Six Months.

It's been six months since everything happened…since she left.

People always say that a hell of a lot can happen in a certain amount of time, but you don't realize how true it is until something significant happens in particular to make you start to think.

For Remy, that significant something was Allison Cameron.

Even though they had become best friends, and even though Remy begged her not to leave (and accidently let her feelings slip—it was a painstakingly slight slip, but a slip it was), Cameron still left. It was too much for Allison to take. She was a "runner" just like herself, and with the hell she'd been through she knew that Allison's only choice was to leave. But it still stung. That was more or less because she was in love with her best friend, but the fact of the matter was Allison had left, she was gone. With her being gone, Remy would have a very, very small chance (as apposed to no chance if she were there) of getting over her.

You see, to Remy, the whole out of site out of mind thing worked…until nighttime when she started thinking about her before she went to bed…Oh, fuck it—out of site out of mind never worked, but it was minutely easier to deal with this crush of hers since said crush hadn't been around. The feelings she held for the blonde doctor were as easy to hide as a heat and eat was..well to heat and eat. But, that was around everyone else. See, they stayed in touch in those six months. They'd e-mail frequently, text more than often and call once a month. And, in those months, there was lots of apologizing about Remy letting her crush be known and telling Cameron not to harp or even care about it, and lots of Cameron telling Remy that it's always nice to be known that you're liked. There was however, no warning of what was coming next. And, candidly, Remy didn't know if it was a virtue or a vice.

She had just finished her clinic duty and was signing off her last chart when Cuddy's office door opened and closed. It seemed that the hustle and bustle of the clinic stopped. Everything slowed; everyone's movements and voices. The only thing that became clear were the blue eyes that met hers and lit up with a small smile. All Remy could do was stare. Her jaw hit the floor a couple times before she realized where she was; that alone prompted her to pick it back up.

The ever confident, evasive, enigmatic doctor stacked the papers into the folder and handed it off to Nurse Brenda and smiled her charming smile before following the blonde's trail out of the hospital. "Dr. Cameron."

Cameron stopped on the third step down to the parking lot and turned around. She smiled at the brunette. "Hi, Remy." She stepped back up the three steps with confidence and a slight smirk. She crossed her arms and leaned with her hip on the railing of the stairs. "It's been a long time."

"What are you…? I mean, how did you..? Why…? You didn't even mention..! Ally! Help me out here!" Remy stuttered and stared at her best friend.

Allison was smiling at her friend's reaction. "I came back." The smile turned cheeky.

"No shit, Sherlock!" She responded walking the two feet into her friends awaiting arms. She pulled back. "Lucy. You got some esplainin' to do!" Cameron laughed. My God! That laugh… "So, you spending the night?" It wasn't out of their ordinary to have sleepovers—however childish it may sound. It was easier that way. They could talk until the wee hours of the morning or drink copious amounts of alcohol or have movie marathons based on a certain actor— or, all of the above.

"Well, actually, I need to talk to you about that…" She got a look in her eye.

"Yes…?" Thirteen became hesitant.

"I was kinda hoping you could put me up until I find an apartment?" She got that hopeful puppy dog face. "Please?" She touched her arms. "Cherries? Whip Cream? Syrup? Bananas? Sprinkles? No nuts!?"

Remy raised her eyebrows suggestively at her last ingredient of her plea sundae. "No nuts huh? I am changing you yet!" She started laughing.

Cameron slapped her arm. "So is that a yes?"

"Of course…when have I ever said no to you?"

"That time I wanted to go Christmas light watching. The time I wanted to play basketball after I won the time before. The time I wanted to see Jennifer's Body—which I'm still confused about. I mean you like girls and it had Megan Fox…I mean hello!—"

"Okay, okay…but those are all trivial and wouldn't have put you on the street…I mean hello!" She mimicked Cameron.

Cameron gave her a glare. "Ha ha ha! I should let you know that we work together as of tomorrow." Remy froze and stared at her. "I know, I know…I've decided to own up and deal with my problems." Remy's face screwed with confusion. "I don't want to run anymore. I mean, I had a fucking life here, despite him…them. I had you. I had other friends, a good job. I was fulfilled, I was happy! Despite them…"

"So you came back because you missed me?" It was her turn to grin cheekily.

Cameron shook her head and smiled. "Yes that's it. That's the only reason."

Even though it was a joke the vibe between the two changed.

Cameron cleared her throat, "So, uh, I'll see you back at your house? I'll just use the spare. Same spot, right?" Remy nodded her answer silently to Cameron's questions. "Okay." She turned and walked down the first step again, but turned back before she walked away. "Check you later!" She said in a goofy stuck up man voice before laughing at herself and walking away.

Six fucking months.

That's how long she had been away before she came back to the hospital "to own up to deal with her problems." What the fuck does that even mean? Deal with her problems…she already got divorced! How else can she possibly "deal?"

She looked at her watch as she walked back into the hospital. 4:45…it was close enough that House was probably packing up himself anyways. When she got up to the office, she found that she was right; in fact, everyone was packing up to leave.

"So, anyone got any plans tonight? Up for a drink?" Chase clapped his hands together and rubbed them as he waited for takers. Taub declined, Foreman agreed.

Thirteen walked as if she were on a mission to the coat rack to hang up her white coat before going over to her desk to grab her purse. She was about to leave, but was stopped. "Thirteen?"

She shut her eyes and took a breath before turning around to look at them. "Yeah?"

"You up for a drink?" Chase repeated his earlier question.

Unintentionally, she laughed for the briefest of seconds. She knew why she was laughing, but if she told them…it wouldn't be so funny. She put her hands in her back pockets and looked at the two men. "Nope. No, I think I'm just gonna rent a movie and call it a night…" She turned to leave.

"Well, that sounds good too. You mind if we join you? We could just grab a couple six packs while you get the movie—" Foreman looked at Chase for confirmation before being cut off by Thirteen.

"I mind." She said sternly.

"What?" He didn't think he heard her right.

"I mind. I don't really want you guys inviting yourselves over, and getting drunk to the point that I have to call you both cabs, then pick you up in the morning and bring you back to my place again tomorrow." She looked at them with a raised eyebrow. "No thanks. I just want to curl up with a chick flick and go to sleep."

Foreman stepped closer to her. "Listen, Remy, if this is something about us…I mean, about our flirting with each other again—"

"Haha! Oh my God! It's been almost a year since we were an us! And the flirting? That was the easiest way for me to deal with you! It's just…" an idea popped into her head "I am getting ready to bleed out of my vagina, and if you two don't mind, I prefer being alone during this time." She looked at them both challenging them to say something. They both looked rather disgusted. "We're all doctors, why are you so grossed out?"

Chase was hanging his coat up. "Bleed out of your vagina? We may be doctors, but we are still men, and we don't like lady products or the blatant description of a woman's period."

Remy stared at him for about ten seconds before she spoke. "Okay." She walked out of the room and out to her car. I just pulled a House..I have been around him too much as of late. Oh, well.

Thirteen made a quick stop by the movie rental store before she went to her house. "Lucy I'm home!" She breathed in something amazing. "Lucy! What is that smell?" She asked walking to the kitchen, she set the movie she rented on the counter. watching Cameron putting a serving of fettuccini alfredo on her plate. Her mouth started to water.

"The smell is fettuccini." She looked up at Thirteen. "You know, I'm starting to feel like a one night stand or a fling or something…" She trailed off.

"Why?" Thirteen was thoroughly confused.

"Well, you keep calling me Lucy…you do realize that my name is Allison…I mean, you used to prefer Ally, but whatever."

"Ooooh, damn. You know, I knew Lucy was the wrong name! I feel like such an asshole!" She started to play along with Cameron.

Cameron pretended to start crying. "Well, it's just the same." She started waving a hand at her eyes, "I mean I was bound to find out sooner or later that you had a real girlfriend."

"Oh, Ally…It is Ally right?" She loved playing games like this; they were fun. And tonight, she just so happened to get to play a womanizer…what better role is there? She wrapped her arms around Cameron as she feigned hurt. "If it makes you feel better, I have lots of other girlfriends! That's why I can't remember your name!"

"You bitch!" Cameron turned around and hit her hard. Remy darted to the other side of the kitchen laughing. "You are such a pig!"

"Hahahha…how can you say that? It's not like I have other girlfriends for real!" She was tearing up she was still laughing so hard.

Cameron had made her way over to her friend and started hitting her with a potholder. "That is not the way you console my depressed girlfriend character!" Remy grabbed her behind her knees and pulled, causing her to fall onto the floor herself. "Ow, my ass!" Remy laughed and started to tickle her. "This isn't how you're supposed to welcome me, your best friend, either!" She gasped laughing.

"You're right. You're right, I'm sorry." Remy stopped and pulled Cameron in front of her so that the blonde was sitting between her legs and they could see each other's faces. "Maybe I can make it up to you." She said reaching above her and feeling around the surface until her hand landed on what she wanted. She pulled down the movie and showed it to her.

Cameron's eyes lit up. "You got Jennifer's Body!?" She stood excitedly.

"Yes, yes I did." She replied standing up. "I know how much you love dumb ass horror movies, and you did mention earlier, whether you meant to or not. So…" Remy shrugged as she trailed off.

Cameron went over to the bowls and put forks in them while Thirteen went to the fridge and grabbed a couple bottles of water. Two bowls of fettuccini and an hour and a half later, they were a huddled mass, under blankets, on the couch together; both of their faces twisted in disgust at Jennifer actually trying to go after "Needy's" boyfriend in the movie.

"I just can't believe she would do that!" Cameron said.

"Really? You can't believe that?" Remy turned and looked at her like she was a freaking idiot.

"Well, Needy said "sandbox love never dies!" I just thought that it wouldn't…" She shrugged.

"Yeah, well their "sandbox love" died the second Jennifer became a demon…" She trailed off turning back to the screen. Her eyes bugged. "Go Needy! Kill her! Rip the bitch's heart out!" Amanda Seyfried ripped off the BFF necklace Megan fox was wearing and made her start to fall from their hovering state. "Not exactly what I meant but I'll take it." Remy shrugged. Cameron laughed silently at her. Remy was too into the climax of the movie to care at the moment.

"My tit." Jennifer said in the movie.

Both women started laughing hysterically. There was no point in rewinding; they were done watching it anyways. They recovered in time for the credits to roll and to watch Needy kick some ass.

Remy wiped a tear from her eye. "Well, that was fun, but I'm going to take a shower…I smell like hospital."

Cameron looked at her. "Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything, but now that you mention it…"

Thirteen laughed at her and headed towards her bedroom and then to the shower.

Ten minutes later she was back in the living room watching Cameron rip through her clothes because she couldn't decide what to wear. She wanted to shove it in her ex-husband's and not to mention House's faces that she was back and she looked good. She wanted something that said, 'I am over you and definitely over you, and both of you can suck it.' "Okay, how about this?" She held up a purple shirt and black slacks.

Remy was upside down on her couch watching as Cameron paced back and forth from the living room to the mirror on the wall by the kitchen. "No. I know what you're wanting to say to them, and that doesn't say a damn thing. If anything it says 'Hold me. I'm back and I'm scared.'"

"Wow, really?" She looked at herself in the mirror again.

"No, but you've worn that around the both of them before…"

"I've worn everything I own around the both of them before…" She looked like she was getting ready to have a panic attack.

"Okay." Remy swung her legs over her head and flipped off the couch. She took the items from Cameron's hands and threw them back in the pile. She followed the clothes' trail and looked about for a minute. "Mhmm…yeah…oh that's good…yes!" Throughout this time Cameron resorted to biting on her nails. "Stop that!" Remy tore Cameron's hand from her mouth. "Prepare to be amazed." She picked up a pair of black pinstriped with red slacks and a matching vest. She then picked up a very trendy, matching red button up shirt. To top…or bottom the ensemble off, she picked up a pair of sexy heals that look like they came from the 1920s. Cameron had an approving look. "I know! I'm awesome, what can I say? I mean…I am personally bringing back suspenders." She shrugged cockily.

Cameron laughed. "Yes, yes you are…I like this a lot. The only thing is, I wore stuff like this all the time in front of them, how am I gonna rub their faces in what's not theirs."

"Body language hello?" Remy tapped Cameron's head as if trying to activate brain cells. "Watch a teen drama and you'll see."

"Well, if it's all body language, then how come I can't wear the purple shirt?" Cameron asked.

"Because I want to wear the purple shirt." Remy smiled as Cameron shook her head in her 'I should have known' way. "Peez? Red is your color anyways! And believe me!...They will have major boners all day long if you wear the red…"

Cameron cocked an eyebrow, "Oh, really?" She walked over to Thirteen, taking the clothes from her arms. "And uh, how do you know that?"

The breath caught in Remy's throat, but she answered boldly anyway, "Because I'm bisexual, that's how I know…I am not the only one that's going to find you attractive tomorrow…watch out for Taub and Wilson."

"What if I don't want to watch out for them, what if I want to watch for you?" Cameron leaned in closer to Remy; they were mere millimeters away from one another.

"What?" Remy asked.

"I said I love having a bisexual friend because when you tell me I'm hot after I tell you to tell me the truth, I know it's what I'm hearing…I also laughed at the Taub, Wilson jab…why? What did you think I said?"

A fucking fantasy! Fuck! "Nothing, I don't know, I just didn't hear you the first time…"

Cameron looked at her with suspicion. "Okay." She walked the few feet to Thirteen and kissed her cheek. "Thanks, biff!" She went over to the table and laid her clothes out. "We should get matching BFF necklaces too."

Remy shook herself out of her fantasy world, "Yeah, so one of us can become a demon and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting small town?"

Cameron guffawed. "Yeah, something like that." She turned and looked at her best friend. The mood in the air changed. "Thank you for letting me stay with you."

"Well…thank you for coming back." Remy crossed her arms, sitting in a chair. They looked at each other for a long time. "So, you goin' to do that explaining?"

AN: So….this didn't really derive from anything. I was just kind of bored and I had an urge to write…so came this story. I hope you like it! Tell me if it's worth continuing please!!