Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
: Please don't sue. I don't own *insert fandom name from above*... All I own is an overactive imagination.
Summary: A songfic chronicling Erik and Raoul's relationship. Mostly angst, but there are happy times.
Warning(s): (for the entire fic, not just this chapter) slash, abusive relationship, OC char deaths (not important ones is what that means), sex
: Erik/Raoul
Word Count: 563

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Story note: Erik/Raoul fanmix bonus song fanfiction – Of Montreal's Gallery Piece. Excuse the no caps in the lyrics because I copied it directly from Of Montreal's website and figured why bother changing it. Separated into 16 chapters.


Gallery Piece
By: Lucifer Rosemaunt

Chapter 01 – I wanna be your love


i wanna be your love
i wanna make you cry
and sweep you off your feet

The blade pressed against his throat made Raoul freeze in place. His own sword had been knocked out of his grasp just moments before.

"Leave," Erik ordered.

Raoul's eyes darted towards Christine who stood there frightened and uncertain. She looked more fragile than usual and Raoul couldn't help but feel a surge of protectiveness. Erik applied more pressure, breaking skin in the process. So focused on that point of contact, Raoul could easily feel blood flowing from the wound. He winced, and though he tried to fight against it, his eyes began to water. Whether it was from pain or the impending death he felt pressing down upon him as he stayed rooted to his spot, he wasn't certain.

Yet, the main thought he had at the moment was how this was obviously a man unaccustomed to repeating himself. Apparently for this situation though, he'd make an exception, for which he was grateful.


The ghost's eyes never left his own; it was intense enough that Raoul momentarily forgot that Christine was even there. Taking a shallow breath, he gave the barest of nods to her, hoping she'd understand.

She hesitated once before leaving, her own tears already streaming down her cheeks. He watched her progress as she took his horse and left them behind in the cemetery. He thought darkly that at least they would not have to travel far to find a place to bury him.

Once Christine was gone, Raoul closed his eyes and waited for death. When the blade of the sword was pulled away, he tensed, eyes squeezed tightly shut. He wasn't brave enough to look where the killing blow would land; he only knew that a gentleman did not die with a sword through his back, a fact he repeatedly reminded himself.

After a few moments of nothing happening though, he hazarded to open his eyes.

The ghost was watching him with, what Raoul could only guess, was amusement.

"You're not going to kill me?" He asked tentatively, as though afraid to put any ideas into the older man's head.

Erik continued to watch him, and only when he began to shift uncomfortably under that gaze did he deign to respond. "Why, pray tell, would I want to kill you?"

Briefly, Raoul wondered if he had struck his head against the mausoleum harder than he'd thought. "Because," he ventured, "Christine?"

The ghost's eyes narrowed at the name and Raoul was glad the world was righting itself.

"I'll make this clear," Erik took a threatening step closer. "I do not like your attentions towards Christine."

Raoul nodded quickly, hands coming up in a defensive manner, lest the man think to raise his sword again. He rather thought that information was obvious. Glancing to his left, he noted that his own sword was far enough that it would take a near miracle to reach it before the ghost killed him.

The exasperated sigh that followed immediately caught his attention; it made him think he had missed something important.

"I do not like your attentions," Erik emphasized, "towards Christine."

"Yes," Raoul was quick to agree. He knew that the ghost was interested only in her.

The resulting glare made him pause.

It was only when the ghost reached forward to wipe the blood from his throat almost gently did Raoul's eyes widen in understanding.


End chapter 01

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