Yugi Motto is chosen it be implanted with a special breed of demon known as a dinshi. But what happens when he is not implanted with a dinshi but a kinshi. A soul eater. Female Yugi. Has no relation to the anime "Soul Eater."


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Soul Eater

First Day of Class

The children assembled in front of me were pitiful.

I recognized a few faces from memories when Yugi first assigned the dinshis to their partners. The boy with the white dragon and the one with the black dragon are here. Also is another little cloud shaped dinshi with an amazing ability. I just might demonstrate it to the "class."

"What is the point of this being a school if none of them are taught anything?" I turned slightly to Yugi, who stood next to me. She smiled sheepishly and shrugged her shoulders, but she didn't answer me.

I pointed to one small girl in the front of the group. Her tiny cat shaped dinshi sat next to her feet. "You, girl, what is your name?"

The blond haired stammered. "R-Rebecca! Sir!" She twiddled her thumbs nervously appearing to be terrified. Her cat rubbed against her legs and soothed her. I wonder why Varun put her in this class? She seems too young.

"Rebecca," I addressed her softly as to try not to scared the poor girl further, "please count the students to see if everyone is here. There should be thirty."

"Yes, sir!" she said as she turned to her classmates. "One. Two. Thr-"

Another student interrupted her by scolding her sharply. "Dinishis don't count, stupid girl!"

"Yes they do!" Rebecca cried back. She glared at him; although, it didn't have much effect. "There are a total of 461 students of here at SMG! Two hundred thirty humans, Two hundred thirty dinshis, and one kinshi."

I smirked. So, this little girl was smarter than she first appeared. "Continue, Rebecca," I ordered her, making sure she understood I was proud of her. She smiled and continued with her counting.

Yugi turned to me and spoke quietly, so the students could not hear her. "What do you plan to do for today, Yami?"

I, however, replied loudly, wanting every one of them to hear me. "I want to see what these students are capable of. Especially the humans. The dinishi here aren't the ones walking around talking shit."

"Fuck you!" the boy that snapped at Rebecca yelled at me. Annoying little boy. "I can take on any kinshi in the world!"

I chuckled, and I wasn't the only one. The boy with the white dragon, what was his name, Kaiba, chuckled as well, making everyone turn to look at him.

"Have you ever even seen a kinshi before, Robert?" Kaiba asked the boy, Robert apparently, with a cocky smirk on his face. "I doubt you even know anything about them."

"The hell is up with you, Kaiba!" Robert yelled back and he pointed at me. "There's a kinshi right there!"

I raised my hands and started to slowly clap. "That's great, Robert. I am so happy you are an expert on killing kinshi since you have meet you first one five minutes ago."

"Shut up, freak!"

I glared at him and it shut him up for the moment. "Rebecca," I addressed without looking at her, "is everyone here?"

"Yes, sir!" she nodded happily, "Thirty students and two teachers present!"

"Good. Now down to business. I am sure you are all wondering why I, as a kinshi, would even bother to try to teach you all how to kill my own race."

"Yeah, it did cross my mind," Robert replied sarcastically.

I growled quietly at him. "That's strike number two, Robert."

"What?! I didn't even get a one!"

"Teacher," I reminded him with a raised eyebrow. "Anyway, as I was saying, I have never cared much for others of my race. We are solitary creatures, unlike the dinshi. I could really care less you they were all dead." Yugi looked at me from the corner of her eye, looking a little sad at that fact.

"Demons and humans have existed in this world for as they as life here has existed. Long ago, humans were at our mercy, unable to do anything to protect themselves but simply run and hope they are not found." I paused a moment, expecting an interruption, but everyone was silent. "I like to think I am not cruel. I do not want defenseless humans to be unable to protect themselves. That is why I want to teach you. I want humans to be defenseless no longer."

"Of course," I began as I closed my eyes, "I understand that I cannot teach every human on the planet how to murder demons, but I have the perfect place to start." I opened my eyes and spread my arms, gesturing to the school. "You are all here because, in some way or another, you all are considered freaks, abnormal, strange, scary, unusual to other humans. Here, everyone is the same in that respect. Varun has gathered humans who have a chance in fighting back against things that no other humans have been able to fight back against."

"You all, are the saviors of your race."

The rest of the class time was spent watching the students fight each other. Well, the humans were fighting anyway. All the others were gathered around me. The ones that talked had conversations with me. Often telling of their human partners. Some were accepting of their new partners, some were still getting used to a dinshi following them around everywhere.

Yami walked around, watching the students fight and commenting when he saw fit. He did say some compliments; however, most were him correcting them about improper form or something similar.

Yami put them in pairs. The losers were to sit off to the side. Winners fought winners until it came down to two students. Everyone watched as Kaiba and Robert ducked it out.

My eyes strayed to Yami. His tail was twitching and moving constantly, which was strange. Normally, his tail stayed so still that it was easy to forget it was even there. Something must have him on edge.

I looked back to the fight in time to see Robert pull a low blow. He grabbed a handful of dirt and threw the sand directly into Kaiba's eyes.

I could hear Yami growl loudly and angrily as Kaiba quickly took several steps back to avoid Robert as he tried to get some of the sand out of his eyes. Robert smirked and quickly descending upon Kaiba and pulled his arm to deliver the finishing blow.

Quickly, Yami shot forward and with a spin, his tail collided with Robert's stomach. The blow sent him flying back and he landed on his back on the ground. He coughed to get air back into his lungs. The hit must have knocked the air out of his lungs.

The other humans all stood up and I copied them. We all stared as Yami stood in front of Kaiba toward Robert, who was pushing himself up from the ground.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Robert yelled angrily. "I was about to win!"

"You lose," Yami said sharply as he crossed his arms. "I will not tolerate cheating."

"Cheating!" Robert cried as he laughed. "I don't think an attacking demon will care if I cheat."

Yami growled again, this time louder than any other. He sounded like a pissed off lion. "You are not fighting a demon, you stupid boy! This a simple exercise. A game!"

"One I'm about to win!" Then, Robert did something so . . . stupid that I can't he did it. He charged straight at Yami and tried at attack him.

Yami smirked and curled his tail. Robert looked down at saw the tip of his tail on Yami's right side, so he went to deliver a blow to Yami's left side.

Apparently, he seemed to think that Yami's tail couldn't reach his left side.

Yami whipped his tail around, this time keeping his body still and caught Robert around the middle holding him up in the air.

"Hey! Let me down! I said let go, asshole!" Robert struggled, but there was not getting away.

Yami smiled at him, the expression obviously fake. "Okay." He threw Robert to the side and he landed once again hard onto the ground.

"You . . . You!" Robert gasped as he struggled for air. Finally, he gasped, "How dare you attack a student?!"

Suddenly, Yami was right there. He kneeled down over Robert, who looked up at him terrified. "How dare attack a teacher?" He stood and walked over to me. He turned back to the students. "Let this be Lesson #1: No Cheating. Now, get out of my sight."

The class wasted no time in getting out of there.

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