Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
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Summary: Garnier Hospital Supplementary. Multiple pairings, main one being Erik/Raoul.
Warning(s): slash
Pairing(s): Erik/Raoul, mentions of Raoul/Christine and Erik/Christine
Word Count: 865

A/N: This is barely recognizable as POTO anymore, but I said I was going to do some sort of continuation and here it is.
Story note: This isn't your normal continuation. It's a drabble dump, more or less, and just like Human Anatomy, it won't be updated regularly. Additionally, these drabbles are in no shape or form in chronological order and therefore you will probably be confused several times – I'll be sure to add some sort of comment in the end to get you back on track though. :D


Doctor's Code
By: Lucifer Rosemaunt

Chapter 01 - Money


Raoul rounded the couch when Erik didn't respond to him. He stood directly in front of the television, finding the optimum location to block the program. "You're rich?" It was less a question than it was a shocked accusation.

Erik finally looked at him. Reaching over, he grabbed the remote to turn the TV off. He rather expected this conversation would require his entire attention. "Rich? Filthy rich?" He shrugged. "What's the difference?"

"But," Raoul floundered. He thought of all the time they'd spent together and knew that at some point there would have been an appropriate time to inform him of said fact. But no. He'd had to find out from his brother. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Would it have mattered?" Erik countered abruptly.

Taken aback for a moment by the harshness of his voice, Raoul paused to really look at Erik: tense, which now that Raoul thought of it was uncommon nowadays; eyes practically blank with the effort to keep himself from revealing too much; and a clenched jaw that made one particular tendon in his jaw to protrude past the surrounding muscles, which meant that Erik was bracing himself for bad news.

"No." Raoul answered, eyes unhesitatingly meeting Erik's. He made sure his voice was even, realizing he probably hadn't approached this subject properly. "Of course not."

But whatever Erik saw in his eyes, he didn't believe. "Does it make a difference now?" He turned the television back on. "Do you want me to pay rent, pay for my half of it since I'd started living here?" Raoul couldn't quite believe it, but Erik sounded pissy. "Maybe groceries? I can do that. Or do you want me to buy the building so you never have to pay again?"

At a loss for what else he could say, Raoul simply refused. "No. It's not…"

Erik raised the volume of the television, pointedly ignoring him.

"No, Erik," Raoul shouted, competing against some newscaster. He grabbed the remote from him almost too easily before turning the television off again. The room was suddenly enveloped in silence; all he could hear was their combined breathing. Raoul looked at Erik expectantly, and it took several moments before Erik met his eyes.

"It's not about the money," Raoul shook his head. "I have money. I don't want you around because you can financially support me." Erik crossed his arms across his chest, clearly unimpressed. Raoul tried to relieve some of the tension by adding jokingly, "Although from what I heard, you could support several me's."

Erik reluctantly grinned at the thought. "Now, that's an idea." He muttered just loud enough for Raoul to hear, "I'll have to send my money somewhere useful, like cloning."

Raoul gave a short laugh before becoming serious again, intent to make Erik understand. "You know it's not about the money. It's about keeping something this big from me."

Leaning forward, Erik grabbed the edge of Raoul's shirt, tugging him so that he stood between his legs. Glancing down before back up at Raoul, he said in faux sincerity, "You know my policy about keeping big things from you."

He smirked, but Raoul wouldn't be swayed, even when his lips nearly quirked into a smile. He frowned and remarked, "It's like I don't even know you."

Erik loosely held him around his waist, close enough so that Raoul couldn't see his expression. "You know the only part of me that matters." The statement was muffled.

Raoul tried to frown still but couldn't fight the grin. "Damn you. This is important."

"What are you thinking about?" Erik replied, leaning backwards. "I mean it." And he wasn't smirking anymore. "You know the me that matters."

Raoul stared at him, agape. He couldn't believe that a line like that had come from Erik.

Before he could continue to bask in this newfound romantic side of him, Erik sank back into the couch, pulling Raoul to sit beside him as he turned the TV back on. "I like this loft anyway," he said as though they hadn't shared that serious moment before, "I thought that once you realized I was rich, you'd want to move or something."

Managing to break his gaze from Erik, Raoul looked around the loft. It wasn't quite as empty as it had once been. Erik didn't have much in terms of physical possessions other than his clothes. But, he was getting there. More books than his own were piling the shelves. There was a new clock, some art piece Raoul didn't actually understand, and some other small paraphernalia. There were paints randomly spread across the room. One wall was half filled with a mural that Erik would randomly work on when inspiration hit.

The mural had started off as something dark and blurry, like looking through gauze, but slowly the highlights, the bright spots that had been just mere splotches in the beginning were starting to take focus, the darkness nothing but a background.

Raoul settled into the couch, leaning heavily on Erik. He focused on the program Erik had chosen, some opera in a language Raoul couldn't determine just yet but was certain Erik somehow knew. "I like this loft, too."


End chapter 01

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