Okay! Today's the debut for my new fanfic Destiny! Hope you guys like it!

Title: Destiny

Summary: Aya Hoshino, a girl who was shunned by her friends. Why? She doesn't know. All she knows is that they are keeping a secret from her…

Pairings: AyaxRei (gotta love them), RanxTatsuki (the funny couple so need them), MiyuxYamato (the lovey-dovey couple to bring romance), and MamixYuya (both 2nd places!)



Destiny Prologue

A week ago…

7 am at Tokyo University

It's finally summer vacation! Aya Hoshino, best friend of 1 gal Ran Kotobuki and Miyu Yamazaki and girlfriend of 1 heartthrob Rei Otohata, packs up her clothes, accessories, and other essentials to go home. She's been staying in her baby blue colored dorm for the whole first year of college and decides it's time to go home. Aya hasn't seen Ran, Rei, and the others for a whole year; not even Christmas or New Years! Rei and Aya are in the same college but different programs. Aya's in the medical program and Rei is in the law program. Aya really didn't know what to pick at first and was planning to follow Rei, but she realized her true talent was taking care of others. So she decided to try the medical field. Aya is planning to surprise the others with her return. She has changed so much since the last time she's seen them. Her brunette hair is so long that it's two inches above her bust. Her measurements have also increased which could mean a lot of attention, especially from guys in Shibuya. Her pale, angelic face is still as beautiful as ever with full pink-red lips. She doesn't need makeup because she has natural beauty. There were a lot of evil eyes on her from the girls in Tokyo University followed by drooling guys. As Aya sits on the suitcase to get the lock on, her cell phone starts ringing. She doesn't look at the caller id and picks it up. "Hello?"


Aya quickly moves the white flip-phone away from her ears. She keeps it in hearing and talking distance that's safe from Ran's loud, hyper voice.

"Ran? You're so loud!"

"Sorry Aya! It's finally summer vacation and I want all of us to hang out at the Odaiba Beach!"

"Sure Ran…but let me go home first and see my parents."

"Oh Aya! Always caring about others! You're such an angel!"

"Oh stop it Ran. What time do we meet?"

"10 pm!"

"Okay okay. I have to hang up now."


"The taxi's here and I have to go!"

"Okay…I'll see you later Aya!"

Ran hangs up and Aya puts her phone in her bag, sighing. I can't wait to see you guys again…Aya brings her bags and suitcase into the taxi. She sits in the black, leather seats and looks out the window. Deep into her thoughts, I hope Otohata-kun will be there too…I haven't seen him for so long. Knowing Ran, she probably forced him to tag along. Miyu and Yamato got married and Miyu's learning to become a teacher…she'll become a great mother. Haha…I wonder how mother's doing. She called me six months ago to tell me she was pregnant. I wonder how mother looks with a big stomach…Aya giggles to herself and the taxi driver, still watching where he's driving, speaks up, "Excited eh?"

Aya takes her eyes off the window and looks at him, "Yeah. I finally get to see my parents and friends again."

"Good luck then."


Aya looks at the window once again. I wonder if Tatsuki kissed Ran yet? I haven't seen Yuya and Mami either…last time I heard from Mami was when she told me Yuya proposed to her. Do Sayo, Misato, and Naoki still play detective? Is Rei still the cold-hearted guy I love so much? Did a lot of things change in one year? It's 8:05am and the taxi parks in front of a big, white house. The house is so big that it can be called a mansion. Aya steps out of the taxi with the taxi driver helping her get her things. Aya puts her stuff down with the taxi driver behind her and rings the door bell. Aya's father opens the door and sees Aya. He pulls her into a deep hug, "Aya. I haven't seen you in so long…"

Aya starts tearing up, "I missed you too father…"

"You've changed." Aya's father snickers and let's go looking at her from head to toe, "You should wear heavier clothes to hide that."

Aya blushes from embarrassment and shouts, "Father!"

A voice from inside the house, a gentle female voice, reaches outside. "Now now Hiro. Stop embarrassing Aya-chan and tell her to come inside."

Aya walks inside the house. Hiro and the taxi driver bring her suitcases and bags inside the house. The taxi driver leaves after collecting the money. Aya walks to the living room where she sees her mother stuffing herself with chocolate. Hiro sits next to Aya's mother and pats her stomach. "Himeko wouldn't stop complaining about how much pain she's been having. So I finally shut her up with some chocolate."

Himeko hit's the father's head and looks at him angrily. She turns her head to Aya and motions Aya to come closer to her. "My Aya-chan…you've matured so much."

"Thank you mother. I better start unpacking."

Hiro stands up and smiles, "I'll help you."

Himeko smiles sadly, "I wish I could help you too but…" She pats her belly and Aya giggles. "It's okay mother."

Aya and Hiro run upstairs.


Meanwhile in Shibuya

Ran Kotobuki is sitting on the chair, at Yamato's police box, placing fake nails on her fingers as her brother looks at her angrily. "Ran! Have you been paying any attention to what I was saying?"

"Nope. Sorry bro but nails come first!"

Miyu walks into the police box with a bento box in her hands. "Yamato! Miyu made lunch for you."

Yamato smiles and accepts it, "Thank you Miyu. Ran! You should be more like your sister-in-law!"

"Yeah yeah whatever bro! Hey Miyu what time is it?"

"It's…" Checks her baby green, heart shaped watch, "9:30."

"Really? For sure! Time flew as I put my nails!" She puts her hands in the air, admiring her fake, pink cover and red hearts, nails.

Miyu rubs her forehead, "Oh Ran, you're hopeless."

Ran grabs her coat and walks out the door. Miyu blushes while looking at Yamato and Yamato notices. He smiles "Okay Miyu but quickly."

Miyu wraps her arms around Yamato's neck and leans in to kiss him. Yamato's hands go around her waist and leans in too. Just millimeters away but Ran comes back in, "Miyu! Come on!"

"Alright already!"

"Maybe later Miyu?"

"Okay Yamato…"

They hug each other goodbye and Miyu follows Ran out of the police box. Ran climbs on top of Hachiko and looks around to see if any of her friends had made it to the meeting spot. Five minutes later, Tatsuki comes in running. As he is running towards Ran, a he slips on a banana peel, like he usually does…I think, and falls down ass first. Ran starts laughing hysterically, Miyu yelling Ran to stop, and Tatsuki pouting and rubbing his ass as he gets up. He gets back to his hyper self and runs again to hug Ran, "Ran-pyon!"

When he's an inch away from Ran's lips, Ran punches him with her small fists made of steel and sends him to the sky. Tatsuki recovers and looks at her teary-eyed. "Oh Ran-pyon."

"Not in public Tatsukichi!"

"Sorry Ran-pyon…so who else is coming?"

"We're still waiting for Mami, Yuya, Rei and Aya."

"It's been a while since we've last seen them."

"Yep! That's why I arranged this meeting!"

Another five minutes later, Yuya, Mami, and Rei walks in with Yuya waving happily. "Hey guys!"

Mami sighs, "I gave you too much coffee today…"

Rei, still showing no emotion, says a simple "Yo."

Ran jumps down from Hachiko and puts her fist in the air, "Alright! Now we have to wait for Aya!"

"Miyu will try calling her…"

Tatsuki puts out a thumbs up, "Go for it!"

Miyu dials Aya's number and Aya picks up, "Hello? Miyu?"

"Hey Aya. Are you coming to Odaiba Beach with us?"

"Yeah…but I'm running a little late. I'll be there in half and hour. Will you guys be able to wait that long?"

"Sure Aya! Anything for you!"

"Thanks Miyu. I'm almost done unpacking."

"Okay. If you want to find us, we'll be at Shibuya's National Park."

"Alright, I'll see you then. Bye Miyu."

"Bye Aya." Miyu hangs up and puts her yellow flip-phone into her red and white hoodie pocket. "So? What'd she say?"

"She'll be here in half an hour. We should hang out in the park while we wait."

Ran looks at the others for approval and they all nod their heads. Even if they said no, she would drag them along anyway. As the six walk into the park, they see an old, homeless lady, struggling to walk. The 3 girls run over to her and carefully hold her up, placing her on the park's bench. Rei hands the old lady a drink and Yuya runs back with food. Tatsuki shadows her from the blazing sun that nearly made the old lady faint. Ran's the first one to speak up, "Are you okay?"

"Oh my dear…I'm fine. You youths are so nice…so gentle and caring. I have to repay you."

Mami politely nods her head no, "Please don't. We didn't do this for anything in return!"

"Oh I know what to give you…" The hands that's not occupied with the drink goes into her pocket and pulls out 6 pendants. Each pendant had it's the same color chain, which is silver, but different gems. Ran takes the ruby pendant from the old lady, "This one totally fits me!"

Ran admires the pendant by letting the sun's light hit the red ruby making it sparkle. A glint of fire appears but Ran thinks it's only her imagination. The fire disperses. Miyu takes a pearl pendant. "Miyu likes pearls." She looks at the white pearl in awe. The wind blows around her to admire the pendant as well.

Yuya takes the aquamarine pendant, "Wow! It looks so cool but why's it wet?"

Mami takes the emerald pendant. "It's so beautiful…" The tree's roots start to flow around her ankle but not grabbing on to it so she doesn't fall.

Tatsuki picks up the yellow topaz pendant and starts dancing the Para-Para while placing it around his neck. "It matches the Machida Black's hair! So cool!" A flash of lightning appears from the sky but quickly retreats.

Rei takes the sapphire pendant, the last pendant the old lady was holding, "Thanks." The ground he's standing on forms ice and Rei notices it so he walks away from the ice before he slips and embarrasses himself.

The old lady smiles and disappears all of a sudden, leaving the six confused. Ran is the first to break the silence, "That was strange!"

Rei clears his voice which gets everyone's attention. "These pendants have powers. I have ice."

The others look at him with great curiosity and shock. Yuya pats his best friend's shoulder, which Rei shrugs off, and says, "What are you talking about? Aren't these just regular pendants?"

"No Yuya. They're not. You said your pendant was wet when you put it on. That means you have the element water. Honda's ankle is being wrapped around with tree roots right now." Everybody looks at Mami's ankle and what Rei said was true. He continues, "She has the element earth. When Yamazaki put her pendant on, wind blew around her. Right Yamazaki?"

"That's right. So that means I have the element wind."

"Yes. When Tatsuki put his pendant on, lightning appeared out of no where in the sky."

"So I'm sky?"

Yuya slaps the back of his head, "No you idiot! You're lightning! I don't think there's even an element called sky!"

"Ow…Sorry bro."

Yuya sighs and Rei continues, "Finally. The idiot with the red streak has fire. When she put the pendant on, the ruby lit up a small fire but the idiot was too dense to notice it."


Rei smirks and asks Miyu, "Call Aya. It's passed half an hour."

"Okay." Before Miyu takes her phone out of her pocket, Ran and Mami grab Miyu's hand. Miyu looks at the questioningly "What are you two doing?"

Mami retreats her hand and says, "We can't let Aya know…what if evil starts coming after us. She could get hurt if she stays with us."

Ran nods her head in agreement and sighs sadly, "We have to tell her to leave us…I don't want Aya to get hurt."

"I just said that idiot!"

"Okay Ran."

Ran and Mami bicker while the others, including heartless Rei, worry about Aya.


15 minutes ago…before Ran and the others got their perspective pendants…

Aya runs out the house and starts running towards the park. Before she reaches there, she passes by an antique shop that catches her eyes. This won't take long…Miyu said they'll wait for me…Aya walks into the old, beat down antique shop. She looks around until something out shines the rest. She walks over to the dusty glass case but the pendant still shines. It's a yin and yang pendant with diamonds to make up yin and onyx to make up yang. The store owner, which happens to be the old lady, walks in from the storage room. "Can I help you young lady?"

"Yeah…can I buy this pendant?" Aya points to the pendant inside the glass case.

"You can keep it. I was going to get rid of the old thing."

"Really? You sure you don't want any money?"

"I'm fine my dear." She unlocks the glass case, with some falling on her hands as she takes out the pendant. The old lady puts it in a small, black and white box and hands it to Aya.

"Thank you!"

"I think it belongs to you…"


"Nothing my dear. Run along…you don't want to keep your friends waiting."

"Oh that's right! Bye!" Aya runs out the store until she realizes something and looks at the old store…which is not there anymore? What…where'd the store go? And how'd she know I was meeting up with my friends? Aya opens the box and puts on the pendant. The sky turns dark and back to light, dark and back to light again. What's going on? Aya looks at the other pedestrians and everything looks completely normal to them. Maybe it was just my imagination… Aya continues to walk to the park where she sees Ran and the others. "Ran! Miyu!"

The six turns their heads to Aya's direction and watches her run to them. They only had one thing in mind, I'm sorry Aya…Ran tries to restrain herself from giving Aya a bear hug and Miyu breaks down into tears. Mami looks away with Yuya comforting her. Tatsuki looks at Aya teary-eyed and Rei, no emotion but deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down he's sad.

"We're sorry Aya…"

"What are you talking about Ran? Why do you all look sad?"

"We want you to leave us alone," says Ran as she had to choke out all those words, trying to bear the pain of losing a best friend.

Aya tries to not cry and succeeds. She looks at them questioningly, "What…why?"

"JUST DO IT AYA! GO AWAY!" Ran says as she turns away from Aya, lone tear crawls down her tanned face.

Aya looks at Miyu and Miyu runs to Ran with tears flooding her eyes. Mami and Yuya walk away followed by Tatsuki who goes to comfort his girlfriend. The two left are Rei and Aya. Rei walks towards Aya looks at her. He smiles sadly, which Aya has never seen before, and says, "Sorry Aya…and I'll admit this. I'm going to miss you."

He walks away, leaving Aya alone. The weather doesn't feel warm to her anymore, it's really cold and it feels like it's winter. Aya wishes she was back home, in her bed, and cry her eyes out. Her wish was granted. Aya is now in her house, in her room, with a comfy cerulean blue bed. How did I…She glances at the pendant. Maybe this pendant has…powers? Aya suddenly recalls what Ran said to her and allows tears to flow from her face. She lays down on her bed and falls asleep with a wet pillow full of tears.


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