Chapter eight; Pushing All of the Wrong Buttons

- Xion . Riku -

"Oh hey, Xion!"

I stopped in my tracks immediately at the sight of him.

"Riku?" I inquired, praying that I had taken some sort of hallucinogen without realizing it.

"I was looking for you." He smiled sweetly.

I frowned, and paused for a long moment, before cautiously asking "Why?"

"Well, I found this…" From the pocket of his (likely designer) jeans, he plucked a strange looking object of which I had never seen before. The expression I wore remained puzzled. He held it out to me, and I saw that it was a wooden bracelet that looked like it had been crafted in another country.

"And?" I asked.

"I thought it might be yours."

I raised a sardonic brow. "Why would that be mine?"

"I found it near where we were sitting at dinner time, and I doubt something so girly would belong to Roxas or Axel."

I pretended to be offended, just because I didn't like him. "Oh what, so you're calling me girly?"

He chuckled with good nature. "What, would you rather me call you a boy?"

"I prefer the term 'bro', actually." I stated matter-of-factly, before raising my nose to him. "It's not mine, Riku." This was my way of telling him to fuck off. Apparently, he didn't get it.

"Oh, really?" He frowned. "Well, do you want it?"

I stared at him, cautiously squinting my eyes, before once again observing the odd piece of jewellery. The beans were wooden and were all encrypted with a different, trippy looking pattern. It definitely didn't look like something I would find at the mall. So, I shrugged, and accepted it.

"Sure." I said, taking it from him. "Um, thanks."

"Hey, no problem." He grinned brightly. "It's not like I'd have anything to do with it!"

I laughed a bit. Awkwardly, of course. "Yeaaah…"

I wanted the conversation to end so I could continue on my merry way to my room, but nope. As always, Riku had something to say.

"Sooo, what's up?"

"Nothing… Was just on my way back to my room."

"That's cool…" There was a moment of silence. "Okay, look. I'll be blunt…" My ears perked to attention. "I knew that bracelet didn't belong to you."

"Huh?" I twisted my expression. "Then why…"

"Let me finish." He cut me off, only receiving a moderate glare. "I feel like you and I got off on the wrong foot."

Oh, this should be interesting.

"I feel like you might not like me very much."

I crossed my arms over my chest, rested my weight on one leg, and raised an eyebrow. "Gee, ya think?"

"That's what I thought… Well, I wanted to ask if you maybe wanted to hang out some time…?"

I chuckled. Seriously? "You're… Really weird." I stated. "Asking someone to hang out because they don't like you?"

He nodded. "Well, yeah! Because I want a chance to become friends with you. Roxas and Axel told me today that they really like me, and want me to stick around the group"—what—"so naturally, being the new kid I said yes… But there was one problem."

"Me." I said. "Sorry for getting in the way of your stealing my friends."

"What? No no no, that's not what I'm trying to do at all, Xion…" He tried to reason with me, but, well… "I just want us to be friends, because it sucks to hang around people knowing that one of them doesn't like you."

"Why do you care?"

"I don't know. I guess I just like to be, well, liked."

I sighed. "Look Riku, I'll give you a little life lesson here. Not everybody you meet is going to like you. You can't just force me to like you. If that's your logic then it definitely isn't going to happen."

"I know that." He snorted. "It's just the fact that you will be in my friend group that makes me want to really test out if we can be friends. I mean, I like you… Just, you don't like me."

"This conversation is over." I suddenly blurted out without even thinking. I pushed my way past him and continued down the hall, but I should have known that he would simply follow me.

"Just wait a second." He practically pleaded. "Can't you just hear me out?"

"Preeeetty sure I've heard enough."

"Just hang out with me."


"We can go to the mall."

"Not happening."

"The arcade?"


"Okay… The coffee shop?"


"The cafeteria?"


We stopped outside of my door, and I faced him with an annoyed expression.

"Okay well, can I come in?"

"Absolutely not!" I exclaimed, appalled he would even ask. He pouted and for some reason I thought it was cute. That thought was quickly exterminated.

"Just give me one hour. One hour out of your time, and if by the end of it you still hate me, then I'll leave you alone forever."

"Hmm, that last part does sound nice…" I pondered. "But no. It's not happening. Sorry bud."


"What do you mean why?" I sneered, crinkling my nose. By this point, he was really pissing me off, if you couldn't already tell.

"Why don't you want to hang out so… Violently?"

"Pfft, violently? Trust me, I'm not being violent. You'll know when I am."

"I meant that figuratively."

"See? See that right there?" I roughly poked him in the chest and got a little too close to his face, but I was angry so I didn't really notice (but I did notice his cheeks go red). "That is why I don't like you, Riku. You're a smart ass."—poke—"You're cocky as hell."—poke—"And you're such a freakin' browner that it makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a goddamn spoon!" I threw my arms up in exasperation and backed away from him. "Ugh! And what pisses me off the most, is that you don't see it! You think you're so friggin' great! Yeah well, hate to break it to ya, bro, but you're not all that special. NEWS FLASH, I know."

Riku's face fell flat and I could tell that he didn't know what to say. He kind of just… Stared at me. My rant was not yet over.

"You come in out of freakin' no where with this whole 'oou check me out, I'm a hot beach boy with long luscious hair, check me out!' attitude and invade my school, my friends, and now you're invading my personal fucking space. Just a friendly warning, I highly suggest that you step out of the bubble. Like, now."

And with that I was done. I could feel a light breeze of relief flow through my veins knowing that I had told Riku how I really feel about his arrogant ass. But the next thing he said was really… I don't even have a word for it. After everything I had said, all of the insults, you know what he asked?"

He threw on this cocky expression where his eyebrows raised and his eyes squinted, and he flashed a grin that could only show off his twinkling white teeth. "You think I'm hot?" He queried, and my jaw dropped.

"Really." I said. "That's really all you have to say? Wow. Woooow. Wow. Okay, I gotta go before you give me a stroke." And with that I opened my door and quickly slammed it shut. I pressed my back against it and huffed. What the fuck was that? I asked myself, still processing the interesting conversation Riku and I had just had. I was alone in silence for a few moments before I heard from the other side of the door:

"I'll pick you up at your locker after school, have a nice night!" and I think upon those words, a part of me may have died, somewhere deep inside.

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