Sorry for being out of writing for so long, school and work and my baby niece had had me very busy, but I haven't forgotten you all.

Fan fiction is my life and I have been working on editing and fixing my stories, because I feel my English is a tad bit better now and I want to make the reading of my stories easier (and I realized some of what I wrote is very confusing LOL).

Anyway, expect changes and new stories (because I have some drafts on my notebook) and the completion of the fic "DADDY!"

Thank you for staying with me and I apologize again for being out for so long.

I extend a sincere apologize for my spelling, grammar and every other important detail that entails writing in English; it isn't my native language so I'm bound to make some mistakes (though I think I'm getting a bit better hence the editing and re-posting), but I'll try to make them as few as possible.