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Part 3

Jake's POV

After eating Jake found himself curled up on the couch with his wife lying in front of him. His body cradled hers as his arms wrapped around pulling her flush against him. Her bottom was nestled against his hard thighs, the warmth from her earlier punishment radiated out. As much as he wanted to watch the film his mind wondered to other things. More intimate things, the kind that would eventually cause him to drop his earlier concerned resolution and take his wife with a wolf's wild abandon.

With Ness's hair falling between them, Jake found his face pressed into the damp soft curls, breathing her in. His mouth and nose nuzzled her neck, the steady pulse of blood infusing her tantalizing scent. Ness always smelled so amazing and Jake could brake down her complicated essence. Ness's natural scent of peaches and mowed grass was always present but Jake also detected the delicate fragrance of her Lavender Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner in her hair. His mouth watered when he smelled raspberries on her skin. He remembered the first time that he had sucked and nibbled on her erect rose-colored nipples, raspberry was the soap and lotion she had used that day. Still he swore whenever he pulled them hard between his lips he could always taste raspberries.

The tangy sweet scent of her womanhood was always present, but subtle unless she was aroused. There were no words to describe the heady aroma, the scent that let him know that his mate needed him, wanted him. Jake began to feel the tightening in his stomach that would lead to the hardening of his dick. Purposely Jake began to rerun the football game he watched at his father's earlier in the week trying to clear his mind and calm his libido.

Nessie's POV

Ness had always had a vivid imagination, and it seemed that at times it came out at the worst possible moments. While swimming she would think about movies like "Jaws," when going to the cold dark basement she would think of Freddy Kruger, and bumps in the night would become monsters and psychos bent on killing her. Her parents cited this as a reason to ban Nessie from watching scary movies, and although she hated these movies and did not want to be scared, if one came on she could not seem to will her fingers to switch the channel. And when Jake, who liked horror films, wanted to watch them she could not deny him.

The funny thing was that nothing had changed, vivid scenes of rapists and axe murderers still occasionally entered her brain when walking to the bathroom at night, but now she actually liked watching the scary movies. She liked them because knowing her fear Jake would wrap her in his protective arms throughout the film. When the suspenseful music began to play she could feel his arms pulling her closer, and she eventually felt safe surrounded by his comforting strength, soothing scent, and warm embrace.

So when Jake brought home a scary movie for them to watch she silently cheered. Lying on the couch with him, she felt Jake all around her. From behind she could feel his chest rub against her back, her ass brushed up against his thighs, she could smell the familiar strong earthy scent of his skin as his body cradled hers. Unbidden Nessie began to image Jake moving on top of her, his hips brushing her burning core . . . STOP! She had to stop, that was not going to happen. Still Ness felt restless and her mind continued to wonder.

Jake's POV

When Jake was a little boy he had this great blue blanket that his aunt had given him when he was born. The blanket was fuzzy and soft and had, to him at least, a pleasant smell that comforted him. But the best thing about the blanket was the satiny border that edged all the way around it. As he would lie in his bed, trying to go to sleep, his fingers would absently rub along that edge; the soft smooth texture would relax him to sleep. The blanket was packed away, saved in a box in the attic to give to his own child one day. But even into adulthood, a wave of comfort and security would always come over Jake when he would rub his fingers over something satiny, smooth, soft, and silky.

Thrown throughout his house were several blankets that provided the texture he craved, but for Jake by far the best material to touch in the house was his wife. Her creamy alabaster skin may have been impenetrable, but no silk or satin was as soft or smooth as its flawless surface. No scent would ever offer him the contentment, which clung to every pore.

With Ness's scent surrounding him and her luscious body pressed against his Jake tried to control his lustful thoughts. Somehow he had managed to keep his hands from wondering over the landscape of her body but a slight movement brought his hand up to the curve of her hip, one of his favorite spots to stroke, it was always so smooth. Her movement had pushed the shirt up her hips allowing for his hand to travel the short path under her shirt. Satin smooth and warm to the touch, the desire to stroke every silken inch filled him. Not just with his hands he wanted to explore her scented skin with his lips, his tongue, and his teeth . . . Wait a minute! Wait, he couldn't do it, he could not beat her ass and then ask her to give herself to him. He wasn't going to be able to just make love to her tonight, it would be fucking, just 'I'm going to split you in two,' fucking. She deserved better then that; it was her birthday!

Ok he needed something stronger to distract him. Jake began imaging Mrs. Rainwater, his 73-year-old neighbor naked.

Nessie's POV

Jake's thumb began rubbing back and forth over her hipbone, his hand moved in small circles on its own. Oh god she loved his hands. Jake's hands were big and slightly rough, strong hands that could build a car yet gentle enough to carve delicate figures from wood. Jake had powerful hands. She loved watching him work, the talent and skill that he had in his hands.

A shiver went through her as she imaged those hands on her body, caressing her. She loved the way that they felt as they skimmed over the planes of her body, the way they cupped her, and the way they rubbed her sensitive flesh. But his hard hand could also bring her the sweetest pain; they could roughly possess her body and bring the punishing slaps she needed to feel safe and protected. His hands brought her so much pleasure, whether tender or rough, Jake knew just how to touch her.

Suddenly Jake's hand began to move, lightly moving over her flat stomach. Nessie felt torn and confused, as she longed for those hands to caress over the intimate parts of her body, but she'd been punished . . . A loud bang from the TV brought a gasp from Nessie's lips and in a knee jerk reflex her hand reached up to grip Jake's arm.

Jake's POV

Jake's head was in turmoil as his hands touched Ness's velvety skin. While fairly innocent so far he knew that if allowed to continue that his hands would eventually stray to her sensitive and intimate folds. He had to stop, but suddenly Nessie's hand grabbed his forearm in fear.

In her fear, Nessie's thoughts flooded uninhibited into Jake's mind. After five seconds of murder, blood, and gore; her thoughts turned to something decidedly more intimate. Jake saw himself making love to Ness; long and slow strokes with loving caresses, tender kisses, and whispers. Gasping in both surprise and desire, Jake remained still and quiet to probe his mood. Then a sudden shift and the scenes became hot, passionate fucking. Desire shot into his loins, aching to relieve the tension within

Nessie's body shifted, his gaze followed to her long graceful neck. In her fear her heart rate had increased, Jake could hear the fast beat and could see her pulse throb in the vein along her neck. Impulsively his head lowered and his lips pressed to her pulse. His tongue slid out to lick the tender spot. Jake could feel Ness's body shiver, a moan issued from her lips and suddenly Nessie's hip arched back into Jake's hard cock. With the smell of her arousal permeating the air Jake's resolve slipped away. He wanted her, he needed her . . .

Nessie's POV

Nessie arched her neck, inviting his soft lips to continue down to her collarbone and back up to her jaw. Finally his lips found the sensitive spot below her ear and he began to lick and nibble. Her thighs parted as his hand trailed slowly down, inching his way to her soft inner thighs. His fingers brushed the dewy flesh feeling the wet heat of her arousal. Ness felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her body, focusing in her loins. Her eyes closed, "Ohhhh," she whispered.

Jake's mouth claimed her lips, as he rolled her body toward his, he moved his thigh between her splayed legs. Ness let Jake control the kiss. Jake's kisses always took Ness's senses away; it was like a drug, one that made her feel so good. She had no basis of comparison but everything Jake did was the best she'd ever had. The rhythm of his tongue thrusting into her honeyed mouth and then withdrawing, matched the circular movement his thigh was playing over her burning center. It mirrored the rhythm of Jake moving inside her, the rhythm she longed for. In a daze she realized that Jake had unbuttoned her shirt and was pulling it off, it was then that she noticed his frantic movements to undress himself.

Suddenly her eyes flew open as she realized that when Jake stopped this that she would be uncomfortable, in pain even. "Jake," she moaned, "Jake we can't . . . I was . . . we can't, not when I've been . . ."

Jake's lips moved across her jaw. "No, bunny," he punctuated with kisses, "I was wrong to deny you. Please . . . Tell me, tell me what you want baby," his lips claimed hers with another heated kiss, asking, begging, for her permission to proceed.

When he let her up for air she panted, "Please my Jacob, I need you, please," her pleasure dazed eyes looking longingly into his.

Jake's POV

Jake's could feel his dick enlarge with Nessie's words. 'Please, I need you.' Yes, Jake was going to fuck her, and as turned on as he was he realized that this was going to be rough and hard sex lasting all nightlong. Thank God both he and his wife were half human and permanently youthful; it meant they were both prime physical specimens (fit, well endowed for him, and curvy for her), they had tremendous stamina (they could go ALL night), they both healed fast (very little soreness the next morning), and it also meant that they did not have to restrain their natural tendencies in fear of hurting each other.

Unable to wait any longer, Jake kneeled up, his hands griped her hips in order to move her body. Her abdomen rested over the arm of the couch, leaving her firm, rounded, red bottom and her pussy on display. A sight that never failed to inflame him. As much as he wanted to plough into her, her soft skin and delicious scent overwhelmed him. He longed to taste her dripping core, to soothe her punished flesh with his lips, to cup her soft curves, and to bite and suck at her swollen clit. His lips, tongue, and hands roamed her body bringing soft cries from her lips. His dick twitched with satisfaction at the power he had over Nessie's body. Ness's hips began to buck beneath his assault, fucking his face. She wasn't going to last, "Jake please," she panted, but got cut off when he nibbled on her clit, "Come for me baby, scream for me," he commanded.

"Yes," she cried, her body writhed with her pleasure as he suckled and licked her.

Jacob's shuddered with his need to bury his entire length into her tight, warm, sheath; to fuck her so hard she could feel it in her throat. He wanted to suck on her raspberry tits, and watch her body bounce while she rode him. He pulled her body around and settled her on his lap so she straddled him. His hands lifted her hips bringing the head of his penis to her entrance. He waited until her eyes focused, needing and craving that connection when he took her. "You are so beautiful, so sexy. I want you bunny, I want to fuck you."

Their eyes locked and as Ness pushed herself down he thrust up bringing his whole hard length deep within her. His eyes crossed with pleasure as the tight wet velvet of her pussy absorbed him. He usually eased his length into her; let her flesh adjust to his size before plunging deep and before beginning his rhythmic thrust in and out. "Oh god, my little bunny you feel sooo good," he moaned.

But Jake found he lost control when Nessie leaned her body back, grabbing a hold of her ankles, anchoring herself as she lifted her pelvis and slammed herself back down, taking him deep inside. With hard thrusts in and out of that tight warm heaven he lost the tiny bit of control he had left and let the wolf take over. God he loved fucking her, she was so responsive, she loved having sex with him, and she loved it when he possessed her. Yet again Ness didn't seem to mind his roughness, her hips rolled creating the delicious friction they both needed. Jake brought Nessie's body forward as he bend to take her hard nipple into his mouth. He alternated sucking with licking and finally bit on her tender flesh, Ness's muscles clenched with the pain/pleasure causing them to spasm tighter over his length. 'Ohhh,' he heard himself cry out. Their thrusts were hard and becoming faster, Jake's hands curved around her leg (mid-thigh) cushioning her sore skin from further discomfort. "Yes, oh god, don't stop, don't stop . . . Jaaake," Nessie screamed as she came again.

But Jake was not done with her yet. He madly pumped into her, plunging deeper and deeper within her body seeking his own release. Needing a new position Jake threw her onto the couch still sheathed inside. His hands grabbed Nessie's and held them up above her head. Her eyes flashed with renewed desire at her submissive position and he could feel the added heat of her arousal. "Fuck me Jacob," she panted.

He raised onto his knees and pounded hard into her body. Nessie's hips raised to meet his, bringing him closer to his orgasm. Suddenly he could feel the tightening of his balls that signaled his release and he slammed into once, twice, three more times. "Oh god," he roared.

His release brought Nessie's third orgasm of the night. Together they cried out as her pulsating pussy milked his cock. Jake shifted his body over, not wanting to smother his baby. His hand caressed her face, bringing her beautiful eyes up to his. "I love you bunny," he murmured as he bent to kiss her swollen lips.

"I love you my Jacob," she said.

Jake's hand stroked Nessie's soft skin as they held each other. Suddenly Nessie's voice interrupted the silence. "Jake was this just a one time thing because of my birthday?"

He wondered how long it would take her to bring that up. "No, I changed my mind about no sex after a spanking. If you are forgiven then sex should not have to be withheld. Does that sound okay to you?"

She replied quickly, "Yes," and Ness bit her lip as she looked back down, something was wrong.

"What is it baby?" he prompted.

"Could we do . . . Would it be alright if we . . . ummmm . . . if we do that again? I want you, I want so bad it hurts."

Jake's cock hardened again at her words, she wants him so bad it hurts. She was awesome, not only was Ness responsive in bed, but she was kinky and horny, in fact her sexual appetite matched his (about the same as a 20 year man). In addition to having mind-blowing sex with him often, she was funny, loyal, passionate, smart, kind, giving, and wonderful. Jake thanked the universe everyday for creating such an amazing women for him to love. "Yes, we can defiantly do that again, and again, and again . . ." he whispered as he picked her up into his arms, and she giggled as he carried her into their bedroom. Something told him that neither of them would be done for a long time tonight.