Here is the sequel scene to "Taming the Sea Monster" I promised taking place after Jake and Ness are married. Right now it is just a one shot but if I get enough positive reviews then I will expand the story (therefore if you like then please let me know).

Warning - this story does contain consensual spanking (both parties have agreed to this life style), if you do not like this then do not read!!!

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Jake's POV

Jacob was angry, most of his rage was directed at one person, his wife of nine months, Renesmee. Ness had always brought out Jake's most passionate emotions, but he didn't think that he had ever felt quite this angry with her, not even when she ruined his bike. He had every right to be upset though. In less then 24 hours she had unexpectedly left their home, threw a temper tantrum in which she deliberately acted against his wishes for revenge, and if that was not enough, she topped it all off by lying to him.

Yesterday was Ness's ninth birthday, it would be her first birthday celebration in which her vampire family would not be there. They had all moved away from Forks after Ness and Jake got married following Charlie's death. He planned on spoiling her on her birthday; breakfast in bed, flowers, presents, and multiple mind-blowing orgasms. The kicker was a nice dinner out on a Friday night, this was something they were never able to do. Jake had patrol duty every Friday night from 4 pm till 8:30, and with the unpredictability of vampire sightings they could never count on his being home by 8:30 making concrete plans and dinner reservations impossible. This Friday night Jared agreed to relieve Jake an hour early so that they could make an 8:30 dinner reservation, unfortunately nobody told the group of five hunting vampires who arrived in the territory at 7 about that. The vampires split, going into two directions and everyone was needed to help. When Jake called to explain Nessie did not take the news well, even when he promised to make it up to her that night when he got home and reminded her that he was taking Saturday off of work to be with her as well. "Obviously your pack is more important to you then me! Don't even bother yourself, I'd rather spend my birthday with somebody else anyway. I am sure that Ryan would be more then happy to take me out for my birthday," (Ryan had been one of Nessie's study partners in Biology last semester. His obvious attraction to her was a nuisance to Jake).

Wolves are rather possessive creatures and tend to react, especially sexually, in an animalistic manner. Jake trusted his wife's faithfulness but could not stop the wolves need to mark his territory, or in this case, his woman. Jake had a rather vivid flashback of Ness and his 'conversation' about Ryan. Wanting to make sure that Ryan, Ness, and everyone else within hearing distance understood whom she belonged to Jake had demonstrated this wolf possessiveness by fucking Ness (loudly) against the bathroom wall of the library. With each hard thrust into her he growled, "Who do you belong to?" "You Jake, I belong to you." "That's right you're mine." "Who else can make you cum so hard?" "Just you, only you Jake." "Mine. You belong to ME. No one but ME." After screaming her release they left the library leaving a red faced, and clearly jealous Ryan, and narrowly missing a brush with library security. Although he knew she was baiting him, Jake could not stop the growl that erupted from his chest at the thought of Ryan spending time with his wife. "You had better not. Believe me, you won't like what I will do to him or to you if I find out he took you out anywhere!!" this statement was met with a click as she disconnected.

As much as he wanted to deal with her, he did not have the luxury of time. Instead, Jake figured that he would bring home some of Nessie's favorite Chocolate Cinnamon Cake and a bottle of wine and talk to her. When he got home at 9 Nessie was nowhere in sight, all that was left was a note which read With Alice. Later. She had signed the note R C. Jake tried throughout the night and into the day calling her cell phone but she would not answer. At 10 am Alice managed to phone Jake letting him know that Ness was safe, that they were shopping, and Ness would be home in the afternoon.

With a build up of nervous energy and an extended period of waiting time ahead of him Jake decided to go into the shop and get a little work done. It was there that he found out about his wife's behavior. Word was getting around that Ness was visiting local shops wearing a new large ruby necklace and ring. Jake had worked hard over the last 9 years earning a college degree in engineering and starting an auto shop just outside of the reservation with the pack. But it was the investing that Jake did, with the help of Alice that had earned him a small fortune. Living in a lower class community with many struggling families Jake felt that buying expensive cars, electronics, clothes, and jewelry would be in poor taste. While they lived on the reservation they would live modestly, using their money to invest in a business employing residents, donating money to the school, etc. Ness was punishing Jacob with a passive aggressive temper tantrum. (He had to concede that at least she had moved on from her aggressive temper tantrums) Regardless it needed to stop, so Jake called Ness one more time to talk about her behavior. However, Nessie denied any wrongdoing claiming that Alice had bought her the jewelry. It was the phone call that Jake made to Alice that revealed the truth, his wife had lied to him. Along with the anger Jake felt at her behavior, there was a deep-seated pain and a gnawing fear. That was the part that hurt the most, that she had lied to him, and he was NOT going to put up with it.

He was glad to have the time it took the clean up the shop and drive home in order to calm down. Jake had vowed that he would never punish Ness while mad, afraid of losing control and harming her. There was a line between the hard spanking she was going to receive and the beating he could give her if he let his rage take over that he would never cross. But there was no two ways about it Ness had earned herself a trip over Jake's knee today.

This was not the first time that Jake had had to spank his wife. Usually Jake enjoyed spanking her, she had the most amazing ass, supple and firm, he got hard just thinking about watching her pale skin turn pink then red and the smell of her arousal with each smack and caress. In their nine months of wedded bliss there had been the occasional erotic spankings that they both enjoyed. But there had also been spankings that neither Jake nor Nessie enjoyed, the rarer punishment spankings that she had earned once by hunting alone and again when she almost got into a fist fight with a lady on the Rez. But this spanking would prove different. It would be a hard bare ass spanking, and she had earned five licks with his belt as well, it would be the hardest spanking she had ever earned. There was no place in a marriage for lying, it would eat away at the very foundation, slowly rotting away till there is nothing left. Jake would not let that happen, from the beginning he stressed the seriousness of lying, stating that doing so would bring down a harsh punishment. So as much as he regretted what he would have to do, his resolution was unwavering in taking care of his wife.

As Jake walked through the door he could hear her heartbeat and the uneven cadence of her breath that attested her nervousness. He walked to the kitchen where she waited for him. He breathed a sigh of relief that she had not bolted again and called out, "Renesmee Black follow me to the dining room, we have a lot to discuss tonight young lady."

He half expected her to disobey him and run but he could hear her soft footsteps as she followed him into the room. "Come sit down," he said as he reached to pull her onto his lap.

She had other ideas, and evaded his grasp bolting across the room shaking her head, "No, I don't want you to spank me."

"Well, your behavior says otherwise my little brat," he replied as he moved closer.

"But I didn't do anything wrong!!! YOU blew me off on my birthday so I did something for myself. If you punish me for that then you're just a bully and an asshole . . . NO!!!!!" she shrieked as he grabbed her.

Getting a grip on her waist he lifted her off the ground and walked to the chair and proceeded to sit down pulling her across his lap. She struggled in vain as his arm locked her into position around her waist and threw one of his legs over hers. Immediately his hand began cracking down painfully on her upturned bottom. "You don't get to decide whether or not you get spanked, I decide. When I tell you to come over, you will do so young lady. Are ready to talk now?"

"Yes," she answered knowing that he had not even begun her punishment yet.

Jake's hands turned Ness over so that she was sitting on his lap. Despite her promise to talk Ness's eyes burned into Jake's. "Renesmee why couldn't I be with you on your birthday?"

"Because you are an asshole and you don't care about me at all," she pouted.

He was expecting that and yet still could feel the frustration building up. He quickly turned her back over his knee, this time lifting her skirt, and slapped her naughty bottom twice with his powerful hand. His wife was usually very happy, sweet, and kind, yet still even as an adult sometimes when she didn't get her way she becomes a brat. "I think that we need to continue this conversation over my knee," his hand rested on her vulnerable backside, "I know this is your first birthday without your family and I wanted to make it special. I wanted more then anything to be with you, but we had to deal with those vampires that came into the area. That is my job, it is what I have to do. I can't turn my back on my responsibility, I HAVE to keep everyone safe. I thought you understood that. I thought you accepted that when you married me."

Jake could hear the pain and some remorse in her voice, "I know, you're one of the most honorable people I know, and I love you for it, I do, but it sucks. I wanted you with me on my birthday, NOT the day after my birthday."

"You have every right to be disappointed, and as much as I hate doing it unfortunately there will be times in the future when I will disappoint you again. But that did not give you the right to act like a brat. What did I tell you about spending money?"

"You told me that just because we have money does not mean that we are going to flaunt it. There are people here that have to scrape enough money to feed their families and buying extravagant stuff will not help anybody," she droned.

"Renesmee Black, I am serious, these people, MY people, don't have much except their pride. And today you wounded it with another temper tantrum. You got your revenge, you embarrassed me by showing off your thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and you humiliated them," his tone stern, "So where is this ring and necklace?"

Tears of guilt were welling in her eyes as she replied, "They're in the kitchen."

"Bring them here," he ordered.

Nessie brought in the ruby necklace and ring set. The necklace included five blood red rubies the size of a thumbnail and one in the middle the size of a walnut, it was dripping with diamonds. The ring was equally as expensive with a large diamond encrusted ruby. The ironic thing about it was that Nessie didn't like jewelry this big, and rubies were her least favorite stone. Nessie stood in front of Jake showing him the jewelry, he could feel the anger building up again, "When you are mad at me then shout at me, tell me what is wrong. Don't do this passive aggressive tantrum bullshit, its disrespectful and manipulative. I know that I am not perfect, but I always treat you honestly and respectfully! By not talking to me you have made an even bigger mess, dragging more people into this!! I had to apologize to Alice for yelling at her for 'buying' you the jewelry when I found out YOU LIED!!! You will have to find a way to repair the damage to your relationship with the tribe. And lying to me is a HUGE breach of trust, something that could jeopardize our relationship, you will have to build back MY trust and faith in YOU!!," his voice was getting louder as he continued, "I will NOT put up with my wife lying to me, UNDERSTAND?!?!"

She nodded, "ANSWER ME," Jake roared.

"Yes Jake," she whimpered.

"Lies create problems, they drive huge wedges between people, wedges that only get deeper and deeper! What did I tell you would happen if you lied to me?" he asked.

Her voice quivered, "You will spank me, b b bare. And then you will use your belt."

"Today you will be spanked for your childish temper tantrum and for lying to me," he patted his lap indicating that she lay herself across it.

Nessie POV

She felt the odd combination of dread about the pain and humiliation that she was about to feel, and the tingling pleasure that had begun between her thighs at the thought of being spanked on her bare bottom by her husband. It was odd because she loved the fun erotic spankings that Jake gave her, and often found herself fantasizing about the punishment spankings after they occurred. But when the time would come for a punishment spanking she hated it. Even if she knew that it was a way for her to let go of the guilt and remorse she would feel for misbehavior, and even if she knew that once spanked her behavior would be forgiven, she often found it hard to submit to a spanking. But every time she went across Jake's knee he would put her bottom ablaze and spank all of the resistance out of her, till she submitted to his authority and admitted her wrongdoing. After spanking her, Jake would comfort her, making her feel safe, protected, forgiven, and loved.

The sting of the twelve swats she had received earlier was starting to fade as she lay across his lap. The tears began to threaten as guilt took over. She knew what she had done was wrong. Worse then anything was her remorse at Jake's anger. Knowing that he was upset with her, that she had jeopardized their marriage and his trust in her hurt the most. She knew she would never lie again, that she would be more understanding about his responsibilities, but she didn't know how she was going to repair the damage her behavior had done. She felt as his hands lifted her skirt up, and waited for his hands to pull her panties down as well. Instead she heard the whoosh of his hand raising back and heard the loud CRACK when his hand connected with her flesh. Unprepared she yelped, "Shit," as her body stiffened and prepared for the next volley of smacks.

She almost asked why he hadn't pulled her panties down and then thought better of it. She would take all the protection from his hand that she could get.

SMACK, "Taking off and leaving a note that says, "With Alice, Later" is NOT okay," SMACK, "Right," SMACK.

"Yes Jake," she gasped.

SMACK, "Not answering your cell phone ALL night is not okay," SMACK, "You will answer my calls or call me back right young lady."

SMACK, "Yes, I'm sorry Jake," she cried as the tears began to sting her eyes.

SMACK, "This childish behavior is unacceptable," SMACK.

Each smack delivered a flash of heat, which quickly faded into a growing sting. Inevitably the potent mixture of guilt, humiliation, and pain broke through her resolve not to cry out. SMACK, "Ahhhhh."

"Your actions today hurt not just me, but others as well. That is unacceptable." SMACK, SMACK.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. I'm sorry Jake. Please you don't have to punish me any more, I won't do it again. Please stop, I'll be good," she promised.

Suddenly his hand stopped, she breathed a sigh of relief. It worked, he was done. "I won't live like this Renesmee, you accepted me and this life, I can't change it for you, will you accept that sometimes my responsibilities will HAVE to come first?"

SMACK, "Oh!! Shiiiiiiit!!"

"Do you accept that?"

SMACK, "Ouch, Yes, yes Jake please stop please."

Jake's hands went to her waist and he stood her up. Grasping her chin he forced her to look him in the eye. "While we live here, we live comfortably. That may change later when we have to leave but till then YOU will do well to remember that. We will take the jewelry back to the store on Monday. Any of the penalties for returning them will be your responsibility. Understand?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Ok. Now pull down your underwear so that I can spank you for lying."

Despite the futility of her actions, Nessie shook her head. "Young lady, I am not going to ask you again," Jake warned.

Shivers of dread went down her spine with his words. Jacob spankings were painful enough when clothed, but bare, she knew that her ass would be in serious pain by the time he was done with it. Her face flushed with embarrassment as she pulled the last bit of silk down to her knees. She laid down revealing her shapely and firm bottom that had gone from ivory to pink as he pulled up her dress again. Grabbing the chair legs and bracing herself she wondered why she would feel embarrassed about baring herself to her husband now. He saw her naked on a daily basis, he was personally acquainted, on an intimate level, with every inch of her body, so why did her face burn with shame as she lay before him?

SMACK "You," SMACK "are," SMACK "not," SMACK "allowed," SMACK "to," SMACK "lie," SMACK "to me," SMACK, SMACK.

Now with nothing left to shield her from the force of his hand, he continued to land solid and hard swats to her reddened checks. No longer begging, Ness began to sob as she took in great gulps of air. Her legs kicked out as her body wiggled trying to avoid his hand.

"I will NOT," SMACK "tolerate lying. If you EVER," SMACK "lie to me again and this spanking will feel like paddy-cake." SMACK, SMACK.

"Y e e essss, Jaaake . . . I p p prom iiiiissse."

Jake's swats slowed down, but each strike became harder and harder. By slowing down every spank of his hand the sting was able to radiate and the ache would spread before applying a new powerful blow. He quit talking so that the only sound to be heard was the crack of his hand and Ness's sobbing. No longer struggling, Ness had submitted her trust and respect to her husband.

Ness knew it was almost over when she felt Jake's left knee raise up as he pulled her forward to finish on the tender area between her thighs and butt. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

Jake lifted Ness up again for the third time, setting her on her feet before him. She was a little unsteady so he left his hands on her waist to keep her upright. "Do you want to take your strapping in here or in our bedroom?" he asked.

"B b bed ah ah ah rooooom," she managed to sob.

As they walked to the bedroom Jacob's hand rested on her lower back, offering her support as he moved her forward. During her previous spankings a feeling of comfort and safety would come over her knowing that Jake loved her and wanted to keep her safe and happy. But today those feelings weren't coming, she had hurt her husband by lying to him, the fact that he was upset with her made her heart feel heavy. She never wanted to make him feel this way again, but how could he trust her again, now that he knew she was a liar?

Jake piled three pillows at the end of the bed. "Lift your dress and lean over these pillows," he said as he began to pull his belt through the loops of his pants.

The dread increased threefold. "Jake . . . this is g g going to hurt . . . isn't it?"

She could see the remorse in his eyes, he didn't want to do this either. "I don't like hurting you Renesmee, but I need to make sure you realize how important honesty is in a marriage. I will always give you honesty and respect and I expect the same from you. I hope that the pain from this spanking will remind you not to lie to me again."

Ness was in place and she buried her face into her arms waiting for the bite of leather as it met flesh. Whish CRACK, white-hot pain flashed across her ass. Mercifully Jake applied the belt four more times in rapid succession. With each crack Ness let out a hoarse scream and sobbed in pain. With the last lick Jake dropped the belt and scooped his wife up into his arms. Seated on the bed he held her to him rocking her back and forth. "Its alright baby. It's all over now. I love baby. It's all right. It's all forgotten," he soothed her rubbing her back, stroking and kissing her hair, and wiping her face as she sobbed.

Jake eventually lay down on his back laying Ness on top of him. His hands massaged her back and rubbed her sore bottom, still naked after her spanking, her underwear lost somewhere between their dining room and bedroom. Listening to his heart beat and breathing in his familiar scent her sobs began to subside, Ness looked up, "I am sorry Jacob. I know how important your responsibilities are and I shouldn't expect to be more important then them . . ."

Jake's lips cut her off, brushing tender kisses across hers, his hand cupped her face. Finally he spoke, "Baby you are the most important thing in the whole world to me. Never think that you are second place to anything. But I have a great responsibility that takes sacrifice on my part. I know that it is unfair that you have to sacrifice as well, but I don't have a choice. This is kind of late to ask but, . . . are you okay with this? With living a life in which your husband could be called away . . . can you share me with the tribe and the pack? Are you willing to sacrifice as well?"

"Yes, as long as I can have you . . ." her eyes looked down and her lip pouted prettily as she said, "Jacob I will never lie again I promise."

"Okay," he said, his eyes filled with love, faith, and trust.

"But how can you forget, how can you forgive me? How can you ever trust me again now that you know I would lie? I ruined everything," her eyes filled with tears again.

Lovingly Jake brought her face down to his, he softy kissed her tears. "You assumed the responsibility for your behavior, and took your punishment like an adult. You promise not to lie again, right?" she nodded, "well then I trust you. Besides the reason you lied was obviously to avoid punishment, which is a natural inclination for people. You just needed a physical reminder that that behavior is not acceptable. And now I trust that that was a strong enough lesson for you, that I will not have to punish you for lying to me again, right?"

Aware of the close proximity of his hand to her naked butt she hastily replied, "No it was a strong enough lesson. I love you Jacob," her remorse and guilt began to fade with the knowledge of his forgiveness.

"I love you too Ness. Are you ready to celebrate your birthday? Would you like to go to Seattle, go to dinner?" he asked.

Ness thought about the prospect of sitting for the long drive and during the meal with a grimace. The positives of a dinner out were not enough to out weigh the pain that her punished ass would give her. She shook her head, "No, could we stay in instead? Get take out, watch a movie, and cuddle?" she asked.

Jake grinned, "What ever you want baby. How about I go get us some Chinese and pick up some movies?" he got up to leave, "after dinner we can have the cake I bought you. Chocolate Cinnamon."

Ness's mouth watered at the thought of her favorite cake, and her heart swelled. Whether with a firm hand, a tender caress, or a sweet and loving gesture her husband always took good care of her; once again Nessie felt loved and protected.