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Grace watched as Olivia ran to Wayne's bed. Olivia climbed on the bed and started to talk, "Guess what Daddy? We played kickball today and I got to be a team captain and the other captain was that yucky boy Shawn and he picked all the boys and I picked all the girls. And we beat the boys!!! And then we got to pick out our graduation gown colors. I picked purple cause that's your favoritist color on me. Daddy, can your nap be over soon?"

As Olivia said that question, Grace's eyes filled with tears. She looked down at Elle in her arms. She was terrified of all the machines that her father was hooked up to.

Grace brought her over and sat in a chair with Elle in her lap while Olivia talked to Wayne. About half an hour later Lisbon knocked on the door.

Olivia kissed her father on the cheek and said, "I love you, Daddy." Then she ran to hug Lisbon.

"Give Daddy a kiss." Grace whispered into Elle's ear. She then leant down so that Elle could kiss Wayne and Elle's eyes lit up when she realized who it was. "Daddy! I love you!" She exclaimed and then blew a kiss with her hand.

Grace took Elle over to Lisbon. They visited every two days and then Grace would stay at the hospital until late. Lisbon, Jane, and Cho took turns babysitting the girls for her. Grace hadn't been back to work since Wayne was shot.

After they left, Grace closed the door and then pulled up a chair and sat down beside her husband.

She grabbed his hand and started to talk and before she knew it the tears were falling. She never cried unless it was by him. She didn't want to scare the girls and she wanted everyone to think that she could handle it.

"Wayne, I need you to wake up. I want you to be at Livie's kindergarten graduation, I want you to be there to hold my hand when Elle starts preschool, I need you to embarrass them in front of guys when they start dating, I need you to comfort me when they start college, I need you to walk them down the aisle and give them their father-daughter dance when they get married. But I need you to be there for me. You made me love you; you made me want to break the rules. We've come too far to lose it all now. I've been trying to be a good mother, but it's so hard. I feel like I'm running on autopilot. All those years ago, you needed me, but now I need you Wayne. I love you so, so much. I need you to fight for the girls. I need you to fight for me. I love you Wayne Rigsby. I love you too much. If I lose you I'll lose myself."

When she finished talking she looked at him and then leaned back in her chair and started to sob a good bone cleansing sob. She cried every night now.


A few hours later after sitting and crying and holding his hand she decided to tell him something, the one thing she had never told him before.

"I know that this sounds terrible, but the first time I knew that I really and truly loved you was when I was shot. I thought I did, but I just tried to convince myself that I was wrong. Then we got together and I tried to convince myself that we were just a fling that we both needed to get out of our systems. But when I got shot, I was glad. I was glad that it had been me instead of you. I was wearing a vest and you weren't, but even if I hadn't been wearing one I still would have been glad that it was me instead. All that pain was worth knowing you were okay. Even though I was in pain, the only thing I could think about is what if it had been you? In the ambulance when I told you to wear your vest next time and that was the first thing that brought tears to my eyes, I knew. I knew that I wanted you. That I needed you, as much, maybe more, than you needed me." She glanced up at the clock and realized that she needed to get home to put the girls to bed.

She leaned down beside him, quickly kissed him and whispered, "I love you." She slowly slid her hand out of his and then walked out the door. She knew that if he didn't wake up soon, she would become a broken woman, just like Jane had become a broken man.