I ran down the hall faster than I ever had before.

"I'm late! I'm late! I'm so late!" I skidded a corner and drove into my class, right into Kyle's chest.

"Maxwell! Watch where your going for once!" He complained, gripping my shoulders.

I panted heavily and my head drooped, "Sorry... I didn't want to be late..."

He gave me a half hearted smile and shoke his head before I was hal tackled, half glomped by two bawling and clingy lunatics.

"Maxwell! Your back! I thought you ran away forever!" Chum Chum teared into my back, soaking my cape, "I'm so glad your back!"

Fanboy had me by the front, hugging me so tight that my arms were bent in on themselves, "Please don't ever do that again! Please!"

I pushed against his chest, trying to get a breathe or two in while saying, "I promise! I promise!"

"You slobs get off her right this instance!" Kyle shouted, stomping the floor and threatening to cast out a curse with his wand.

They backed away from me slowly, nervously giggling and chuckling.

I rolled my eyes, "Its no big deal if they hug me cuz..." I sighed.

"Well, its a bloody big one to me!" He pouted.

"I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU WALKING IN HERE AND GETTING EVERYONE OFF TOPIC MAXWELL!! TAKE YOUR SEATS!!" Roared Mr. Mufflin, who was so made I could see the fumes coming out of his ears.

We scrambled back to our desks. I sat next to Monica, who was still laughing at the scene we had created in the front of the room.

Half way during the lesson, a note fell on my desk. I read it to myself quietly, hiding it from the teacher.

Hey, Sorry about happened. Are you ok?

I scribbled down my answered and threw it back.

I'll be fine.

I promise.

_Author's Note_

ENDING!!! Last chapter! *sips tea* I hope you enjoyed. I'm sorry it was so small, and for the really mushy ending, but I didn't want a long ending. Short, sweet, and to the point. The End.