The Day the Sun Shined on Max

Chapter 2: Decisions Decisions

There was a quietness about Jam Pony for several hours. Even Normal noticed the quiet and subdued atmosphere around his messengers. Sky and Sketchy were even subdued, which was unbelievable to say the least. No games or stunts by them, or any argument among the messengers or Normal. Packages where hurriedly delivered and signatures given to Normal, which wasn't normal at all. There were one or two guards you might say surrounding the entrance of the employee's lounge, while Max and Alec sat with the agents of an unknown part of the government that no one knew of. It hadn't been told to anyone, so they just watched and stewed in anticipation for the outcome of the conversation.

Logan, by this time had rushed to see what was happening when Normal had called. He had been working on getting trucks from everywhere to be on stand by when Max gave the signal to 'bug out'. He also schedule supplies that hopefully would last for a length of time, borrowing not having more transgenics and anomalies arrive in Terminal City.

Back at the employee's lounge, Max and Alec were discussing the situation with the unknown agents about where they should go and how to get there knowing Ames Whites' plan of attack. The senior agent volunteered the information in hopes of getting these soldiers, for lack of a better term, away from the bombing. He and his bosses had a different view of the transgenics. They had researched and found out that they, the transgenics and anomalies, were in fact born naturally even though their genes had been spliced and diced, they were still human by all accounts.

This was new and unknown to Max as well as Alec that humans of the government 'cared' what happened to them. They were hesitant and shy to these men for fear of a double-cross. The agent had mentioned that they might go back to Manticore since there were no more inhabitants left there for an example. Max spouted off when it was mentioned, "Not no, but hell no!" to that statement. "You want us to go back to that hell we called home for years, no!" Max shouted. That got the attention of the guards posted around the employee's lounge and whispers started drifting back to Logan and the rest.

"Max! Don't get upset, we... I was just making a suggestion of where all your people might go... that's all," said Peter Anderson. "Well, where do you propose?" He asked eyeing Max.

"I don't know right now... I, we've got to get back to work before Normal fires us though. Geez, we've been in here for three hours!" She said looking at her watch. Eyeing Alec, she turned and looked at the suits, "You gotta card or a number to which I can call or somethin'?" Max asked inquisitively.

John quickly presented a card with all the information Max had requested. Without any words the group broke apart. Silently, leaving the lounge, they all moved slowly towards the front of the building with everyone looking on inquisitively to what had transpired or not behind closed doors. Max slowly moved toward the agent and said, "I'll call you as soon as I know something, promise,"

With her hand firmly around his upper arm the man gently began patting her hand, "I hope so Max... for everyone sake. Please, don't let this be our last encounter." He looked back up at Alec and said, "Take care Alec." As he went to the front desk, he nodded to Normal and spoke, "I appreciate you for letting us use your room, and your riders for so long. Thank you." The agents left and all the buzzing started.

Logan by this time had spotted Max coming out of the lounge and was standing in the back ground watching over her. A surge of jealousy came all over him with the way Max held the man's arm. He didn't want to admit it to himself or anyone else that Max was under his skin in the worst way. The way he wanted to protect her from the world and more.

Normal nodded to the two men saying, "Anytime. Have a nice day," he said, and began shuffling papers until they were out of sight. "Sketchy! Go see where they went! I don't want storm troopers barreling in here... Alec, you check in back too," he gave a glance to the delivery door.

"Gotcha," yelled Sketchy, as he ran to the front and began walking around outside.

Alec just nodded his head and blurred to the door and quickly went upstairs to view the street and alley surrounding the building. He sighed a relief and headed down stairs to where Max, Logan, Cindy, and Normal were gathered. "All clear," he said as Sketchy came up breathing heavy.

"They're gone guys." Sketchy said when he finally caught his breath. Smiling, he added, "What's next... Max?" Sketchy's nerves getting entwined and his voice rose with excitement. He was intrigued with the few cloak and dagger books he had 'borrowed'. He had hung on to every word in hopes that his real life would become his fantasy. And Max with her people was that sort of encouragement for his fantasy

With a sigh, Normal waved at Sketchy to bring him back from an intriguing gaze by saying, "This is a business so bip bip, bip. I only wish that that moron would show half of that enthusiasm for his work," he sighed again and moved to his cage.