at the bed until he had closed the door. He froze.

I blushed as he scrutinized us. Obviously, he would be able to tell that Yami had eaten. His new physique was hard to miss. My eyes wandered the room as I unable to keep my eyes on Varun. I glanced at Yami when he brushed a strand of hair from my face.

"Well," Varun finally spoke as Yami tucked the strand behind my ear, "looks like someone got a wee-bit carried away."

Yami chuckled darkly, his crimson eyes bright.

Yami didn't say anything, so Varun continued with a playful smirk. "You should be careful, you hurt my daughter and I will not be happy."

Yami chuckled again and a matching smirk spread across his lips.

"So, anyway," Varun said as he waved his hand in a dismissing manner, "I think it is time that everyone knew we have a kinshi in the house."

"What?" I nearly yelled as I stared at him with my jaw dropped. Immediately, my hands flew up to my mouth. I had forgotten about my broken jaw. Yami growled beside me, an annoyed kind of growl, and he reached out with both his hands to cup my jaw. As I looked up at him, he closed his eyes.

"Stay still, Yugi," Varun said with a smile as he walked over. "He's going to heal your jaw."

Heal it? Then, Yami's hands felt warm and all the pain from the injury vanished quickly. Whatever Yami did took just a few seconds. Then, he pulled his hands away and smiled at me.

I opened my jaw wide to experiment, moving my mandible in different way, but I never felt any pain. I looked up at Yami, amazed.

He leaned back slightly. "I have very powerful magic, Yugi. Healing you is a simple task." His head tilt to the side. "However, I did not have the power to do so before."


"So," Varun interrupted as he clapped his hands, "I want both of you back to Mana's and Hekem's place, and I don't care if the clothes they make you will be too big when you shrink down some. I want you in clothes. You will both go before your fellow students in the auditorium tomorrow morning at eight o'clock sharp. Goodnight!" And in a very Varun-like fashion, he waved at us over his shoulder and left the room.

"We have to what?" I asked angrily. "Has he gone insane? We can't just show you in front of everyone!" I turned so that my feet touched the floor and stood, pacing around in agitation. "All the dinshi may know you're here, but all the humans here are going to attack you! What if they hurt you?"

"Yugi!" Yami scolded as he stood from the bed, wrapping the cover around his waist as he did so. "Remember, I am a kinshi. No one here can hurt me." He walked up to me, his left hand holding the cover around his waits, his right touching my cheek. "No harm shall come to me. I swear."

"But . . . "

"Besides, even if their humans tried anything against me, their partner won't let them get anywhere close enough to actually hurt me. I am their lord." He smiled at me, trying to comfort me. "They won't let anyone hurt me."

I sighed, giving up. Yami knew best about this kind of stuff anyway, so I had to trust him. "Okay." I smiled him, making him blink at me, before quickly walking over to one of my cabinets and began digging around. "Where is . . . ha!" I held up some pins and scissors in my hands.

"What do you plan to do with those?" Yami asked. I chuckled since he actually looked worried about what I was going to do with these.

"Would you rather wear a skirt to see Ms. Mana and Ms. Hekem or do you want to hold onto the sheet the entire way?"

"How are you going to make a skirt?" Yami asked as he raised an eyebrow at me.

I smiled at him. "Like this." I arranged the sheet around his waist, making sure it overlapped. Then, I took the pins and stuck them in the fabric to hold it in place. Finally, I took the scissors and cut around so that the skirt ended around his knees. "There."

Yami looked down at my handmade skirt. "Well done." He looked back up at me and smirked. "Now, let me do my bit to help." His closed his eyes and some strange wind became form in the room. Yami had to be the cause.

"Yami, what—?" I was about to ask, 'What are you doing?,' but then Yami began to groaned slightly in pain, bent forward, and spread his wings wide above him. "Yami?"

Then, something strange happened. His wings were literally pulled into his skin. It was like they were being sucked back in. They just kept shrinking until the tips disappeared into the skin of Yami's back. A small movement behind Yami made me look down, and I saw the tip of Yami's tail disappear under the skirt. A few seconds later, Yami opened his eyes and stood tall again.

I stood there wide-eyed. I had never heard about a kinshi doing anything like this.

Yami tilt his head to the side as he smiled. "I can hide my wings and tail in order to better blend in with humans when I am in this form." He looked down at his feet, as if waiting for the tail-that-was-not-there to curl around his feet. "It is strange to be without my wings or tail. How do you humans do it?"

The question made me laugh as I walked back over to him. "If you were born human, you would think having wings and a tail is weird too."

Yami shivered, continuing the joke, as if being human was a disgusting thing to be. The motion made me laugh again.

Reaching down, I grabbed the rest of the sheet and threw it over his head.

"What are you—?"

"Others can recognize your hair," I interrupted him, knowing what he was about to ask. "We need to cover that up too."

"Why not just throw the whole sheet over me?" he scolded.

I held up the edge of the sheet and stared at him. "Would you really have prefer walking around here like a child dressed as a ghost for Halloween?"

He must have known, somehow, what Halloween was because he pouted (or his version of a pout) and let me work. I made to cover all of Yami's hair but leave his face open. As I finished, I stepped back to examine my work.

I burst out laughing. To be honest, he looked absolutely ridiculous. Then again, that's why we're about to head off the see the real seamstresses. His temporary clothing appeared to have obviously been made from bed sheets. I hoped other dinshi wouldn't make fun of him for it.

"Now, may we go to see that Mana girl again?" Yami asked once I had managed to calm down.

I nodded with an uh-huh sound and opened the door. "You seem excited."

Yami closed the door behind him as he said, "I find her fascinating. I believe her to be insane. In a good way, if you can believe that."

"I sure can," I smiled. Ms. Mana was definitely crazy. "Ms. Mana is one of a kind."

"My lord," a young, female voice said from in front of us.

Around the corner, Mary poked her head around the corner and Aloli walked out in front of us.

"Hello, my lord," Aloli said with a slow nod.

"Hi, Mr. Kinshi," Mary giggled, making Aloli shot her a worried glance.

Yami laughed. "Hello, young Mary," he said as he walked over to the young girl and picked her up, Aloli jumping nearly a foot in the air.

Mary glanced around nervously before she looked up at Yami. "I'm being held by a kinshi," she whispered.

"That are you are sweetie," he laughed as he continued walking without putting Mary down.

Aloli stared after them in shock and I took the small dinshi's hand and we walked together.

The walk to Ms. Mana's went very well. Of course, we passed others but, thankfully, all the dinshi did was nod at Yami. So, we had no incidents.

Yami kept talking to Mary. What they were saying, I have no idea. They kept whispering but Mary was happy, judging by the smiles and laughter, so it didn't bother me.

"Mr. Kinshi?" Marry asked as the stood outside of the seamstress' room. "Why are we here?"

"We are here because I need some real clothes," Yami said, gesturing to his skirt.

Mary stared at him for a second before she threw her arms into the air. "You're like Tarzan!"

I immediately stared laughing. Apparently, Yami and Aloli had no idea who Tarzan was. Yami stared at her with a is-she-speaking-English look and Aloli was looking at her with a did-she-just-insult-my-lord-or-compliment look.

"Who's Tarzan?" Yami finally asked, after shooting me a quick glare.

"You don't know who Tarzan is?" Mary looked as though not knowing Tarzan was a crime of the universe.

"N-No," Yami said awkwardly, "I do not, I'm afraid."

"You have to see that movie, Mr. Kinshi." Mary paused for a moment. "Ms. Yugi could be Jane!"

I stared at her wide-eyed. "What?" I certainly hadn't expected that.

"Yeah, you can be Tarzan," she said looking at Yami, "and you can be Jane," she said looking at me. "And then you two can live happily ever after."

"All right, young Mary," Yami said a little quickly, "I believe it is time for you and young Aloli to go on." He put Mary down and knelt in front of her. "Go on and play, all right."

"Yes, Mr. Kinshi," Mary said with a big smile. Quickly, she leaned forward and pecked Yami on the cheek. "Bye, Mr. Kinshi." She grabbed Aloli's hand, who looked stunned, and pulled her away.

"F-Farewell, my lord," Aloli hurried to say as Mary pulled her around the corner.

I smiled as the two disappeared before I looked at Yami. He was still staring after the two, his eyes wide. He must not have expected Mary to kiss him. I frowned as I realized that, before the feeding event earlier, I never kissed Yami anymore, no after he forced his growth.

Walking over to him, I grabbed his left arm and pulled him up to his feet. He looked at me, his face blank. I smiled slightly, before I stood on my toes and kissed him on the corner of his jaw, since that was as high as I could reach since he had grown a foot.

He blinked slowly before looked at me again. His eyes were different this time. He was shocked, but . . . I couldn't tell what he had thought of the kiss.

Finally, he sighed and rest his forehead against my temple. Slowly, his head slide down, his lips moving down the side of my face, until they rested at the corner of my mouth. He kissed me there softly. I felt nothing else, so he hadn't gotten any energy from me during that kiss.

He moved one more time, until his lips were in front of mine. My eyes closed as his lips moved that little bit of distance to—



We both jumped a foot in the air, never having really kissed. We both turned to see Ms. Mana standing at the door she had slammed open.

Yami growled at her, his lips pulled back over his teeth.

"Don't you growl at me mister!" Ms. Mana scolded, pointing a finger into Yami's face. Even I was getting a little worried over whether Ms. Mana was going to walk away from that finger still attached. "Do you want any clothes from me or not?"

"Us." Ms. Hekem corrected as she walked out into the hallway and began to pull Mana inside. "Come on in and we'll get started."

Yami was still growling. "Infuriating little witch."

"I'm not a witch!" Ms. Mana yelled from inside.

"Really!" Yami yelled. "Well, maybe you would prefer I call you a bi—"

"Yami!" I scolded, covering his mouth. "You shouldn't swear! It's rude!"

Yami kept grumbling as I took his hand and pulled him inside, closing the door behind me.

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