We all knew he was in love with the boy. The way he obsessed about him. The way he swore he hated him, but what is hate, anyway? Just frustrated love, really. Besides, you could see it in the way he looked at those green eyes, that black hair, those broken glasses that he loved him. And, yes, it bugged me. Why? Because, those silver eyes should have been glued on me and that horrible mind should have been thinking up ways to catch my attention. He runs his hand through his blonde hair and looks over to his loverboy. The boy glares back. True, he's handsome, but not handsome enough to deserve the attention that my friend is giving him.

"Something wrong, Blaise?" he asks me.

"No," I reply, even though there is. The problem is Malfoy being in love with Potter. Why? Because, Draco's all mine.

I, Blaise Zabini, am in love with Draco Malfoy. Happy?