"Monica! Monica!" I ran after my twin sister, gripping my black and white stripped beanie that was hiding most of my short red hair, "Come on! Your no fair!"

"Life isn't fair!" The twin called back, her much longer red hair waving behind her has she ran.

She was always the fastest of us...I thought, tripping over a loose shoe lace and falling onto the concrete. I winced and looked up just in time to see my sister make it to the double doors of their new school as the late bell went off. Once again, Monica was first.

I sighed and sat up, checking my knee whether or not it had been shattered, if sure felt that way. I saw that my jeans were ripped from the skid and it was bleeding badly.


This new school thing didn't sound like it was going to start right any way. As soon as I learned that me and Monica were moving in with my cousin Kyle's family, I knew that it was going to be a 'bad paper back novel'. Something mom used to say. I knew that some how, my twin sister would hog all the spot light as the 'pretty new student'.

Just like last time, and the time before that, and the time before that... I wobbled through the double doors and walked up to the attendent at the front desk, "H-hi, I'm Maxwell, the-"

"The new student's twin, yes, Monica told me about how you might be late." She stated, looking over the computer monitor, "Oh my gosh, what happened to your knee?!"

Thats how the first day started. A trip to the nurse, who thought that I would need stitches, who agrued about how I should go to the hospital, and didn't win. He wrapped my knee up so tight I could barely walk right as a stumpled to my new class room during break. It was past lunch and I was starving, but I would have to wait until the end of the day.

I knocked on the door, suddenly stricken with nervousness, I was already 'injured', what else could go wrong?

No answer. I knocked again. What is this, a deaf class?

"Oh for crying out loud, COME IN!!!" Shouted a deep voice from behind the door. I gasped and rushed through to see a disgruntled old man with his hands pressed to his desk, "Glad to see that you finally made it."

"Maxwell!" Monica jumped from her seat and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, "I'm sorry! I heard about what happened! If I had known you had to get stitches I would have stopped and helped but-"

I pushed her back, "Calm down Mony, I'm fine really. And who told you I needed stitches? Who even told you I got hurt?"

The teacher walked over, grunting, "Ok, ok, Family reunions over. Seat down in your seats."

I turned away from him and spotted a familiar face, "Kyle!" I raced up to him and gave him a hug, "Kyle! I missed you!"

He sighed, "Ughhh, Maxwell. Act your age already..."

A very tall kid in the back stood up, "I didn't know you had a girlfriend Kyle!"

The class erupted into giggles and snickered, making me back up, "H-hey! He's my cousin!"

Monica broke through the raising crowd, "I didn't know we moved to a red neck state. Gosh! You guys are gross!"

Most of the boys were already after her I guess, "We're so sorry Monica!"

I rolled my eyes and the teacher made us take our seats.

Mr. Mufflin's class. Bring it on.

_Author's Note_ (Warning; slight spoilers, nothing major though)

I tried to make it to where you could figure out much of Maxwell's life from the get-go, but if you didn't understand...

1) She feels constantly out shined by her twin sister Monica.

2) Monica is very Ditzy, but not a 'bad guy'. She is just a clueless person, not trying to put Maxwell down or out shine her in any way.

3)Maxwell and Monica are Kyle's cousins coming to stay with him while her Dad is looking for a home (No, I didn't expect you to know that from this chapter, consider it spoilers.)

4) Maxwell is very fond of Kyle, though she doesn't love him like a boyfriend nor is she paired with him. (COUSINS!!1!)