I want to tell you the story of how I came to be in the most unorthodox, but happiest, marriage that I've ever even heard of. First, however, I need to tell you about the back-story and history leading up to my circumstances.

Harry Potter, my husband, Gryffindor Golden Boy, and Hero of us all for defeating Voldemort twice, grew up in an interesting fashion. Being muggle born, I learned all of this after the fact, and from his own lips, but I shall summarize for you, dear readers, now.

Harry's parents were murdered by Voldemort when he was just fifteen months old. While the Wizarding world at large was partying, there was a furious debate about his custody going on behind closed doors. Dumbledore, manipulative old coot but overall a great guy, wanted to place Harry with his mother's muggle family members, letting him grow up without fame and danger around every corner. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, Harry's godparents and loving, married couple, argued that it was their right to take him in and raise him. There was another family that stood a chance to take him in, and nearly won the right as well.

Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa and son Draco also wanted to take Harry in. They argued that Draco was Harry's age; it would be good for them to grow up together. Lucius was and always had been a spy for the light side of the war, and Narcissa had been very close to Harry's late mother, Lily.

In the end, custody was split 75-25 between Sirius and Remus and the Malfoys. Some, namely the Weasley family, protested this loudly. Part of the time the "boy-who-lived" would reside with a well known "dark and evil" family but most of the time he would be with a homosexual couple? This was surely unacceptable.

None of this mattered to his family, however. Harry grew up happy and loved, in both of his homes. He was kept out of the public eye as much as possible, and as a result the public had a fondness for the too-cute boy with black hair, green eyes and ugly scar on his forehead.

Draco and Harry were as close as friends could be. They did nearly everything together and trusted each other implicitly. When their eleventh birthdays rolled around, they celebrated together and even got their Hogwarts letters on the same day, despite their birthdays being nearly two months apart.

I met the two of them on the train to Hogwarts. They were in a compartment having an argument about which school house they would be in, when I opened the door and shyly asked if I could take a seat with them. Harry agreed right away, but Draco decided that he wanted to ask about me before I was allowed near them.

"I'm Hermione Granger. I'm muggle-born, but once I got my letter I went out and read all of our school books for this year! I can do magic and I've only been practicing for a few weeks! Look! Wingardium leviosa." I lifted their school trunks up off the shelf above their heads and hovered them for a moment before letting them back down gently.

Draco didn't look convinced, but Harry did and bade me join them at once. History reflects, yes we are all in the newest-printed history books, what happened once we got to school. Harry and I were sorted into Gryffindor and Draco into Slytherin.

From there, events speed up somewhat. Harry made instant enemies of Ron Weasley, the youngest boy of the brood that protested his placement from years earlier. Things were tense in the boy's dorms so often that Harry slept in the common room more than was healthy.

He and I stayed together as much as possible, trying to convince the other Gryffs that he was not evil, despite his relations with the Malfoy family. Various run-ins with Death-Eaters and Voldemort himself through the years took their toll on everything, and even Draco was heard loudly defending our Harry occasionally.

Harry, Draco and I worked hard, training with Dumbledore and whoever else he decided to set on us, so that we could defeat the bastard when the time came. It was in our seventh year when it finally happened.

History got most of that fight right, and I have absolutely no desire to rehash it here, so I shall leave off that bit of the story.

We graduated the three of us earning the top three spots of the class and set out to start our lives. Draco, having been betrothed to Pansy since birth, married her right away after graduation. The two of them settled into the west wing of Malfoy Manor and seemed happy, though Pansy was a little too sex-obsessed for my comfort. Draco never really complained about that.

Harry and I, after a much abbreviated dating period, moved into Grimmauld place together and were engaged within a few more months. No use in dallying about, we were very happy and totally in love. I knew exactly where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

A few months before the wedding, we got an urgent owl from Draco. It seemed that his father had taken ill and would be unable to attend. WE were less concerned about that, than we were about Draco's state of mind. He doted on his father and would be crushed to lose him.

We heard nothing for a week before we were summoned to the Manor. Lucius had passed away. There was nothing that could be done, but he went peacefully and surrounded by his family. The funeral was a small, private affair held on the grounds of the Manor.

Draco seemed to hold himself together better than we thought, which was worrying in a way all it's own. But he held his mother throughout the funeral and then went inside and proceeded to tell the guests that Lucius would not have wanted all of these sad faces here.

"My father-my father told me himself that he wants us to party. To celebrate his life in the way that he always celebrated it. So, we will drink, and dance and toast to his memory! To Lucius!" The assembled crowd cheered and toasted Draco and his father. We even saw a smile flit across the tear-stained face of Narcissa.

It was a wonderful funeral, if one could even say such a thing about a horrible event. I feel slightly ashamed to say that I forgot all about Draco's troubles in the weeks after due to planning our wedding.

Draco was the best man, but I never felt close enough to Pansy to have her as a bridesmaid. WE were married outside, in a traditional muggle wedding, big poofy, princess dress on me included. I'd never been happier.

I stole a dance with Draco at the reception, after he'd danced with Harry of course, and my breath caught as I noticed just HOW intensely good he looked in a muggle suit. I was the epitome of a blushing bride when he took my hand to lead me onto the dance floor.

He wrapped me in an embrace before placing one hand on the waist of my insane dress and taking my hand in his other and sweeping us across the dance floor. I gazed up into his handsome face and he was miles away.

"Draco, darling what is the matter? You feel… sad. Tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it for you. I am the BRIDE and all shall bow to my every whim, or some other such nonsense." Without missing a beat he flashed a huge smile at me, one that had me blinking as though I'd stared into the sun. He then spun me out and pulled me back before dipping me over his arm.

"You are right, you are the bride and we all bow to you. I must say Hermione; you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen." He dipped his head close to mine and I could smell the champagne on his breath as he kissed the corners of my lips and bowed himself away. He left me completely dazzled on the dance floor, blushing once again and smiling as I touched the corners of my lips.

Harry found me a bit later, close to the time that we were set to depart on our honeymoon. When I looked into his face all I could see was his undying love for me, and I nearly melted. However, as we turned on the dance floor, I caught a glimpse of Draco and the sadness that I'd felt coming from him earlier was easily evident on his face now as he stood alone by the bar. I asked my new husband about it.

"I noticed it too. He says that it's nothing for us to worry about. He promised that if we didn't worry about him for the next two weeks he would come and tell us everything as soon as we got home." I nodded my agreement and we headed off the dance floor so that I could throw my bouquet and we would make our escape.

We spent two weeks in paradise, the Bahamas. WE made love almost constantly; it's still a running joke that after two weeks in the Bahamas that we both came home paler than we'd ever been living in England our whole lives.

We got home and flooed Draco before we'd even fully unpacked. He arrived as we were sitting in the living room and opening the gifts from the wedding. The first one that he had the misfortune of watching me open was the gift from my insane cousin on my father's side, Jane, who'd sent me a painted duck-shaped casserole dish.

"Well…there's a keeper!" I wrinkled my nose and made a note of who sent it, not that I could ever forget, so that I could send my thank you note, before pushing everything aside and facing Draco. Harry mirrored my pose next to me and we pinned Draco with our eyes.

"Alright, I swear on my magic that we did not worry or discuss whatever was wrong with you all the time that we were gone. Now, however, we are back and you need to start talking." Draco flushed and avoided eye contact, which was the only tell that he ever had about being overly emotional.

"The night before your wedding, when Pansy showed up at the hotel room…she told me that she'd had an affair. With a muggle…and she caught some kind of disease. I'm divorcing the whore." When he raised his eyes at the end of the confession, his eyes were blazing with anger.

I jumped up from the couch and pulled his head to my chest, ignoring his complaints that I was ruining his hair as I ran my fingers through it soothingly. He relaxed enough so wrap his arms around my waist and take comfort from me, but I knew that he and Harry had locked eyes.

"Did you…you went to a healer, right? To get yourself checked for that filthy whore's-are you healthy?" I felt Draco's head nod against my stomach, under my breasts, and I flushed a bit when I realized just where his head was.

"I'm fine, but she'll never get rid of it. Also, this disease…Chlamydia, it's called. It has a very bad effect on a witch's reproductive systems. Pansy, now, will never be able to bear a child." I gasped, that was the worst thing that I could think of for a woman. To not be able to have children…that's what women's bodies are built for.

"I almost feel bad for the cheating bitch. That's horrible…or, it would be if she didn't bring it on herself." I think both of my boys were shocked to hear me say that, I could hear them turning their heads to look at me.

"Look, the bitch cheated on you and threw away the love of a wonderful man and that's pretty awful. But…I just can't imagine making that kind of a horrible, stupid, fuckwit mistake and THEN finding out that it will forever haunt you because you can't have kids…" Grey and green eyes pinned me with looks of understanding and love before I could ramble on and embarrass myself further.

"You are an amazing woman Hermione. I'm utterly horrified that Harry was able to sweep you off your feet, undeserving prat that he is." I laughed and kissed the top of Draco's head, just in time for Harry to throw a couch cushion at his head.

"Stop trying to steal my wife away! We've only been married for two weeks!"

Life, for all three of us fell into a predictable routine for some time. Draco was working from his manor in Wiltshire; he'd taken over all of his father's businesses, while Harry and I led a happy little domestic life in London.

Harry opened a shop in Diagon Alley that taught wizards about muggle life. He showed people how to dress and act as muggles, explained technology and electricity as best he could and basically made it so that even Pure-Bloods could go out into muggle London without being noticed. He also helped muggle-borns charm items like computers so that they would work in the magical world.

A lot of people were unhappy with the life and job he chose, but he was blissfully happy and that is all that mattered to me. I worked at Saint Mungo's medicinal potion lab; it was a lot like being a muggle Pharmacist.

We slowly renovated Grimmauld Place; after so long it felt odd to leave and move elsewhere. Besides, it had everything that we needed; it was close to work for both of us, close to the center of London so that we could walk to go out shopping or have a night out, lots of space and a well-hidden large back yard.

We both wanted kids very badly, but we were content with just the two of us for a few years. We were in our third year of marriage when we decided to actively try for a baby. Nothing happened for long months, and every month when I took that pregnancy test to see a negative result, my spirit dimmed. Harry, the wonderful man that he is, told me not to get discouraged and if we couldn't have kids, we would adopt and he would never be upset with that.

Draco spent time with a long list of women and men that weren't just not good enough for him, but truly horrible. I think that he knew they were not marriage material, but Pansy had burned him so bad that he was a little afraid to try. He stayed at home and took care of his mother with most of his time; ever since Lucius passed away she'd been getting sicker and sicker with no visible reason for it.

Harry and I celebrated our fourth anniversary with a project for each other; we undertook the largest renovation of our house. Everything from the second floor and up was being redone; the first floor had the only livable space.

Then, the Halloween after we'd started the renovation, we got the frantic floo call that we'd been dreading; Narcissa had passed away. WE dropped everything and headed to Wilshire immediately.

Draco was a mess when he got there. Apparently, she'd been alive when he went into her room to check on her that morning, and she'd called him over to the bedside and pleaded with him to let her go now. WE found him crumpled on the couch in his sitting room, crying into his knees which were hugged tightly to his chest.

Harry went to him, wrapping his arms around the blonde and pulling him into his lap. They cried together for a while as I tried to comfort t them both, but there were things that needed to be done, for the funeral and taking care of Narcissa's body, so I appointed myself to those tasks while Harry and Draco grieved together.

When I went back into the sitting room, to let them know everything was done and they both needed to eat, I found them curled up together asleep. I didn't have the heart to wake them, who would. I conjured up a blanket and enlarged the couch so they weren't quite so squished, before heading off in search of food for myself.

Looking back, with the knowledge of how everything turned out in the end, I still can not say if I would've left them alone if I knew what was going to happen while I was gone. However, time moves on and I can not dispute how happy we all are now.

When I came back into the room after finding myself some dinner, they were both awake and looked flushed, like they'd just been having some kind of argument. My theory was furthered along by the fact that they were on opposite sides of the room. I stepped into the room further and felt the tension inside.

"What's going on here? Draco…Harry? Were you fighting because you don't want to come stay with us? I know that Grimmauld Place isn't your Manor, but you need to get away for a bit and you shouldn't be alone." My eyes flickered back and forth between the two before settling on Draco and waiting for an answer. Curiously, Draco flushed under my scrutiny.

"No…that's not it at all. Come help me pack Mione?" I nodded and kissed Harry on the cheek, telling him that we'd be right behind him if he wanted to go ahead back home. Harry nodded and kissed me back, his eyes never leaving Draco.

We headed upstairs to pack for Draco and Harry headed back home. On the long walk form the sitting room to Draco's suite, I took a good long look at my friend. His face was still a little blotchy; eyes swollen with tear tracks along his cheeks. His normally perfect blonde hair was mussed and if I didn't know any better, I would have said that he'd just gotten the hell snogged out of him. But at the time, I didn't know any better and just though he was too distraught to put himself together.

I couldn't help myself and reached over to try and pat his hair back into place. He turned and caught my eye before chuckling at me.

"Thanks Mio…I can always count on you to make sure that I look my best." He sounded almost like his old, snooty self and I was pleased with the progress. I blushed when he stopped walking and wrapped his hand around my wrist and gazed into my eyes.

"Really though…you and Harry mean the world to me. I don't know what I would do without the two of you. I hope you realize what this means now that I don't have mother…I don't have mother around to watch over. All of my attention now changes to you two." He pulled my hand to his face and kissed my palm before turning my hand over and kissing my knuckles.

"I know Draco. We are fully prepared to take you in hand when you get overbearing. We love you too…" His eyes darkened a bit when I mentioned taking him "in hand" and I couldn't help cursing my choice of words.

Many things flashed through my head as Draco walked away, leaving me frozen in the hallway.

Draco is, and always will be, the kind of guy that can make a person's insides turn to mush when he turns his full attention on you. He's tall, lithe, with a fantastic ass that I just want to bite and grey eyes that could see into your soul if you let them. When he smiles it's like looking into the sun. He's hot; every move that he makes and his jokes and his wit…everything about him burns you up.

I was always the clever one growing up. I'm no beauty queen and I know it. I have mouse-brown frizzy hair and boring brown eyes; I'm pale even for a Brit and I always feel like I could stand to lose a few pounds. Harry has this uncanny ability to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world; like there is no one around when he looks at me and it's a heady feeling. When Draco looked at me in that moment, I felt the same way.

It was very difficult to remain unaffected.

I love Harry; I think that I always have. He's sweet and funny and cute and he loves me with his whole being. He's not perfect but he is perfect for me. I would have been happy to spend my whole life with Harry and no one else, but that is not what fate had in store for us.

Blinking back to reality, I began walking when I realized that I was alone in the hallway. I wandered into Draco's room with a goofy smile on my face, and he chuckled as he caught sight of it.

"Better get that look off your face before we head home to Harry, or he'll accuse me of trying to steal his wife again."

"Oh honey, he's been aware of my crush on you for years. I suspect that he has a bit of a crush on you himself, though he would never admit it." I squeezed my eyes shut and slapped a hand over my mouth, once again cursing my inability to chose my words. I hadn't meant to say that.

Fearfully, I cracked one eye open to peer at Draco. He hadn't stopped packing, but he had a distinctly thoughtful look on his face as he meticulously folded each article of clothing by hand. I bit my lip and forced my brain to work before opening my big mouth again.

"Um…yeah. I don't-I didn't mean to say that. Draco I hope this doesn't-" He cut me off with a wave of his elegant, long fingered hand. He put down the pair of pants that he was folding and turned to face me, still with the same thoughtful expression on his face.

"Look, it's just you and me here, and Harry never has to hear of this conversation. I'll tell you something: I feel the same way for both of you. I'm not-I don't want to hurt your relationship, or change it in any way. When Pansy…did what she did, it forced me to open my eyes. I-" He cut himself off with a choked cry and I could do nothing, his words having had the effect of rooting me to the floor.

He closed his grey eyes and swallowed convulsively for a moment. I tracked his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as I held my breath and waited for him to continue. While I waited I had a flash, a second of a fantasy, of the three of us in bed together, but it vanished cruelly before I could get a good look at it when Draco started speaking again.

"Mio I am far too emotional to have this conversation now. I do not want to cry any more today, my head is already killing me. Tell you what, the next time that you and I have a chance to get drunk alone together, I'll spill all my secrets like a Hufflepuff firstie, until then, let's get me out of this house before I collapse again."

Biting my lip in indecision, I nodded and helped him to finish packing. I knew that I was going to have hot dreams for that night at least. I was in some serious need for it anyway.

Harry, sometimes…very occasionally, was a poor lover. On the nights that I faked my way though our lovemaking and he fell asleep sated, I let my mind drift. I have always had an overactive imagination, and those nights only fostered it. Sometimes, even after falling asleep on a night that I hadn't been faking, my dreams would cause me such great pleasure that I would wake up mid-orgasm without having been touched.

Those dreams inevitably involved my handsome blonde friend. I've heard rumors about his sexual prowess since we were 14 and in school. Some of the things that I'd heard have been confirmed from his very mouth. This latest proclamation had my head spinning as I thought back on hearing all of those stories.

Instead of being disheartened by them, feeling like he was telling me because I was one of the guys, I was now fully ensconced in fantasy land where all of those tales of him bedding different women were merely a way for him to flirt with me and gain my interest. As I said, I have an overly-active imagination.

I was silent for the trip back to our house and left the boys in the living room-slash-bedroom while construction was underway, so that I could head to the kitchen.

Our kitchen was the first thing that we remodeled when we moved into the house. It is huge, running from one side of the house to the other, with an "ever-expandable" panrty. However, as Harry and I have never had a need to host 20 people at a dinner party in our kitchen, we re-worked the room a bit.

Harry thought that the table was really cool and antique, so we shrunk it down so that it can fit six people, if they are very good friends. We centered it in the room so that the only window shined right onto the table top. Then, because Harry is a cook and I prefer to bake, we essentially split the kitchen into two.

One end of the kitchen has a stove and oven, muggle refrigerator and all of the cabinets that contain plates, glasses and pots and pans. We call that "Harry's side." My side has a small cook-top with a specially-made oven that has four compartments that can all be on different temperatures, metal racks for storage and a place to cool off my various baked goods. Also, there's my favorite part.

Harry, as a surprise gift to me, had the builders put a section of grey marble into the countertop, for rolling out dough and when I have the need to temper chocolate the old fashioned way. When he and Draco found out how much I love to bake and play with Chocolate, they conspired together and gave me a never-expiring ticket to Switzerland, where I can go watch the muggle and wizard chocolatiers work.

Busy within my own fantasies, I pulled out the ingredients to make a cake, something that would cheer Draco up. I let my hands work as my mind wandered into a fantasy of having both Harry and Draco in bed with me. Hands touching, tongues licking, cocks sliding into-

"Mione! Your cake is on fire!" I coughed and blinked, realizing that, yes, in fact I did have a few small flames protruding from the oven and a dopey, not-quite-here grin on my face. I felt my face heat up as I cast a spell to put the fire out and waved my wand to open to door and window to let the smoke out.

Harry and Draco stood at the other end of the kitchen, arms around each other's shoulders as they held each other up from laughing too hard. I scowled at them once the smoke cleared, which served to only make them laugh harder. Draco was hanging onto Harry's shoulders as though his life depended on it.

"You have never burnt anything before Mio! What in the world is up with you? We didn't think that you needed supervision!" I stuck my tongue out at my husband and vanished the evidence of my ruined cake.

"Go on, keep making fun of me and see what happens. I will never make anything for either of you again if you keep it up!" That sobered both of my boys right up. Draco straightened himself up as Harry wiped the tears of mirth from his face, even as he was walking near me.

"Now, love…surely you don't mean that?" His voice was low, and seductive. He always used that voice on me when he wanted something. He was within reaching distance now and he pulled me into his arms, sweeping my hair away from my neck and placing a lingering kiss on the pulse point below my ear. My breathing sped up.

My eyes flicked across the room to Draco, and he looked enchanted; like he never wanted to see anything else. I lost myself in his eyes as they devoured the image of Harry ravaging my neck and collarbone. My breath was coming in small pants before it stopped completely.

Draco was getting off on watching us. I could easily see the bulge in his pants, and I could tell that he wanted me to. He kept my eyes as he dragged his hand down his gorgeous body to cup his erection through his pants. Suddenly, my panties were drenched. With a gasp I forced air into my lungs and pulled away from Harry. His eyes were glazed as he took in my disheveled state.

I knew I looked a mess and I had to force myself not to look at "Draco the voyeur" behind my husband. My husband, I firmly told myself that would never even think of the things that were running through my perverted head. He loved me, and I loved him. I had to keep reminding myself of that fact, which was extremely worrying.

"Don't worry about the cake love, no real damage done. What would you like me to cook for dinner Draco?" Harry had turned just as Draco managed to remove his hand from the front of his pants and settle into a chair at our cozy table.

Nearly crying in frustration, I turned away to clean up my mess as my perfectly wonderful and innocent husband chatted with Draco and cooked dinner. I needed to stop this foolishness. I needed to keep my mind away from Draco and his hotness along with my perverted fantasies. I needed to…stop.

We shared a lovely dinner cooked by Harry and all went to bed fairly early, considering the draining emotions of the day. Draco was asleep on the sofa just three short feet away from our bed in the living room when I felt a hand slide across my breast and a thumb flicking at my nipple.

My mind went right back into the gutter, visions of Harry and I making love and Draco waking up to watch or participate running through my head. I held an internal battle, on the one hand, I was horny. On the other hand, it would further my ridiculous and hurtful fantasies. I shook my head and pushed Harry away slightly.

"Not while our best friend, who just lost his MOTHER is sleeping three feet away. Go to sleep Harry." Harry pouted cutely at my words, and I couldn't help but lean in and kiss him softly.

"He's only going to be here for a week or so. Go to sleep, you have to open the shop in the morning so that you can give instructions to your employees about how to run things while your gone." He nodded and I caught a glimpse of his white teeth as he grinned at me before curling back around me to sleep.

As I sit here writing this, I can not but think about how long that week turned out to be. And how amazing.