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Grace Van Pelt picked up her two-year-old daughter out of her crib.

"Nap over?" Her daughter, Elle, looked up at her with a sleepy look in her big blue eyes. Her auburn hair was tousled and she was wearing a T-shirt and a pull-up.

"Yes, nap over. We're gonna go see Daddy." She said, setting her down on the ground and picking her daughter's outfit up off the dresser.

"Livie?" She asked, referring to her five year old sister, Olivia. She had started to call her Livie when she learned to talk and the nickname stuck

"Yea, we're going to pick up Livie from kindergarten and then go see Daddy." She said as she picked her up to carry her out to the car.

About ten minutes later, Olivia got into the car from carpool.

"How was your day?" Grace asked as she started to drive.

"It was fun. We read and colored and picked out our kindergarten graduation gown colors and me and Kelsey and Abby got to read Sleeping Beauty during nap time because we were the goodest."

Grace couldn't help but cringe at her daughter's bad grammar, but she was only in kindergarten. She was also one of the youngest in her class. Her birthday had missed the cutoff date by 3 days.

"It sounds like you had a great day." She said looking through the rearview mirror at her daughters. She was desperate not to cry, but they were definitely their father's daughters. From their pale blue eyes to their determined attitude, they embodied everything that she loved about her husband.

As she parked the car, she turned in her seat and said, "What are the rules?"

"No running. Be polite." Olivia said with a smile on her face.

"INSIDE VOICES!!!" Elle yelled from her car seat, swinging her legs in the air.

"Yes, those are the rules." She said, unbuckling Elle from her car seat and watching Olivia slide out of hers onto the car floor and then jumped onto the parking lot.

As they walked to the reception desk, Grace told the lady their names and Elle, in her arms, looked at the woman very seriously and said, "Daddy's sleeeeeeping."

The woman smiled nicely and then gave Grace a look of sympathy.

They out on their visitors tags and then walked to his room.

When they opened the hospital room door, Grace saw her husband, Wayne Rigsby, lying on the hospital bed, in the coma that he had been in for the past 29 days.