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Summary: Garnier Hospital Supplementary. Multiple pairings, main one being Erik/Raoul.
Warning(s): slash
: Erik/Raoul, mentions of Raoul/Christine and Erik/Christine
Word Count: 968

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Story note
: Just a quick bite of their time in the hospital. Erik's still got a ways to go before he can go home (wherever that is).


Doctor's Code
By: Lucifer Rosemaunt

Chapter 03 – Show some effort


Along with the hem of the hospital gown, Raoul held Erik's ankle firmly and pressed forward, making sure his leg bent properly. "Now try to stretch out."

"Ugh…" The muscles in Erik's leg tensed, but there was very little pressure against him.

They were well into their physical therapy session for the day and Erik had been doing rather poorly. If he were anyone else, Raoul would have said that he was becoming disheartened and simply going through a slight depression regarding his progress. The thing was that Erik didn't become depressed and considering his progression, there was no reason for him to feel badly. He was doing incredibly well; Raoul couldn't be more proud of him. So, if the physical and the mental aspects weren't the problem, it had to be somehow related to Erik's stubborn streak.

"You're not even trying."


A slight push against his arms was all that happened. Raoul narrowed his eyes at the bandages on Erik's face. Listening a little longer to the sound of his grunts, Raoul realized just what he was doing. He released Erik's leg so that it rested, foot planted on the bed and knee bent like his other leg. Crossing his arms, completely not amused, he said, "Stop doing that."

"Doing what?" It never boded well when Erik asked questions in that tone of voice.

Sighing exaggeratedly, Raoul replied, "You're making that noise on purpose." As casually as he could manage, he leaned against one of Erik's legs and was pleased when it held, apparently effortlessly now. Erik had been holding back lately.

"I'm trying to push like you told me to." Erik shrugged, but nonchalance never looked or sounded right when Erik attempted it. Raoul guessed it had something to do with his tone of voice or the way he was intense about everything.

"You were..." Raoul leaned a little more heavily on Erik's leg just to gauge exactly how much he'd been holding back. He motioned vaguely, a light blush coloring his cheeks at the mere thought of specifically voicing what he believed Erik to be doing, "moaning."

"I can't make noise when I try to push?" He responded quickly, but the defensive tone was less than what it should have been if he'd truly been offended. He added, "I hear it's quite common when putting forth effort."


Erik moved his leg and Raoul fell forward, barely catching himself as he dropped between Erik's legs. He managed to cushion his fall with an arm on either side of Erik so that he didn't crush him. When Erik didn't even jerk in response, Raoul glared. Pushing himself up with a sigh, he glanced down in surprise then up at Erik's bandages. "You did that on purpose."

Erik replied. "My leg couldn't hold your weight anymore. I'm still weak."

Raoul might have believed that last remark if he hadn't sounded so smug. He pointedly looked down on what he'd fallen on.

Erik squeezed his knees inward to pull Raoul closer. "It's for you."

Raoul facepalmed, his face heating up at the blatant sexual remark. "You didn't just say that." And even though he rather expected it from Erik, he could never seem to control the blood that always rushed to his face. Inadvertently glancing down at Erik's erection again, he flushed even more. He tried to step back but Erik wrapped his legs around his waist to keep him in place. He'd definitely been holding back in their physical therapy. He had a feeling that if he tried to move any further, Erik would be dragged along.

"It's natural, Doc," he used the term mockingly, "and it's not the first time I've had one during our sessions."

Raoul quickly averted his eyes, leaning back to create some illusion of distance between them. It was quite difficult to ignore the fact that Erik was pressed against his abdomen. "You never conspired to make me fall on it before."

"Hazards of the occupation." Erik said blithely. How that was possible when they were in such a compromising position was a mystery to Raoul.

His own voice was choked when he replied, "Hardly."

Erik pushed himself up so that he was leaning on his elbows, and Raoul spared a moment to wonder exactly what Erik's range of motion was. "This can't be the first time you've come upon a patient's erection?"

"You're right," Raoul tried to lean further back but only strained his back unnecessarily, "but might I point out, they don't flaunt it in my face."

"Well, they're not trying hard enough then."

Raoul couldn't help but look at him in confusion. "Trying hard enough to do what?"

"Get your attention. Conspire to have you do more than fall on them."

There was no way Erik wasn't smirking at him. Or perhaps leering. Taking in a fortifying breath, Raoul leaned forward to close some of the distance between them. He was inordinately pleased when Erik laid back down. Placing his hands on either side of Erik's waist, he nodded his head in defeat.

"They probably aren't trying hard enough." Clearing his throat nervously, he added, "But like I told you before, I think you should conspire to do that when you're not in the hospital any longer. You always have my attention regardless."

There was a moment when Raoul wasn't sure Erik was going to let him go, and he truly did not know what he would do then. The panic was already setting in when Erik unwrapped his legs from Raoul's waist albeit reluctantly.

Taking a large step away and straightening his clothing, Raoul shook his head at his own gullibility. His heart was pounding erratically and he was certain his hands were trembling. "I presume this is why you specifically asked for the hospital gown today?"


End chapter 03

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