Chapter One

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Konoha, Hokage tower

Sarutobi Hiruzen was leaning over a piece of paper, reading its contents in sheer disbelief. He was happy that his pipe had been placed on the table beforehand, as otherwise it would have clattered to the floor.

He looked demandingly at the man standing across from his desk, "And you are sure that this is correct?"

The man had long spiky white hair and red tattoos on his face, and for once his expression was deadly serious. "Hai. I checked it out myself. He's gone, and so are his followers. All dead."

Sarutobi allowed his eyes to rest back on the document which held information that was recently obtained by the Toad Sennin's impressive spy network. Information was the ultimate power in the shinobi world. "I can't believe he's actually dead."

Jiraiya slumped down in the seat across the desk, pulling out two saucers and a bottle of sake, pouring out a measured proportion in each. He nodded in accord to the Hokage's words.

He was still conflicted on this issue. On one side, the man had truly been insane. Manipulating and experimenting on people; the world may just be a brighter place without the Hebi alive. On the other hand, the man was once his teammate and fellow member of the Densetsu no Sannin. He had once made a promise to save that man. But he was irredeemable; it was just a matter of time before someone killed him. He had actually hoped to be the one to complete that task himself.

Jiraiya handed one saucer to the Sandaime, who had put down the document. He raised his own saucer and took a sip. It clinked as he set it back down on the desk. "This brings up another problem, you know."

Sarutobi sipped his own drink and closed his eyes. In that moment, the Gama Sannin saw his old sensei looking his full age. "Aaa."

Jiraiya continued, "The organisation I have uncovered that calls itself 'Akatsuki' could be behind it. I know that Orochimaru left Akatsuki, but I had not expected them to go after him; especially after so long. It may also be a new threat that no one has heard of yet. I will keep my spies on the lookout for information on who did this. We must be careful. Anyone who can decimate Orochimaru and annihilate his followers must be a force to reckoned with. No evidence was left, but it was clear that it was only one person who carried out the act. That person would be a great enemy, or ally."

Sarutobi put down his saucer and rubbed his eyes. He was remembering that little student who had made fun of Jiraiya and ran away from his fan girls. Who had been in the running for the position of Yondaime Hokage.

To avoid being lost to the memories, he made a concerted effort to come back to the present. "Yes, I agree. You should try to uncover the perpetrator; we need to know if they are a threat to the village. Not to mention that if Akatsuki is behind this, they are a greater threat than previously assumed. We need to ensure that the new generation is stronger than the last. I will get the new jounin sensei to train their teams harder."

Jiraiya nodded; that was only common sense. "I just hope we haven't traded one enemy for an even greater one."

Sandaime finished off his sake. "You and me both, old friend."

Both men were contemplating the future as they finished off their sake.

Somewhere in Ta no Kuni

One woman who had had enough of thinking about the future was lying in the back of a merchant cart, looking up at the stars.

Technically, she probably shouldn't be in the cart, as the owner of said vehicle wasn't exactly aware of her presence.

But that just made it all the more fun for her.

Vivid fire-red hair was sprawled messily about, arms behind her head and violet eyes vacant; she was trying to get the faces of her friends out of her mind. It was proving impossible.

Hikari. Light. At first the name had been a joke.

When things went to hell, she was the one they all gravitated towards. Offering them a smile, determination, comedic relief… the list went on. That was what they had eventually renamed her as; a light to ward off the ever growing darkness.

And that was the name she now lived by.

She had drawn her courage from those that acknowledged her – those that still lived had given her hope, something to live for. Even as the deaths of her friends felt like multiple stab wounds to the heart, (if only; the physical side she could live through) she would still live on to ensure the lives of the others.

The macabre pictures of her friend's last resting places flashed through her mind's eye.

There were none left.

The world had truly gone to hell in a hand basket, and it was all her fault.

Konoha burned to the ground, in an attempt to capture the Kyuubi.

Her friends had forced themselves on her; looking to her for a leader when the last fragments of the Rookie Eleven had banded together in an attempt to destroy Akatsuki, and protect the survivors of Konoha.

Fat lot of good that did them.

Her delicate brows creased. Now, when did she start letting the bad get to her? What happened to all her masks, her impenetrable defences? The masks that were even capable of fooling herself?

The funny thing was that even Ibiki couldn't tell when she was lying. The others had found that particular conversation hilarious. He had, at the end, asked what colour the sky was, and she told him in absolute seriousness that it was green.

The interrogator's lips had twitched, and she knew he had not been able to tell that she was lying. She had gotten conformation of this when the lazy genius, Shikamaru, had burst out laughing upon exiting the room.

Aaa. That had gotten them out of her mind.

It would be different, this time.

Yes, this time.

Time travel was a volatile thing, and she had no assurances of being able to make any difference at all.

But whatever happened, it had to be better than what had happened before.

Her mind was dragged back to the final moments.

Madara had finally captured her, having killed all of her friends. He had gathered up the remnants of Akatsuki and they had taken her to a huge cave – much like the one they had rescued Gaara from, she remembered. She had been told they would be using the power of the bijuu to 'rule the world'. Sure, it may not have been an original goal, but she knew all to well the mind-numbing power of the Kyuubi, and knew that it would end the world as they knew it.

At that time they had started the ritual, and something had pushed her into unconsciousness.

Flashback no Jutsu!




The sound that haunted her unconscious mind. That memory was dead and buried.

"So, gaki. You let yourself get caught."

The voice was disdainful.

Kyuubi could, of course, felt the chakra that was attempting to break through the yarou's seal. It knew it wouldn't work; shinigami did not make a seal that cracked. The Kitsune would know, having been attempting to break out for years.

Now, it had a choice. Well, not really. Shinigami was still pissed off at Kyuubi for getting trapped under Uchiha Madara's dangerous eyes, and the only way to circumvent pissing off the Shinigami further would be to right the wrongs; escape to be able to begin again as a young fox that would grow to its former glory in time.

And the only way to get out would be abandoning its current chakra to the gaki it had been trapped in.

Only problem with that would be that the gaki would die before it could get out, and the world would still be unbalanced – the chakra would be free to kill everything. If it could find a way to do this without that outcome, it could finally be free of the human's petty worries. Kyuubi gazed down at the gaki, and an idea formed.

Hikari had crossed her arms and was glaring up at the Kyuubi, sapphire blue eyes hard as ice. "I didn't let myself get caught. Fuzzy, you of anybody would know how strong they are – after all, they managed to get all of the other Jinchuuriki and bijuu."

Kyuubi growled at the 'fuzzy' jab, but ignored it in favour of presenting its idea, "It is possible to fix this, you know."

Hikari raised her eyebrows, "Suuure it is. Everyone's dead. Anyway, there ain't no way to get out from this ritual thing alive. Accept it, fox, you've been beat."

Red eyes narrowed at the blond, "You are finally whimping out? After all this time, you choose the moment in which your decision could save all of your friends to give up? Maybe my vessel was worse than I thought. Scaredy Cat." The Kyuubi added that last bit to taunt the teenager.

It had the desired effect; those blue eyes filled with wary determination as she retorted sarcastically, "So, magnificent kitsune, what do you think will get us out of this situation?"

Kyuubi decided to ignore the tone. "Time travel."

Hikari blinked. "Time. Travel. …Oh, sure, I'll just go get my coat." She then snorted, "As if! That's impossible, even for the 'almighty' Kyuubi!"

She then burst into hysterical laughter at the very idea.

Fine, so the stress might have gotten to her. Who could blame her?

The fox was not amused. It waited for the girl to desist, and then continued, "Actually, it is possible as time means little to me. The only reason I haven't mentioned it before now is because your body could not have taken all my chakra. Now, this statue is actively trying to break your chakra coils, effectively stretching them while my chakra continually heals them. You have also already absorbed much of my chakra, so the transition would not kill you. You'd be fine, and I would be gone."

Hikari looked at him speculatively, surprised he would be so altruistic - which was admittedly making her extremely suspicious of his words. "Now why would you do that? What do you have to gain from this, if you would be gone?"

Kyuubi looked at her, "I gain avoidance from becoming a puppet. I would prefer that my chakra not be exploited. I do not wish to be trapped in a mere statue. You were bad enough."

Hikari had to admit that it was a reasonable explanation, even if it was probably only one of many. "How would I know that you could not influence me when I go back? That you would not actually take over my body?"

Kyuubi was annoyed but said, "I give you my word that I do this for your benefit, and that it will have no ill effects to you. It will only result in the premature absorption of my chakra, I will be gone from your body, and the 'whiskers' that mark you as my jinchuuriki will be removed. There may also be a slight change to your appearance. You will remain in your current form, and you will technically be part demon."

Hikari was quick to mutter, "I damn well hope that ears and tails won't be in the appearance aspect."

The fox's ears twitched irritably, "No ears or tails. You will gain the natural techniques of the Kitsune, which I will leave you some instructions on. Now, are you going to do this or not? Soon your coils will break, my chakra or not, and we will both die."

Hikari debated with herself for a second more. The fox's word was iron clad, and she would be able to influence the future to avoid the same end. "Ok, Kyuubi. What have I gotta do?"

"Just rip off that seal and I'll take care of the rest."

The last thing Hikari remembered was light and debilitating pain.

Flashback no jutsu, Kai

Well, she had made a change immediately upon arriving, although it wasn't exactly planned out.

Imagine her surprise to wake up in the middle of the snake sannin's lair with the fruity bastard himself standing over her. She had realised at the same time that she was also as naked as the day she was born, and that the glasses freak was there as well. Now, he was almost worse than the snake freak in her time, having taken Orochimaru's place.

Now, usually she didn't exactly mind being naked in front of people; she had a shockingly low level of modesty (which probably had something to do with the acceptance that shinobi – like ero-sennin – could peep on her without any knowledge of the fact on her part) and Dignity? Well, she never had such a useless thing in the first place. Not that she enjoyed being naked in front of people, however. Just that she recognised that it was unavoidable for it to happen occasionally. But it was just freaky how they were looking at her, and all thought about just teleporting away disappeared to be replaced with the urge to kill everybody.

Fine, it may have had something to do with the fact that they had killed a lot of her friends, but she desired never to be classified as an avenger. That did no one any good.

She actually thought that it was her naked form that put the ninja off-balance. She didn't think they even realised that she was a threat before she had killed them and started attacking everyone else.

And well, the rest is history… or at least an altered version of it.

Just to be thorough, she had stolen the maps to the hideouts and went to call. Most of the people that had been experimented on begged for her to put them out of their misery, and she had granted them this last favour, although she disliked it.

After the first base she had found some suitable clothes, of course.

She wasn't an exhibitionist, after all. Just flippant about those kinds of things – you travel with the ero-sennin long enough and you kinda don't care about it as much. Perverts would be perverts. It was a twisted compliment, in a way, and pretty harmless – at least to the one who was spied on. She would usually just go and chase after them after she had enjoyed her time in the hot springs, thank-you very much. No mere pervert was going to cheat her out of relaxing, and the way she saw it, they may as well enjoy the show before she went sadistic on their arses. Ah, her most well-known jutsu was 'castration no jutsu', although the name was a misnomer. That was usually used for deterrent purposes.

She was still royally pissed off at the Kyuubi, however. That teme just had to have a twisted sense of humour and get in the last laugh. She acknowledged that that was pretty much the only way she would find the fruity hebi and catch him soo off guard that she could kill him without resorting to her favourite jutsu, but it was just cruel.

So that was over, and hopefully the annoyance that was Orochimaru being removed prematurely would help more than hinder. What if one of the people the snake bastard kidnapped in the future grew up to be even worse than him? Well, that was a risk she would have to take as it came. Hopefully it would bide enough time so that the Uzumaki Naruto of this time could help her keep everybody safe.

The wagon was still moving along, and Hikari contemplated her next actions. She would go to Konoha, if only to discover what was happening to the younger her.

But not yet.

It was never a good idea to rush into a ninja village without identification or a good reason to be there. She would start a 'spy network' and amble around for a while. Hopefully, she could help Konoha, but she knew that a stranger would hardly be welcomed with open arms. She would make friends with some shinobi she met on the road, and hopefully this would build her up a good enough rapport to get in.

Actually, she had just decided upon her destination, although it would entail passing through a lot of different towns – which was actually the point of it, really.

There were two things, she knew, that would provide her with an idea of the exact time period.

Well, actually three things, but she had already discovered the absence of Sasuke in Orochimaru's lair, and thus deduced it was before the yarou turned traitor.

The things she would use to gauge the time were simple; whether the chuunin exams had taken place, and she would go to Wave and see if the bridge was completed.

She would be able to get a better idea of what had to be done then.

Konoha, mission distribution room

A small blond in an orange jumpsuit cackled as the evil demon cat was squeezed to death by the Daimyo's wife. "Ha! Take that you stupid cat! You deserve it!"

A pink-haired female scowled hit the blond on the head, "Urusai, Naruto!"

The blond scowled and rubbed his head, "Itai! Sakura-chan, why did you do that?"

Sakura was going to reply at a very high pitch when Kakashi placed a hand on the genin's heads, "Both of you should show respect in front of Hokage-sama."

The aged Sandaime's lips were twitching, so he focused on shuffling his papers and presenting their next mission, "Now let's see what missions are available. Hmm, well there's weeding, grocery deliveries, milking cows, cleaning up the streets, training ground eleven needs to be fixed up... amongst others."

The blond was twitching, and finally burst into sound, "I AM NOT DOING ANY MORE STUPID D-RANKED MISSIONS! GIVE US A PROPER MISSION!"

Iruka started berating Naruto, but Sarutobi held up a hand, "Well, what does the rest of team seven feel about this? Do you think you deserve a higher ranked mission?"

Sasuke nodded, and Sakura vocally agreed with him. Kakashi was looking sheepish and embarrassed; quite the deviation from his normal attitude. "Well, I think they will be ok."

Sarutobi was serious as he picked up a certain C-Ranked mission and handed the information to the silver-haired jounin.

Naruto was bragging about how much better he'd gotten with Kakashi's brutal training, but Sarutobi ignored this to describe the mission, "Ok, then, you will be given a C-Ranked mission. The objective is to protect Tazuna, a master bridge builder, on his journey back to Wave. It should take about a week to get there, and you are to be guarding him until the completion of the bridge, which should take a further two weeks. Send in Tazuna."

The door flew open to revel a drunken man, "Hello! I am Tazuna, master bridge builder! And you are going to protect me on my way back to the bridge!"

Somewhere in Hi no Kuni

Hikari's violet eyes took in the expressions of the men at the table.

She smirked wickedly, "Sorry, boys, but I've got you beat. Straight Flush." And she laid her cards out in front of her.

They groaned, and she collected the money.

Ah, she loved games of luck.

And in this time, they didn't even know about her supernatural luck. She would be able to have a lot of fun by the time that little piece of information got out to all the casinos!

She cashed in the chips and was on her way out when someone brushed past her. "Hey!" She said irritably, almost dropping the money she had not sealed away.

The person turned around, her features set in a scowl, and then turned to walk out silently, having dismissed her.

Hikari was frozen in shock.

What were the chances of the Slug Sannin being in this casino, at this time? Hmm, she may just have to make a friend. After all, what better connection than the Godaime Hokage?

She skipped out of the establishment and yelled, "Hey, obaa-san!"

Fine. Maybe she just wanted a chance to torment the old woman, or soften her up for her chibi self. Well, ok… maybe it was mostly about the enjoyment she would derive from it.

The sannin stiffened and turned slowly around, eyes crinkling angrily as she took in the red head. "Who the hell are you to call me Grandma?"

Hikari grinned deviously, "Would you prefer Legendary Sucker?"

Tsunade seemed to take offence. She advanced on the short woman threateningly, "I will repeat. Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?"

Hikari put her hands behind her head serenely, "Someone who is good at gambling, and thinks she knows a way to exploit your rotten luck."

The blond raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "You better be able to hold your sake, then."

The red head grinned, "Aaa. If there was one thing I know, it's that." Privately, Hikari thought this particular fact was a curse disguised as a blessing. Kyuubi treated alcohol as poison. She could drink more than Gamabunta himself and still be stone cold sober. Seriously. She'd had a drinking contest with him sometime on the road with ero-sennin.

Twenty minutes later found them drinking sake at a bar.

Hikari decided that it was about time for introductions that didn't involve her insulting her companion. "Name's Hikari." She volunteered.

The blond gazed at her over her sake and actually smiled, "Tsunade."

They clicked glasses together and continued drinking, Hikari being prompted by Tsunade, "So. What was this idea you had?"

Hikari took another sip and grinned, "All you need is to bring a partner. You bet that it will never be something, and then the other person bets on that, but a larger amount than what you bet on your choice. Ya never know, it may just work."

Tsunade's lips slid into smile, "Hm. Interesting. I wonder if I could con Shizune into trying it."

Hikari smiled curiously, "Who's Shizune?" She had to keep up the whole 'I only know you through reputation' thing, so she may as well go the whole ten yards.


Both froze, though for different reasons. Hikari quickly unfroze and raised an eyebrow at her companion, "Am I to guess that that's Shizune?"

The older woman looked sheepish and attempted to drain the rest of her sake before the brunette managed to arrive.

Shizune berated the sannin, "Tsunade-sama, why are you here? We have to be going, or your debt-collectors will catch up! You were becoming more in debt, weren't you? How much sake have you had? You know, I had to have Tonton sniff you out!" She was extremely frustrated by the childish woman. How old was she, anyway?

Shizune belatedly noticed the red head beside her sensei, and was curious. Tsunade almost never interacted with anyone other than her. Said red head was looking at her curiously, so she decided to introduce herself, "Gomen, my name is Shizune. You are…?"

The young woman smiled, "I'm Hikari, pleased to meet you, Shizune-san."

Tsunade only grabbed her hand and forced her into the seat on her other side, ordering more sake. Shizune decided to stick around and discover the reason her mentor decided to talk with the young woman.

They all engaged in amiable chatter, and Shizune found herself enjoying the conversation. She had to admit that she hadn't seen Tsunade this relaxed for a long time. Hikari made jokes and told stories that had them all laughing, and Shizune found herself enjoying the stranger's company more and more.

There was something about the woman; an easy air maybe, something that hinted towards relaxation and good humour. She definitely had charisma, that's for sure.

Shizune had immediately known that the woman wasn't a threat to them. It was extremely hard for a person to hide shinobi training. Not because of the elevated chakra level; that was easily hidden by either suppressing or a genjutsu. No, it was the way they carried themselves, the way they walked and the way they talked. Also the way their eyes seemed to flit about, taking in all the potential threats.

Even the best shinobi is unable to hide these signs for any period of time.

Ironically, the better the shinobi, the worse they were at hiding the signs of being a shinobi. It becomes their life, and they never stop or even notice what they do that identifies them as a shinobi, even as they use these signs to pick out other shinobi – it becomes an ingrained habit. This woman had the basic signs, but that could point to once attending an academy, most likely dropping out. She held no hitai-ite, which was a good sign because even nuke-nin could never seem to part with theirs.

Another more obvious sign that said the teen hadn't had any real career as a shinobi was that her skin was clear and unblemished – as a shinobi, it is impossible to avoid scars. Everyone had more than one, for even the most experienced ninja had been an untrained rookie, once.

She seemed to be a normal person. All these things told Shizune that this was not a shinobi.

But then, there was still something that she could not put her finger on. Something that seemed to put her apart from civilians.

The only thing that blatantly contradicted the primary assessment would be the unusual colour of her eyes – violet – and the feeling of something underneath. Something that was illusive. It may be called 'underneath the underneath of the underneath'… or just paranoia. Shinobi always had a healthy amount of that particular trait.

It was a weird feeling that would say that this woman could be extremely dangerous when pushed. It was like that open and easy-going aura that had drawn them to her could just turn around and become a massive killing intent at a second's notice; like it was conscious and could be honed like a blade. But it was only a feeling, and one that contradicted all the other things that she and no doubt Tsunade had observed.

Maybe it was this puzzle that had intrigued her mentor enough to find out more. It was certainly intriguing Shizune.

By the end of the night, Shizune was mildly tipsy while her mentor and Hikari were blind drunk. And thus, it was left to her to cart the women off to their hotel room. Well, Hikari would have to stay with them for the night because Shizune had no idea where the woman stayed.

Shizune was wondering how it had escaped her exactly how much sake the two had been able to drink between them.

She must have been really distracted for that to slip by; she almost had a sixth sense when it came to her mentor overindulging.

Somewhere between Konoha and Tanzaku Gai

"Remind me why we are doing this again?" A lazy voice drawled as he was trailing along behind his cell.

The jounin instructor looked back at his spiky haired student and wondered just where he had gone wrong. Before he could speak, however, their resident blonde spoke up. "Geez Shikamaru, you should be more excited! This is our first C-Ranked mission!"

And she continued on explaining all of the things he should be excited about.

Asuma thought that he heard the boy mutter "Troublesome" under his breath.

His third genin was eating chips as usual, but also seemed to be looking around warily. There was no real reason to be wary; C-Ranked missions that just involved acting as couriers to near by towns and had no chance of intercepting shinobi. The biggest threat would be bandits, which would be about as threatening as a kitten to a tiger.

Genin did not have enough experience to be thrown into high risk situations, nor did they have the need get thrown in prematurely – that only happened out of necessity during war time.

Who would be stupid enough to allow rookies into that kind of situation in peace time?

Someone pretty stupid, Asuma would wager.

One day out of Konoha

Hatake Kakashi sneezed while reading his porn. 'Hmm. Somebody must be talking about me.'

He went back to focusing on his porn, aware of his pink haired genin watching the blond bounce ahead in disgust – he also wondered just where the heck that gaki got all that energy. Even he got tired from travelling at a civilian's pace.

Hi no Kuni

"Well, I've gotta get going; there's something I have to check out."

Shizune found herself reluctant to say goodbye to their newfound friend, "We'll see you again?"

Hikari gave them a huge smile, "Course! Someone has to be able to beat obaa-san in a drinking contest, ne?"

The sannin scowled at the seventeen year old, "You have youth on your side, it wasn't fair."

Hikari raised an eyebrow, "So you admit that you're old?"

The blond scowled even more and stepped threateningly towards the younger woman, raising her hand, "Gaki!"

"Eek!" The red head danced away from the opposing woman, "Don't kill the messenger! It's the truth!"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow, "Do I look old to you?"

Those violet eyes sparkled mischievously, "Oh, come on obaa-san. That seal is ancient! No way a flimsy thing like that could get past me!"

Shizune and Tsunade stiffened. This girl as a civilian should not be able to see the seal, much less see through it, or have a hint that the sannin was using a seal to disguise her appearance in the first place. Tsunade grabbed the woman's coat and asked, "Now, how do you know about my seal?"

The woman was still as easy going as the first time they met, although the situation was far worse. She rolled her eyes, "Oh, come on. I am Hikari, the Great Seal Master! As if a seal like that would be able to fool me! I'd do the official introduction, but when someone is holding onto your clothes, it doesn't really serve to impress. It's quite cool though, you should know."

Tsunade released the clothes and looked intrigued. "You are a seal master?"

Hikari grinned and bounced on the balls of her feet, "Oh, Hell yeah! Only the best in the world!"

Hikari had decided that she would use her expertise in fuuinjutsu to grant her easy access to the hidden villages – there were just so little Masters left in the world that being able to craft seals smoothed the way with shinobi everywhere, placing you almost above suspicion.

It would also make the shinobi dismiss any signs that she may let slip of being a former shinobi, as seal masters were able to use chakra. During the trip with ero-sennin all those years ago, she had discovered the complete awesomeness of fuuinjutsu. After all, seals were only limited by the creator's imagination and ingenuity – you just had to look at 'Hiraishin no jutsu' to get proof of that.

And she had always been known as the Number One Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja – her and seals went together like Shikamaru and laziness, Chouji and chips, Kakashi and his porn… well, you get the idea. The possibilities were limitless, which was perfect for her position. She would be able to travel everywhere and would not be limited to one village – that way, she should be able to keep an eye out for Akatsuki – not to mention that she'd probably get access to all the jinchuuriki, to check over their seals once her expertise became more well-known.

Another thing cool about being a seal master is that you can piss off however you want and they probably won't try to kill you. Yeah, it's pretty much the norm for those in the fuuinjutsu profession to be at least a little off their rocker – the reason why there's so few is both because of the hard study and the surprisingly easy and numerous ways to get yourself blown up while creating them. You stuff up, you're dead. Usually in an excruciating and highly unusual manor.

Like this one guy who she met in a temple in near Kusa that was trying to make a seal that would dry his clothes… lets just say it was noisy, bloody, flashy and managed to pull down half the damn building before the guy's screams were able to be heard over the spine-chilling sound of fabric ripping.

…She had honestly not thought that fabric could be all that fear-inducing before that day. It took eight shinobi, two dogs and a clothes line to win what shall forever be known as the 'Battle of the Beige' and take down the hideous pile of sharpened clothes-monster. Hikari glanced from side to side for a moment, unable to stop herself from making damn sure the thing wasn't anywhere near her.

Hikari shook the thought aside and had a chat with the woman about seals; they were actually really interested in what she could do.

Finally, she turned away in the direction of the Wave, "Well, I've gotta go, but I'll probably see you guys on the road sometime!"

And with that, she waved at them before setting off to find out just when the hell she was.

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